Team named, four changes

We named our team a short while ago this morning for tomorrow evening’s Round 3 qualifier clash with Armagh at MacHale Park (throw-in 7pm). The selection we’ve named for this knockout tie is as follows:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers Round 3 v Armagh, 29/6/2019): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Patrick Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain); Donal Vaughan (Castlebar Mitchels), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Mikey Murray (Ballina Stephenites); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Fergal Boland (Aghamore).

So it’s four changes from the team that started against Down in Round 2 last weekend. Into the team for tomorrow evening come Michael Plunkett, fit-again Donal Vaughan, debutant Mikey Murray and Fergal Boland. All of that quartet bar Donie saw action off the bench in Newry. The four to drop out are Colm Boyle, the injured Diarmuid O’Connor, Jason Doherty and Darren Coen.

The naming of Mikey Murray in the team for tomorrow evening caps a rather remarkable rise for the young Ballina Stephenites player. He’s never played FBD or League for the county and was only called up to the senior squad prior to the start of the Championship. He made his senior inter-county debut off the bench the last evening in Páirc Esler but tomorrow evening is his first senior start for the county. The very best of luck to him.

There’ll be plenty of speculation as to whether or not the team named will actually be the one that lines out. James and his colleagues more often than not tend to go with the team announced – they did so in Newry while Down made around four changes to their named team – so may be they’ll do so again. In any event, we’ll find out soon enough.

Best of luck to the lads tomorrow evening.

144 thoughts on “Team named, four changes

  1. Just looking at that half forward line, it’s a long long time since it doest include; Doherty, O Connor, OShea, McLoughlin. All in all it’s a strong team to start plenty of runner there. We just might see Kevin playing sweeper.

  2. Best of luck to the lads. In particular I’d love to see Plunkett and the entire HF line have good performances. Hopefully there’s also some good bench options available on the day too. if you could have the likes of Seamie, Boyler, D Coen to call on that’s 3 good options in key parts of the pitch. there might even be more

  3. Rotating squad. Looks like a team with a sweeper, need to play a simple game and do the basics well this time.

  4. Interesting line up. That team would appear to be one that is designed to rotate a squad and a few subs into over the course of the game.
    Up Mayo.

  5. It would have been a brave and smart person to have predicted that forward line.
    Obviously we dont know whats happening in training but will be shocked if that’s how they start
    -Hard to fathom that Coen, if fit, does not start. our MoM against Ros, unlucky BC, then dropped?
    -K MCL and Boland as CFs? – I cant see it panning out that way
    -J Doc dropped completely – harsh considering we’ve already lost Diarmuid.
    -Carr, Clillian still not fit but possibly on bench?

  6. No subs announced yet. It is a strong team capable of winning if they play to the best of their abilities. Simple as that.

    There is a huge opportunity for a few players to lay down a market and claim their place.

    Good luck to all.

    I can’t wait.

  7. There does look to be some squad rotation about this line up which is good, not easy to figure out the positional set up either which wont make it easy for Armagh to figure out ! leaves us with a reasonable bench so overall happy enough but hope Higgins and McLoughlin are moved out of their corners , this has been itching me the last couple of games and I want to stop scratching !

  8. I have to say that the Doc and Boyler are great men to have coming off the bench.
    I have no clue what Murray is doing in the half forwards.
    Coen should surely be starting.
    Donie is the right man for the job in midfield.

  9. Don’t know what to think of that team. I cannot for the life of me understand how Darren Coen isn’t starting IF this is the team that starts.

  10. @Roger Milla
    Mikey played a lot in the halforwards for the Stephenites especially when Alex Corduff and Jack Irwin were in the middle for us. He also played a lot there at U21 level for Mayo so he is similar to Diarmuid in that respect. I would expect though that he drops into Midfield for the majority of the game.

  11. Horan has stuck with the named line-up in both games so far so id say that’s the team. Have to trust that there’s a clear plan there tailored to deal with Armagh’s weaknesses. He could be looking at playing a sweeper and going for a 2 man full-forward line to tighten up at the back but we won’t know for sure until throw in.

  12. Surprised to see Boland start, because I don’t see what he brings to the team ahead of Coen or Treacy. His lateral no risk hand passes are obviously a ploy from managment, but he does need to stop these high risk outside of the boot shots at goal, hope to see Coen starting ahead of him come throw in. That team sheet looks very unbalanced. I don’t see us scoring enough with that team.

  13. Very low scoring line up. I’ve tried my best to decipher the line up and came up with two scenarios? Could and probably am completely wrong!


    Chris Barrett Harry Keith

    Kevin Mc playing sweeper/free role

    Lee Plunkeet Paddy

    Mikey Murray/Donal Vaughan in midfeild with Aido rotating between midfield 11 and 14, making a 3 man midfield a lot of the time!

    Fionn MC Fergal Boland

    Andy Conor Loftus

    Emphasis on running game and breaking the line with big strong lads. I would worry about scores with this though. Or alternatively:


    Chris B Donie Vaughan Harrison

    Keith sweeping

    Lee Plunkett Paddy

    Aido Mikey Murray

    Fionn Mc Fergal Boland Kevin Mc

    Andy Conor Loftus as a two man inside forward line game.

    I do howerver think if you’re playing a two man inside forward line, it would be madness not to have Darren Coen in there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a certain Cillian O’Connor take to the field for throw in on Saturday night and definetly expect to see him on the 26. I’d say Geezer is just as confused as us though, not a bad thing!

  14. Can’t see why Coen is dropped – doesn’t make sense.

    You’d have to be worried about Vaughan in midfield in terms of match practice and sharpness.

    Boyle being rested in effect.

    That team will probably start.

  15. Would love to know what Darren Coen has done to deserve being dropped? We’re basically playing without an inside forward line. Where are the scores coming from? If this descends into a shootout, I dont fancy our chances.
    Also although Jason Doherty hasn’t been in great form, if physicality is what we’re looking for in this game, he is one of our most physical players.
    Vaughan in midfield – he’s hardly match fit?

  16. Dont mind that team for the most part…

    Ill confess to knowing very little about Mikey Murray but often its no harm to chuck in a wildcard, full of confidence and none of the baggage so good luck to him.

    Vaughan will be clearly be detailed with marking Og Burns runs forward. Think we will have the upper hand in midfield, diarmuid was out of form anyway and with Grimley a huge loss to Armagh AOS is likely to have a free reign in the midfield

    No complaints about doherty and boyle being dropped, they havent been doing the business for a long time.

    My one complaint is Darren Coen being dropped, what exactly has he done to deserve to be dropped? Make no mistake about it, only for him the rossies would have given us an awful hiding. Are we really back again to relying on a 35 year old Andy Moran to be our main talisman up front?

  17. It think the days of saying somebody is “dropped” are kind of gone. Its been a 20 man game for a few years now and its starters and finishers. Surprised Coen isnt a starter but if he isnt injured will have a big role to play.Doc will be very hungry coming off the bench.I was gutted with the injury news during the week but the closer the game gets the better im feeling!

  18. I think it’s quite an astute line-up from the management. I expect Murray to act as a third man midfielder to try an maintain a foothold in that area with Boland operating in the wing forward position. Vaughan can cover back or do a man-to-man job in Jarlath Og. With a two man FF line Mayo will hope pockets of space open up for runners coming from deep. Maybe I’m crediting the management with undue cunning and they do play Boland as a corner forward and Jarlath Og plays f*ck ! Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

  19. Interesting that two hugely experienced players (Doherty,Boyle) and leaders are dropped for such an important game. Murray not brought on until the 63rd minute v Down is deemed good enough to start now is a bit odd and is Coen getting punished further for his black card last weekend?

  20. Coen doesn’t have the fitness for a full game from what I can see. He was subbed off when we played Roscommon and was barely able to walk anymore at that point. What I find remarkable always is how the variety of opinions go. Last year people couldn’t get enough of Boland who wasn’t being named in starting 15’s or match day squads, and now he’s there folks are wondering why he’s getting a start instead of Coen.
    I expect Coen will be an option off the bench and Horan is keeping options for a replacement for Andy at some point during the game.
    Doherty hasn’t been at his best in the last 2 games but to have him as an option off the bench to replace Andy or Murray is quite the option to have. Personally I’ve always been a fan of the man and I’d have him in my first 15 every single time but I have to assume the management who’ve been watching him at training and have access to medical and fitness data that none of us have access to are using that additional information to make informed decisions.
    While this is an important game, the squad that has been named to start is likely to be enough along with some appropriate tactical substitutions to beat Armagh. Armagh have their own injury problems and are missing some key personnel too.
    Other than the spread bets, it wouldn’t make any difference to the outcome if we are to win by 1 point or 10 points as regards our fate. I’d take a one point win and no injuries now if it was being offered.
    All we want is to be still in the running for the draw on Monday.
    Here’s hoping its a good game and that we come out the right side of it with another game to look forward to the following weekend.

  21. Well now lots of people calling for new blood have got their wish With the exception of Andy and K Mc that’s very inexperienced set of forwards Anyway in this day and age I don’t know if not been in first 15 but being in match day squad means someone is dropped It’s horses for courses and the team that finishes is more important than the team that starts That would not be my chosen line up but I haven’t seen these guys in training so I will accept JH is in a better position to pick the team than I am So onwards and upwards Maigh Eo abu

  22. Lots of mobility in that half forward and forward line (and I include Murray in that for mobility). Might that be compensating for the loss of the mobile Diarmuid and Mattie from midfield? I like Loftus and Boland.
    I also like Darren Coen and have no problem with him not starting as long as we see him later in the game. What a prospect he would be coming on and he could lift us when needed.
    Barrett, Harrison and Higgins are some men – holding the fort again while the forwards are being rotated. I get the feeling that Horan reckons this game will be played on the front foot. If they do this and then at other times hold possession this could frustrate Armagh.
    Talking about mobility, we also have Higgins, Keegan and Durcan who are mobile.

    Boyle and Doherty may need to be rested.

    Scores to come from Andy, McDonagh, Loftus and Boland, we hope.

  23. i would like to have Brian Reape starting he is strong and he knows where the posts are he is a prolific scorer
    Come On Mayo

  24. Its all well and good saying the team that finishes is more important than what starts-I agree. But Horan doesn’t make a raft of changes on the 50th minute, where Coen and Doc could influence the game, he makes them from 62nd minute on! Thats not enough time to claw back a deficit or make a real impact. Thats my issue with this starting team, no sharp shooter like Coen, I really feel we’re on the way out here tbh.

    FDB, in fairness to Coen, yes he was cramping up v Ross, but he had scored 4 or 5 points from play at that point. a few more forwards like him and we’d have one or two AI’s in the bag!. Horan will regret that team selection. Id drop boland, start Coen with Andy, and move Kevin to half forward line, where he has been an immense player for us.

  25. Boland is a nippy player and it will be hard to mark him because he will ghost in behind the Armagh defence and he could score a goal its in him to do so

  26. I won’t mind a one point win either, it’s just whether or not the nerves can take such a close game!
    Best of luck to all tomorrow. Maigh Eo Abú!

  27. Coen not fit enough, ah come on. I’ve no problem with any player being out on their feet on 60min if they had already scored 5 points from play. How many shot chances do you expect him to get coming on for the last 10-15min especially if we’re chasing the game. When or who was the last Mayo player to score 5 points from play from just 7 shots at goal.

  28. Like the team going for mobility with Vaughan and Mikey in support. Surprised that Coen is not starting but JH going with the better ball winner and this would support a line up that has Kevin playing sweeper or deeper downfield.

  29. My reading of the line up would be Vaughan dropping back to play sweeper (I’m not a fan of the dedicated sweeper role but at least the problem in defence is being looked at) Murray to Midfield and Boland to hf, that looks the least disruptive outcome otherwise Murray replacing Doherty and Boland replacing Coen makes zero sence. However this leaves a huge problem in the ff line, Moran does not have the engine to operate in a two man ff line and KMc Isn’t a forward at all so where are the scores coming from? I would be playing Coen with either Tracey or Carr in a two man ff line.

  30. We ask for a shake up and when it happens we cry blue murder, bold decision yes but for the most part they are the correct ones, froward line a mixture of youth and experience, cant wait to see who is on the bench. Like the selection of young Murray, Jason Doherty has been off colour for the last 2 games no harm giving him a wake up call. He will have a point to prove when he is introduced. Full forward is unusual I have to say, nobody would either say that corner forward is McLoughlin and Boland natural positions but we have to wait and see how they line out on the pitch, both players can play anywhere and the more footballers who have the better. Kevin McLoughlin is due a big game. One surprise for me is Darran Coen, felt he is the one player who could get you a score but lets wait to see what team takes the field.

  31. Obsiously, It’s a never tried before starting 15 combination in Championship Football. I think we will have to suspend judgement on it until we actually see them in action…Glad to see that Donie Vaughan is deemed fit enough to start…. But most of all I want to wish Mickey Murray all the best and congratulations, on making his first competitive start in a big Championship Match tommorow..Positions and set up of the team has me scratching my head for the time being anyhow…. Hopefully Armagh will be equally in the dark as what the exact set up will be….At least five different seneario’s in my head at the moment as to how these selected 15 might line out… The only thing that I can enlighten ye will any degree of confidence is that David Clarke will probably start in goal … I must confess to being a bit disappointed not to see either of the Coen cousins on the team sheet, likewise James Carr.. I expect Jason Doc, and Colm Boyle to come on at some stage, plenty to offer from both and hopefully our Subs will start come on with 20-25 minutes left on the clock… Give them a chance to make some difference… Hopefully Cillian will be named on the 26 as well, but I’m afraid that is just pure speculation on my part,!


  32. When men were men they stormed out on the pitch (without any warm-up) The unstated onus was to win your own ball or else …. Those individual battles were the bread and butter of the GAA. Nowadays the preliminary warm-up & loosening is a huge advance but alas players are going into battle pre-programmed to do battle with space.- hence the boredom of having to endure the spectacle of players passing the parcel to team colleagues without an opponent in sight. Man to man or woman to woman contest is the essence of the GAA but regrettably that is being diluted because the herd mentality is alive & well. I only wish James Horan would select a team with purpose, mobility & attitude, maintain the traditional format and tear into their direct opponent. Stop pandering to or acquiescing with opponents view of the game & instead go out & win your own ball – the rest will take of itself.

  33. Roll on 7pm Saturday. It’s a panel and I would like to think that everyone on it will have a role to play. In JH I trust. These lads will rise to it and let’s give them all the support we can. Andy Murray and Leonard Cohen…this Mayo team has lots of stars and whoever starts or finishes will give it everything. Congrats to Mikey Murray. Hope he plays out of his skin. Don’t be afraid to win well lads. The old nerves are fraught at the moment!! Mayo all the way

  34. @Mayo exile… Back in day if you back far enough…Men were Men…they stormed on to the pitch.. . the odd time, a certain one or two of them might even be nursing a hangover… They wouldn’t last 15 minutes against any of the current elite team’s… Every good manager will try and make the whole greater than the sum of it’s constituent part’s… Tommorow what I care about is Mayo winning without any injuries if possible…..If Armagh seems to have the best 15 Players on the pitch, and Mayo were still to prevail , using some tatical nous., All the Better!…. Recently we have seen Donegal using some very intelligent Tatics , kudos to Stephen Rochford for his role in this progression in Donegal . If in any Gaelic football game, the player’s were evenly matched the Team with the best Tatics, you would expect to win!

  35. It’s an unusual team selection. By my reckoning the starting 6 forwards consist of 4 half forwards, a midfielder and a full forward. It’s difficult to see where the scores from play will come from so I think free taking will be very important. Can see the logic is leaving Boyle on the bench, he wilted badly on a hot day against Kildare last year and could face a similar challenge on Saturday. Good to see Plunkett and Loftus get another chance and best of luck to Mikey Murray on his first start. It will be interesting if nothing else!

  36. Well done Mikey Murray, I know many posters have been singing his praises and he must be showing up well in training.

    Otherwise it appears to me we will be using a strong bench and a strong final quarter
    Only gripe I would have is not starting Coen, so I’m not totally convinced that will be starting team. Coen needs the game from the start IMO.
    I expect McLoughlin to sweep and we should be well good enough to win with a bit to spare, 4+ for me.

  37. I have to laugh when I see people saying that it’s great to have a strong bench, when Horan usually doesn’t make a substitution before the 60th minute, unless his hand is forced!!

  38. Interesting selection, Armagh must be confused when we dee different ways of playing. There are different options available with that selection, will expect variety on long kick outs, expect that if Boland is to start that he will play close to Moran, I think that Vaughan will track back but probably licence for Durcan and Keegan to bomb forward! With DOC and Jason gone, we lose players who do alot of work in terms of winning dirty ball, will be tight but still confident that we will squeeze through.

  39. We’ve seen in the league that Boland can be handy for a long range point (true there’s been a few Hail Mary shots attemped too, but that criticism isn’t specific to him). Over the course of the league (I remember seeing it in the Monaghan match a few time) he drifted deeper into the middle as a way of countering a lack of physicality and was able to put some great kick passes in. Loftus is another great kick passer on his day. Query whether we need Coen along with Moran to make that strategy viable though (Coen’s also very handy for taking long range scores). Will be interesting to see how the unit works tactically but there definitely could be some variety there.

    I’m definitely more excited than concerned though – love the idea of us being hard to predict!

  40. Breaks for me are important and who is going to win the dirty ball? Have to have McLoughlin there and Vaughan also. That leaves Andy and Loftus inside even tho its not Conors best position.
    Likely scorers are Frees, Half backs and midfield.
    Subs also to get a few.
    Tracy, Coen, Evan,
    Need around 18 points to win.
    A few goals would be nice lads.

  41. Well we won’t be playing with a settled side that’s for sure.

    Whatever way they line out it will be a first for the formation.

    If Armagh are going with a team that have been playing without alot of changes to their starting 15 then it’s advantage Armagh.

  42. Best of luck to Mikey Murray tomorrow – another young footballer who has the potential to seamlessly slot into this team like so many others already this year. Also delighted to see Michael Plunkett restored to the CHB position. I am not sure about Boland as a corner forward – would have to wonder if he has either the explosive pace or physicality for this position. As already mentioned above – that full forward line doesn’t look particularly high scoring – especially if Armagh deploy a suffocating blanket. Anyways best of luck to Fergal and hope he proves me wrong if he does indeed play in the corner.

  43. Does anyone agree with me
    That if we beat Armagh and Cillian isn’t in the subs then James should be asked straight up what the story is with Cillian and will he be back and if so when?

  44. Yes. I agree with that Backdoorsam.
    It’s the Mayo football team and the supporters deserve some transparency.

    The player themselves more importantly deserves transparency. No player deserves rumours circulating as to why they (are in a 26 / not in a 26) or (fit / unfit).

    I quick update would do nicely. The facts.

  45. @Backroomsam- Ah of course, but we are speculating now—Wait and see tommorow, the named 26 is very likely to leaked a few hours before throw in anyway. Kildare play Tyrone in Newbridge or Nowhere at 5pm…..If the same happens as happened before, the program will contain all the information for all four qualifer game’s on Saturday, so we will know by 3pm at the latest…. I expect to hear much earlier than that. … But of course, after the match any GAA journalist is entitled to ask any revelant questions as regards to Mayo … Hopefully the first question is…. My God James, that was some terrific performance from Mayo in Castlebar today- did you see it coming?

  46. I have a strong feeling we’ll see Cillian on bench and it will be THE surprise of the evening bringing him onn at some stage.
    He has to be the most dedicated Mayo player for years now and his body on the line for us all the time.
    Some horrendous injuries and surgeries in last few years. It would be dreamy and emotional to see him run out on to McHale tomor evening.
    Please please God let him be ready even for short spell.

  47. Interesting team selection. I was surprised that Boland didn’t start last week, but didn’t expect him to come back in for this game. I thought Andy played very well so he has to start given the pressure on this game. I can also understand why we might hold Boyler in reserve. The break for Doherty also might do him some good – BUT – we need to introduce these guys much earlier to have any real impact.

    IF we have Doherty, Boyle, Coen(s), Treacy, Seamie and MAYBE Cillian then we need to use them. They’re no good staring out from the stand in the final 20 mins.

    The balance of the forwards looks way off of we line out with an orthodox formation – but we won’t. I imagine Murray will go to midfield and Donie might drop back to plug the middle of our defense. I’d like to see McLoughlin forage much further out the pitch. But that means someone has to stay inside to support Andy – maybe this is something they see Loftus doing?

  48. James Horan has the right to protect, omit or in fact not tell us the situation with coc. What is in the panel should stay there.
    Why as fans do we need to know.
    The players deserve our support 110%, but we’re separated as we should be and not in it together as some say. The players need to play for themselves , group and jersey.

  49. Actually I do not agree that we need to know details what is going on in the dresssing room, there are things that do not need to be shared. There should be honesty within the squad but trust that this honesty is not betrayed by speaking out in public. The team is all that counts.

  50. Just a reaction to some posts. It’s not certain that this is the team that will start. Coen has not deserved to be benched. Boland I’d agree is a nippy player but not physical enough especially against a team like Armagh on a tight pitch, one we rarely play well in. There is some sense in starting Plunkett and Vaughan though if they do start. Cillian will surely come back into the squad. Maybe Horan is hoping to bring on players of great experience to lift the crowd in the second half

  51. Should definitely be asked although I don’t think he has an obligation to answer. You’d think he’d want to put the issue to bed one way or another. His justification for not answering is for competitive reasons. Hopefully we will see the grand plan when COC sees the game out on Saturday (when he joins Coen off the bench)

  52. Surprising selection ,but why can t they who have been picked have a good go at it? Macdonagh and loftus did no wrong last week, Boland is always handy for a point or two.half backs look slick enough and aido and Vaughan know each other well enough at this stage . Not to mention who can spring off the bench, Its a 20man game now and like it or not , the “one game at a time” method means you have to think about player welfare and if (and ) when we get through we have the bodies.Let them at it ,I’m really lookin forward to it

  53. All I care about is a mayo win and if holding back the subs bench or naming a dummy team gives us a 0.001% better chance than I’m all for it. The big speculation here is if cillian will be on the bench or not and you can guarantee McGeeney is speculating about that too.

    Looking at that team I can’t see any other formation than Andy up front by himself, perhaps loftus playing off him but I hope this isn’t the case cos Conor is better playing deeper. Can’t see Donie playing sweeper either, he doesn’t have the positional sense for it, it’s not his game. He’s an athletic powerful runner but a sweeper he is not!

  54. Couldn’t agree more micky.
    Where we as fans would love to know every detail, we have no right.
    The players put in the real effort and sacrifice and deserve to be protected, Horan is doing this.

  55. We are all on about what Armagh thinks of our line out. Do we know what is Armagh’s team. I’m sure Armagh won’ give too much thought in what we line out with. They know we have to worry more about them, than they will of us. Again JH has made another 4 changes again for this game. I think our team has to worry more about themselves. We have not one forward that will worry Armagh too much. When you see all the changes to teams management have made since they took over and half way through the championship they still don’t have 13 or 14 players that can command a starting position. I would say we are the only team that has not played 2 games in a row with the same starting 15. It’s now becoming like the lotto, put all the numbers into a had and best of luck who comes out.

  56. Why do you need to know Mikey? The very fact that there is no new information on Cillian”s current condition shows the trust that is within the squad. The players themselves know very well where Cillian is at. They have decided as a collective not to share this information for the greater good. Who is speaking out in public? Speaking out in public could quite possibly be tried and trusted rumor mill used to try and shake out information. There is nothing that the squad can do about rumours. Sure Jesus Christ Willie Joe spends half his time deleting and trying to stop people from spreading rumours on this very site. We can all express our frustration that Cillian is not back yet.. maybe he’s got a set back.. maybe not.. but remember any information that is put out there is information to the oposition can use. Often the less said about these things the better until you absolutely have too. That’s part of being a supporter.. putting up with being in the dark on something.. and my thinking is we should just suck it up and get on with it.. we will know soon enough.. and we can only hope for good news.. we’ve had our share of crap news so far this summer

  57. Miss read your post Mikey.. clearly you are in camp that agrees we don’t need to know

  58. Not a chance will Vaughan be sweeping. His distribution is too erratic and doesn’t read the game particularly well. It’s possible that he’ll play as a half back and Plunkett or Higgins could be the spare man.

    Also, I don’t understand this obsession with getting information about Cillian. It’s clear he’s not fit enough yet so just leave it at that.

  59. Vaughan could be there because of size and stamina, I don’t see any other choice On named team, other than Plunkett, but doubt he would be fancied there.

  60. With regards to people who disagree with updates on players.

    Why then are we given specific medical updates and approximate return dates on some players eg Diarmuid and Mattie ?

    Why is it okay to give us the full low down on these lads but yea are hell bent on arguing that it is James Horan’s right not to divulge player information.

    It seems strange that from the same manager updates on some players is no problem while yea say an update on Cillian shouldn’t even be queried.

  61. Wide ball, it’s not clear that he is not fit to play. How could it be clear. We haven’t been updated.

    If it’s clear that he isn’t fit then why are so many people saying he might be a surprise inclusion tomorrow.

    As far as I recall, weeks ago, he was supposedly ready to return.

  62. Completely agree Revellino.

    There’s a real inconsistency here. I neither want nor expect to receive a full disclosure on some of this stuff but the secrecy is actually fueling the intrigue – and therefore is completely counterproductive.

    We have been repeatedly informed that he’ll be available for the next game. So I understand some of the frustration. To be honest it wouldn’t be accepted in other sports.

  63. I like the look of this team, look to wear down Armagh physically and bring on fresh attackers to finish the game off coming down the straight hopefully.
    Just after listening to Bernard Flynn on 2fm and he is desperate to make any dig at Mayo that he can. Hopefully we can get over Armagh tomorrow and draw Meath to quieten him!

  64. I’d say Darren Coen will be more mindful of the consequences of his actions when he is named to start next time, we will need to be in great voice tomorrow eve, wonder would mchale park play the green and red on a loop when the crowd come in, boil up the blood s bit, we’ll need every inch if we are to prevail Maigheo abú

  65. Glad to see Loftus, Boland and Mc Donagh trusted to perform, we can’t keep using the same players. If things not going well we have to give Boyler 20mins it will lift the place

  66. Regarding transpareny on injuries, there have been cases recently in rugby (Conor Murray, Jamie Heaslip) where extent of injuries were not revealed, and I think that we will see more in the future. Players are entitled to privacy, similar to Diarmuid Connolly situation in the few years. Communication is the decison of management and squad only, and we should respect that decision.

  67. Rock and revellino
    It does happen In other sports, I don’t see other sports coming out and giving insights on player altercations, personal issues etc. hate to use a soccer comparison, but Mourino never came out about pogba while manager.
    Maybe coc will or won’t come back, it’s Horans and squads choice in how to or not to tell us.
    I don’t see Jim Gavin coming out about connolly either.

  68. Sarahmac
    I think that’s very unfair. No one in Newry could understand that black card. It was a refereeing error.
    How a County with very few forwards drops the one that is scoring

  69. Mikey. Diarmuid Connolly would not be a good example.

    Jim Gavin came out in that case and said Diarmuid was not part of the Dublin set up and that the door would always be open to him to return. It was very transparent what was going on there.

    Cillian has been injured before you know. There was never an issue on those occasions with his medical situation and his possible return date been made available to the fans and public so I don’t buy this line that its the players decision to keep the updates from the fans.

    You see, when you don’t have and are not given the facts there isn’t much left to do except speculate.

  70. James has selected a team that he feels will win tomorrow and apart from Coen not starting ( and he must have a reason) it’s seems a strong enough team. I’m a huge Doherty fan but he has had two poorish games but I’m sure he will come on and make an impact.
    The negativity over the last few weeks from certain posters is surprising and I can only guess you’re not big Horan fans. Let’s all get behind the team now because these boys have given us some of the best days of our lives and I for one am holding on strongly to this rollercoaster for as long as it lasts.

  71. Can juvenile tickets be bought tomorrow at ground for a fiver or will they be a tanner

  72. Judging by most of the above comments, a lot of juvenile tickets will be needed. Up Mayo

  73. Certainly will be allot of Juveniles in Castlebar tonight… There a GAA Feile going on and I many of them will be coming, let’s give them a good MacHale Park welcome. And let’s up our act on the Supporter’s front as well…We don’t want people who are watching on SKY not to think that we are still the best Supporter’s in Ireland… like some them taught the last time V Roscommon….Ah sure that’s what can happen when Mayo lose by a single point- Some watching on TV might think it’s the Mayo Supporter’s in actual attendance fault… We won’t be found wanting tommorow, whatever it comes arcoss on TV like!

  74. The team is selection based on fitness, form and need. We have many spurious and malicious rumours being spread by idiots plus the team and management are second guessed and criticized with little coherence or reference to the facts. I talked recently to the father of one player who encountered an idiot spreading the rumor that Clarkie had walked away from the panel. Clarkie was just after giving his son a lift home from training. We have the same rubbish about Cillian. It is very unlikely that the named team will start tomorrow but please respect the players that may lose out and welcome those get the chance to represent us. Put your energy into supporting our team tomorrow evening and in contributing to developing football and young players in Mayo.

  75. Whatever happens, just stay behind the team. The team is Mayo. We are Mayo! Roar them on and roar them off. They owe us nothing. They owe themselves everything. Personally, I trust and support James Horan and the difficult decisions he has too make. Whatever they may be. He won’t let his ego get in the way of the greater good. That is Mayo. He played for us and managed us. He has the courage to lead and the courage to listen. Let’s trust him and trust our players. Let the small stuff melt . We should take care of Armagh. 2017 was a tough year through the back door. Cream rises. The Green and red will rise again

  76. Not the time for rotation, it’s last chance saloon, so must win game, disappointed treacy not starting, but I’d say there are mind games going on

  77. Revellino – who updated you on the return dates of Diarmuid and Mattie? I’ve seen various guesses on here and in papers but I doubt anyone has actually spoken to the 2 lads directly!

    It was widely reported that Cillian played 15 minutes in a challenge game a week or 2 before the Down game. That told me he still had a fair bit to go fitness wise. Do you think Cillian should walk back into the 26 regardless of how match fit he is? James Horan said as much last weekend.

  78. Fuck it can we move beyond the injury (availability) chatter now? We have a game tomorrow so let’s focus on that for the moment.

    Paddy will captain us tomorrow and fair play to him. In reality Aido is the heart of the team now. The likes of Keegan are absolutely instrumental, but I think Aido effectively dictates our fortunes now to a large extent.

    He’s been very consistent over the last 18 months, and in particular since he moved back into midfield. I think the tenor of whoever partners him should be pretty simple – cover the ground and let Aido continue to hold the middle of the pitch.

  79. Fair point Rock, At least we can agree that we want the 20 players that get to play in the green and red tomorrow to do enough to get us into the draw on Monday morning

  80. Pat, I don’t mean to be unfair, he got himself a card, I was there and didn’t see it either but the ref did and it wasn’t necessary, it’s just the way it is, he won’t be far away I’d say and god knows we’ ll need him, he has a lovely sweep of the leg to shoot, we’ ll keep the faith Maigheo abú

  81. Well good luck to all tomorrow. oh the excitment to be off to support our crew. (I see Eamon Fitzmaurice is going to have some annoying article on us tomorrow )

  82. Am I alone in thinking that McLoughlin playing at corner forward is a dead man walking? One of the most talented outfield players we’ve had in Mayo in recent years is totally lost in that position. As a playmaker, a link man, a mopper up of dirty balls or as a sweeper, Mc Loughlin never let us down and watching his body language in recent matches he doesn’t appear to be enjoying his football either.

  83. McLoughlin has to move out the pitch. In my opinion this is a very clear switch that must be made tomorrow.

  84. Usually don’t pay any heed to what pundits say but I nearly spat my tea out after seeing that from Fitzmaurice! Wtf?

  85. Crying out for a ball winning scoring forward… We get one and drop him… I can’t understand that..

  86. Pathetic from Fitzmaurice. Is that the best he can come up with on us on the eve of a big qualifier match? I’ve lost a lot if respect for him coming out with that sort of nonsense.

  87. Over the last 10yrs I think off all the managers that left / walked away or were sacked I was most disappointed when E Fitzmaurice went as I thought he was the worst Kerry manager in my memory !

  88. Odd that he’d stick the boot into us now. Sad too to see the Examiner printing this kind of shite. With the Indo it’s par for the course but I’d always thought the Examiner were better than this.

  89. Why oh why before our big match has this kind of clap trap to be printed. I’m flittering now.

  90. Would be more in Fitzmaurice line to worry about that pile a shite defence he’s helped build for Kerry that’s holding Clifford et al back

  91. The only time I’ll be interested in regards Cillian is if he’s named on the panel. Until then let the manager do his job. We need to work with the 26 named whoever they are. Happy with team apart from Murray but only because I know so little about him. Donie won’t be sweeper, maybe midfield, maybe HB line. With team picked we need McLoughlin in 2 positions FF line as backup to Andy and fast out to win ball but also mopping up midfield as a half forward / sweeper who can really kick pass. So I hope there’s one change Coen coming in for someone. It does sound like Horan thinking more defensively for this one and team packed with mobility. Besides that I think Armagh will have their work cut out chasing our runners.

  92. Yes mayomchale. I would completely agree. KMc has gone from the most consistent mayo performer when he had room to operate out the field, and the move inside has taken him out of the game.

    While it worked for a couple of league games, it has nullified what he has been brilliant at for years.

    I would like to see him back in his old hunting ground for sure.

    I read a bit of what Fitzmaurice had to say.
    Utter Scutter.

  93. Greetings from Trieste- won’t make this one I’m afraid. Pleased with team, though injury count worrying. Now, next ball!

    Take Fitzy’s stuff as a compliment. We could learn plenty from him too!

  94. The only information people on here asked, or care about Cillian is.

    Is Cillian fit ?
    Is Cillian unfit ?
    If unfit, when might he be expected to return ?

    That’s it.

    Simple questions that require only a simple answer.

    I don’t see what the state secret is, or why some people have kicked up such a hullabllo about asking this.

  95. As for Fitzmaurice on cynicism, Kerry pulled and dragged McLoughlin all day in the league final and Kerry took out Evan Regan twice in 2 years. Kieran Donaghy drove people on here up the wall a few times with his antics. Mayo definitely more streetwise but Dublin wasting the clock against us in 2017 is beyond anything we’ve done.
    Refs still playing catch up. Maybe Street smarts will get us through tomorrow.

  96. Yes, his timing is curious surely. If anything it has given me the impetus to shout twice as loud for the team tomorrow.
    Smacks of a exploiting the public interest in this Mayo team to get a cheap headline. Click bait at it’s best. He’ll return to be forgotten about soon enough.

  97. Liberal role that’s exactly what it is, click bait on the eve of a mayo game.

  98. The easy thing to do now in sports journalism is take a pop at Mayo.

    He has some neck talking about gamesmanship.

    Leave nothing in the stands after ye tomorrow.

  99. Dublin eye gouged Kerry twice during the golden era with Cooper and Donaghy the victims. But they also had the most blatant piece of cynicism themselves a decade ago when Tadhg Kennelly nearly decapitated Nicolas Murphy, wasn’t punished and wrote about it in his book also without consequence. As for Tyrone, we won’t go there but Hairgate probably the low point.
    I take his piece about match ups and non cynical stuff as a compliment. Naming dummy teams ok if ye can get away with it and again not just us doing that.

  100. Maybe Gamechanger can add confirm this but my understanding is that the good footballing people of Kerry are not too happy with the bauld Fitzmaurice either after a few things he has aired lately about his time in office. If this is the case my thinking is that he has decided to run with this article to lessen the local heat that he is currently experiencing. If he somehow thinks this bull he has written will get him back in the good books I don’t see it.. and me thinks the kerry people will see it exactly for what it is.. pure and utter sh#$* It’s amazing what comes out and is contrived when you put ex gaa football people and the media together.. the mind boggles

  101. Fitzmaurice. Yerra the most cynical team in the history of the gaa . They also have been the most fantastic team and were great winners but by God are they sore losers. Sure they loved poor auld Mayo when they were able to beat the daylights of us, but once we were capable of challenging them that all changed. Read Jack o Conner and what he thought of us. Nasty comments about the blonds Mortimer and Macdonald. Then guess what. Mayo start competing with them on an even playing field and boo hoo we engage in gamesmanship and the dark arts. They got every break of the ball and poxy refereeing decisions when they beat us in extra time in Limerick and did some incredible amount of moaning and blaming the ref when we beat them in 2017. Similar!y the poor mouth followed when we allegedly bullied them in this year’s league final. We are accused of being whingers but it is extremely rare for the kingdom to emerge as good losers. They still moan about Seamus Darby’s push in 1982. One would expect a bit more magnanimity from a county who has been so successful. The world awaits with bated breath for the great green and gold white hope that will at last emerge from the wilderness to lower the dubs Yawn. Anyway feck Fitzmaurice and the few quid he gets for his musings. We have more important stuff to worry about. Up Mayo.

  102. There are a lot of people out there hoping we get beaten tomorrow – so they can write even more s#$@! about us. As John o Mahony once said – there is only one answer to that.

  103. On Fitzmaurice, interesting he didt mention Kerry’s gamesmanship. One that springs to mind was the All Ireland semi final replay 2017. Liam Hasset their selector kept running back and forth across the pitch until he was sent to the stands. Funny Fitzmaurice doest mention that! I could go on all night with their s**t down the years.

    The problem of course is we don’t want referees
    influenced by this tripe. It happened as far back as d run to the 2012 final, Brolly calling us over aggressive and explicit tackles off the ball. I always thought in that game Deegan used the whistle on us alot.

  104. Maybe I’m getting grumpy in my old age but I sense a trend developing on here that any criticism of Horan or the players tends to get shot down as being unsupportive. Not by you WJ, but by other posters. Some posters can’t see past their red and green tinted glasses, and that’s fine, but don’t shoot down those that can.
    There’s undoubtedly an issue with Cillian, of some sort. If Horan is giving injury updates either do it for all the players, or none at all. Otherwise speculation will fill the vaccum. Mayo and Horan have no one to blame only themselves if the rumour mill starts spewing “untruths”. Anyway, most people know about the Cillian issue anyway so it’s hardly a secret now.
    As for the line up? I believe it is very uninspiring and lacking pace of any sort in our front 6. Horan is obviously no longer sticking to his much used mantra of the jerseys going to the players in form, and if it’s a close call then a young player will get the nod. If he was, there’d be no McLoughlin or Higgins starting as they both have been brutal lately, Coen and Regan would be in, rightly so on form, and Moran would be on the bench.
    We’re at home, and it looks like we’re going with 3 midfielders and a 2 man full forward line that has very little pace. Whatever way you look at it we’re going with just 5 forwards, playing a team that has yoyo’d between divisions 2 and 3 over the last few seasons. Yet all the signs are that our line up is being overly respectful towards Armagh. I still expect us to win, but, when I see the last two line ups and Horans continued stubborn use of the bench (players coming in on the 70th minute etc), his inability to address the huge empty space of lovely green grass, right in front of our goal, that Roscommon and Down danced straight through, I worry that we have regressed as a side and I also worry that my reservations about Horan returning are well founded.
    Mayo by 3.

  105. John B. Keane.

    A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else.

  106. Just looking at some of the results from the Féile and I see Westport beat Kilmacud Crokes of Dublin. A great achievement for a club that seems to be flying at underage.

  107. Very strange lineout there. Can see a few changes before throw in with Darren Coen and Treacy starting in the full forward line and Vaughan and Boland dropping out. Murray to midfield and K Mc sweeping.

  108. Hope Horan plasters that article to the dressing room f*****g wall. Thanks Eamon for providing a bit of fire in the bellies. Can we just stop this Cillian craic, when he’s back he’s back. I don’t harbour much Grá for Horan, but for God sake let the man manage the players injuries/issues as he see’s fit. This night last week it was all about James Carr, this week its all about Cillian, their might not be a next week with this talented Armagh side coming with serious momentum. All we should be doing is focusing on supporting the team, and praying that Darren Coen starts. Agree with posters that McGloughlin has to be moved out to half forwards, he’s a shadow of himself. Start Coen instead of Boland, move kevin to half forward, and Coen beside Andy, we’d be a far team if this happens, but doubt it will….

  109. Joseph Ruane gets my vote for the pre-game speech. Great attitude that’ll get us over the line tomorrow (it’s still tomorrow in US!)

  110. Yes undoubtedly we have seen Cynicism from Kerry, and it portrayed as something beautiful, almost like a Work of Art, by crafty wordsmiths that the Kingdom has a wonderful supply of, We have seen Cynicism from Tyrone, they never seem to care what we think so they never talk about it afterwards, either to sugar coat it or deny it, We have seen Cynicism from Galway, and oft times many Mayo fan’s ourselves portraying it as something to aim for. We have seen it from Meath , and it was portrayed as what it was, no more no less… And I have no doubt that Mayo team’s have indulged in something very close to Cynicism at times, and I as would have been very disappointed if they didn’t indulge in it, if their opponents were indulging in the same..But
    the most Cynical Team that ever was is the Current Dublin Team, with the aqueseance of an almost as good and obedient so called fair minded Media as it is possible to buy, them and many other administrator’s in the GAA …. I think it’s very unfair to single out ‘Gamechanger’ and ask him or her to confirm Cynicism in Kerry….. I think ‘Gamechanger’ is one of the best and most informative contributers to this Blog ….He/She didn’t invent Cynicism, and I personally don’t blame any Fan/Poster on the Blog for something that might be regarded as Cynicism!.. That said I might very well disagree with every word Gamechanger says in his/her next contribution!

  111. I started to read the Examiner but gave up after seeing a headline about “ Knifes out for Harte”. It’s hard to maintain any credibility as a purveyor of the written word when your editorial team can’t even fcuk*ng spell the headline correctly.

  112. I’d like to remind everyone that because we are in the knockout stages that any game could be the last ever in the green and red for some of these warriors. If we can be there tomorrow, be there. Some players are aging more rapidly than others and they have give us so much hope , so much passion , entertainment etc that were they to fail tomorrow ( it’s statistically possible ) then I hope we would reciprocate their sheer class these last nine years by giving them a standing ovation and by refraining from focusing on anything but the joy they have brought us. No matter what, they have given us pride in them and pride in our county and what more could we ever dream to ask. In fact give them a standing ovation no matter – even if they win . Take a moment to tell them how special this time has been.

  113. I always enjoy Gamechanger’s contributions on the blog they are always encouraging towards Mayo football and it’s obvious that the writer is a fan of pure football and has a good time for Mayo and Mayo people in general so he/she cannot he held accountable obviously for comments by Eamon Fitzmaurice I’m
    Not sure why the former Kerry manager came out with that statement in the examiner but I’d take no notice of
    Him maybe he’s trying to be the next Joe Brolly or Bernard Flynn let’s spend our energy today on getting behind the lads and roaring them on nothing else (in football) matters

  114. Well said Swahili and doubtless, through the gnashing of disappointment at a match loss, the green and red followers will – when that dark day happens but not for many a match day yet hopefully – rise as one to salute those carried out on their shields for the last time. Isn’t match day morning great! Waking up to anxiety and anticipation adrenaline pumping through every Mayo person at home and in exile! Forever the Green and Red!

  115. Is the best thing not to ignore the examiner. It’s the same as brollys celebrity loser article before 2016 final. We will give out like hell but pay for privilege of buying it. I don’t know what the examiner sales are like in mayo but I’m sure they’ll be up 1000% by lunchtime. Best thing to here is ignore it, at least until after the game. The crowd needs to be positive this evening, thought it was a bit lacking against the rossies, bad misses seemed to drain the support. That didn’t happen against Derry in 2017, when we were horrible upfront. When you have a player like Paul Flynn saying the only thing that scared him in a match was the mayo crowd and team with their tails up it shows the importance of the fans tonight.

  116. weather (heat) will be a big factor this evening , subs will have to brought on a lot earlier especially for the older players it will be an evening for young legs .

  117. That’s what’s infuriating about this, the cynicism of other teams, yet he singles us out.
    Can you imagine if Maughan or John o’mahony or whoever from Mayo came out with such an article about a top 5 team? Their side would be livid, you can bet on that. These things DO influence refs and our side needs to respond pronto, especially when the piece in question is blatant nonsense.

  118. May the Armagh scores be hard come by tonight
    And may the Mayo backs be even harder come by.
    May we give Armagh the rest of the Summer to themselves
    And may our players leave the battle field unscathed.

    May our young lads grow and thrive and drive
    And may 2019 be kept alive.
    May our forwards dance and jink and jive
    And may we win the game by 4 or 5.

    May we see our legends play again
    May we make sure of that and tonight we win.
    May we dance the dance and may gain the win
    And may our team be in the hat again.

  119. Swahili – I totally agree. When ever the final whistle blows for us this year I hope people remember that.

  120. Best post ever Swahili.
    These lads owe us nothing. They have given us great times, special times, our children have heroes forever. Best of luck to them all who play this evening,and may the journey continue with us all together.
    win or lose that long standing ovation is well due to these great representatives of our great County.
    Remember Padraic Carney again tonight and imitate his great love and spirit and sportsmanship for our beloved Mayo. Mayo forever.

  121. Whoever said the Mayo forward line has no pace talking pure BS. McDonagh fast and elusive, Boland same with side step, McLoughlin one of our fastest in any distance sprint, Andy very fast brain and very good over 20m, Murray don’t know but some posters saying he’s very mobile. Conor Loftus not super fast but not slow either, well able to take on defenders and track back. Contrast that with Carr, Cillian, Coen wouldn’t displace the starters if pace was the only consideration. Regan might and Tracey from an athletics background probably would.
    For me if he’s really dropped Coen maybe it’s in the hope we progress to round 4 and start him again then because he doesn’t yet have 70m+ in him at this level but can perhaps make a big contribution for up to 55.
    I’ve done athletics and getting lactic acid out of your muscles from a very hard training session or game can take up to a week. These games played at extremely high energy levels. Diarmaid and Tom Parsons have covered up to 16 km, that’s 10 miles in 70m, averaging 7 mins per mile with dozens of sprints thrown in. Even Cillian can clock up 12 or 13 km from corner forward. Donie Vaughan has won the beep test in training suggesting he’s also got the stamina of an athlete. Replacing Boyle with Plunkett in the backs presumably isn’t going to reduce the pace of our back line either.
    Plenty of pace in that team.

  122. Even though it’s given rain, it’ll be hot, humid.
    Good that half the outfielders are youngish. So we should manage to have a good blend of youth and experience throughout.
    Keep the faith.

  123. Swahili, agree with your comments. There is a big difference in anticipation once we get to knock out stages. Mind you, not many players get to choose how they leave, this will be our final home game until (hopefully) game 3 in the super 8’s
    There are no second chances for players or management, hopefully we will get it right this evening, all we can do is support them if the game starts to turn against us.

  124. I totally agree Swahili. I also agree with Shuffly deck that we have plenty of pace. Hopefully the heat doesn’t have too much of an effect on that as the game wears on. Same for both sides. Let’s do this and never give up.

  125. @ Leantimes and Backdoorsam.. I’ve been looking through a few posts and I cannot see where Gamechanger has been singled out and asked to confirm or be held accountable for cynicism in Kerry! That of course would be completely wrong as no person can be held responsible for the actions of others. In my own post I was simply asking had Fitzmaurice written an article or made comments recently about Kerry football and about his time as Kerry manager that didn’t go down well with the Kerry footballing people. Maybe it’s another post you are referring too? Anyways hopefully we get the win today and then there won’t be a word about Fitzy’s article

  126. Not referring to you at all toe the hand I’m just saying that Eamon Fitzmaurice wouldn’t be speaking for or reflecting the views of Gamechanger or most decent Kerry supporters of Which there are thousand. Not sure why he is having a go at us but never mind him let’s win tonight and take one game at a time and hopefully we can sicken Fitzmaurice later on this season.

  127. Cillian on the bench according to programme page posted on Twitter. Carr also

  128. That was a poor effort from Fitzmaurice showing nothing more than the hurt at ceding place to us somehow in the Championship in later years, a sense of entitlement and superiority as a Kerry football man, a sense of Mayo as an inferior team with notions above their station and no sense of sympathy for Mayo despite his assertions in the opening paragraph.
    Tis a pity the Kerry team didn’t learn to see Diarmuid coming from left field on-pitch to score goals versus Kerry in Semi Final Replay 2017 and again in League Final 2019 while sharing the space with the Kerry defence. Must somehow have rankled. But the article conveys discontent more than anything and isn’t worth spending much attention on, in my view. We have supporting to do!

  129. Always liked Fitzmaurice but that was a pretty petty effort..pot kettle and all that..some neck especially after 14 down in Limerick.
    Anyhow on to more important matters…Mayo by 2 or 3 this evening.

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