Team named, one change

We’ve named our team for tomorrow’s All-Ireland quarter-final Group 1, Phase 1 meeting with Kerry at Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney (throw-in 4pm). Here’s the starting fifteen we’ve going with for this opening Super 8s fixture:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final, Group 1, Phase 1 v Kerry 14/7/2019): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole); Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), James Carr (Ardagh).

So it’s the same line-up that was leaked yesterday, with one change from the team that lined out against Galway at the Gaelic Grounds last Saturday evening. Paddy Durcan hobbled off with a quad injury late on in that game and he’s unable to line out in this one, with fit again (one hopes) Lee Keegan slotting back into the half-back line.

The last time we played Kerry was, of course, in that memorable League decider at the end of March. The team we’ve named for tomorrow shows a bit of turnover since then, with just ten of the starting fifteen for the League final also named to line out at Fitzgerald Stadium.

The five who started the League final but aren’t named in tomorrow’s fifteen are Robbie Hennelly, Paddy Durcan (injured), Matthew Ruane (injured), Diarmuid O’Connor (injured) and Fergal Boland. The five who have come in for them are David Clarke, Colm Boyle (who came on as a sub in Croke Park), Stephen Coen, Fionn McDonagh and Cillian O’Connor (Fionn and Cillian were both injured then).

The best of luck to James and the team tomorrow.

43 thoughts on “Team named, one change

  1. All the pressure on Kerry and it’s at boiling point for them.

    Looking at our “official” team we are more powerful overall and this is the difference.

    They have a few nice forwards and Moran is OK but we’re still better.

    Someone mentioned earlier to sit back and soak up Kerry, absolutely not. We’ll win by being aggressive like we play. Run at them when needed, kick into space the next time, go short go long. Play our own game.

    Win by 2 / 3

  2. As comment above says all pressure is on Kerry. Look at all the rallying cries from ex-players all week. We need to go at them hard from first whistle and then be prepared for when the yg hit the purple patch. Cillian to smash his way to record books also. Mayo Abú

  3. Anybody got a look at the programme in Hyde or Croker? Would love to know the full 26

  4. At 55 mins it’s clear that Cork are no bad side. I think some of the criticism of Kerry for not beating them by more was wide of the mark. Tomorrow is going to be a mammoth task.

  5. I firmly believe if Dublin were playing Donegal or Tyrone today they would have cut the Dubs to shreds. Have to hand it to Cork played with bravery. Showed to how to win the long ball from kick outs . Possession possession possession. Goals goals goals .Hopefully our momentum and intensity tomorrow might work as well for us tomorrow .
    Have to say as well the Dublin fans on The Hills sickened me to night .10 points up and still jeering Cork lads missing.

  6. Cork just ran out of steam, they did not deserve to lose by 13. They’ll rattle Tyrone and beat Roscommon at home.

  7. We are none the wiser after that Dublin-cork game about where Kerry are at. I figured the Rossies would go AWOL against Tyrone. Can’t wait for the real deal stuff to start in the super 8s tomorrow. Hon Mayo.

  8. The big problem Kerry have tomorrow is a Small Fullback line . Mayo had a Small Fullback Line in 2006 & Kerry took advantage of it . It will be a big occasion for both sides & should be a good game . The pressure is on Kerry but 2 things are going to be a slight advantage , Kerry’s home record in Killarney & it is very difficult to beat a team 3 times in the same year . That said I think Mayo will just about shade it .

  9. So we now know Cork are a decent enough team. That’s highest score Dublin have conceded in championshio in last decade. So Kerry’s performance against them in Munster nerds to be seen In that context. Kerry are hurting there will be a back lash. Kerry have very talented forwards who are fast our FB line is suspect and we are slow as a defensive unit. Kerry will be able to compete better physically in the middle third as they have added strength there and we have lost strength there due to injuries. An awful lot will depend on AOS and he looks like he is not fully fit. I think Kerry will edge it. ..

  10. I thought Dublin played within themselves and with no little complacency for a while to be honest. They only upped the gears when they had to. Croke Park looked almost empty which tells you how the Dublin and Cork supporters expected the game to unfold. This game is no sign post at all to how Kerry and Mayo will go. Kerry could have been complacent against Cork in the Munster final too for all we know – or their defence really is poor. Either way we have to go full tilt on them and bring our “A” game and win the 50-50 battles. We have to play with the same hurt that has got us over the line against them in the last few years that has carried us since 2014.

  11. I attended Cork v Dublin this evening.
    Cork haven’t a clue how to defend, their defenders always waited until their Dublin opponents won position, very poor in the tackle, and didn’t seem to be able to pick a man each to look after.
    In the 1st half Cork stupidly played into the Dubs hands, basically they brought their 2 corner forwards back into their half of the pitch thus allowing their Dublin markers also forward and McMahon got a few scores, we saw Kerry do this also in the 2015 final, Colm Cooper spent much of his time in his own half of the pitch, followed McMahon way out the pitch.
    Cork made the mistake in 1st half of allowing the Dubs clean possession from their kickouts, Cluxton had to go long 2nd half up to about 55 minutes as Cork got much tighter for the Dubs kickouts.
    Cork didn’t get enough out of Hurley at full forward, they played only 1 ball to him in 1st half, he destroyed Fitzsimons on a 35 yard run only to have his shot saved by Cluxton.
    Cormac Costello had a nightmare from frees in the 1st half.
    I am nearly sure that there was a handling foul for the Dubs 3rd goal, change of hands or maybe 2 hops.
    Cork got some great 1st points from recycling the ball and shooting from distance, always leaving Hurley in the small square to keep a few Dubs marking him, this created a bit of space for the runners.
    It was an enjoyable game up to the point of the 3rd goal.

  12. Dublin v Cork is a perfect example of what I’m referring too about our game tomorrow. Dublin knew Cork were going to throw everything at them and Cork did.. aand Dublin soaked it up.. aand Dublin never panicked.. there frickin masters at never panicking and soaking it up. They got a fortuitous goal before the break but the result and outcome was never in doubt from those early stages. Cork peaked too early and completely ran out of steam towards the end.. they were so done-in Dublin could have put another 5 goals passed them if they were really pushed. Dublin are the masters of game management. We are around long enough now too know how to manage games. So we set out stall out.. either blow them away early doors and sit on the lead or… soak it up early doors and break them down over the 78 odd minutes with a strong finish. I’m not bother either way as long as we have conviction in what we are doing and that leads to a win.. in James we trust!

  13. The Dubs will not be beaten this year they were just playing with Cork. The Super 8’s probably suit them even more. They won’t beat Tyrone out the gate in Omagh but they will relish going there to play them. Cork put it up to them for a while but they seem to be able to score anytime they liked. If I was Horan I’d keep building the panel and hopefully we will get our chance in a few years when Dublin are on the wane. We are fierce unlucky to have our best team in ages at the same
    Time that the Dubs are on top

  14. Hi All,
    Just back from Croker and as Revillino would say it took me 25 mins….it didn’t man it took me 50 mins…quick pint on the way out. Great respect to Cork any team that score 1-17 in a Championship match are seriously good…Kerry must be ok and it will be tough for Mayo tomorrow but I hope you do it

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  15. When has any team cut the Dubs to shreds Mayomaningalway ffs. I’m more nervous than ever now seeing as Cork did well against Dublin so theyre not a bad team so maybe Kerry are better than we think. Feck it anyway my head is all over the place with nerves. Mayo by 3!

  16. Brother announces at 11pm the night before the match that he’s flying in from America in the morning and is there any tickets! If anyone has one going spare for whatever reason it would be appreciated!

  17. I agree with some lads above that watching the game Dublin were teasing Cork in the last 15 minutes. They could have got more goals if they wanted or needed to. The only thing is that Dublin are not as good at the back as they were but if you have the players they have in the forwards and midfield it would take a sustained mad 75 minutes to beat them and its hard to see who could produce such an effort as noone else has the panel depth.

    Roscommon were dire in the second half against Tyrone who also have a bit in hand but they would need a huge effort to beat the Dubs and last year showed they dont have it but they are very efficient in front of the posts which would be needed to trouble the Dubs. Cork are a nice attacking team but wide open at the back the same as Kerry. It wouldnt surprise me if Kerry played with a sweeper tomorrow if things are not going well for them. Two poor matches today with Dublin and Tyrone already nailed on for the semis.

  18. Hello martin the Dub .

    Your a happy man tonight. Watched the game. Enjoyed it. I thought Cork played well but were still blown away.

    In my opinion Dublin are still improving and a better team than any of the past 8 or 9 year’s.

    Fenton, mcaffery Rock when he came on Howard, almost the full 15 were impressive tonight. Costello was off his game but lord Jesus Rock was like a sniper when he came on.

    It’s nearly a case of me asking, what are all the other counties playing for ? It really is hard to see anybody touching Dublin this year or maybe for some time to come.

    We have to go about our own business tomorrow. It would be great to get out of the 8’s and battle Dublin just to gauge where we are.

    Tomorrow is a massive mission because in fairness we don’t know either how good are the Donegal team.

    It’s going to take big performances to get to the semi final and hopefully we get off to a good start in Kilarney and knock the shite out of Kerry. The mood will be top class if get off to a winning start. Not going to be easy.

    Hon Mayo yea good things.

  19. All this doom and gloom because Cork did so well against Dublin, so the reasoning goes that Kerry were not so bad after all in the Munster final does not ring true, fact is Cork notched up a high score against Dublin, therefore, what I see is thus, Dublin are not as unbeatable as previous years and are war weary, Kerry got lucky against Cork and are there for the taking. I’m heading to Killarney tomorrow and I have faith in our team to do the business, Mayo to prevail!

  20. @ Ocides1 Look at it this way . If Dublin performed the way they did in the first half to Tyrone as they did to night things would have looked very different at half time .I think it was Dublin cold as opposed to them choosing to play within themselves in contrast to Cork with game time and momentum .Which hopefully will stand to us tomorrow. Do you think Tyrone would have let McCaffery get that soft goal ? Not a chance he wouldn’t have being let up off the ground. Cork were still in it with a shout with 10 mins to go but ran out of steam which we all knew would happen eventually .Tyrone wouldn’t.Done let the nerves get to ya 🙂

  21. Ex Mayo player John Madden is trying to get the following to happen tomorrow at the match. Managed it in Times Square! If allowed I’m trying to spread his word.

    ‘Immediately after last word of the national anthem is sang, we blast into 2 renditions of chorus of the ‘Green & Red of Mayo.’ And we give it a blast at 3:40pm too.
    Loud and Proud.
    Spread the word – Twitter, WhatsApp, everywhere!!’

  22. I dunno Sinead. I dont think the times square antics did us any favours with the result against the rossies a few weeks later. Sing the national anthem and cheer on the team.

  23. The provincial winners did not look as match sharp as the teams who came through the backdoor

  24. Mayo are 10 points better team than Kerry with a fully fit panel. Ruane out 7 points; O’Connor out 4 points & Durkin out 2 points. I’ll take that

  25. Fair play to cork for going for it….some great attacking football especially in the first half! Dublin slowly grinded them down and the goal before half time was the sucker punch! They always seem to get important scores at the right time! A sign of champions I guess!

  26. I dunno Sinead, that song should be left until after games. You can’t beat the spine tingling May-O May-O right before throw in and during a game.

  27. Hi Aine,

    That would be great. Maybe give me a text on 0868679555 and we can arrange something.

  28. I’d have EOD start instead of Barrett. Need fresh legs in full back line on a very hot day. Bring in SOS, with Aido covering m/f half back line. Bring COC to the 40, dropping McDOnagh, where Cillian will dictate the forward play and with Jason and Kevin will win breaking ball. Coen and Carr in the inside line. That way we strengthrn the middle 3rd, currently a bit weak, worryingly so. McDOnagh and Andy to come in when the game is in the melting pot. Mayo by 2.

  29. Morning all. If anyone has a ticket please make contact. Going to Killarney anyway. 086 277 1843. Maigheo Abú!!

  30. The Mayo battallion is on the move. Nothing but Green and Red Jersies and flags fuelling and coffeeing up in Ballindine.
    Safe travelling all.
    Hon Mayo.

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