Team named for Sunday

Graphic: @Granuaile4Mayo

We’ve named our starting fifteen for Sunday’s Connacht SFC final against Galway at Croke Park (throw-in 1.30pm). Here it is:

Mayo (Connacht SFC final v Galway, 25/7/2021): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Lee Keegan (Westport), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy, captain), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

The team we’ve named shows four changes from the one that started against Leitrim in the semi-final. In come Robbie Hennelly, Lee Keegan, Bryan Walsh and Diarmuid O’Connor, while out go Rory Byrne, Enda Hession, Jordan Flynn and Darren Coen.

You’d have to think that this is close enough to the fifteen we’ll actually go with at Croke Park. The only likely switch would be Kevin McLoughlin for Bryan Walsh but we may opt to start the younger man and keep Kevin in reserve.

Anyway, all that will be revealed on the day. Best of luck to James and the team on Sunday.

UPDATE: Galway have also named their team, full details here.

58 thoughts on “Team named for Sunday

  1. The key on Sunday is goals. A game like this which is expected to be tight will probably come down to the team who gets the goals.

    I’ve had, and still have doubts about our defence I just hope we do not leave ourselves open at the back on Sunday.

    I would image O Hora will take Walsh with the aim of staying stick tight on him.

    But time will tell.

  2. Good team named, but a little surprised that Eoghan Mc Laughlin misses out. Built for Croke Park I would have thought.

  3. The more I look at it the more I credit James Horan in the build up to this game. He keeps people guessing especially the opposition obviously intentionally. Hes a shrewd operator. Even in the podcast if you listen to when they pose the question who will Horan match up with Walsh, comer , kelly etc . There is an unknown factor none of the panelists really answered the actual question posed.
    Cathal sweeney starts for Galway, I hear someone say hes lightning quick . I really hope eogan mcloughlin starts .

  4. I reckon the 2 McLaughlins will start instead of Loftus and Walsh. Don’t believe this team will start.

  5. I’m glad to see Coen starting. I think he’s underrated and is a great man marker. Like Sean I’d like to see McLaughlins speed in Croke park.

  6. Should be noted that since CF last December we’ve lost Clarke, Barrett and COC whereas they’ve added Comer, Cooke and Tierney.

  7. Hard to know really if that team will line out as selected. Great to see Keegan and Diarmuid back. Wouldn’t be surprised to see McLoughlin or Flynn come in for Walsh. O’Hora starting is probably aimed at picking up Comer if he goes in full forward as he should have the physicality for him. I would see Durcan picking up Walsh probably and if Walsh plays inside maybe let Keegan pick him up. You still want the likes of Durcan and Mullin driving forward and put them on the back foot from the throw-in. Definitely getting more nervous and excited as the days go by!

  8. May the best team win on Sunday, the prize is a semi final v the Dubs.
    Maybe at last the Dubs can be beaten, but won’t happen in 2021.

  9. When is the last time – if ever- that a team named by Janes Horan actually started.
    I think S Coen will mark Comer. He is the one defender we have who has the physicality to match him. He did a good enough job on Murphy in Castlebar a few years ago and marked Colin o Riordan- the Tipp Aussie player – well last year.

  10. McLaughlin has been outstanding since his return. Would be surprised if he doesn’t play a major part. Likewise, if Kev McLoughlin is fully fit he’ll play.

    Will be very physical around the middle so Aido will be needed out the field on Sunday.

  11. FYI, Cathal Sweeney making his debut for Galway is a grandson of the late John Morley who I’m reliably informed was one of Mayos greatest ever players

  12. Changes from last year’s Connacht final.

    Out – D Clarke, C Barrett, E McLaughlin, K Loughlin,C O’Connor

    In – R Hennelly, P O’Hora, M Plunkett, B Walsh, D McHale

    Stronger or weaker with those changes? Won’t be a surprise if McLoughlin and McLaughlin start instead of O’Hora and Walsh leaving 12 same starters from the November final.

  13. I’m not sure i agree with the narrative that Croke Park gives Mayo a huge advantage. From my reading over half of that Mayo team have only played 2 championship games in Croke Park (both last year) with the only team they’ve beaten being Tipp.

    Looking at both starting 15s and with the big caveat that teams start as selected – that’ a very athletic Galway team with a forward line which would be suited for Croke Park. If Kev Mc isn’t fit he’s a huge loss with his skillset and he’s one player who is definitely suited for Croke Park.

    This is a 50/50 game which I find it impossible to call.

  14. Hmmm, hopefully the two McLoughlins come in to start. Kevin Mc is invaluable in tight encounters like this, always plays well in Croker too, more room to jink and swerve past defenders.

    Hopefully Lee actually starts, Darren Coen ready to come in if McHale doesn’t fire. Aido will operate around the middle as we’re so lacking in height compared to Galway.

    I’d worry for Aido in this one, 1.30pm throw in with the heat the way it is won’t suit.

  15. Strong bench obviously. Thats whats needed. This game will come down to who has most to offer in last quarter. A fresh E McLoughlin scorching one wing is the perfect dose.

  16. This shows that we have a number of options to start or come off the bench. As people have alluded to, this could go either way.
    I am tipping Mayo based on Horans experience and belief, the game knowledge within the squad and the drive to get another crack at Dublin.
    I cannot wait for Sunday to see what transpires.

  17. Mayo will win in the end.
    If it’s warm during the game then management will need the superfit guys at midfield.
    Galway’s 2 midfielders are not as athletic as say the Dubs racehorses in midfield.

    Another semi v the Dubs, Kildare will be rolled over in next weeks Leinster final.

  18. I would have thought the 2 McL’s would start. Help around midfield and an extra man at the back will be vital early on. I can see Galway really going at us for goals early so i just hope we don’t leave ourselves wide open early on like we have done in CP.
    As for the bench im not sure we have anyone coming on to MAKE enough difference on the score board. I wish I was as confident as some here but I just think Galway are going to be so up for this.. Fingers crossed…

  19. Anyone know if you buy the stream from connaght gaa for the minor match tonight can you watch back later or is it only available in real time

  20. I enjoyed the podcast but think it’s a different Mayo so hard to see how Croke park will suit them far more than Galway.

    Im confident of a Galway win as always just think we will have far too many options for Mayo up front. Only risk is defence but its far better than it was last year. Mayo have to watch for Walsh, Comer, Tierney, both Kelly’s, Cooke,Finnerty, Sweeney and Conroy also relishes Mayo. If it clicks there is no way we will be beaten but that remains to be seen. Croke park wpuld appear to be perfect venue for it all to click into place. COC will be badly missed on frees tomorrow.

  21. Blondie11 if you buy that game you can watch it to a certain time but that could be midnight tonight

  22. I know OHora has played full back in the recent past but maybe his more favoured position is CH back. If 2 -7 take the field on Sunday that’s 6 natural half backs, our total defense. Horses for courses. Plus side is we can attack from all positions but that could leave us wide open on the counter.

  23. That team probably won’t start. The great man will keep us guessing surely. One key ingredient for croker is pace and mobility. Maybe the two mcgloughlin s. Cannot see flynn starting based on previous outings. Here’s hoping we have enough to do it. The Kelly’s need watching.

  24. First-time contributor to the blog but a long-time follower. A great site with a huge amount of content that takes a lot of time. Well done Willie Joe and thank you.

  25. Not sure O Hora will start. Did very well the last day against poor opposition but Mullen can do multiple jobs including FB and man marker. Maybe if Horan wants a FB who plays the position. Mullen risks a lot of attacks for FB but seems to get away with it because of the conviction he brings when attacking.
    Kevin Mc should play if fit but I’d prefer Walsh to Flynn because of his work rate and bit pacier. Just seems to have a good football brain and improving. Loftus could play as named or else use AOS in midfield with Loftus given roaming role. Agree heat could be a factor for big men like AOS so not in midfield for 70.
    Unlike the Galway contingent I think we have subs like Carr and Coen and are just as good on the bench.
    Also agree it could be very tight and goals could be the difference, we’re capable of at least 2 in Croker against Galway and they’re capable of a few too if let. Could be an absolute cracker.

  26. Can someone please post streaming link for minor match this evening
    Thank you

  27. Maybe it’s the famine we’ve experienced of not attending matches due to covid but I can’t remember looking forward to a match as much as this.

  28. We’re 4-6 to 1-8 down at half-time. Goals killing us in this one, it’ll take a huge effort to rescue it from this position.

  29. This is a very frustrating week for us at underage football.
    I hope to God Sunday will be different.

  30. 4-10 to 2-10 down midway through the second half. Lads making a better fist of it this half but the gap appears too great to bridge.

  31. Isn’t that too easy to say WJ. The lads on the radio kept on about that ie the goals. That’s what the game is about. We were comprehensively beaten and a lot of posters on this blog have continually said, our underage results have not been anywhere good enough over a 5/10 year period. Very disappointing.

  32. Won’t be long now till people start leaving messages to say underage coaching in Mayo is a shambles and needs a complete overall.
    In 5, 4, 3 ,2 …….

  33. I was actually much happier with our minor performance than our u20 performance. At least we showed some ability in the forward line and we didn’t resort to shovel ball.
    Pierce Deane and Ronan Clarke showed potential up front.
    Roscommon looking a step ahead in terms of conditioning and teamwork.

  34. They say it comes in threes that’s two defeats to the Rossies best of luck to them in the rest of the competition. I’m not as confident facing Galway now . It would be nice to see Aidan Climb the steps of the Hogan and claim the Nestor cup it’s a big ask without Cillian

  35. Backdoorsam – how on earth would losing twice to Roscommon at underage effect our seniors? It’s just bullshit superstition, which doesn’t exist, only in your head, but that’s all it is. We might lose to Galway, I don’t think we will, but if we do it won’t be because of what happened with our underage teams

  36. Disappointing result but you can’t really blame the county underage structures. These players didn’t get to play in the Ted Webb last year and with Covid restrictions I doubt they had a huge amount of training time together.

    I think E McLaughlin will start in place of O’Hora on Sunday. I’d put Mullin marking Comer and Stephen Coen on Tierney.

  37. Dave Johnson/West is Best – I’ve deleted both of those comments. Ridiculous over-reaction to the result of an under-age match. I seriously hope the same tsunami of bullshit comments isn’t going to wash in here in the wake of tonight’s match.

  38. I know it does @Sean, but what can the mayo coaches do if they don’t have access to the players until a couple of months ago. You’re completely reliant on players arriving ready from the clubs.

  39. Head in the sand stuff Willie Joe if you believe that the underage structures are anyways close to being adequate. There is little or nothing been done in National Schools in North Mayo and that’s a fact. Yes, they do need a complete overhaul, delete my comment if you wish, but it certainly wont change the facts. There aren’t enough coaches for one. We could do with 20 full time coaches to cover all the schools in the county. Teachers in schools need coaching too and there has been only a couple of token efforts being made in that area in the past 5 years. Point out what I have said above that is wrong please.

  40. May I say, the underage coaching must be very poor in Mayo, where are the development squads from u14 upwards, is their good paid coaching being delivered?
    Cillian is injured, plenty of match winners that must step up to the challenge.

    No real pace in Galway midfield.

    Tyrone are my dark horse this year.

  41. Yep , difficult I’d agree on that but there is a certain things I found worrying about the two sides this weak , very weak defensively, poor tackling, s&c seems to be lagging we seemed to have a lot of lads at under 15 type physicality tonight , and the same the night before where as our opposition had several lads physically primed . Look there was three or four players in both games you could see potential in , all we can hope is they can make the necessary improvements.

    I’m sure it’s a very proud moment to pull on your county jersey and nobody wants to tear into young fellas and burst their bubble. Results have been poor though, plenty to work on and years ahead of them to do so .

  42. The west is best – what you did wrong was post in haste, in a knee-jerk way within seconds of an U17 result. I’ve no problem with you posting a considered comment taking issue with current structures – and I’m glad to see you’re now engaging your brain in that regard – but it’s the use of emotive words in a one-line comment posted with little or no thought that I have the problem with.

  43. There is coach the coaches done and coaching provided to teachers.
    We’re all not involved to know what is going wrong.
    Something is a bit weird in how we’ve been togging small now a few years at minor. Mayo used to at minor even allowing for the extra year u18 tog with lots of broad shouldered six footers. Exactly the kind of build that should come to the fore naturally. Somehow even allowing for conditioning we don’t seem to have enough powerful strong athletes anymore.
    The gym won’t make you taller and it can only make you a certain % heavier/stronger before you don’t have the aerobic capacity with extra muscle mass. Put it like this, it’s been quite a while since you’d look at the Mayo minor middle third players and think “We’ll be good here on kickouts “

  44. Take a chill pill Our time will come it’s just an
    Observation of course it won’t affect the seniors but given our luck in Croke Park nothing would suprise me

  45. I have to agree about coaching in the National Schools, here in Dublin my kids all went to the same Gael Scoil, for years there were women only on the staff, the Principal changed in 2015, three male teachers are in the School now, this resulted in the School teams becoming really competitive, getting to one or Division file / Born ns Nog finals and also winning blitz competitions.

    It does help to have one or two teachers that are interested and know a bit about coaching.

    I know for a fact that some National Schools in Mayo bring in outsiders to get them ready for competitions.

    God help us, the National School I went to in Mayo, the Master had no interest in anything let alone football.

  46. I’m very chilled Backdoorsam but once again you cite luck as a factor. You need to control the controllables and You have to make your own luck – no point In waiting for a ref to favour us in a final – just go out and dominate the opposition and give them no choice instead. This curse bullshit is all it is – get it out of your head – football is a game, it’s simple, just be the best for 70-80 minutes, dominate your marker and leave no room for doubt. Are Dublin thinking about luck or counting on it? I doubt it

  47. I thought this thread about the Connaught Final – Mayo v Galway next Sunday in Dublin: ? What’s all the stuff about under age football ? Lets get back on track.
    What I’m really looking forward to is when Mayo win and Cora turns to Pat and says “Ara god bless your innocence Pat, I told you so two weeks ago”. She could add “you condescending Gobshite” but I know she is above that !

  48. In Mayo during the late 80’s and 90’s we had an exceptional group of primary teachers who had a huge interest in football. I knew all of them and they were outstanding coaches. They trained the teams twice a week if not more and to a very high standard. They formed the backbone of Cuman na mBunscol. The standard of play at National School level was very high in those days. That’s where the great players of the 90’s and 2000’s came from. Time moves on and so have nearly all those great teachers. They haven’t really been replaced. Outside coaches coming into schools are not as good.
    That might go some way towards explaining the perceived drop in standard at county underage level.

  49. Match on Sunday still not sold and unlikely to be, not a good look when you consider 30,000 attended the last Mayo v Galway championship match in MacHale Park. The 35€ price tickets for everyone was a big mistake.

  50. Willie Joe you’re doing a phenomenal job, esp for us Mayo ex-pats who are removed from all the “goings on”! MayomaninGalway is spot on – PS a condescending .g..s…!

  51. Subs list as per the match programme:
    16. Rory Byrne
    17. Colm Boyle
    18. Eoghan McLaughlin
    19. Enda Hession
    20. Conor O’Shea
    21. James Durcan
    22. Rory Brickenden
    23. Jordan Flynn
    24. Darren Coen
    25. Kevin McLoughlin
    26. James Carr

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