Team named, three changes

The team for Sunday’s Super 8s Phase 2 clash with Meath a Croke Park (throw-in 2pm) was named a bit earlier this evening. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final Phase 2 v Meath, 21/7/2019): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Donal Vaughan (Castlebar Mitchels), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Ciarán Treacy (Knockmore); Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole).

So it’s three changes from the team that started against Kerry down in Killarney last weekend. In come Eoin O’Donoghue, Seamus O’Shea and Ciarán Treacy and they replace Chris Barrett, Kevin McLoughlin and James Carr.

There’s a bit of positional switching too, with Stephen Coen shifting to corner-back, while Keith Higgins – who moved to half-forward after the break in Killarney – pushed out to wing-back. With Seamus O’Shea starting at midfield, Aidan – who captains the team once again on Sunday – moves out of the engine room to centre-forward. Jason Doherty switches to corner-forward.

Best of luck to the lads on Sunday.

42 thoughts on “Team named, three changes

  1. Wouldn’t say that team will start,
    The o’shea Boys in the middle and McLaughlin will come in for Vaughan
    Should be an easy game but based on recent form that might not be the case.
    They really need to get their heads on now and push for it

  2. @Sean I agree…Carr must start…
    And I would have Donnie and DOC sit this one out, at least for a while. Great to see Seamie, Tracey and O’Donoghue named…I cant imagine Aido not playing in center filed alongside Seamie, with Donnie to sit, who’s going to mind the big Meath fella in FF? I’ll guess we’ just have to wait and see.

  3. Ah great to see Seamie starting – a great loyal servant. Best of luck to our lads.

  4. I’d say Coen will start on Newman. He did ok on O’ Neill from Armagh who would be a similar type of player.

  5. Looking at the Kerry game again I don’t think it was all the disaster that a lot of people think. A goal got , a penalty given, and some dubious frees and the scoreline might not have been as bad. We played poorly with inaccurate passing and clueless on our restarts. But we will never play as bad again. We were down and we are not out.
    Looking at the team we are strong around the middle of the field. Win that and we win on Sunday. Clarke will have more options.

  6. Interesting shake up. Big opportunity for keith Higgins and we have strong bench…

  7. I really think it’s a mistake to drop James Carr..probably won’t be on subs knowing how management works..what do plunkett and McCormack have to do??some players seem to play no matter what..just move them around a bit instead of leaving them on the Vaughan should be told to stay away from the forwards coz he gets on the end of moves and butchers goal chances

  8. It wasn’t possible to start the same 15 after losing by 10 last week and freshness is needed.

    We are good enough to beat Meath and the finishers will help close the scoring difference.

    It’s been a very long week

  9. I like the look of that team, seems he is planning for Newman, which is great if true. Drop Donnie back in front sweeping. Aido to MF and Doherty to half forward. Carr maybe unlucky not to start, but no harm starting with experience, and bringing a fresh James Carr on with 20-25 left.

  10. For me Doherty was the best of the half forward line last week. Wins a lot of dirty ball. Doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  11. Fair play for freshening it up but Loftus and Carr would go well with spaces in croker.

    Loftus feeding Cillian and Coen has to be the ideal scenario. Start him at 12 leave Aido win ball in middle lay it off

    People say he’s not physical enough etc but Loftus would have won as many breaks as Kevin Mc or doh did the last day.

    Doh must consider himself lucky to start.

    If going ok. First sub should be Cillian off and Andy on. We be asking a bit much of Cillian with games so close

  12. I thought Doherty did okay as well. Won nearly every ball played into him. The double hop and black card probably stick in everyone’s mind however.

  13. A pretty fearsome team if you ask me. That’s what Meath will be thinking. AOS to do a Michael Murphy encore.

  14. I like the look of the team but we all know it isn’t the final 15 that will start. I’m happy to see Higgins moved from the full back line as he is a great ball carrier and rapid, I hope Treacy starts as he adds a bit of freshness to the forward line.

    Also I would like to see Keegan push on as we need him in full form for donegal and hopefully Dublin. Carr also has to start for Doherty, I feel sorry for Doc but he just hasn’t done it for us this season. And I just think Carr adds more to the forward line the doc does.

  15. No team leaked this week I think.

    The plumber Horan must have found where the the leak was coming from and used the spot Welder to fix the problem.

  16. Will this be Harry and Zippy’s 5 games on the spin?Its just too much for our vetern players. If there was a rotation policy, and obviously there isn’t, then our 4 backs who are over 30 would have at least, by now, one game off to recover. Finally EOD starts which should have happened 3 games ago. And why isn’t Plunkett or McCormack starting?

  17. I’m not sure what team will actually start. And if I was asked to pick the team I really wouldn’t know what to do right now other than start a few of the newer lads to make sure we have some freshness and energy from the start. It all depends on how lads are feeling at this stage and how they have managed to recover after such a pasting. In reality this will only become evident when the game starts.
    I am worried that Aidan O Shea has lost some of his form. Without him firing on all four cylinders we could be in big trouble around the middle. Seamie improved matters the last day and probably will start. Higgins and Treacy are brought into the middle third is interesting.
    However, it is hard to imagine that we will change our approach too dramatically if for no other reason than we haven’t had time to do so during the week. It’s a question of let’s wait and see what happens. Hoping for the best but more worried than I would normally be in a game like this.

  18. Its as much about how they play tactically as about who plays. A lot more composure with control of the pace of the game needed on sunday. A sweeper needed to protect that full back line and avoid one on ones.
    And a strong finish in last quarter….I expect we will have the edge

  19. Dooniver swifts – Harrison is 26 so if anyone can play 5 games on the bounce it’s him. Keith Higgins also has a very lean build which means he recovers quickly, regardless of age.

  20. Doherty is our best ball winner in the forward line, is always good for a few scores and can play fantastic passes with his vision. He’s incredibly important and close to undroppable if fit. He was good in Killarney, shouldn’t be out of the team. He’s our highest scorer this year, how could you leave him out really?

  21. If that full back line starts it’s hard to not see there being some positional switches. Coen lacks pace as we saw against Kerry and O’Donohue is having his first start in a long time. So it’s hard to see that being the full back line. Either of those 2 can play in the half back line – I’d imagine Coen will play out the field. As much as it would be good to see Higgins play at half back I see him either marking In the full back line or sweeping in front of Harrison and O’Donoghue.

  22. Rasta Joe IMO Doherty is very droppable after last weekends game. He was marked out of it and had little effect. Yes he’s our top scorer but mainly due to free taking. With COC back in the team this makes his free taking ability null and void. He’s been a super ball winner but not in recent games bar Galway.

  23. I think we are taking Meath for granted. They are improving and our form has dipped. We haven’t beaten anyone with ease over the last few weeks. For me this is a real banana skin. Hopefully things go well Sunday but I remember 2009 when we were beaten by a avarge Meath team.

  24. Hill man Evan Regan is on the bench I think at this stage James Carr Fionn Mc Donagh Ciaran Tracey Fergal Boland maybe even Loftus are well ahead of him at this stage he’s not a great man to win his own ball and goes to ground easily and for me doesn’t bother the scoreboard enough he’s had loads of chances and hasn’t done it whereas look at Darren Coen brought back this year and he has grabbed his chance with both arms he’s been on fire with 3 or 4 points a game and well able to win his own ball

  25. Glad to see a few of those changes. Some of the lads struggling a bit with form so no harm to freshen it up a little. Surprised that Andy doesn’t start but should make positive impact when introduced. Rewatched the Kerry game in full last night for first time since live experience in Killarney. I know we have to beat Meath but I would not be too confident of Kerry beating Donegal. While Kerry did play well they got a huge amount of scores from our mistakes and turn overs. At least 5 points came from our kick out issues, the goal came from a double hop by Jason, 3 other points came from our players being dispossessed or turning over the ball through poor distribution and then there were some needless frees for late tackles,touching the ball on the ground etc. While Kerry deserve credit for pressurising us we made more mistakes than I can remember for a long time and then allowing Kerry kick lovely balls into our their forwards in a one on one scenario was a recipe for disaster. Having said all that we kept battling. Looking at TV I thought Vaughan put in a really honest hardworking running game even if he looked to be going nowhere at times. Aidan had a strong second half and for all our woes we did run through the Kerry backs at times and left a number of goals after us. I thought Clifford Moran and O Brien were exceptional for Kerry. Turning to tomorrow they are both 50\50 games It will depend on what psychological toll the heavy defeat to Kerry takes on us but we are a resilient bunch and we could do it. Donegal’s injury to Gallagher is a terrible blow. Neither Kerry nor themselves will want to be forced to travel away on the last match needing a win so I expect a good game between 2 unbeaten teams. I would not be surprised if they were still both unbeaten tomorrow evening.

  26. I might have been a bit harsh on Evan Regan he’s a good lad puts in huge commitment and training and sacrifices he doesn’t deserve the likes of me dissing him

  27. Looks to me that Vaughan will be full back, coen to wing, Keith sweeping, aiden to midfield with doc to cf. Hope that’s the case anyway.

  28. Keith Higgins to the half backline, people have waited on it for years. I like this team.

  29. Strech 1 – had we won / drawn last weekend this game would have been a real banana skin but with the brittlest of trapdoors back under our lads feet I’m confident they will take nothing for granted tomorrow and ensure we don’t see a repeat of 2009 – we need to see a major backlash after last Sunday’s inept performance and I think our lads will be hurting and determined to put right.

  30. Wide Ball – I take your point re Harry’s age but his form and Zippy’s hasn’t been great. They seem very tentative in the tackle, standing well off their marker etc. Maybe a rest would bring the hunger back. I didn’t mean to single them out, as the whole back line haven’t been great. Very inconsistent. Anyway I hope they play a stormer tomorrow.

  31. Confidence is high in Meath for this one. They believe like Brolly that we are gone. Hope this team prove yet again that you can never write them off. They did play a much better 2nd half in Kerry and really unlucky not to get two goals which would have put a complete different look on the score even of it was an awful performance. Agree with previous comments that team set up and tactics will be key. Meath have had some fine performances this year so unless we are at our best with players available, a shock is very possible.

  32. Unfortunately the way we have been falling over the line in games we have won will encourage any team to have a go at us, so undertandably meath fancy exploiting that soft core of ours. Tomorrow is a chance to put that right. Meath have their weaknesses, are a long way from the finished article, and I expected us to be much more clinical. Its a day we can put a lot of things straight and I reckon we will.

  33. I’m confident we will get over the line, discipline will be very important for us, as the media are already stirring the pot, fair play to management and the team, they have been doing well in that department so far, well they will be tested to the limit, on Sunday, I’m sure James Horan will have them well informed what to expect, can’t see it ending 15 v 15, if we get our match ups right, and get a good start, we have a very capable bunch of warriors, who won’t give an inch, and if they click, it’s a Mayo win for me.

  34. Evan Regan is a quandry . I would like to put him on the pitch and tell him to take on his man every time he gets a chance and also to be plenty selfish….’ come on Evan show them what u can do’
    As a preparation for anyone going to the match tomorrow, I too would recommend a reviewing of the Kerry match.Whatever was the reason for that first half performance ,I have never seen the likes in my time. I don’t think I will see the likes ever again either. They might be as bad but there is bad and there is bad. Hope all enjoy the day.

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