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Talk of Level 5 Covid restrictions notwithstanding, we’ve just named our team to play Galway on Sunday. Here’s it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Galway. 18/10/2019): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Lee Keegan (Westport); Patrick Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Mark Moran (Westport), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy, captain), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber).

So, there’s a bit to unpack relating to this selection.

First, the number of changes – eight in all – from the side we last put out in a competitive fixture. That was the League game against Kerry which took place on 1st March. Out from that team go James McCormack, Tom Parsons, Keith Higgins, Jordan Flynn, Ryan O’Donoghue, Kevin McLoughlin, Darren Coen and James Durcan. In come David McBrien, Eoghan McLaughlin (who featured off the bench against Kerry), Mattie Ruane, Conor Loftus, Fionn McDonagh, Mark Moran, Tommy Conroy (also came on as a sub that day) and Cillian O’Connor.

Second, Sunday’s team features two debutants. Neither David McBrien nor Mark Moran have lined out for us before in a competitive fixture – indeed, I don’t believe either have even had a run-out for us in the FBD. Best of luck to both of them.

Third, county champions Knockmore have no players on Sunday’s team. Not even Kevin McLoughlin. Hard to know what the story is there. Westport, meanwhile, fill four of the fifteen starting places.

Fourth, it’s a first competitive start this year for a few of last year’s regulars. Mattie Ruane, Fionn McDonagh and Cillian O’Connor missed all five League matches played in the spring but they’re all named to line out on Sunday. It’s Cillian’s 90th appearance for the county.

We don’t even know, of course, if the game will go ahead at all, in light of all the Level 5 chatter at the minute. Personally, I think it will and if it does it’s being shown live on TG4 (throw-in at Tuam Stadium is 2pm).

As ever, we don’t know if the team we’ve named is the one that will start the game. We have a tendency to shake up selections on match-day and I’d say the same could be true of this game, for both teams.

Best of luck to James and the lads on Sunday.

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  1. Kevin Mc is possibly on daddy duties wife is due/overdue So finger crossed all go well there.

  2. Seems like James is looking to the championship and using league matches to assess the new lads. Probably not a bad idea but Division 1 is also important for development of new players. Would love to see the subs. Anyway good luck to James and the lads in Tuam

  3. An Interesting selection if this team lines out. Im wondering if JH was paying attention in the county championship.Where are the Knockmore lads? They were the best team by a mile. , King was the best back, he kept Aido very quiet in the final. Best forwards were McHale and Naughton. Fast and brilliant on the counter attack. Ideally suited to take on a new and untested Galway half back line. Not JHs usual style of course.

  4. A few surprise ommissions and inclusions. OHora Naughton Ormsby. Fionn Mc Donnagh didnt exactly set the world alight in club championship. Eoghan McLaughlin a bit raw for defensive duties. But best of luck to all. No doubt it willl be a competitive affair.

  5. Hard to know how much of a dummy team it is but it does have a new look to it. If it does start it will mean that 10 of the 2017 AI final team doesn’t start and apart from McLoughlin it may be the end of the road for most of the 10. The team named should take Galway on Sunday.

  6. Not sure when is the last team I didn’t see at least one of the following Barrett, Harrison Higgins Boyle, Vaughan, Parsons, S o Shea, A Glimpse to the future, if you wanted to experimentation, here it is. If started I wish them well but wont be surprised if there was multiple changes. Conor loftus in midfield is a surprise but Diarmuid or Aidan will most likely fill in there. Starting to wonder if Eoin o Donoghue will ever get a start, Mikey Murray is another if we were experimenting in midfield . Looking forward to seeing how it goes, hopefully we get to see Paul Towey, Ryan o Donoghue, Darran Mchale during the game as well.

  7. Cannot believe that this team will start, would be nice to win for many reasons but a loss would kinda reflect the year so far.
    Change was always coming so best of luck to those who play a part on Sunday. Struggling to get too excited yet, not the same being unable to travel and watch live, let’s see what happens across the weekend….

  8. We need Kevin Mc Loughlin to start, hope he lines out on Sunday as our key player and he kept us up before!

  9. The atmosphere is so subdued considering the magnitude of sundays encounter. By now there would be 50 comments on team selection. I guess it’s still in the balance whether game will go ahead or not. Strange times.

    I would really like to see league completeted. It’s very important to stay in division 1 so that’s first task. Championship would really break up winter for us. But let’s finish league and let everything else sort itself out.

    Conor o shea never really done it for county. He had great season for breaffy and on that form may push into contention. Would be great option round midfield or as half forward.

  10. I think the game will go ahead at this late stage alright but whether there is any games after it is the big question. I think there will be a Govt meeting on Monday or Tuesday and I can’t see them not taking NPHET’s advice for a second time.

  11. Unbelievable knockmore the best team in mayo championship this year by a mile and not a player on the mayo team

  12. Is James Carr healthy? I would have thought we’d see his name written down, just to remind Galway about what happened the last time they saw him.

  13. Loftus will switch places with diarmuid like the look of that forward line on a dry autumn day could do a lot of damage

  14. Conor Loftus played midfield in championship for Crossmolina and played very well and with confidence in that position. If he does start, he’ll stay out around the middle I’d say.

  15. IF, that team starts management is certainly continuing with the transition policy. Has to be done I suppose but the bench will be so important…A bit of experience to see games out. I agree that there should be at least 4 Knockmore lads around that team . Best of luck Mayo.

  16. I see Leitrim have had to concede their game to Down due to COVID , possibly dooming them to relegation. There is a real possibility the whole season will descend into farce with games and maybe even titles won by default.

  17. Is Conor Loftus not a bit small for midfield? Can’t see him playing midfield Jordan Flynn would be a better option at midfield in my opinion we’ll probably see Diarmuid at midfield. Tuam stadium has been called Tuam stadium forever or certainly as long as I can remember anyway it used to be the graveyard of Mayo football but it no longer frightens us thank God.

  18. Loftus is long time in the panel and I ain’t sure why that is. Never nailed down starting place. Bit slow and not aggressive enough. Nice club player but as yet not set inter county alight

  19. The biggest problem I ever found with the Tuam ‘Superdome’ was climbing across the mart railings on the way across to it and full of ‘Mountain Dew’ acquired in non Covid affected hosterlys in Ballindine, Claremorris and Knock en route!!

  20. It’s hard to have any opinion on these things cos of the potential of it being dummy.

    Loftus is an interesting one. Was a key figure at underage but has never reached a performance level good enough at senior. The odd glimpse at best…like his goal against Derry ,which saved us, a few years ago. He kicked a few nice frees up in Donegal last day of league a few yrs back which had loads on here raving about him, which I thought was typical Mayo over-hype. All he did was score a few points.

    Conor has potential but I never felt he made the leap up from boy to man, if you know what I mean. He needs to toughen up and take a game by the scruff of the neck. Dominate. He has never done this.

    I’d love to see him come through to senior properly. Maybe a more roving playmaker role in the centre of the park could suit him. Who knows. But only so many times a lad can get a chance. Good luck to him. I hope he takes it.

    So many different names of players. So many ‘maybe’s’…time for a few to nail down a place.

  21. I see FAI have called off underage League of Ireland soccer games eg Shamrock Rovers etc. Gaa need to do the same with u17. Take decision out of hands of kids who are at school. Finish off u20 only 3 games and try to get senior games played with appropriate protocols testing etc. If we can get 2 league games done and onto Championship we are then looking at knockout and decreasing numbers each week

  22. Conor Loftus. The future is his. I would expect to see him burst the net at least twice on Sunday as he finally announces himself.

    Is Tuam Stadium the only stadium in the world where you climb over cattle mart railings to get into the place? Can’t think of another one anywhere. What happens if the mart is on the same day as a match? I mean, honestly, who designed this farcical layout and how was it ever approved?

  23. If Mayo are announcing dummy teams against a Galway team missing loads of regulars you would wonder what that is all about really. Maybe saving first choices for Roscommon match is more likely but hard to see a 2020 championship going ahead.

  24. The fixtures committee in Croke Park would be well aware of Mart days in Tuam Carrot Face….sure don’t they sell their weanlings there.

  25. @Catcol David McBrien is around Cillians size but more athletic. Mark Moran is like a 5’9″ gymnast type build, he has that bouncy strength of a gymnast, not a big player but strong legs under him.

  26. Lads.. where the hell are ye going climbing over cattle mart railings,? Most intelligent people walk on the footpaths up through the town and into the pitch.
    St Jarlaths park affectionately known as Tuam Stadium.

  27. Just a point about Conor Loftus.

    Last year against Roscommon in the champo we kicked 18 or so wides. In injury time of that game we missed five chances to win it. Roscommon had one chance and scored.

    The talk after was no COC no other established free taker and so on…

    Our next game was Down in Newry. Our first scorer that day was Conor Loftus from a free. At the end of the game Loftus scored 1-3 and got Man if the Match.

    For the rest if the 2019 season we never saw him start or come on as a sub.

    So, in short he was never given an actual chance.

    When given the odd 10 mins or staggered start he has done something. He needs to be given game time!

  28. Tuamstar, quite recently I witnessed a Mayo club team being forced over the barbed wire perimeter of your pitch
    by some local loutish officials (pre match) .

  29. Can’t make head nor tail of this team, if this is a dummy team, we the fans are not dummies and deserve a bit more from James Horan.
    Pick the friggin team and if they are good enough, fine,. and if not we will still support them.
    We are all experienced football people and shouldn’t be treated like morons, that is of course is of course iif this is his is the team who will take the field.Ger Loughnane started this rubbish years ago and it was unfair to players and relations alike.
    James Horan is not God.

  30. I agree Kickhams man…players take time to develop….Loftus is an option from frees as well.
    Any sign of Jordan Flynn these days

  31. Citog… There is no barb wire anywhere in the vicinity of Tuam Stadium I can assure you, naturally that goes against all Health and Safety protocols…
    So unsure where or what you witnessed …

  32. Ah the ‘Barbed Wire’ at Tuam Stadium ain’t nothing… Chelsea used to have a real ‘Electric Fence’ to keep ‘fans?’ off the pitch….I don’t know how many volts, but it was enough to kill you… The local borough of ‘Kensington & Chelsea’ had the good sence wouldn’t let them turn it on… So I suppose that makes Tuam Stadium, Posher than Chelsea, and more Electric..

  33. Tuamstar…….I’m with you 100%………I’m a Mayoman but spent 5 great years boarding in SJC in the 70s and enjoyed many matches in Tuam Stadium. Great venue with a full house and mighty atmosphere……the spiritual home of Galway football for sure……what a pity it lost out to Salthll when it came to the County stadium vote…..

  34. Tuamstar if it pleases the court I would like to delete the term ‘barb’ from my original accusation while leaving ‘wire’ and let the accusation stand.
    MartyK I should draw it to your attention that a good few years before your time, the slave labourers or boarders from SJC (majority of them from Mayo) slogged it out carrying in the stones to raise the pitch to it’s present elevated state.
    Tuamstar have a good day tomorrow and you are one of the nicer visitors and contributors to our blog and I as a boarder in SJC made many lifelong friends from Galway!!

  35. Maybe Leitrim Manager is correct and we are not being told what it going on in a lot of County panels. Would be worried if that is our starting team today.

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