Team named, four changes

We’ve named our team for tomorrow evening’s all-or-nothing, do-or-die, shuddering knockout Championship clash with Galway. This Round 4 qualifier tie throws in at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick at 7pm tomorrow evening and here’s the starting fifteen we’ve named for it:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Qualifier Round 4 v Galway, 6/7/2019): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Ciarán Treacy (Ballina Stephenites); Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore).

So as we roll the dice once again in the qualifiers, it’s four changes from the team that started last weekend against Armagh. In come Michael Plunkett, Stephen Coen, Cillian O’Connor and Kevin McLoughlin, with all of the latter three seeing significant game time off the bench the last day. Out go Lee Keegan, Mikey Murray, Conor Loftus and Andy Moran.

The best of luck to James and the team tomorrow evening. Up Mayo.

60 thoughts on “Team named, four changes

  1. Impressive team considering all the injury’s and some power off the bench. I am more confident after seeing who is available on paper. Up Mayo

  2. Agreed, still looks like a good strong team considering where we are injury wise. Best of luck to all travelling tomorrow! Maigh Eo Abú!

  3. With Boyle and Plunkett in the half back line and Coen in midfield it looks like a side to not get caught on the counter attack. Neither of those 3 will go forward too much. Sounds good in theory anyway!

  4. Hi All,
    Best of luck to Mayo tomorrow….should be a cracker.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  5. I like that team. Think the changes were necessary. Vaughan can make a good impact off the bench. Horan is right to start COC even for the frees as alone. It is a worry that AOS is only standout midfielder and not fully fit at that. Time for Plunkett, Treacy, McDonagh and the likes of Carr off the bench to really stand up and I think they will.

  6. I’d prefer to see Vaughan starting instead of plunkett, I think Coen can do a job for us in midfield and I think mcloughlin is wasted in the full forward line. We’ll see if that’s the team that starts tho, I’d expect a change or two. Up mayo!!!

  7. I am confident that Mayo will win by a point or two that’s a good team that’s named though I expect Plunkett Won’t Start with Coen dropping back to defence and Donie starting at midfield. We still have some good young fresh guys like James Carr Conor Loftus Eoin O Donoghue if necessary and the evergreen Andy so I’d be fairly confident. Anyway best of
    Luck to the team, panel & management and safe travels everyone bring your blood pressure tablets this game
    Will be epic

  8. Half surprised by that team but hope it starts Had a feeling he might name Leeroy in it and not name Aiden so as to keep Galway guessing I guess we won’t know until throw in but having made 4 last minute changes v Armagh there is every possibility that there are a few dummy names here as well

  9. Best of luck to the lads.
    It could be a dour enough one but who cares. A win for Mayo, just.

  10. Good team. The only worry is that we have the same full back line in every game. Doesnt seem to be any players competing with Higgins, Harrison and Barret for starting places.

  11. It’s not our strongest team won’t start Stephen Coen, Michael Plunkett or Ciarán Treacy; Vaughan, O’Donoghue and Carr in instead. McLoughlin is not a corner forward, Stephen Coen is too slow and Ciarán Treacy is an impact subs when legs get tired like in the league final.

    I expect changes prior to match

  12. Think it’s great that Cillian is starting. Wha he will bring is tough defending from attack. This is what has been lacking and what has been killing us on the counter. He will set a tone – not over the edge I hope, just on the edge.

    Mindset should also be slightly negative – stopping Galway. That’s what they’ve done to us, and we must respect their strengths and try to curb their scoring potential, rather than assume we are better and let the game flow. Dogfight over every ball should be our approach. Think of that Kerry game in Tralee, where the attitude was spot on.

  13. Not impressed by that line up a goalie who cannot kick the ball as far as a decent ten year old,a full back line who seems to believe that defending is for someone else,what has EOD,Her Caff,and David Drake done not to deserve a chance,

  14. I would be concerned about left side of defence, Plunkett in front of Higgins. Galway will certainly target that side.
    Anyone’s game it might be down to impact subs to pull it out of the fire for one team or the other. Stakes are high.

  15. @fearbolg oshea like every other Kerry man that lived loves to write us off. It would be convenient for them for mayo to be out. They dont fear galway.

    Kerry fans are so arrogant. Please don’t get me started.

  16. Caff are you serious Corick Bridge? We’re you not in the Gaelic Grounds in 2014? I’m not picking on the lad but Horan is right he shouldn’t be starting

  17. That’s a two time all star you’re talking about corick bridge and although his kickouts have deficiencies I’ve never seen him kick it directly to an opposition player and if there ever was a case of the Richie feeney effect David drake is a prime example, often slated in the past from all sides, now is the answer to our full back problems!

  18. Yes Fearbolg, I too am pleased we’re being written off. O’Shea is right to fancy Galway on the basis of past results. Up to this, despite all the evidence, pundits have gone for Mayo every time. As I said earlier, we have to realise Galway’s strengths and try to counter them.

  19. NiallMc1983, agree with you there, Richie Feeney Syndrome is alive and well. Mayos defensive problems is not down to the full back line, it’s down to defensive system used where little protection is offered to fb line. No defender can survive one on one against the likes of Cox, Rian ONeill, Clarke etc.

  20. Wont be for the faint hearted tomorrow evening..Hope we keep discipline that has cost us dearly in previous meetings and avoid conceding an early goal..or any goals!Safe travelling all..Corickbridge Clarke deserves a little more respect than that comment imo..

  21. Corick bridge; I think the debate on the best Mayo keeper is over. Its David Clarke. does the primary duty better than anyone else, brings confidence to those around him. Any other keeper and the defence is worrying about what ball is going to be fumbled. We don’t need the defence having to worry about the keeper, they have enough to do.

  22. Neill Mac have you watched the games,every time he kicks long it is a disaster,we rely on our fowards dropping back to the full back line to get possession,which means they are not in position to score we need a goalie who can reach the mid field

  23. I actually have watched the games, in fact I’ve been to them all. Did you see Clarke’s wonder save from Jamie clarke off the post or when he pushed the Armagh forward wide when he was one on one or the countless times that Clarke has saved our ass over the years!?There’s deficiencies with his kickout alright but he’s no.1 is mine and more importantly james horans book.

  24. Sitting in the airport — gonna be epic tomorrow.

    Like the team. Where do you want to take risk? Not with the keeper. Minimize the risk there. Take some risks with the youngsters and risk COC to start and ride him for all he’s got for as long as he’s got it. I’m a Plunkett guy. He’s going to play well. Rarely gets turned over. That’s not his weakness. Hopefully stays home.

  25. Well done to minors well fought victory and kept heads well after conceding penalty. Great break that losing streak v Galway. Hopefully start of one for us

  26. Still on about goalie, his kickout % is good and he is safe in goal
    With him and Cillian starting I think we can win, goalie and free taker vital

  27. Goalkeeping? I hope that modesty doesn’t prevent me from saying I know a little about the position myself. Over a fair few decades. Robbie is a brilliant goalkeeper. David Clarke, however, is the best keeper I’ve seen in our goal.

  28. I don’t agree with the tone of Corick’s remarks, I think David deseves more respect than that, but I see what he’s driving at. After all these years I think the jury is still out on DC because of the obvious issue with his kickouts. Tomorrow will be another tester. If Galway put on the full court press and he can’t hit someone on the 40 he’ll have to go long and then the scenario becomes 8 men waiting under a hanging ball. If AOS is carrying a knock and midfield becomes a free-for-all we might be depending on David to get us out of a situation he helped create. Not like me to have anything negative to say about this team, but this is a valid issue and I don’t necessarily concur with the idea that the goalkeeping problem is permanently solved. To

  29. Who are the likely subs / changes? Moran, Vaughan, Loftus, then Murray or SOS, then EOD, Drake or Crowe for the backs or Carr or Diskin in the forwards?
    Attitude and discipline are key, so far our newer players have stepped up more often than not, here’s hoping that continues and a few of the regulars raise their games a notch.

  30. Reckon this is by a long way the match-up of the championship so far and there probably won’t be a better one until August either. Not because of the prospects of a classic entertaining score-fest (most unlikely!!) but because of the stakes, the history and that it seems so very hard to call a winner beforehand.
    There’ll be a dramatic narrative coming out of this no matter who wins/loses.
    I’m sure a lot of you hate hearing it, but once again, this Mayo team is at the centre of the dramatic arc of the summer. Ye are relentless!

  31. Well done to the minors, what a win!!

    I’m sorry but I have to weigh in on the side of David Clarke. Brilliant shot stopper, safe pair of hands. We were winning everything when we went long against Roscommon, yet Robbie decided to try a needless short one and hey presto…goal. The fact that we aren’t winning the lions share of Clarke’s long kickouts is as much to do with the players out there as it is the keeper.

  32. And to be fair to Robbie, he was fantastic in the league against Kerry and Dublin. But, Clarke is a safer pair of hands

  33. Forget about who’s not there. That’s a very very strong team in its own right.
    We will win. Think that’s more or less the team that starts. Vaughan might be in somewhere but that’s it.

    Darren coen will be the difference maker. Didn’t have anyone like him in previous Galway meetings. A finisher

  34. Probably the strongest team we could field given the circumstances. However, if Galway have their injured players back and have learned their lessons from the Connacht final expect they will pull away with ease as the game wears on.

  35. 45 what are you talking about? No team has “pulled away from us with ease” for the past 10 years, bar a couple of meaningless league games.

  36. Can we definitively rule Keegan out, read an article suggesting ligament damage but naturally seems like an open/shut case given the injury. Content to see Andy as a finisher if he’s on the bench, we will need heavy artillery to finish the blockbuster.

  37. Thanks for the link Willie Joe. Can I say thats a strong looking Galway team. Delighted to see Burke and Farranger teaming up and Flynn and Cooke both named.

  38. @ Chesneychet,
    Take the red ones, the blue ones might make your fingers bigger.
    On a serious note,
    Not long in from the Minor game.
    What a cracker of a game, massive win.
    No 15 in a row now, but we have 1 up on our way to that.
    To go onto the lions den and come out with the Cup was top Class. 4 points down after conceding a penalty in extra time and fight back to win it. Sideline were super, shuffled the deck, made changes, never got flustered.
    The old adage, “Never give up”
    Up Maigh Eo.

  39. Probably the best team ye can start given the 3 key injuries. On us if that team starts a lot more offensive looking than against Ros. Michael Farragher great player. Deserves his chance. McDaid serious footballer. Disappointed that the best goalkeeper in the county Power not starting. Also Molloy. Unless he is still carrying a knock as he started against Sligo until he got injured in the 16th min. Will be interesting to see our bench and if Damo, Paul Conroy and Fiontain feature. Great minor game. We are still in it and will certainly match Dublin or Kildare.

  40. Galway will presumably play Mcdaid in forwards with Daly moving to CHB and Cooke in midfield. They made a mistake picking Lavelle instead of power. He remains an accident waiting to happen. Also small for intercounty goalie. They made a good call picking Farragher their form club player FF as Burke more a guy who feeds off good ball. Their strongest pick bar Goalie.

  41. Cant sleep anymore.
    Not many mentioning Carr. I think he’ll play a role today and might even start. He’s the type of player that might be effective against Galways defence. A big strong, direct runner, and I think he would be best used in the first half when the blanket is at its strongest. Andy will likely struggle in the first half in a match like this and its best he’s held in reserve. We need a few battering rams and dont be surprised if Aido drifts in more in this match. And if he’s carrying a knock, even more the reason to use him in the forwards today, if only for short periods.

    I’m glad Cillian is starting. His strength and leadership will be needed in that line more than ever. I’ve a sense that the atmosphere could turn hostile today and will have that cauldron feel of 2014. There will be lots of neutrals and media people at this too which will to add this.

    I’ve faith in whoever James picks today, I really do. We’re up against it with injuries but I think it will galvanise the squad. We’ll know either way come 20.45. Really like Limerick as a venue, and if the day is dry and settled there can be no excuses. Hope it’s a good, fair game of football.

    Mayo by 5.

  42. Martin Brehony tipping Mayo to beat Galway. That’s s bad omen straight away.

  43. That Galway team is strong, make no mistake. Our FB line is slow and generally in poor form. I am concerned about Farragher making hay against them.

  44. I hope plunkett starts tonight. I dont think Coen will start in Midfield can see either Seamie for all his bullwork or Donie starting with Aido. We need kevin Mc buzzing around the middle for breaking ball backed up by Doc. With a fully fit Cillian back and Darren Coen playing out of his skin I have a good feeling about this one. We need to move the ball QUICKLY to Darren Coen, Mc Donagh and Cillian.
    The Back line has to TIGHTEN up big time. If Boyler has a stormer along with Plunkett and Harrisson we can hopefully release Keith and Paddy to attack, Must keep Galway on the backfoot as they will throw the blanket and hit on the counter. Turnovers are vital tonight and we have to have our scoring forwards inside for the killer pass. At the other end Barrett is playing well again I thought he was very good v Armagh.
    Finally our GK David Clarke. There is no debate, Clarke is the best in the Land. His kickouts are tactical and true. He finds a Red and Green shirt. His two brilliant saves v Armagh kept us in the game. He deserves our full support.
    So to recap James will make changes tonight. Seamie o Shea or Donie to partner Aido.
    I hope Plunkett starts but may opt for Vaughan. Andy could well start for his experience up front .
    Keep Galway guessing!
    Mayo to win a tough battle with a good subs bench to boot Galway out of the Chamionship and mirror our fantatic Minors achievement last night.

  45. I’ll be travelling back to Dublin after the game. Where is the best place to park in that case?

  46. Heather, Clarke is the superior shot stopper but to say his kickouts are “tactical and true”, and worse, that they “find a green and red shirt” is a bit mad. Aidan struggled to catch any long kickout against Armagh. And don’t say that it was all his own fault. Clarke’s kickouts linger in the air and give the opposition an opportunity to crowd out our midfield so that Aidan can’t make a clean catch. This will happen again today, mark my words

  47. Hey there wide ball, keep nearest to the motorway exits .if you go in by the caherdavin turn off there should be plenty of parking along that stretch into the city. The old two mile inn is along there and you should get back out handy enough to the motorway system. You might have to stretch the legs a biteen getting to the Gaelic grounds but its a straight run up to it. Keep the faith lads, safe journey to all of ye.I have a good vibe about tonight.

  48. Our warriors need to be warriors and play on the edge but not desend into the red mist. It’s too often we have seen players like Boyler, Keith and Cillian in the face of pure antagonism make the long journey to the sideline in crunch matches against galway. Farragher does need to be shut down and not be able to play in good quality first ball. We need to use the open spaces and run at the Galway defence.. no more than our own it can be got at.. and we need to take every scoring chance we get. C’mon Mayo.. That’s me hitting the door jam and trying to figure out whether I should listen to Ann-Marie and wear the red and green jersey or my favourite blue top.. ahh feck it I’ll go for high visibility today.. Green and red all the way 🙂

  49. Wide ball, I usually park north of the grounds near Brook ville avenue just off the old cratloe road roundabout which brings you back towards thomond park and LIT and from there through the city linking up with the Dublin motorway. From Brook villie avenue there is a short cut across through estates that will bring you to the grounds. Just make sure you are on the right side of the road and facing for home as there is a central green island. Be careful where you choose to park and get there early

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