Team named for Sunday

Mayo team v Tyrone

There I was about to pack away the laptop and hit the water but I see we’ve just named our team for Sunday. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC semi-final v Tipperary, 21/8/2016): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Kevin Keane (Westport), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber, captain).

So it’s just one change from the team that started against Tyrone. That day we opted to play without a specialist full-back but for this one Kevin Keane has been recalled to the starting fifteen, with Alan Dillon making way. Jason Doherty – a late replacement prior to throw-in the last day for Evan Regan – retains his place in the forwards.

Once again we’ve opted not to named our subs’ list at this juncture. Too right and all: why change a winning format?

UPDATE: Tipperary have now named their team as well and, unsurprisingly, it’s unchanged from the one that started against Galway in the quarters. Full details are here.

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  1. This could be our year No disrespect to Tipp but never before have we had such handy opponent in the semi’s but we have to stay focused and get the job done. Hon Mayo

  2. Think we thought that about Fermanagh and they very nearly dumped us out. All about right attitude Sunday.

  3. mayoallstar that’s rubbish im sorry. – you weren’t around in 2004 no? There is no such thing as an easy semi final.

  4. I know that this might not necessarily be the starting team but can anyone tell me what’s the story with Tom Parsons? Is he still injured or has he fallen out of favour? It’s not long ago when he was seen as our no1 midfielder.

  5. Yew tree, bang on right. No easy semi today. Tipp are there not as a flash in the pan, they are a credible threat to Mayo
    They would be the same threat to Kerry and less so to Dublin in a final. Go in to this battle with your wits about you or get a big surprise, that’s all that we need to say. Tipp are not Carlow Wicklow or the likes, these guys will burn you if you think otherwise. Ask cork, Derry and Galway about it

  6. Can’t see Boyler starting….. He’ll be walking a bloody tightrope if he does against a young, fast running team.

  7. I think max 2 changes on cards, midfield and corner forward but we might actually line out as named which could be a first for Mayo. Slight question about Boyle and Keane but I think both will play as we need Keane’s height and strength to help cope with their tall men and Boyle is such a leader. Expect to see Barrett and Parsons on the field at some stage indeed management may give Parsons and Donie a half each to maximise our impact in the boiler room.

  8. Agreed Yew Tree.

    Look at the form of both teams. Tipperary have beaten Cork, Derry (up in Ulster) and Galway, Connacht champions.

    We beat Fermanagh and Kildare both at home and in neither game were we impressive. We beat a Tyrone team who didnt play well and kicked a million wides – but yes, we showed great resolve and battling qualities, rode our luck and managed to squeeze through.

    The bookies odds seem based on our form of previous seasons coupled with a belief that we can reproduce that.

    Anyway, in short – semi finals are never easy or should certainly never be approached in the frame of mind that it’s just a case of turning up, particularly in a situation where our form has been patchy at best and pale shadow of what we produced in 2013 and 14. It’s time for Mayo to show what they can really do on Sunday.

  9. Yes Yew tree 100% correct I was there at the 2 Fermanagh games in 04 and they were no cakewalk neither was the 2 games against Laois I’m telling anyone that will listen that Tipp will put it up to us we should prevail but it won’t be easy and in fairness real fans know that

  10. Die hard I don’t think parsons has fallen back its a team game and we need to keep some our best on the line in case of injury’s black cards.
    We were caught out badly in the replay last year and hope that never happens again.
    Look at k Mc for Dublin comes in at the right time and game over.
    One of the best tom and glad to have him on our side.

  11. John Evans has gone for Tipp to win by a point on the podcast.

    Gather up all your money and go straight to the bookies and back Mayo.

  12. I wonder if its a draw will the replay be in somewhere neutral like say for example now, let me think, oh say, Semple Stadium. Yes, bang half way between Mayo and Tipperary.

    We would need to keep Croker free incase the real final between Kerry and Dublin ends level. That would be ok to be replayed at Croker because that is a neutral venue for a Kerry v Dublin game, bearing in mind that Parnell Park is Dublins home ground. !!!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if our men in suits signed up to a trip to Semple on our behalf. More reason for us to get the job done on Sunday.

  13. I know its been done to death and it may not matter for Sunday but I would 100% have Hennelly in goal. His distribution (and despite what others say, this is the most important thing for a goalkeeper) is so much better than Clarke’s. Clarke’s perceived stronger command of the area doesn’t compensate for this. I think it’ll be very important should we be good enough to get to a final.

    Also, I expect Regan to start in place of Jason. Wouldn’t mind Parsons in from the start and Donie to come on in second half.

  14. Looking forward to this more than ever. Don’t really see this team starting, can’t see Parsons being left out of the team.
    I’d also argue on Regan’s inclusion but form in training is something I’m not privy to and that’s what will ultimately decide who starts.
    The one big thing that will probably sway this semi final is our bench.
    Coen, Conor O’Shea, Parsons/Vaughan, Dillon, Barrett, Loftus, Barry Moran, Regan/Doherty…. All serious subs.
    It’s been well documented how many players aren’t playing with Tipperary. O’Riordan, Kennedy etc. The end result of that is their lack of a panel. In the Derry match, they were very slow to bring on subs.
    One would have to imagine if it was to be a tight game, Mayo’s better bench would see them through.

  15. No complaints, ,good team selected. I would expect to line out as selected on the day.
    Tipps big problem is a lack of strength on the bench. When Tip are tiring mid way through the second half we will be bringing on serious pace in Regan, Loftus, Parsons, Barrett. Boyle will start no question, he is experienced enough at this stage to keep himself out of trouble, he has done over the past two games, expect him to be taken off early in second Half.

  16. Surprised that Evan has fallen down the pecking order. Trying to figure out what exactly he has done wrong.

    Of course I don’t believe this is the starting 15 for a moment, but I’m damned if I could predict what changes there might be. If someone hinted the last time that Dillo might start, s/he would have been ridiculed

  17. John Evans is full of shit and I wouldn’t give any credence to anything he utters. This is the man, 2 years ago, that said Roscommon would be winning All Irelands in two years??

  18. I don’t think keane will start,

    I expect Vaughan to be in the backs and Parsons in midfield

    @GBXI, don’t know how you can question Clarke starting, he by far a better keeper than Hennelly………this debate has been beaten to death on this..

  19. Regan has done nothing wrong but reckon management though Tyrone would be too claustrophobic for him and the dark arts were also a threat. Tipp are an honest fair team so better chance he’ll start.

  20. Wot, No Parsons??. Ah, calm down now!
    I expect a few changes, I speculate, Parsons in, but Donie, I have starting as well. I’m not sure about Keane?? He may well start, but I think the boys on the sidelines will have a plan B, in case he doesn’t seem to be working out there! We won’t know until the 3.25pm on Sunday, and even then, if you’re in Croke Park, you might look up at the big screen and see ‘Alan Dillon’ starting in the Full Back position as happened against Tyrone,.. Mayo selection for the purposes of the programme are now a bit of a ‘guesstimate’. Dead right too, Rochy! there is ‘no saction’, for declaring ‘approximate team’s’ use every advantage you have. Let’s hope ‘Liam Keirns’ had a good bit of ‘head scratching’ to do before he ‘figures us out’! Around 4.5 pm would be a good time to’ come clean ‘!

  21. In case we’ve all forgotten, there is no such thing as a team of 15 and starting means very little. Thought that would have been pretty clear from the last day.

  22. Evans the little leprechaun would love to see us beaten. Sure he’s buddies with Kearns!

    To be honest it’s no harm someone going against us and like I said in a previous post there are plenty in Tipp and Munster who think Mayo are has-beens.

    Like I said, after a stuttering 2016 it’s time now for this group of Mayo players to stand and deliver.

  23. As regards what ‘John Evans’ says? The same as any other commentators, pundit or poster says. Including yours truly! It will not affect the outcome “of the match, or performance of Mayo or Tipperary. As to his comments on the possibility of Roscommon challenging for All Ireland honours. Way too much was made out of that ‘comment’. slightly ‘foolish’ as it was. He did bring the ‘Rossi’ from, Div, 4, to 3 to 2 to 1 in subsequent years. As ‘Katie Meluai’ sang about the ‘”9 million bicycles in Beijing’ ‘That’s a fact ‘ Some very foolish people in Roscommon, would be better to have put more faith in the ‘ facts’. and take less heed of some good nature slagging they get from their Connaught neighbours and rivals, ala, Sligo’s ‘Eamonn O Hara’ who had a good s laugh at them about their, ‘Big Yellow Bus: going’ beep, beep, beep and reversing into a garage in July!

  24. Tipp play a traditional game so a recognised fb will be required so Keane will start, I dont see why some people have a problem with him. Tyrone game was a once off, to line out like that on Sunday would be ridiculous and asking for trouble. As Anne-Marie said its not a 15 man team anymore, modern football is a squad game where every one of the 26 match day panel needs to contribute.

    ffs can we stop the Clarke v Hennelly argument, its gone beyond annoying at this stage.

  25. I’m very old fashioned and I believe in putting your best team on the field from the start. When some lads get tired or are underperforming or you need a change then go to the bench. So for me Tom Parsons must start if he is ready because he is too good to leave on the bench. And as well Tipp are very strong in the middle of the field. They completely outplayed a good Galway pair. If they happened to get a run on us at midfield on Sunday it might be too late to bring in Tom to rescue the situation.

  26. “It’s time for Mayo to show what they can really do on Sunday!” I’ll put it this way.Its like the weather…we have improving conditions on all fronts and that is not wishful thinking! On Sunday the sun will shine strongly at intervals with intervening pleasant breezes and some calm dry spells. There will be unseasonal opposing strong gusts with showers at times from the south but the inclement conditions will not last and they will be replaced eventually by very pleasant counterparts rolling down from the north west.Temperatures are expected to reach higher levels than are normal for these parts and there is the possibility of some thunder with lightening as well. So do be prepared! Further improvements are expected in this system in the near future.In fact we could experience some of the finest weather we ve had for many years in the coming weeks as far as we can see but we can’t be sure at this early stage for these regimes can be quite volatile at this time of year!
    But back to the present and let us concentrate on the next few days for now and enjoy what we have while it lasts.

  27. Tom Parsons was out injured a few weeks ago so I suppose he is still getting back to full fitness. In saying that I thought Mattie Donnelly was much quieter in the second-half when Tom was on the field. It’ll be interesting to see if himself or even Barry Moran, to cope with their aerial threat, will come into the reckoning at midfield.

    I’d prefer to see Evan Regan starting as well, as the Tipp full-back line looked a bit shaky against Kerry in the Munster final and early in the Galway game, when Galway were on top. I don’t think it seems to work for us when we have Dairmuid, Jason and Kevin Mc in the one team. If Diarmuid doesn’t start then I think Jason plays much better as an out and out half-forward. He played in that position against Westmeath, when Diarmuid didn’t start and he bagged 1-1 for himself, with a lovely finish for his goal. If Diarmuid does start then I’d prefer Evan at no. 13 instead of Jason to give us an extra scoring option in there.

  28. The Clarke v hennelly debate here again is just stupid .

    Clarke is justifiably our NO 1 keeper

  29. Even named team’s mean nothing plus it’s not a 15 man game anymore, the full bench play’s a huge part. So talk of why is x not starting is premature…; – all will be known when player’s take up match positions….actually even then it might not be clear who is playing where.

  30. Keane to mark sweeney. Paddy Durcan to stick to quilevan. Release Higgins to half back and drive forward

  31. It is indeed a v diff football world that we re in right now and perhaps Rochford et co. are realising this more than some of us. It’s now all hands on deck and its land Ahoy!Have they taken up a strategic position outside of the wood for a change?There s a whale of a diff between being in charge of a team in reality as against in a blog … no matter how eloquent diverse and profound and discerning the offerings are! I d like to think that the quality in depth that has accumulated in this team over time could reasonably permit the whole forward division to play back and the back division to play forward and still come out with a good result in two days time! Lean Times with Boyler in ff might not be so outrageous at all at all! And what about putting Hennelly back in goal and playing Clarke at FB? In other words,my feeling is, that if they went out to play in that format they would naturally slot into a winning formation … this is where the character lies! And that is what will stand to this team when the goings get-rough.They will believe and they will operate out of this treasure chest of how it ought to be done!!

  32. Inbetweener, I suggested yesterday that starting Boyle, but him playing as an out and out attacking half forward. Let someone else take up Boylers normal defensive duties, to minimise the possibility of a new ‘black card for Colm. . Probably Vaughan with Parson’s playing midfield would be my first choice. Boylers has all the way attributes, great running with the ball, can kick a point as good as any forward, pace to burn. Turn overs, the way our half backs, Keegan, Boyle and Vaughan played under Horan they were often more like half forward’s in any event. So plenty of experience at doing that anyhow!

  33. At 3:25pm on Sunday you will see the starting 15. Even then, we probably won’t see all our subs as Loftus wasn’t named on the program v Tyrone, yet he appeared on the field.

    Trust. Trust the management. Trust the players. Trust their ability and experience.

    Tipp are in for a rude awakening. Their fairytale is all well and good but they are now at the cold, hard, cynical end of business and they stand between us and what this team has being striving for over the last 5 years.
    Mayo by 5.

    Hon Mayo.

  34. Don’t see the point of reading to much into team announcement,s anymore. Anyone else agree that its a different feelings this year Don,t remember other years looking forward to sub, s coming on rather than dreading seeing lads warming up this much. Not so much shouts of “your not f#*#ing serious or what the hell ” when the board goes up. More about the panel rather than the starting team this year. Roll on Sunday.

  35. Evans has every right to go for Tipp. He managed them for a number of years and did a reasonable job taking them to Div 2 in the process. He also did well with Ros taking them up the league to Div 1 Not bad for a fellow who is Sure he made the daft comment last year that Ros could win AI Lots of people on this forum have talked about us winning AI I have no great knowledge of Evans other than what he has achieved but think he deserves a bit of respect. Think we will win on sunday because of our 5 years superior S and C and also because I think we have better players. It makes no difference what any analyist or expert thinks. JH brilliant manager as he was predicted we wou;ld easily beat Galway as did most others. Matches are won on the field not on newspaper columns. By the way bookies have us and Tipp at fairly similar odds as they had us and Galway.

  36. I’ll stand over the Hennelly Clarke comments all day. And I don’t bring it up that often. However, the kickouts in the Tyrone game were atrocious and they didn’t even push up on us that hard. We conceded 3 soft points from them and Hennelly makes winning primary possession so much easier.

    Rochford’s choice of course and hopefully it all works out. Just my opinion on it.

  37. Easy enough to read that line up. Doherty will play deep to cut the Tipp supply from midfield, thereby starving the much vaunted Tipp full forward line of quality ball.
    Parsons to come on in the 2nd half to keep the pressure on.

  38. Fair enough gbxl . I hear ya. But Clarke has only let in 2 goals since his reinstatement. So sticking with him is paramount.

    To win just once. Horan did say that it takes 5 years to become properly conditioned. We are powerful squad. Give newcomers few years and they will be up there as well. Maybe we ate now in better place to challenge for title. Well conditioned. Experienced. Management that are tactically aware at least we hope so

  39. Update from an Irish Times special correspondent on the Clarke v Hennelly situation:

    The on-going guerrilla warfare between the Clarke and Hennelly factions continues to rumble on in the west of the Country. The Hennelly faction appeared to have the upper hand earlier in the year, but some issues regarding delivery of supplies to the ground forces allowed the Clarke forces to sweep in from the north and take control of the strategically important McHale park, forcing the Hennelly troops to retreat to their nearby Breaffy fortress. Since then Clarke’s aerial superiority has prevented a Hennelly breakout. However, the ongoing fighting has led to a large number of non-combatants being caught in the crossfire, with their situation being regarded as increasingly desperate. Numerous efforts to end the conflict have come to naught as any attempt to get the warring sides to the negotiating table have quickly broken down amid name calling and accusations. However, hopes have been raised today for civilians caught up in the conflict as Vladimir Putin has announced an unconditional ceasefire, to allow evacuation of refugees to the Capital for the weekend.

  40. Can’t understand why Rochford doesn’t start both Hennelly and Clarke…for no other reason than to give my poor head a rest from this sh’te.

    Robbie can take the kick-outs, Davie can look after the high balls into the square and he can clearly sweep too [after tidying up that ball across from AOS].

  41. Need a big performance this Sunday. Semi-Finals are tough cause there’s so much at stake. Hope Mayo go for it from the very start, and put it up to Tipp in a manner they haven’t seen so far this year. Hon Mayo!!!

  42. Without David Clarke in goal, I believe we would not be in an All Ireland semi final. I do not agree with GBXI that distribution is more important than shot stopping. Clarke’s commanding presence around the goalmouth and square gives great confidence to his full back line. As a result the most improved player for Mayo this year has been Brendan Harrison.

  43. Excellent cosa bana re Clarke Hennelly. Why cant we just be happy that we have 2 good keepers. Clarke in possession at moment. Should anything happen to him re injury or loss of form Robbie is waiting on the wings to replace him

  44. I was actually thinking when Morgan was lining up that free at the end of the game the last day for Tyrone, if we got a free like that in similar circumstances to equalise or win a game would Robbie be strung from the bench to kick it??? Hopefully we won’t need anything like that this weekend anyway!

  45. Is it because Clark is from Ballina no body likes him dos it really matter he is the best keeper by far sick of people saying mayo by 9 or 10 its not that long ago GALWAY!!! Tipperary will run at us all day long hope we can stop them down here in Donegal people saying mayo to loses one more all Ireland so if ye were to get to it and lose again better it to be to Tipperary I could not take it if we did beet Tipperary and lose to Dublin or Kerry

  46. It’s not because he’s from Ballina jeez. Looking at comments most people prefer Clarke to Hennelly. We really need to move on from this, both guys have their pros and a few cons so lets just get behind Clarke for Sunday.

  47. I can’t understand it my self mayodan it doesn’t matter who is but Clark seems to be doing a very good job at the minute we are lucky to have two great keepers

  48. Our full back position is dodgy enough and we never end up on a debate about that. Always about the keepers. For fuck sake. To he’ll with this blog

  49. Nearly 10 minutes non stop talk on Drivetime about the dream team Tipp. A player interviewed stated it’s good to be up there with Kerry and Dublin. He actually didn’t speak the word Mayo.

  50. I propose we create a super mutant goalkeeper hybrid. We shall call him ClarHen ( or HenClar so as no one can claim superiority). He will have the aerial ability of a bald eagle combined with the kick out’s of a howitzer cannon. Every club in the county will be asked to donate a specimen of DNA so as we can all claim this colossus of the onion sack as our own.
    All hail ClarHen/HenClar

  51. To me this match has all the hallmarks of a classic banana skin. Overconfident supporter base in the favourites county? Check.
    Young fearless team coming up to have a crack off the established experienced favourites? Check. Every Tom dick and Harry in the media tipping us to win easily? Check.

    I was super confident we’d win the last day. Had €100 on Mayo at 13/8. However I’ll be keeping my money in my pocket this weekend, and not just because the odds are brutal value for Mayo this time. We really don’t know how good tipp are. They could freeze, we may well win easily, but I’d be pretty uncomfortable if there’s still only a score in it with ten mins left. I’ve been impressed with the way this tipp team attack, they run at defences from every angle and I’m still not convinced about our defence under that kind of pressure. We should have a stronger bench though, which will be a big help. Tipp are the kind of side that you want to keep down early. Don’t want them getting tails up and growing in confidence as the game goes on. We need to hit hard the next day too. Show them the physicality required to win an all Ireland semi final.
    John Evans coached tipp for years – he hasn’t every right to tip them. No different to Horan tipping us if we ever met the dubs. As I have previously spoken about in more detail on this forum, the more national media pundits tip us to lose games, the better for Mayo football.

    Talk of Boyle not starting is surely just madness from foolish Mayo fans and not actually a serious possibility?? That would be some dressing room wall material for tipp if they are handed a Mayo teamsheet next Sunday at 3pm without boyler on it!! I know I’ll hear the usual “we’ll win easily without him” “why shouldn’t we be confident” etc etc.

    No team likes being disrespected, and resting one of your best players in anticipation of a handy win anyway is blatant disrespect in my book, and would hand Tipp a cause to rally behind immediately. Boyler is clever enough to look after himself next sunday and we need him on the field as our defence is definitely weaker without him.
    Mayos experience to tip the balance by a couple of points privided no hint of complacency sets in.

  52. We need to get in there faces early and make our intentions clear

    Game plan a must to curb Quinliven and Sweeney ,

    If we play to our capeabilly we should win comfortably

  53. Hello to one and all and Wille Joe,

    Really looking forward to the match and if I wasnt from Mayo I would probably be shouting at the tv for Tipperary to win it, (most of the country will be – but thats no problem or worry to us) It’s great to look at our panel of players and know that every single one of them, if given the oppurtunity have the ability to make the impact we need on sunday. Cork’s problem over a number of years was having such a strong panel but without the ability to utilise the talent properly. I (hands up) thought at the beginning of the season that we were facing the same situation – i.e. our sweeper and defensive system was bad use of good resources – but I never doubted since the loss to galway that we wouldnt come back to where we are again. Lads pushing each other to the limit in training for starting positions is a great situation to be in and credit to our management team, they realise that a bit of cuteness mixed with our talent might get us to the holy grail rather than gung ho beautiful football……to win just once…well yes and at any cost…….See ye all in HQ on sunday…good seats this year for the season ticket holders…….Im going to iron my flag…..

  54. I expect a Sligo 2015 like display from Aiden when he goes in full forward. The panic he causes amongst All Star full back lines is palpable, against Tipp it’ll be carnage.

  55. Liam provided decent diagonal ball into him. Alertness around him for breaks. Big as he is he needs help in that area.

  56. No time for fairy tales indeed Mayo Mick. We have had more than our fair share of nightmares in Croker and dare I mention Limerick! Now it’s our time to inflict nightmares on others, shatter their dreams and make them wish they never saw the sight of Croke Park. Time to become the Big Bad Wolf and eat whatever or whoever we come across.

  57. I think the medja are over mayo and loving the new kids on the block..Can’t blame them..everyone loves the underdog..

  58. Macs left boot, rest assured, the only banana skin is the one you’ll leave in the boot of the car at applegreens on the way up. With all the suffering Keegan and co have been through they will not be slipping on anything.

    Mayo 3-17
    Tipp. 1-12

  59. Right, all – I’m officially declaring this Clarke/Hennelly debate on the site OVER! It’s been done to death and more these last number of weeks, it’s beyond tiresome at this stage.

  60. Liam … you hope! For it has nt been palpable as far as I can remember eve,r cept the once… when the team in black and white was bate bad. And as regards creating carnage against Tipp, you ll be investing much in a dallamullog type thing that has been our reason d’être for centuries and all the way back to Patrician times!!

  61. Can’t wait for this one , will be watching it in the pub in Carrick On Suir. Bit of banter anyway not that the locals will be too bothered if they lose with the hurlers playing in the final soon.

  62. At least they are talking about two keepers !!! Down in the rose garden they are throwing the two keepers to the dugout and lobbing a midfielder into the square to mind the house,,
    One guy I’d like to see starting is Regan as he has instinct and pace, Tipp will not be priests on the field with Kearns in charge but they will not bring the bile and attitude Tyrone wear as common armour to the field.

    Block the road for their runners and ye will be put to the hassle of finding a ticket and the expense of booking a room In the capital on the 18th. Tipp are a noble football team and I can’t but admire and even salute their bravery on the field with their never say die attitude, but against Mayo!!. I think it is probable that Kearns will be referring to Sunday next on many occasions in upcoming winter and spring training. I think their brave young hearts will be broken by 5pm on Sunday, victory isn’t claimed by those who wait for it or dream of it but by those who seek and fight like dogs for it. The most dangerous warriors are those that have tasted defeat and are young enough and lucky enough to fight again for sporting immortality.

  63. Well said ‘Gamechanger 10’.We will have to fight like dogs for the right to play in an All Ireland final!, Tipperary will do the same, any other seneraios is just pure naive,

  64. Some posters like to have a go at certain high profile players on the Mayo team, but of course the house rules do not allow this. The work around is to compare Billy and Jack. Everybody’s got an opinion on this one. We sit back and have a go. Pick a side and defend to your last breath. It’s cynical and not what genuine supporters should allow themselves get drawn into. But it is also a brand of cronyism and we all love that particular puppy.

  65. The key to this match on Sunday is to stop Tipperary playing Thier game . The Munster final should be our template too. Kerry were able to impose Their game on them and win it by 10 in the end. Things have moved on since then with tipp finding greater confidence with fab results against Derry and Caught Galway cold .we should still be able to impose our game on them and when we do we will keep our place in the AIF .
    Quote from Munster final report
    Perhaps a more attacking approach could have yielded further dividends for Tipperary but Kerry put up a brick wall around the middle third and the visitors struggled to break through.

  66. Tipperary have named an unchanged side for the 5th game in a row. Interestingly, Quinlivan is named at #11, not as full forward. Although that probably doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  67. Saving Richie for the final. Just like some optimistic supporters here reckon we should do with Boyle

  68. Willie Joe, I’m surprised at your comment re. no more comments on Clarke v Hennelly. For the entire time Hennelly was starting Clarke’s supporters were making their thoughts known, and fair enough they are entitled to their opinion, even though it is wrong 🙂 🙂

    Now that Clarke is back in there aren’t any more comments allowed? That would go against the ethos of the blog would it not? Clearly people want to have the debate. I think we’ll struggle Sunday with kick outs, as we did against Tyrone and Fermanagh.

  69. Again I put my trust in management and team to do the business Sunday pg,i know nothing Will be taken for granted,it will be a tough hard hitting encounter but I think we will prevail!?

  70. Willie Joe,
    Your intervention there, re our goalkeepers was timely. I’m aware that you are away on holidays. The fact that you must return, figuratively, to bring perspective and rationality to this so called “goalkeeping debate” is inconvenient for you but necessary for the masses.
    Yours truly knows a little about the player who wears the lone digit 1 on his back. I’ve been that soldier.
    Played Championship at U21, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.
    Soccer… Represented club, county and province
    We have selected correctly for Sunday. Over and out.

  71. Was in knock today.The the anniversary of the apparition is this Sunday the 21st August. Moreover this is also the year of mercy.

    I think and I hope ,based on the aforementioned and the most recent performance in Croke Park, that this is most definitely Mayos year.

    Mark my words their name is on the cup.

  72. Anyone going to Bowe’s on Fleet St for a pre-semi final pint on Saturday night?

    Go on, go on, go on……

    Feck it G’WAN

  73. From my following of the comments, SkyHigh, and I’d say I’ve followed them more closely than anyone else, that particular debate has been done to death on both sides for several months at this stage. It’s in the interests of both of the players involved, not to mention everyone’s sanity, to leave it there for now.

  74. A lot of analogy this week on stopping quinlevin and sweeney. There are also other battles to be won. Every man that pulls on a jersey has a battle to win. That goal sweeney scored from a high ball in against galway Clarke would have been out on top of that. He brings command to an area that has been rocky due to caff injury. If quilevan does start at 6 i would put durkin on him. Durcan has height and pace. Did well enough on harte.

    That win against Tyrone would be great confidence booster for the lads. To win a dog fight. It can’t be underestimated. I’m getting bit nervous as game day approach. But the bottom line is our guys are simply to strong for tipp. Our forward line has improved also. If Diarmuid is 75% fit even he will be so hard for them to track. Relentless he is. And he will do damage tomorrow.

  75. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t quinlevin 6’4”? If so he has a height advantage over every one of our backs. I think Keane should pick him up as he has the physicality however he must not be left one on one, we need McLoughlin and whoever else on top of him of the ball goes in. We need to learn from what Dublin did to Aiden oshea last year.

    Saying that I think our plan A will be to cut them off at source around the middle of the park.

  76. Niallmac quinlevin is big guy alright. He drifts to midfield also. Keane on sweeney as he stays in orthodox forward roll. Durcan on quinlevin for me. But sure with how we started in last game who knows what will transpire

  77. Willie Joe, I am disappointed that you are taking the stance that one persons place can’t be questioned. Yes the debate on that position has gone on ad nauseam, however to call a halt to it now would be improper, in essence not calling to question one players place on the team. It is obvious that the debate is a live and required debate or else it would have ended.

    An example would be asking the question should Cillian be dropped or Keith HIggins. Nobody in their right mind would support that and then the thing ends there. However in this case, as with debates such as who should play full back or midfield or AOS best position rage on because people have their opinions on that, and this blog should facilitate these opinions. To stop the one that perhaps rages the brightest would be unfair to all, except perhaps the supporters of the current keeper. And indeed everyone is entitled to their opinion that he should be there. He is a fine keeper but not the one I, or clearly others, would have in

  78. SkyHigh – I could equally say to you that I’m disappointed in you picking a pointless argument with me on the eve of an All-Ireland semi-final and while I’m on my hols! I appreciate and respect that you have a certain perspective on this debate but to my mind it’s been discussed from every possible angle for several months at this stage and as we face into the semi-final it seems pointless in having people continuing to rehash the same old tired arguments. In my view, we’re lucky to be able to choose from two talented players and it’s my earnest hope that both of them will have Celtic crosses in their possession before the year is out.

  79. I like the last sentence there WJ. I wonder what it would feel like in the minutes after we won? So much pain endured since 1989 that it would be a huge release for all Mayo people I think. It could change lives.

  80. Whatever about changing lives Dave, it’ll test the patience of my wife and the understanding of the bank manager for a few weeks.

  81. One last sleep .Really looking forward this one. Not as nervous as I was for Tyrone game. I know once we put in the performance that we and the team know is in them we will get the right result. Its fantastic for Tipp and for thw good of the game to see them in a semi final however im afraid I won’t be applauding them when they take to the field. Hon Mayo!!!

  82. Yes Liam, I’m in the same boat. A week will be booked on Monday if we win tomorrow, subject to change if the sun shines on us in September. there would be a lot of cold dinners and dog house involved, but fuck it.

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