Team named, three changes

We’ve named our team for this evening’s do-or-die Super 8s clash with Donegal at MacHale Park (throw-in 6pm). Here’s the starting fifteen we’ve selected.

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final Phase 3 v Donegal, 3/8/2019): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Fergal Boland (Aghamore); Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), James Carr (Ardagh).

So, on paper at least, it’s three changes from the team that started the last day against Meath. In come Robbie Hennelly, Eoin O’Donoghue and James Carr and they replace David Clarke, Kevin McLoughlin and Donal Vaughan.

The official team announcement for this game has come so late that it was preceded by the 26-man team sheet from the match programme, which started to become available online a few hours ago. In case you haven’t seen our list yet it’s here and Donegal’s is here.

The inclusion of Tom Parsons in the match-day 26 was telegraphed from as early as last night. Fifteen months on from that horrific knee injury he suffered at the same venue against Galway, it’s nothing less than incredible to see him back to full fitness, incredible too to contemplate all the hard work and dedication that has got him back to this level.

I’d say it would be safe enough for the County Board to issue the tender documents for a new roof to the stand ahead of throw-in this evening. Because, believe me, that roof isn’t staying on when Tom readies himself to join the fray before the match is out.

Another notable inclusion in the 26 is Matthew Ruane, who was cruelly sidelined with a broken collarbone earlier in the summer. He’s clearly got good healing powers too and it’s great to see him back in the saddle as well.

With Keith Higgins and Paddy Durcan also recovered from injury and listed among the subs, you’d have to think that there’ll be a few alterations to the named team ahead of throw-in. As ever, though, we’ll need to wait and see until around twenty minutes from throw-in before knowing for sure what fifteen we’ll be going with from the start.

Regardless of who is or isn’t on the pitch for us at 6pm, all the very best to James and the lads in this crunch fixture.

129 thoughts on “Team named, three changes

  1. 4hrs, 55 minutes and counting…..hurry up.

    Let’s see what 15 actually start, either way, dont care, we’re winning this.

  2. Unfortunately missing this game due to being out of the country for a family wedding. Gutted to be missing the most important game we’ve played in about 2 years. Hope everyone gets behind every one of the players. Bring plenty of colour and noise and Hopefully I will be travelling to croke park next weekend.
    HON MAYO ??

  3. 6 additions to the match day 26
    Schlingermann David Drake Paddy Durcan Matthew Ruane Tom Parson James Durcan,
    Don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist no balling players out go Clarke Murray and Treacy, joining Vaughan McCormack and Mullin. Nice to get our injured players back but a bit surprise Drake and James Durcan coming back in would have rather Reape strength and scoring power in a tighter pitch. Great to have more midfield options available. Get through this one and things will start to brighten up. Good luck to all we can get this done.

  4. Better chance of a win today if we don’t coincide frees in our half.Think that’s how it will be decided .A shootout between COC and Murphy. Watched Murphy closely v Kerry.Played well..,and must be man marked. I have doubts about his ability to get around the park. Seemed to stop and start in that match. Horan must be drilling into the players not to give soft frees away.

  5. All travelling to Castlebar later please bring your flags and wear your Green and Red jerseys and shout like hell!! And another thing please have respect for Michael Murphy on his frees today and Stephen Rochford on his return to McHale Park.

  6. I have the greatest respect for Clarke and Robbie. To keep a united and professional mindset through all the mud slinging, says a lot about their character.

    I believe though, on this occasion Robbie is better suited to the game that will unfold. Possession, and economy of effort will be vital. I’m expecting a big performance and more clinical finishing from Fionn.
    James Carr – the empire strikes back…

    Best of luck and Mayo by 3 points…

  7. Massive day today for Mayo.. Let’s get behind this great team and give Donegal a good rattle.
    HON MAYO !!! ???

  8. It’s awesome to see Matthew Ruane back. Wow , if he can play a role that will simply be amazing. Seeing him and Parsons back from injury ( only Diarmuid left to come ) is so incredibly uplifting.
    During the week Brian McEniff ( former Donegal manager )wrote a dismissive column saying Mayo didn’t have the speed to trouble Donegal. I don’t know but seeing Keith Higgins , Paddy and James Durcan and David Drake coming at you , James Carr , Fionn McDonagh too , and Loftus who is deceptively fast , you might want to re think that comment . Of course , who is to say that he’s not being cute and “ baiting “ us ? Brian, be careful what you wish for.
    A strong midfield backup is essential for this game and we finally have it. If these guys are ready to roll then I feel more confident of our chances today.
    If we are “ at it “ with our Mayoball ( tigerish forwards defending meaning Patton has to go long with the kickouts giving us a 55% chance on their kickouts ( 55% because when we are fierce that is our stat on breaking ball ) and fast direct ball in to our speedy forwards then we could open them up for goals.
    No matter what , let’s not forget to honor this team before , during and after the game. They belong to us. They are us.

  9. Huge Donegal crowd in town already my advice is get to the stands as fast as you can or no later than 4

  10. Best of luck today to the lads. Congratulations to Tom Parsons, he truly is an inspiration to us all. Let’s give the lads the support they deserve. McHale Park should be our fortress. Win, lose or draw we should be proud to be from the best county in Ireland.

  11. Safe travels to all supporters today,glad Robbie is in goal kickouts are very important,not very confident about this one but up Mayo,I thought when T Parsons got injured we would never see him play for Mayo again,but what a man his determination is so important if we can get over Donegal he would certainly deserve to get his hands on Sam

  12. Brilliant atmosphere here already. Nerves, excitment at fever pitch. Feeling emotional at the thought of Tom running out on field. Lets roar on these bucks like never before! Mayo Forever.

  13. In McHale Park, the access to the Albany end seems very bad, people coming in from one end and having to walk right the full length of the terrace on McHale Road side, I can see now why the Albany end is never full.
    Looking forward to the comforts of Croker next Saturday.

  14. What a first half by mayo. Completely dominated, should be further ahead but we wont complain. Donegal are shocked by the intensity. They’re not giving them an inch. Hon Mayo.

  15. If we sort our daft forward play, will win this pulling up. Mayo are a team, not a group of individuals. We keep doing this up front all the time. Backs and midfield superb. Work rate great too.

  16. O’Sheas have been immense around the middle. Paddy D and Jason D leading the charge. And Boyler!

    Should be much further ahead though. Have dominated the ball and the game. I’d be looking at introducing Kev McLoughlin asap.

  17. I hope hope hope we push on now. Hold our position and just add point by point. Good on Mayo – players and fans! Mayo supporters – shout like crazy in MacHale Park for all of us. We need ye and thanks so much!

  18. Well done Mayo ye harried and exposed Donegal for the average team they are. The wides yet again made it look closer than it was.

  19. Watching over poor wifi in Croatia. Nerve wrecking. What a group of warriors. No one wants to play these heroes. Onwards to croker

  20. Hon Mayo. Legends every one of ye. I listened to the whole country writing this team off for the last 2 weeks and gritted my teeth and beared it. Knew there was a big game in these lads and they proved it today. Nothing to lose against the dubs now. This has been a successful year. The only downside is Doherthys injury. Hope hes ok. But otherwise. What a day. Hon Mayo.

  21. Amazing! So so happy! Donegal never were in control of this game. Brolly had donegal on a pedestal and mayo in the bin as had much of the countries journalists. So happy to once again show them the door. Up mayo!

  22. Immense, every one of them a hero, ref got 3/4 major calls wrong, a lot of wides , but workrate was unreal, WELL DONE MAYO

  23. Great win. Backs and M/F were excellent. Shot taking was poor again. We should have been out of sight at half time. They had chances at the end. Great to see Ruane back. Keep a lid on things now everyone. We always loose the run of our selves..

  24. Oh my goodness – that was tense listening on the radio. What a win! What an absolute amazing result for that team. What brilliant men! So proud of them!!! And so proud of you fans in MacHale Park. I saw loads of flags on clips on social media. Very very happy this evening. Up Mayo!

    Mayo’s experience and those places they’ve had to go to over the years came through tonight.

  25. Murphy was stopped and McHugh stopped !!! Back in another All Ireland Semi Final !!!! Yahoo!!!

  26. Fantastic win for ye and I’m delighted for one and all. Mayo have been like a great army that were marching out of step but today they got their rhythm and with it their mojo. As they say there’s no sauce like hunger, warriors all.
    One thing they will have to sort out before they meet the dubs or Tyrone is the percentage of wides or more particularly their play options and decision making when in possession in front of goal. It’s great to be meeting Tuesday night for debrief and a team meeting for their approach for next Saturday’s game

  27. Next Saturday 5.30 Croker.

    Might not be Dubs as both Dublin Tyrone to play dummy teams tomorrow

  28. Stop Murphy and McHugh and stop Donegal. Epic performance by the backs.
    We’re back in a semi final, bring it on!

  29. Hi All,
    Many congratulations to every Mayo fan this evening….it’s unreal how that that team keep coming back and the fans have a huge part to play so well done.

    PS..Revillino Where’s Omagh?? Do I need a Passport? Cheers man it’s all craic

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  30. What a performance lads. We should have won that by 10 points.
    McHugh absolutely cleaned
    Brennan absolutely cleaned
    Murphy well managed bar peno (joke of a peno)
    McBrearty cleaned

    What a bunch of lads these are!!!

  31. What. A. Win.

    Full performance not there yet…but we won. I’m just in awe of them. Aido & Seamie were just immense. Boyler, Harry and Paddy D were sensational at the back. It was our resolute defenders that won this for us.

    Swiss neighbour called over after an hour to ask if everything was alright! Wife spent a few minutes explaining what was wrong with me. Walked away a little confused by all accounts.

  32. Congratulations to the lads. Absolutely awesome performance. A team that never stops giving to us. Proud as punch. Now for the 06 performance next Saturday. Straight up to the hill and take no step back. I know these lads won’t. What a team. Thank you.

  33. Not many words , the greatest sports team in Irish sporting history . I hope I keep getting it wrong . They just won’t back down . Horan did really good job this evening , his homework was A +.

    It’s an absolute disgrace there isn’t a two week break to semi .

  34. Thanks Martin the Dub. We naturally are delighted here. There’s a pretty little girl in Omagh in the county of Tyrone.

    Yea can avoid us next week if yea don’t win tomorrow. It might give yea a little longer in this year’s championship.

    What will Des Cahill say on the Sunday game.
    Is that them gone ?
    He cannot say that now of course.

  35. Absolutely fantastic performance from everyone envolved with the Mayo team, such courage & brilliant football combined with seriously talented footballers , gave us a great win, I’m still trying to come to terms with that game. It’s a huge boost to this team, the very best of luck to them all now, roll on next game.

  36. Absolutely brilliant… again. So proud of these men. Fair play to them and our super support today. God I was hitting the tables in Carlow with excitement. Thank you Mayo… continued success to you and us…go deo

  37. Can never write these boys off, great display if guys by one and all putting their bodies on the line time and time again.

  38. So thrilled. Lads played the way most of us expected them to. Supporters were the best I’ve heard and seen in Castlebar. So proud of everyone. Im hoarse. Can’t believe Gough was their 16th man. So disappointed in his performance even with a win.

  39. Good man Exile….I love it. Is that them gone…is it fuk!!!!! Des should be good on The Sunday Game tomorrow night that’s for sure!!! Where would be the best place to put the statues of Andy Moran and Aiden O’Shea?

  40. That was by any standards a comprehensive win. Apart from the first few minutes we were always in control of the game. We dictated the pace and never let up. The penalty gave them a short reprieve but ultimately they were just not good enough to take advantage. Our defending was immense. The black card was a joke. The fact is if we had taken our chances in the first half this could have been a repeat of 2013 such was our control.
    I believe we are now in bonus territory for this year especially after the Roscommon game. While todays game and the whole occasion might be used as an argument for the super 8’s surely tomorrows farce in Omagh shows why we need to go back to the old system. Dublin reserves will win and it will be Kerry in the final. You can be certain as well that we are the last team Dublin will want to face.

    Finally it is an absolute disgrace that those games are been played next weekend .

  41. How serious is Jason Doherty’s injury? Horrible to see a stretcher coming on for a player like that.

  42. It was a day for backs and our backs were far better than theirs. Great performances all round but our defenders, well they were just awesome. Great atmosphere, great result and great night ahead. Today McHale Park was again the fortress that it once was.
    Now I’m off out to celebrate, see ye Tuesday or Wednesday.

  43. Would also like to say James Horan got his tactics 100% and his game management spot on. Donegal where well and truly beaten man for man and except for a dubious penalty we would have won out comfortably. No more talk of what Rochford would have done or what he knows. We have a good manager, young players emerging and one hell of a team to support,

  44. What a performance by Mayo.
    I was really disappointed with Gough.
    That should have being a free out instead of penalty, very harsh on Keegan.
    Keith Higgins was pulled down by Mcbrearty.
    That was a shocking decision.
    Michael Murphy was running around trying to hurt Mayo players.
    Fair play to this great team.
    Mayo go deo.

  45. This was a performance for the ages, one to match anything in recent times and another beating dished out to Murphy and co.

    What a fuck-up though that we now have to tog out in a Semi-final next Saturday in Croke Park – the GAA top brass have a lot to answer for. No regard whatsoever for amateur players who have to pick themselves up week after week, it’s like a punishment for a team who dare take the back door route. But fair play to our lads, six fiercely competitive matches in seven weeks and we’re still standing – what a fucking team?

  46. I picked up the phone to say Willie Joe please don’t put up a motm poll because it’s unfair
    To a man mayo were brilliant tonight

  47. Regardless of what happens now, I won’t be leaving heart broken next week. Immensely proud, yet again of this wonderful team who get absolutely I respect in national media.

    Win lose or draw, I will guarantee ye one thing. Next week will be Dublin’s hardest game this year.

    Up Mayo!!

  48. I echo the sentiment above that there should be no man of the match poll.

    We were superb to a man. Warriors all over the pitch. Impossible to single 1 out.

    The 4 point victory in no way flattered us. We have missed 4 presentable goal chances and that was about the softest penalty you will ever see.

    They haven’t gone away you know!!!

  49. That’s right Carraig Dubh. Mcbrearty held onto Keith’s arm and pulled him onto him.
    Anyway, EOD came in and it didn’t matter a damn.
    They could be there yet trying to beat Mayo but our lads were just too good.
    Donegal had a lot of wides in the second half, I’m guessing maybe seven or eight and I’m putting it down to the ferocity of our fellas. I remembered Enda Colleran’s buzzword from the Sunday Game years ago and it was ‘tenacity’ and Mayo were at their most tenacious this evening. Donegal were shook all through. Midfield and all dirty ball hoovered up by our bucks, just too much pace, power, guts, heart, skill you name it, we had it in spades.
    Well done to the team and all involved.
    A special word also to Mayo Mick (Limerick, 2014) for leading the line in the crowd at the Albany / Stand area of the pitch.

  50. After Mayo beat Galway in Limerick, and on leaving the parking allotment, (it wasn’t Na Piarsaigh!) I had ample time to discuss the game with the young lad – (he being a soccer afficianado) the consensus was that Mayo were well ahead of us – especially in passages where they displayed a confident ruthlessness – totally committing to fast transition from defence to attack.

    Today, the Mayo defence was relentless, but allied to that, they are all damn good footballers.

    Forget about the 1 week turnaround – this team is now evolving before our eyes.

    I referenced Fionn and Carr before the game, because these 2 lads bloody well can, make the difference. I won’t lie, but I cheered them and cursed them at times.

    Finally, Robbie proved he is well up to the pressure… a great ambassador.

  51. Doherty a huge loss.

    Great spirit and battle shown by Mayo tonight.

    Serious improvement required from forwards!! Should have scored 3 or 4 goals. Composure required from lads like Mcdonagh and Keegan in front of goal. Lee kicked one into keepers hands 1st half and blazed wide 2nd.

    Donegal never got going, partly due to pressure from mayo but we should have won this by 8 or 9 points.

  52. Double header next week for our minors and seniors. What a time to follow Mayo. We need to get in on time to support the minors.

  53. Div 1 side at home to a team who played their football in div2 went as predicted by the few so

    Let’s enjoy tonight
    The pundits and the naysayers can spend the night wiping the egg of their face
    Up mayo

  54. The last few games every team ran down the middle of our defence.
    Today we never let a Donegal man straight through. I stand to be corrected but I think Hennelly never had a shot-save to make.

    No wonder Donegal hit umpteen wides we pushed them out with hefty tackling and forcing them into errors. I think their scoring average in champo to date was 1-20 only half that today.

    So spot on defensively a major problem fixed.

    I thought against Meath having played for 5 mins that we might be tapering so here’s hoping next weekend we give the dubs at least a rattle.

    On Gough, I thought his officiating was one sided but are we paying the price for all this nonsense in the media we are “tactically cynical”.

    Anyways I’d agree with the above no MOTM poll but Durkan and McDonagh were 10 out of 10 today.

  55. Extremely proud of this team. Men stood up and won hard ball after hard ball.
    I thought our discipline was top notch.
    For once I believe it was our defence won us a game. Proud of Stephen Coen doing well on Murphy at the end. I called it earlier in the week that Stephen would be a good option on Murphy.
    Coming together nicely now for a go at this semi final.

  56. Justoutsideballagh – Sean Burke posted above. It’s very definitive what he thinks in fairness =) and I agree. What a team.

  57. Phenomenal! Best performance by defense in several years. Fittest I’ve ever seen Aido – what a warrior. Boyle is reaching his peak, never better! Andy should peak in another couple of years! Just hope there’s a few gallons left in the tank. But seeing Matty zipping up the field and Tom on the bench is just the boost we need. Best wishes to Jason.

  58. We shall not be moved. Totally agree MayoMark, beyond proud of how these guys prove themselves again and again and again. Donegal’s pathetic attempts to rough Aido up after the peno, which was a ridiculous call btw, spoke volumes for me. This wasn’t our first rodeo lads, was it yours? Think again bucks, think again! The turnaround is a tough one but fuckit lads, we sort our radar out and anything is possible. Thoughts with Jason Doc, he has been immense, his loss will. be sorely felt. Up Mayo!

  59. Wow wow wow what a performance. Savage result. Feck the haters we’ve done it!

  60. Hennelly answered the calling .I know that some people will say we won the midfield battle because oh Hennelly but we looked well set up .I dont have the stats but most of what we won was from dirty ball .I fucking loved it !!! The last 10 mins the bost language on Donegal looked very negative.Any confidence they had was well gone after Cillian dropped it in .
    We won thr midfield battle. We kept McHugh and Murphy quiet and lads the turnovers were unreal .Again I dont do stats and I’m not good at numbers but I’d say the is the most amount of turnovers we have won in a long time ???

  61. I saw the penalty foul on RTE news. Lee had a hold of his jersey, in fairness. Higgins was a black card but a smart one. Well done all but Durcan was fantastic and Harrison excellent again.

  62. I’m not so sure Keith’s was a deserving black , if Donegal player didn’t grab his arm he doesn’t hit the deck and it would been yellow . It’s a poor aspect to the black , attacking players get awarded for cynical play

  63. Penalty was a penalty
    Black cards were correct
    Mayo well worth their victory
    Moran Durcan o Shea outstanding
    McHugh anonymous was key factor in outcome
    McBrearty not much better
    Murphy superb but still guilty of some terrible shooting at key moments
    Doherty mayos best player in first half – could be a huge loss
    Roll on Saturday

  64. @twoinjured swans – Murphy had a hold of lee’s jersey also. It was never a penalty

  65. Rasta Joe.
    He called it right. Not long after Lee was yellow carded, coen was put on Murphy.
    You were spot on with the div1 v div2 point earlier in the week. I thought it would be much closer and harder for us but you were spot on.

  66. Today was class and how lucky we are to be from Mayo. These guys bring so much joy and excitement to my days. I love our support play and hand passing (trying to avoid saying offloads). You know what we will improve with our shooting in croker. So onwards and upwards.

    I’m going to soak this week in.

  67. You’ll have no problems acting as moderator this evening Willie Joe….this is gonna be one enormous love in and rightly so!!!

  68. Cantini, What about Aido taken out after their goal and then Jason Doc? Was that correct by Gough to do sweet feck all?
    We will not get fair play this year. Fact.
    Credit to the lads, super performance.

  69. A manly performance.

    Hope Jason’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked

  70. Liberal Role……….you’re right…….Gough showed disgraceful bias in the second half………

  71. @liberal
    I think player got yellow for charge on o shea after goal – stand to be corrected on that. If so was the right decision too. If not he should have been. Actually sick to death of this shite teams do after scores going for each other – every team does it and I can’t understand it…obviously from some psych play book.
    I don’t think there was anything malicious in Doherty injury at all. As the donegal No.2 in first half i’d Put more down to conditions. I think both were fouls but way players came down was main reason for injuries.

  72. One game at a time… what does our game tonight say about Kerry…they couldn’t put Donegal away… actually it says nothing. Win next week and see what a couple of weeks break will do for us. I’m so proud of the team performance tonight… management, subs, starters and finishers and our support… incredible. I felt relaxed when I saw they just couldn’t draw level. We kept them at arms length and when we went 4 up I was happy. Hope they give next week a good rattle and I’m sure they will. Who could doubt them…ever…ever green and red… Mayo in the blood…ahhhh.

  73. Here we are slugging our way to another semi final, while the connacht champions face a dead rubber in Cork lol. If anyone wants a good laugh go over to the stolensheep forum, their bile and hatred towards everything Mayo is a fun read. They were convinced they buried us in May…..we hadn’t even woke up!!!

    Paddy D my motm tonight, he absolutely owned ryan mchugh out there. Outscored him too. Horan gets a 10/10. Gough was atrocious for us, bit to be fair to him, he has no replay to view. Keith calling him a prick when he walked off was too funny. Hope theirs no sanction for it?

  74. What’s the story with tickets for Saturday? On sale tomorrow? Are kiddies still gonna be 5 euro?

  75. Amazing lads. Andy the cool head. Well done Robbie! The battering of Aido..conveniently ignored all day by Gough. And Michael Murphy running around hitting us (grrrr). Poor Jason – the pain he was in. His best game. All supporters were brilliant. We need to bring same drive to Croke Park in the stands. Them lads will be wrecked tonight. Loved Cillian’s suprise at being subbed – he is so competitive, didnt want to come off!

  76. Fantastic,unbelievable,magical performance from everyone on the team.
    Management magnificent today. This is our year, got them @14 to 1
    Hotel booked for Semi & Final. — Roll on Saturday evening. “HAPPY OUT”

  77. What a win absolutely unreal. Gough tried to ride us but we beat him and Donegal. I had thought he was one of the fairest impartial referees but he disappointed me this evening anyway we won thank God and that’s the main thing. Wishing Jason Doherty a speedy recovery. I had a feeling all week we were going to win this one and I have a feeling we will really put it up to the Dubs. Whatever happens this team has given us some great days and today was epic I don’t think it gets much better than Davy Carton singing the green and red of Mayo in MacHale Park. On we go to Croke Park. I have to say I felt sorry for Stephen Rochford tonight he’s a Mayo man through and through it would be great to have him back in Mayo football in some capacity but in James Horan we have the best possible Mayo manager he has his faults but got it spot on tonight. Mayo Abu Dia is Muire linn

  78. Will Aiden O Shea ever get fair play. Immense today but how often is he hit in face, shouldered in the chest or on receiving end of a dirty dig. I cannot understand his control though I imagine if he ever tried to exact revenge he’d walk. I like the way he settles scores…by playing better. He’s one mighty man but today we had a team of them.
    I was disappointed with Gough but happy we managed to settle it without fair refereeing. He was anything but fair… It seems to me that Mayo will win when they decide to win and a brave man or a fool might bet against them after today. Ah Mayo, you make my heart skip… amayozing Mayo.

  79. Top quality. Heart experience balls of Bengali tigers.

    I posted a message mid last week in the middle of the mass depression and the beating Donegal were to give us.

    Our lads did as they always do stood up to it.

    Delighted for hennelly by no means his biggest fan but well done him even though pressure he was under he found his men with kick outs.

    Extremely impressed with Barrett he really does set the tone. Harrison was solid as could be and Eoin O’Donoghue has to keep his place. Top class. He’s the man to put on Mannion or anyone. He so mobile tough and rugged he makes it so hard for opposition.

    Keegan and Boyle are definition of warriors paddy durkan is the absolute modern footballer.
    Stephen Coen deserves massive credit and really is showing why he was captain of all underage teams

    Seamus was superb as good as Aidan is and was this evening Seamus makes him so much better.
    He’s a dog and a player you prefer to have than play against

    Aido was fantastic really stood up to it and hope all his knockers take note.
    Murphys misses and messing around at the end if Aido had done that he would be know as a bottler and lacking top class skills but let’s not get into that.

    Jason doh had best game in long time shame about injury. Really set the tone like Barrett he was dogged and stern minded he wouldn’t be beaten.
    Fionn Mc is class act and such work rate.

    Cillian for a man who was out so long is just about to hit peak Cillian and beware dubs or Tyrone
    James Carr was superb for game of that battle and intensity he should up really well.
    Darren Coen might be better coming on the next day but he’s a real good player so just hope his confidence doesn’t get knocked.

    Andy was to eager to impress think he took his advert on telly to literal but then he produced the goods when needed.

    Credit to Horan too. All round top class

    We will beat the dubs that’s not the dubs of old.
    They are lovely team but softer than Flynn Connolly Mcmanamaon of old.
    Barrett will own Costello
    Harrrison will hold no fear of rock or Callaghan
    Eoin o d deserves his start and will do job on Mannion with help.
    Keegan on Kilkenny
    Boyle doing his job
    Higgins maybe at 7
    Seamus on Michael Dara
    Aido to get revenge on McCarthy
    Fionn Mc will hold no fear of anyone
    Kevin Mc vs o Sullivan should be a battle
    Paddy durkan vs Jack Mc caffrey is worth entrance fee and train to Dublin alone

    Cillian Andy and Carr I would guess be best option fullforward line and philly Mc fitz and o Carrol or whoever should be good battle but nothing our lads will fear.

    This is our year

  80. Fenton will be a job for Keegan and Stevie Coen between them before introducing matty Ruane I think. Bar their middle 5 of Fenton Michael Dara McCarthy and mccaffrey we have nothing to be afraid of

  81. For me the injury to Jason puts a real dampner on the win. He was immense. No one else wins as much dirty ball or 50/50 ball like him when he’s on form. Wont play again this season it appears. Speedy recovery to him. Time for someone else to step up to the plate.

    Maybe I’m being critical but I thought we could have gotten more from Mcdonagh. One awful wide at end of 1st half.

    We can’t afford all these wides!!!!

  82. Mayo wanted this so much more tonight, we were ferocious but controlled. Decision making was smart, we get better as we go on.

    I can’t single out anyone performance but P Durcan and AOS were immense.

    Also, the development this year by F McDonagh is great to see. No fear.

    More than likely we’ll be playing Dublin, will they really want to play us next week, will they fook.

    We’re 100% the underdog again, I’ll take that.

    Now, on to Croker.

  83. Good result. Much to do. Next weekend unless Dublin feel vunerable, they will beat Tyrone on a scoreline of there choosing. Well done Mayo. Warrriors! Men I am proud to call my own ilk. Let’s wait and see what rises up from tomorrows shadow boxing. Whom ever comes through will be flattened nicely on their holes. Come on Mayo!!! This is Mayo. We are Mayo! The calm before the storm , never felt so calm…

  84. The Mayoest performance of the year.
    The steel and the courage and the grit.
    And make no mistake ,have no fear
    When hit by Mayo you stay hit.

  85. Is that definite Jason doc is out for the remainder . Horrible news , vital cog missing now for croker.

  86. How many times must we dance before you can see us dance. We get the chance to dance again next weekend. Let’s Dance. Come On Mayo!!!

  87. I review match on TV and David Gough did fine. He was not biased imo. The penalty was certainly not a penalty but that was not bias.
    The black card was technical but McBrearty took his opportunity. Where I was a little disappointed was that McFadden should have been red carded.
    Overall , Gough is still the best and fairest ref in Ireland. Let’s not make it a thing with him. He’s fair .

    Aiden O Shea ships dogs abuse. It was a beautiful thing that he was awarded MOTM. He is such a class act and such an amazing player. Michael Murphy let himself down with his behavior today after the penalty and on some other occasions too.

    I could never love a team the way I love this team. They are epic . Pure and simple.

  88. Okay.

    So who’s the next Provincial champs for the chopping block.

    At least Dublin will now face a team who are not going to stand back and admire their ball skills. No no no. It’s not what this Mayo team is about. Mayo will take the field next weekend with a true belief that they can beat Dublin (assuming Dublin win tomorrow).

    How tough is Fionn McDonagh ?

    Keith should be nice and fresh for the next day. It will be 3 weeks since he had a game.

    Well done Robie Hennelly.
    Well done to the entire squad.
    Well done the managment. Spot on tonight.

    Has to be one of the great Mayo wins.

    Is that them gone ?
    No you baboons arse. That’s them in to the All Ireland semi final.

  89. Support today was immense. Well done to everyone who was there. Words fail me in trying to convey how I feel about this bunch of men, but it’s all been said here tonight. I’m pleased to hear the attitude being expressed on here re the Dublin game. We’re too long on the road to be too gung-ho, but I think we have a real crack at this, and more importantly I think Dublin know that as well. I think I can guarantee that they wanted Donegal in the semi. They’d have dealt with them no problem, but they won’t fancy facing us one little bit

  90. @seanburke oh please please please tone down dampening of spirits.. I’m referring to Doc nees ‘Horrible news , vital cog missing now for croker.’.. You’re right but it can’t be changed and how well did McLoughin do coming in.

  91. I would put Stephen Coen on Con O’Callaghan as he would know him well from UCD Sigerson training.
    James Burke Selector for Mayo will have a good inside knowledge on a number of Dublin players particularly James McCarthy , Dean Rock , John Small and Philly McMahon as he plays with Ballymun Kickhams!!

  92. Look lads and laases.. If Dublin win they were hoping they meet us. I’m based in Dublin and chatted to folks in the know and they want to meet us. Kerry want to meet Dublin in final (not semi) as nerves in last 10mins will get the better of them. I think we will beat Tyrone and catch Dublin on the hop. Ohhh loving the week ahead

  93. Superb performance by all, 13/8 what odds. So So sorry for DOC was having a amence game regardless who they put on him. Hope its not as serious as is expected. So so frustrating to be losing players at this stage. I can’t remember a better response to the dume sayers in RTE, Joe Brolly, Donal Reid, McEneff . WELL BROLLY WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT? Kevin McStay: ‘Donegal shaping up as the biggest danger to Dublin’ – DONT THINK SO KEVIN not in 2019

    However I was really annoyed going to the match today listening to RTE1 radio and the teams that Dublin & Tyrone have named for tomorrow! In reality Dublin & Tyrone have a free weekend (as they are playing there B Teams) and Mayo have 6 days to recover for an All-Ireland semi-final. Where is player welfare, where is the fairness, where is the equality. Its bulls*it, teams who get to the semi-finals should be awarded the same rest and preparation time. Therefore the semi-final should be put back by an extra week.
    It’s a great day today but this is hugh injustice……..

  94. “I will offend and make offense a skill, redeeming time when men think least I will.” Can not and will not argue with Mr. Shakespeare. How many times have we been finished. We decide and we alone when that time is . We build and rebuild again and again since 51 till 89 and all that time between. So many counties languish, swallowed up by the gaps never see a sliver off light. We have been the true light for an awful amount of years now. Now is near the time when we need to allow that true light though. Come On mayo!!!

  95. Great win and perfect run in to next week, zero pressure on us, playing a team with a 3 week break. the dubs will be playing something “strange and frightening”.

  96. @Amayofan, I know it’s a moot point at this stage, but I don’t like having my contribution dismissed out of hand. I don’t agree at all that Dublin ‘wwanted us’. They never ‘want us’ because they know who we are and what we bring. 3 of your mates telling you Dublin want us doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. What the Dub team and management want is as soft a passage as possible to the 5 against teams they can intimidate. They ain’t gettin that now

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