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I’m a bit late to the party on this one as I’ve been offline for much of the day but here’s the team we’ve named for tomorrow’s all-or-nothing qualifier clash with Monaghan:

Mayo (All-Ireland Qualifiers Round 1 v Monaghan, 4/6/2022): Rob Hennelly (Breaffy); Lee Keegan (Westport), Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber), Aiden Orme (Knockmore), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); James Carr (Ardagh), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber).

I know details of the subs have been posted by some but the official announcement only covers the first fifteen so I’ll confine the list here to that.

There’s an eye-catching six (and not seven, as claimed by Mayo GAA in the official announcement linked above) changes from the team that started against Galway last time out, some of which are obviously enforced. Into the starting team come Rob Hennelly, Enda Hession, Paddy Durcan, Bryan Walsh, Aiden Orme and Jack Carney, while out go Rory Byrne, Padraig O’Hora (possibly injured), Michael Plunkett (definitely injured), Conor Loftus, Ryan O’Donoghue (definitely injured) and Jason Doherty.

Ryan’s loss is, obviously, a huge blow but it’s not a surprise, as it’s been known for at least the last week that he was struggling with a groin strain. On the plus side, it’s great to see Robbie and Paddy back and that Oisín has recovered from the hamstring problem that forced him off in the Galway game.

The best of luck to all the lads tomorrow.

We’ve a special podcast episode for club members on Patreon providing instant reaction to the team announcement, with Mike and Stephen Drake.

42 thoughts on “Team named for tomorrow

  1. Decent team but hard to see where we get enough scores from. 4 point defeat I’m afraid.

  2. Horan just loves forwards that can’t score.
    Meanwhile Darren Coen does not even make the bench and there
    isn’t a hope in hell Boland will see any game time. Oh well …

  3. Facetheball – so true. Boland is a scoring forward. Which of course means Horan won’t play him.

  4. It’s comical that james o donoghue below in killarney has more scoops and intel on mayo injuries/absenteeism than any of the local media

  5. If your darren coen or fergal boland surely ya would be better off going back with your club and playing some ball. Horan clearly doesn’t fancy them

  6. Lots of pressure on the half forwards now, to do what they’re there to do.

    Best of luck lads. Up Mayo.

  7. Strong team with plenty of impact options on the bench. No excuses not to beat a Monaghan side that are poor in qualifiers and are playing in the lions den.

  8. What’s this big obsession about half forwards scoring…?or general pessimism about our forwards..?okay Conroy and o donoghue huge loss but unless our defenders step up then it’s not going to matter what forwards we have playing..
    Think back to all Ireland last year,league final and soft goal conceded v Galway

  9. Lot of reasons to be positive about that team. Would like to see Carney at FF I hope he does play a while in there. BTW Padraig Hora is not injured.. As I am sure we will see at some stage tomorrow evening. Up Mayo

  10. It’s probably the best team he could come up with even if I’m surprised our captain is starting based on League and the Galway game. Unfortunately for Stephen he lacks pace for the modern game but he is very dedicated to the cause which is good and he must be going well in training. Perhaps he might play him as a sweeper because he probably reads the game well. I’m not surprised Boland is not starting as he seems to lack a bit of physique. He might be better coming in when opponents are getting tired. I would like to see Fionn McDonagh on from the start. Is he injured or what.
    Surely he won’t play Oisin at full back. He needs to be higher up the field.
    Anyway I’m fully expecting a win as we’ve had plenty of time to sort things out and Monaghan have gone back. We are still the best team in the qualifiers.

  11. I think with the changes, this is a weaker team than the team that started against Galway.

    I don’t think it has to be as there are a few bench players there I would be starting instead of a few of the lads named to start.

  12. Can’t see where the negativity is coming from. If this team starts, it is brimful of pace, and it shouts pace pace all over, or mostly.

    Bryan Walsh has loads of aggression, can score and will cover every blade of grass. We have Oisín, Paddy, Enda, Eoin; pace, pace, pace. Robbie is back, and slotted to take long-range frees I hope. Cillian is a further six weeks on. I was sent a screenshot of the programme, and I feel there are at least four impact subs: O’Hora, Flynn, Darren McHale, and Kevin Mac.

    Bring it on.

  13. Anyone who believes that Monaghan are within an asses roar of the quality named in this mayo team
    do not know their football. Ignore the short list – the starting 15 and look at the panel. It’s a panel game. JH has it within himself to manage a win out of this match. Monaghan are a proud football county and I have a deep respect for their achievements. But in knockout football Mayo are a different beast. I look forward to reading posts tomorrow evening from all of the naysayers.

  14. Pretty strong team, only 1 position I’d possibly have some doubts on. Could see one or 2 minor positional swaps and I’d add Jason to the list of potential impact subs, very experienced and if he’s remained fit has to be a guy who could nab some scores near the end. Carr in FF line adds pace and Orme also capable of catching high balls and taking marks when he drifts in. Looking forward to this one.

  15. @sticksforthereek i agree fully that Oisín would be far better further up the field. He is a serious attacking threat and more than capable of ripping apart any blanket.

  16. When least expected Mayo teams can often surprise us. Why do I get the feeling this could be one of those days!

  17. So much negativity here again…… Monaghan are bang average and that’s it. McManus (Keegan) McCarron (Hession) are their main threat, the Hughes brothers are no where near as good as they were and the rest are also average. They will put up a fight but Banty is no genius.

    We are the stronger and better team with subs can can impact (assuming JH brings them on from 45+ minutes not 65+)

    Bad and all as we performed v Galway we lost by one, our team named plus sub list are better, no point saying who we don’t have.

    We need to stamp our authority on the game and lose this standoffish nature from v Kerry and Galway. Tackling is still allowed.

    16:00, McHale Park, bank holiday Saturday in good weather, ideal for knock out championship.

  18. We are missing a couple of top forwards but some on here bemoaning lack of scorers. ……..We do happen to have the Championship all time leading scorer in our ranks. We have enough in this team to do the job and build momentum.

  19. Have to disagree with the majority of posters here saying its a strong team. 3 half backs in the full back line and a forward line that is mid division 2 level at best. Really worried heading up the road today lads. Lets all get behind them

  20. Monaghan are creating chances though just not converting a high percentage, 36:17 v Derry, that would be a slight concern as in we would tend to give more time and space than the likes of Derry , meaning Monaghan could convert a lot more of them chances. Really hope we have been working on tightening up and blocking the channels

  21. If we are to believe that a sub is to be assumed to be fully fit, and indeed they should be or else they shouldn’t be on the subs bench, then why are there guys on the subs bench who were certain starters before they got injured ?

    That’s why I believe, between starters and subs, that starting 15 is not our strongest team available.

  22. Hession, Carney(14) and Orme(11) given respponsible roles.. They havent shown leadership qualities up to now. Nonetheless, great experience for them. Our bench is strong and capable of making an impact.
    Monaghan will be mentally, physically and tactically strong. Our strength in depth might shade it for us in the heat of castlebar.

  23. I think this is a strong team. Horan will probably move people around and may make changes. But isn’t it great we have the depth in the squad to do this. Mayo by 5.

  24. Delighted to see Bryan Walsh back – he will work his socks off and compete hard for every ball. Robbies return is going to be vital for picking off any long range frees as the potency problems in our forward line have certainly not gone away. Hopefully Jack Carney can add something new in there but expect his footballing smarts and fielding ability will be needed further out the field as the game wears on. Plently of pace coming up from defense but is it going to be the same old stuff of straight into the spider’s web? With two of our best, most skillful and most exciting forwards missing, our attack is once again a major concern so lets see if the manager has taken the very public feedback seriously this time and can show more of a willingness to change tactics if his preferred chicken run strategy is not working against a very good, aggressive and defensively organised team.

  25. Shuffly Deck – I should have listed Jason as a fifth impact sub – of course! Overall, it’s a strong 26, and the balance looks right.

    We’ve got to avoid a slow start. I don’t mean we have to blitz them early, but keep ticking over and build up relentlessly as the game progresses.

  26. General consensus on here last night, strong team peppered with where are the scores going to come from. Today it’s generally not a strong team peppered with look at the pace we have all over the field. Fair point from galway exile, 3 half backs in the full back line. I can only assume these lads will be making several forays up the pitch during the game to try to put monaghan full forward under pressure tracking back. This coupled with our pace elsewhere might be the key. However the flaw for me is starting Coen and aido. Both will work hard but in 20c heat, passing them the ball on the counter will be like pulling the handbrake on the attack. Aido will not last the full game in this heat, but could make a massive contribution as an impact sub. Stephen is just off his game so on form should not be starting. Changing these two and we could really have pace all over the field. Mchugh or o hora to full back, oisin to 6 and Jordan to midfield. If he’s fit enough to be named, start him.
    Looking at the monaghan team, they have power. Seriously physically strong. We have the pace. On a day like today pace should win out, but we need to start with pace in every possible position. We’ll be disjointed, that’s for sure but pace might just get us over the line.

  27. Safe travelling to all Mayo and Monaghan fan’s making the trip. Should be a fantastic day.. Padraig O Hora for me if fully fit has to be starting for
    Mayo, .. Monaghan set up very similar to Tyrone and I would also like to see Kevin McLoughlin starting with his eagle eye for a killer pass that could unlock the Monaghan defence. Robbie Hennelly and Paddy Durcan make very welcome return’s and delightful to see James Carr starting. Ryan O Donohue is a huge loss that can’t be underestimate…. Hopefully we made it good start, if we can get a few points ahead Monaghan will need to attack the game and we certainly have plenty of pace to hurt them on the counter!..It should be a cracker, can’t see too much in it at the end!

  28. I’d expect a relatively small enough mayo crowd , using the train from Dublin as a guide comparing to other championship games , there are as many Monaghan as mayo on train .

  29. Crystal clear day here in Castlebar but a bit windy.
    All the best to our bucks today.
    Mayo by 3.

  30. Is Mullin really fit? I feel a lot of his recurring injuries have been down to being rushed back. He hasn’t been fully fit really since the Galway game last year, and his performances have reflected that. It seemed like a bad hamstring injury and I’d wonder what his fitness really is. It seems too soon. Likewise Flynn – there’s no way he could actually be fully fit already, is there?

    If all these players really are where they’re supposed to be, fitness wise, then we have a great chance. If they’re not, well…
    Rushing players back from injury is the quickest way to get them injured again…

  31. Does anyone know if the match can be ‘watched back’ on that NOW TV one day pass? I’ve bought it, am going to the match, and intend to/Hope to watch it back.

  32. Catcol .. Thanks for the positivity .. cheered me up ! I was falling into the ‘no chance’ category .. remaining positive .. if we can get thru this test .. plenty evenly matched teams this year and if injuries clear up we will be a handful for anyone in Croker .. OK maybe I’m pushing it !
    Still a scorching hot day in McHale .. what more would you want !

  33. I’d be of the opposite opinion to most I’d see lots of goals in Carr and Cillian
    Play them inside and let Orme roam I and out in support
    Durian and Eoin Mc are massive additions , will return to out more positive play and jordan flynn will make a big impact of bench

  34. Hope we do it. I feel it’s the weakest forward line we have since Pre Horan era, Best we have at the moment
    and may get us win today,
    Transition is now truly kicked in, and a few lean years ahead.
    We will win today though

  35. Good on you, Outside of the Boot. I love that comment about Cillian and Carr. That’s what I’d be hoping too. Fingers crossed.
    Lovely clear day here in Mayo. Be safe, roar your heads off and enjoy!

  36. When is the last time mayo failed to win a champ game? 2010? Definitely 2000 aswell…

    Certainly doesn’t happen too often

    Hopefully not a repeat this year!

  37. So true Ciaran! Championship knockout football. I certainly wouldn’t bet against us. As much as it’s true we can’t win an All-Ireland, it’s also true very few have beaten us prior when knockout. Fairly sure we watched this movie last year when we were told ROD could never replace COC. Mayo by 5 plus, anything less than a win would be an anomaly.

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