Team named for the final

Image: @Granuaile4Mayo

We’ve just named our team to face Tyrone in tomorrow evening’s All-Ireland final. Here it it:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC final v Tyrone, 11/9/2021): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Lee Keegan (Westport), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy, captain), Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s two changes from the fifteen who started against Dublin in the semi-final. In come Enda Hession and Bryan Walsh – who both had a big impact from the bench the last day – and they replace the injured Eoghan McLaughlin and Darren McHale.

Despite all the speculation that’s been swirling around, Oisín Mullin doesn’t feature in the team we’ve named. That doesn’t mean we won’t see him in action tomorrow evening, maybe even from the start, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure.

Best of luck to James and the lads as they carry with them all of our hopes for glory tomorrow. Up Mayo.

72 thoughts on “Team named for the final

  1. Only change I see, if any, Mullin for Hession.

    Otherwise, our best available selection.

    24hrs to go!

  2. Best of luck to them all tomorrow. Im hoping we will see Oisin but as you said Wliie Joe we will have to wait and see. Won’t sleep a wink tonight with the nerves & excitement. UP MAYO

  3. Keegan full back, Coen Centre half back, Hession wing half forward, Loftus instead of Diarmuid O’Connor in midfield and McLoughlin corner forward as dummy teams goes James Horan has pulled out all the stops here.

    Sure keep Tyrone guessing right up to throw in.

  4. This is probably a way to keep Tyrone guessing. Everyone expects Oisín to start, but it could be for Plunkett or Hession. He could even replace Bryan Walsh with Hession moving to the forwards.

  5. Horan playing mind games by not showing his hand in who he has available to him on the bench. Probably 3pm tomorrow before we know for sure who is in the 26 and a half hour before kick off before we know who is going to start for sure. Tyrone will follow suit now soon after with similar mind games. It’s all part of the build up and excitement although I know some don’t like it!

  6. Most of the talk here on the blog focussed on tickets, pundits and the availability of injured Mayo players. Very little talk of Tyrone, their style yes but their players no. We’d match up every dub or kerry player till the cows come home as we know them so well at this stage. If ever a team reached the final under the radar, it’s surely this Tyrone team. Most of us would struggle to name half their team.
    For football ability advantage Mayo.
    For win at all costs attitude advantage Tyrone.
    I expect it to be a real slow burner with both teams petrified of being the one 3 or 4 points down chasing the game knowing you’ll be punished on the counter attack. Maybe only 4 or 5pts each at half time.
    Only one sleepless night to go.

  7. I thought Darren Coen would be ideal for this match. Either him or James Carr would be a better choice in the forward line.
    I’m worried that Oisin Mullen isn’t named.

  8. Bery best of luck to the lads, their’ll definetly be one change…maybe two. Horan playing it cute. Like others I won’t sleep a wink tonight. I’ve gone against us on here since the Connacht Final, so i think Tyrone will win by 4 points….!!!.

    They are so confident of winning this game, I just think this is where we could miss Cillian. Hope to God im wrong………as always!

  9. Mullin will start
    Hession won’t
    McLaughlin will make bench
    Mayo will win by 2
    Aido or Henelly MOTM
    Not much work done in the county of mayo next week
    That’s all my predictions :@

  10. All-Ireland Minor Football Final 2013 ,Mayo 2-13 to 1-13 Tyrone. Prediction is for a repeat scoreline tomorrow

  11. Never understood naming the team 24 hours before the game. Why don’t they do an hour before kickoff and get rid of all the messing. Anyways. Tyrone named same team, again will it be the one that starts. If Oisin and Eoghain are back then our bench will be a lot stronger.

  12. Leaving wicklow shortly with wife and kids and a friend of my young fellas. Heading for home Swinford and gonna watch it tomorrow with family and friends. Looking forward to seeing the flags all along the way home…’s like the night before a school tour! Maigheo Abu!!

  13. Can I just make a plea to our fans. If you hear a rumour about any players ahead of the match don’t post it here. You’re not doing any good to us collectively by sharing it. You never know who is scouring this blog for information. Time will reveal all, loose lips sink ships and all that. If you hear something, keep your powder dry, don’t gossip.

  14. Well said “Our time has come” please don’t be posting news or speculation on the blog.

    Let’s keep anything we know or heard in the local post office under lock and key!!

    The Mayos will have their homework done will definitely bring home SAM.

  15. Thanks, Our Time has Come, I couldn’t have phrased it better myself. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t want to see rumours posted here – it’s so self-defeating to let the world know something it has no right to know.

    The Best is West – thanks, apology accepted. The point above refers.

  16. Our Time Has Come is correct. I had Fergal represent me in court so have his personal line 😀

    All the best lads, hopefully it’s a matter of deserving team winning on the day and no controversies. It’s the least we deserve.

  17. Best of luck to team and management Not sure they will line out like that but we need to trust JH to know what he is doing See no great reason in naming rest of panel until he has to (though we’d all like to know it) No point in giving Tyrone any advantage Maigh Eo abu

  18. WJ trivia question…. Mayo will have choice of dressing room in a final first tome since 96. Do you think they will take Dublin dressing room or stay in away one!

  19. Just one more thing ,,,,,,,,, there`s always one more! ,,,,,,,,, when I was a young fella (so recent it seems?) I used to laugh at people who jausted me in a game , or told me I was an unwanted guest at my mothers wedding – – I always laughed! It`s the thing that annoyed them most. I still remember it. God save all. No retaliation please. Thanks.

  20. Agree WJ and OTHC on rumours. I’ve been posting all week about this.

    Problem is when one of our local newspapers is leading the charge on rumours, this fans the flames even further.

  21. Lahanman As I understand it the dressing rooms are designated in alphabetical order that also determines which end the teams warm up. By that logic Mayo will get the hill which should be an advantage getting practice kicking into the more difficult to score end.

  22. Desperate id be able to sort you out I’m sure , not sure what blog rules are re personal details. Post number /email or whatever and I’ll get in touch.

  23. Do Mayo warm up in front of the Hill or Davin tomorrow? Seems they always are in front of Davin but might be different for final not involving Dublin?

  24. Enjoy the game Cheer Owen naturally as a Mayo
    Man I hope Mayo win 70 years is an awful long time to wait so hopefully we might just sneak over the line. Safe journey to all Tyrone Gaels travelling. Dia is Muire Linn

  25. Best of luck to Mayo tomorrow,I hope that we give a performance for the ages,I hope that both teams suffer no injuries and play to their best,hopefully Mayo a little better,I must once again thank Willie Joe for this excellent blog which keeps us up to speed with all the news,perhaps after tomorrow we will not need as much news,I have always been confident when Mayo are playing and make too much brave statements,but believe me I would be more than happy to win by single point,up Mayo

  26. We want just once, warm up hill 16 end, semifinal v tipp last year was the last time I think

  27. The other day i was thinking about kevin mac at 14 . I was nearly right lol i have rhis strange feeling he could play a blinder tomorrow. He has great balance . Great skill and handling. Also vision and experience. Let aiden root out ball in midfield and kevin mac could weave magic

  28. Cheer Owen/Desperate – I can put you both in touch via email if that helps and if you’d prefer not posting your email/phone details. Up to you whatever you want to do.

  29. Almost there, normally I am calm before matches but have struggled to sleep all week.

    Tactics are fine and well but from reading to and listening to pundits, it is difficult to see who will do what.

    In my view, this will come down to leadership, both on and off the pitch. I trust our lads and think that this is why we will end the wait tomorrow evening , it won’t be easy but its our time.

    Safe travels all

  30. Well that’s good news. Quick question. If the middle channel is going to be blocked by Tyrone could AOS be played as a wide 10 or 12. If marked 1 on 1, if he could beat his marker he could drive into the middle, attract the middle channel defenders and feed players coming off his shoulder. If marked 2 on 1, would somewhat free up the middle channel for our running game. Any thoughts?

  31. subs
    rory byrne
    Conor O Shea
    James Durcan
    Darren Coen
    Aiden Orme
    James Carr

  32. Cheer Owen, your a star but someone is gone but to Tyrone tonight to collect it. Total panic when we realised it was a physical ticket and we are in Clare. Really appreciate the offer though. Safe travelling to all tomorrow. Maigh Eo Abú

  33. Subs
    Byrne Boyle Harrison Brickenden
    Mullen Flynn C O Shea J Durcan D Coen Carr Orme
    As per programme

  34. Jaysus that is truly desperate, wouldn’t have been no problem and save someone diesel! Offer still stands , I’ve done this before and am reliable.

  35. I must remember to bring the auld peann luaidthe with me tomorrow to be writing on the programme

  36. WJ – are you sure it’s possible to make changes to the subs? Don’t think it was pre-covid times.

  37. “ On the face of it, the Mayo bench probably looks a bit less potent than the Tyrone one.”
    Darragh o’se , Irish times

    We have amazing bench.

  38. I am an avid reader of the blog for many years the magnetism of tomorrow has forced me to post
    Think the match is 50/50 but if all our fast players are 100% fit we can take it on pace.
    The Dublin team we beat were not a Jim Gavin team their are off field problems and the team has fragmented.
    With Tyrone this current management has form.In the 2015 u21 final the best team did not win, Tyrone turned second half into a dog fight.
    May the luck be with mayo this year

  39. Wide Ball
    Pretty sure it’s possible. Didn’t Comer do the same for Galway in Salthill couple years back?

  40. Lads, I’m pretty sure you can’t make changes to the 26 once it’s announced on the programme. Only if it’s to do with COVID, like Mayo v Leitrim. Pretty sure that’s the 26,we won’t be seeing Eoghan McLaughlin tomorrow. It is what it is.

  41. I didn’t think you could make changes to the programme either unless it was an unfortunate injury to a player in the hours leading up to the game or for covid reasons mentioned by others. But I usually find that Willie Joe is right on these things

  42. 6 Registration/lists for inter-County senior Championship
    special Provisions for Registration of teams and supply of team list to Referee for all inter-County senior Championship games
    Notwithstanding the provisions of any other Rules, the following requirements shall specifically apply to all Inter- County Senior Championship Games:
    (a) For all Senior Inter-County Championship Games, the Team line-out (Fifteen Players and maximum Eleven Panel Members – total twenty six) shall be registered with the Committee-in-Charge not later than 9 am on the Thursday before a week-end game.
    Penalty: Withdrawal of Sideline Privileges from Bainisteoir for one game and/or maximum €1,000 fine on the County Committee, depending on the circumstances.

    (b) No Players may be added to the registered Team or Panel after it has been submitted to the Committee-in- Charge.
    Exception – A Goalkeeper or Sub-Goalkeeper may be replaced by another Goalkeeper and such replacement shall only be allowed to play as a Goalkeeper.
    Penalty for playing, or including on the team list submitted to the Referee, a player who has not been registered with the Committee-in-Charge: Forfeiture of Game.
    (c) A prescribed Team List (as issued by the Committee-in- Charge from time to time), confirming the 15 starting players and maximum 11 additional panel members, shall be submitted to the Referee not later than forty minutes before the official starting times of the Game and shall only contain the names of Registered Players specified in paragraphs (a) or (b), together with the Team Officials.
    Penalty: Fine on the County Committee – up to a maximum of €1,000 for each minute over the prescribed time.

  43. Best of luck to the Mayo team. Hope that you call in the physical.and mental strength and skills you possess to play your best and win the match today. You can do it.!

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