Team named to face Galway in the Dome

We’ve named our team for tomorrow evening’s FBD semi-final against Galway at the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence AirDome (throw-in 5.30pm). Here it is:

Mayo: Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Fenton Kelly (Davitts), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchles); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy, captain), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Conor McStay (Ballina Stephenites), Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber); Aiden Orme (Knockmore), James Carr (Ardagh), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields).

Galway named their team last night for tomorrow evening’s pre-season meeting. Details on that are here.

All available tickets for the game in the Dome have been sold out but Connacht GAA are streaming the match live. The link for that is here.

Best of luck to Kevin and the lads tomorrow evening.

133 thoughts on “Team named to face Galway in the Dome

  1. Persisting we certain non scoring forwards is daft. Different manager, same story.
    Won loads of ball against Kerry in the quarter final in 2022, but nobody on the pitch that could take a score.
    And we are it again. Oh dear

  2. Mmm, no Eoghan MacLaughlin, McBrien (thought he might have given him continuous game time), Oisin Mac. Is James MacCormack on the panel?

    That HF line might struggle physically.

  3. Rob Hennelly (recently got married) Enda Hession, Paddy Durcan, Eoghan McLaughlin, Diarmuid O’Connor, Kevin McLoughlin, Jack Carney, Conor Loftus, Aidan O’Shea, Cillian O’Connor all started against Kerry last summer and not starting Saturday

    Then there is Tommy Conroy, Ryan O’Donoghue, Pádraig O’Hora, Jason Doherty, Brendan Harrison not named either.

    Depends on the injury situation but the question is how many of Saturdays team do we think will start the opening NFL game in two weeks?

  4. 3 of the forwards did not play v Kerry!
    Let’s give then a chance! At least we are getting matches compared to the farcical OByrne Cup!

  5. Good to see Fenton Kelly getting the run, interesting to see how he gets on. McStay could be something different in the forwards as well.

  6. @facetheball – It’s the FBD.

    We have a all new full back line, 2 of last years u20s in the half back line, a new centre half forward and towey is getting a opportunity at corner forward to show his worth. I’m pretty excited looking at that team, or i could take your approach and just be downbeat about it instead for no reason.

  7. Facetheball, what are you on about? only one of the forwards who started v Kerry is named on that team, Flynn (and he scored in that game. James Carr came on as a sub (and scored). McDonagh, McStay and Walsh didnt play any part in the Kerry game so how is it the same story.

    Personnally I wouldn’t look too much into the team lining out tomorrow, the FBD is just a training game, nothing more and Id expect the bench to be emptied in the second half. From what im hearing a challange match is scheduled for Sunday so all available panel players will be playing at some stage during the weekend.

  8. None of that forward line started vs Kerry. The FF line did come on as subs (Towey got about 2 minutes I recall).

  9. Jack Coyne played sigerson during the week. Anyone else play that I’m missing?
    I think there was Freshers on as well, anyone play there either?

    I’d prefer if the college players were rested but given our fullback line situation and Coynes potential, he’s one I can understand and not be critical over

  10. @Face the ball dont agree with you at all as a comment above said only one forward who started against kerry are named.

    Conor mcstay scored a few times last game? I think he has potential. Paul towey is young and has great pace confidence and can score .

    Time to give mcstay &new backroom team and players a chance and get behind them enough with negative stuff its only the 2nd game of the year!

    Stephen coen recently gave a great interview said all the guys are going really well in training and all want to put their hand up for a place which is great as it leads to them playing better as its competitin for a spot. stephen coen said thats whats happening in training anyway and that their is a great energy & confidence back!

    Lets just see what happens and get behind them.

  11. These matches are all about bringing players through so we have as many options from the bench as possible when the big games come around.
    Good to see Carr getting a run and hopefully he remains injury free. He strikes me as the sort who might benefit from half a dozen games on the bounce. Things seem to have been stop/start for him up to now.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Towey does. It would give us one hell of another forward option if he can start producing some of his club form. Some of the scores he kicked for Charlestown in the game I saw against Garrymore were outrageous. He would be one I would persevere with.

    Eoghan Mc missed the Sigerson game the other night due to a reoccurence of a patella knee tendon injury which caused him to miss Westport games. Reported on the RTE site earlier. Hopefully he will be back soon.

  12. The great thing with dome is we will see a game in perfect conditions. Very hard to tell who is able for the level in some awful 7-6 game in terrible conditions.

  13. I think groundsmen responsible for the maintenance of County Grounds in Connacht will be glad if the Air Dome this weekend… These last few weeks call to mind a line in a Sawdoctors Song..”When will it ever stop raining”

  14. Hopefully there’s a bit of pace about this named team. Good luck to all players making their competitive debuts. Quite a strong Galway team named given the players currently available to PJ. Will be interesting to see how our lads fare.

  15. Honestly don’t mean to sound negative because I’m actually really positive about the year ahead. We won’t be winning an All-Ireland but I feel we could build a good base this year.
    The thing that annoys me has probably been said a fair few times here (and apologies if we’re all sick of hearing it) is this: looking at that team and at those who are due back, I can’t conprehend how Fergal Boland missed out. I don’t see a huge number of scoring forwards here.

  16. @facetheball. Where are you going with that. Too early in the campaign for negativity and nonsense

  17. Takes time for forwards to mature at the top level, particularly the scoring side. It was a few years before Cillian started scoring reliably from play. Andy was near enough to 30 before he got going.

    Very few lads around come straight into intercounty as top quality forwards. We’ve actually got two in Conroy and O’Donoghue. I can’t think of a county with three

  18. I just don’t get the logic of not having Fergal Boland involved. Fair enough if the squad was been cut to 30, you might be able to argue the toss, but not when there are almost double that number involved. They are playing a couple of other games this weekend, so at least all the squad will be given plenty of time to shine. Playing lads involved in Sigerson teams might not be a great idea though.

  19. Guys, is Fergal Boland not playing with Toreen in Croke Park on Saturday evening at 7pm?

  20. Fergal Boland dropped from the squad.
    Scored three great points down in Tralee and scored 2/3 against Kildare in the championship.
    Don’t understand how him and Darren Coen being dropped so soon, two of the top
    Score getters in the county

  21. Yes he is Swallow Swoops. I think peoples gripe about him is that he was underused by Horan, then dropped altogether by McStay.

  22. I am one for saying keep positive we of all counties should be even though so hard after all the final losses I have mates from all over Ireland as we all do I am sure and they always say to me I know you cried over the Tyrone final but my god we would have loved to have even been there playing in a final ! We are lucky to have such players that show up &perform and are at the business end of the championship nearly every year time to be positive.

    I am surprised that fergal Boland was dropped though but best of luck to him in Toreen final he is a great athlete and hope they bring it home to Toreen!

  23. Justin and all, I can understand the sentiment. I haven’t been following the early season in-depth but I didn’t know that McStay’s squad for 2023 has been named or made public.
    Do we know who is on the panel for 2023?
    Has Fergal Boland actually been dropped by McStay for 2023? Do we know this for sure? Are we basing it on the Mayo v Sligo challenge game earlier this month and on Saturday’s FBD game v Galway?
    I was thinking that it would make sense not to see him named by McStay so early in the season when he is playing high level hurling at the same time.
    Apologies if I have missed some announcements.
    For example, we haven’t seen Ryan O’Donoghue or Cillian named yet either this season.

  24. @swallow swoops. There’s no doubt he was dropped. He gave an interview during the week about the toreen game and touched on his surprise at being dropped from the football panel but wasn’t angry about it and he said it was up to him to get back on the panel again.

  25. No doubt, thanks for this. Now I’m sad too – I liked Fergal Boland as a footballer. The man could score, as I saw in the Mayo v Kildare game last year.
    Please God, he gets himself back on the panel!

    Nephin, thank you for this! I’m really looking forward to seeing Ryan and Tommy back together in our forward line again – a pair of marauding misfits they are and a handful for anyone. A poster pointed out earlier what a dynamic player Ryan is and I have to agree.

  26. I’m hearing, from a very good source, that Mayo will be playing in green and red tomorrow

  27. Yes I had the pleasure of seeing Ryan against sligo. A vital player for mayo. Coen and boland have not made the cut. No doubt leeroy and mullin will be a huge loss but jh had big losses in his years in charge too. . I have to say I find it amusing listening to lads not particularly on here saying a semi final would be a good year. Same men slaughtered horan for not winning the all Ireland. Reality player s come in and leave at the other end. Injury s happen. It’s the same in every county. Last year was terrible for horan. He was left with very little as was so evident in the kerry game.

  28. Fergal Boland has not been selected by 3 successive managers now . There is clearly a reason why. Maybe it’s lack of physicality.

  29. Unfortunately my match-going campatriot is now not able to make the match this evening so I have a spare ticket if anyone wants it. If you’re good with Revolut, send an email to and we can make arrangements.

  30. Clearly Fenton Kelly has put his hand up from a group of players in that 19-20 age bracket and said to the management – I’m improving rapidly, I deserve a chance here.
    It’s good to see.
    I’m pretty sure himself, Bob Tuohy and Sam Callinan were on the same minor (u17) team in 2020.
    There was a Hughes lad from Castlebar on that team too that looked very promising but haven’t heard much about him since.

  31. The best of luck this evening, a win would be great but with that (experimental) team I don’t know, Joyce and Co will be all out for a win ,not for the sake of the FBD league but just to get a win over Mayo to give his squad confidence going forward, Hon Mayo.

  32. I was in The Dome last night and I must say it’s only brilliant.One thing though unless you’re up against the barrier on the sideline it’s hard to get a full view of the pitch.I would advise you to go early and get a seat and by early I mean at least 4.30 as there are just 600 seats Really looking forward to this evening’s game.

  33. Craggy boglands – I noticed that too. Why did Horan get so much abuse if we have a squad that isn’t good enough to win an All Ireland?

    I’m more optimistic about the year. In reality, there aren’t many top class teams out there. No reason we can’t go close to winning Sam. Actually getting over the line is another matter of course.

  34. @Tom prendergrast I agree I think Galway are gonna go out for the win just to get another win over us. I wouldn’t be to worried if they do win only 2nd game of the year and its really to try new players.

    No doubt Galway will be raving about it if they win but I won’t worry until the real&important games come up and we have our main team !

    Best of luck to ths guys I am optomistic about this year to ..

  35. Has anyone got the substitutes list, I don’t understand how Pádraig Joyce can name his team and substitutes a day before us and we have got to wait to near throw-in time to find out our full skuad. This was the same last year as well.

  36. Will ye relax about needing to know subs list for an FBD game! The team for FBD usednt be known until they ran out onto the pitch, or until the subs had gone into the dugout!

  37. Can ye all not let the management do their job without giving out as to who is dropped etc.
    The Mayo team needs much new blood and there is only one way to blood them, that is to throw them into the FBD and Allianz Leagues, no player can be judged after playing one inter County game, it has to be three or four at least.
    Also different conditions suits different guys too.
    A bit nieve to think that there aren’t many good teams out there, Kerry and the Dubs are way out in front.

  38. @Mayo88

    Agreed. If Coen and Boland were to be starting come championship, McStay and co would be getting dogs abuse for not giving young lads a chance.
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t
    In fairness it’s far from the majority, most of us are just excited for things to be getting going again

  39. Agree with the two above comments only the 2nd game of the year and people giving out just give them a chance they need encouragement not negativity.

  40. Absolutely FrostT, impossible to please some. It’s important that we see at this stage if the likes of those younger players (who are named to start) are up to it.
    Looking forward to getting another look at Jack Coyne. A good lad but I just wonder if he’ll be edged out by stiff competition in the back 6. I hope he does well and puts his hand up at least.

  41. Mayo’s first game of day well underway in midlands.

    Liberal, hopefully Coyne won’t be playing or at least only for half when he was out midweek.

  42. Just over 3 hours to throw in and the subs list is still a secret. There is surely something amiss with this. Talk about transparency.

  43. I think I am detecting excitement among you guys for the game this evening. I am excited myself with so many young and new players making up the team. Won’t it be great to see what they can do and to discover their signature styles?

  44. Umm Clare… I sincerely doubt any of us will be “raving about it” if we get a win in an FBD game ffs.
    It’s a challenge match.
    Such scour talk.

  45. @Galwayman haha I didnt mean any offence seem a bit touchy there ? Ha Didnt say all of Galway but theres certainly a good number of Galway fans who are raving since last year on fb and other social network sites. Anyway hope its a good game tonight ha ..

  46. Nephin, looks like rest of squad had challenge game. Friend text that was at it as was in his club pitch.

  47. @Galwayman no need to come on here and curse either . Hope theres no injuries and heres to a good game hopefully!

  48. For sure – hope it’s a good game.
    If and when we meet in the summer the two teams will be hugely different anyhow. Same goes for the league game in a fortnight – for us lads like Walsh, Sean Kelly etc. won’t be involved yet and I’m sure several first choice Mayo players will be absent also this early in the season.

  49. @Galwayman yes there are quite a few of our main players out tonight to. Apolagies for my comment honestly meant no offence was just a bit of banter really haha.

  50. A few lads on the bench tonight that aren’t involved with the squad at all. Might have been difficult to field the two teams today with covid and flu etc. doing the rounds. At least the two games does give fringe players an opportunity to stake claim to a spot on the squad.

  51. @West is Best Coul you post those that are on the bench please, we have been waiting for this for a long time now.

  52. 16 O’Flaherty
    17 J Tuohy
    18 A Morrison
    19 C Boland
    20 A McDonnell
    21 G Durcan
    22 C Dempsey
    23 B Tuohy
    24 R Carolan
    25 J Fallon

  53. Hope game goes well and no injuries to Galway or Mayo players. Its a glorified challenge match but will probably be competitive enough. The league match will tell us whereboth teams are starting from for 2023. I assume PJ and McStay just want an eye on players this evening. Still Galway to win for me but I wont be raving sadly Im too old and cant stay up all night anymore.

  54. It’s fairly clear that we’re using this match in the time-honoured way with the FBD, i.e. to give plenty of lads a run-out. That appears to be the main object of the exercise this evening so I’d ask everyone to dial down the emotion a bit for what is just a pre-season kickabout.

    Comments complaining about the absence of team sheets and the like are just embarrassing, as are comments riling up Galway people, who are always welcome visitors here. Chesney’s right – we should all just hope for a good match with no injuries. When we meet at MacHale Park in a fortnight’s time there’ll be a bit more at stake than this evening.

  55. In my comment I was not riling up any galway people it was just banter for which I apolagised for and did not mean anything by it .

  56. Apolagies willie joe for the comment honestly meant nothing by it.

    Heard mayos number 1 team played westmeath in a challenge match today and that they won? By 2 points and Aiden played at number 14 .

  57. No worries, Clare! I’m just keen to ensure that the tone in the comments for the game matches what’s at stake (i.e. nothing material) in the Dome tonight. Plus, I’m off to Croker shortly to shout for Tooreen and I’d like to come back later to an orderly premises.

  58. @Willie Joe yes of course I am fond of Galway went to college there &plenty of Galway mates lets hope its a good game either way and hope Tooreen bring it home!

  59. No offence taken Clare. Ive relations in Mayo. Checking the score doesnt look like Galway putting up much of a challenge.

  60. Jumping the gun here but we are playing beautiful football, orme, carr and towey moving brilliantly, all natural inside forwards, the dome conditions suit them so well.

  61. I know its only FBD but the lads are in great physical shape and playing a lovely brand of football.

  62. Very impressed with Bob Tuohy so far. Real old style midfielder, excellent in the air. Still under 20 again this year, a real prospect. Probably will take a while to bulk up but looks good.
    Hard to read anything else into it. Mayo way fitter, Galway good bit off the pace. Inside line look good in fairness but Galway defence atrocious.

  63. I dont want to jump then here either but they are playing really lovely football and with confidence back energy &pace keep it up guys!

    @Chesneychet Galway I had a great time there during college and lovely people! We will see how the 2nd half goes might turn around..

  64. Good first half in fairness. I don’t think Galway look overly bothered though. Going through the motions a bit. But Mayo look fit and up for it. Can’t hope for much else this early in the year.

  65. Galway’s focus is on much bigger things this year. A plucky first half performance by our lads nonetheless.

  66. Serious fitness on display by Mayo, should hit the ground running in the NFL. Galway don’t look long back in training in comparison.

  67. @Clare yes I heard played and beat Westmeath in challenge today with Rob Hennelly, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid,Cillian O’Connors, Doherty and O’Donoghue all apparently starting.

    Panel strength in depth is seen in the Dome tonight!

  68. Only one winner from a long way out.
    To put it bluntly we were shite.
    Early doors though as they say.

  69. All the goals just lt in by mayo there but in saying that Robbie hennelly is our number 1 goaly but still lots to be positive about it..

  70. And in fairness just a challenge match really but the guys played great today bar the goals..ha

  71. @Michaelincork agree! Thought they seemed to be playing with great confidence back again and took their scoring chances feeling very positive after but not going to jump the gun ha!
    And we still have Tommy conroy Ryan O D and Cillian to play together when fully fit !

    Good luck to Toreen hope they bring it home!

  72. Tooreen 1-9 to 1-7 ahead at half-time. Graft, guts and no little skill combined, fair play to them. The whole parish is here by the sounds of it!

  73. @Willie Joe thats great really hope they cross the line fantastic they got such great support and they deserve it!

  74. Tooreen going well – pity about the two points conceded just before ht. Keep it up lads

  75. Enjoyable game in the dome i thought. Lots of scoring and fast paced football though it has to be said there wasn’t much pressure on the kicker for some of the scores. Nice to see orme and towey get a few scores to build confidence. Coen played well. Hard to believe they had a team playing earlier today considering a few of the 1st team were in the dome. I don’t suppose anyone knows the team from earlier.

  76. @No doubt all I knpw is that aido played at number 14 earlier no idea of the team other then that but know 15 of the main starters played against westmeath . Great that they are trying to get extra games in and trying out new players .

    Thought paul Towey James carr and orme were really good and also think mattie ruanne is coming back into form as well as coen !

  77. What a performance by the Tooreen boys! The Limerick team had a little bit extra in the last 15 minutes! Did Mayo proud. Bodes well for the Mayo hurling team!
    Comhghairdeas foireann Tooreen

  78. Hard luck Tooreen, fought like dogs and displayed a fair bit of skill too. Hard to keep that level of intensity up for 60 minutes against a team that was senior in Limerick last year. The Bolands and Cathal Freeman were particularly good, I thought.

  79. You’d have to feel for Tooreen. Were the better side for most of the game but it felt like they started to run out of gas a bit with about 15 to go. Limerick only have 12 senior clubs as well so Monaleen are their 13th best.

  80. Toreen have the heart of lions! Immensely proud of you. Sorry ye couldn’t sneak it over the line. It takes nothing away from the immensity of that performance. What courage and work rate!

  81. No 6 for Tooreen was immense!
    Great praise by the Monolin manager for Tooreen great sportsmanship!

  82. Great Tooreen side, I never saw Fergal Boland playing Hurling before, great display from him.
    But like our football finals, Tooreen beaten in the final 5 or 8 minutes, rushed their shoots, hit long passes along the sideline instead of keeping the play in the middle and shooting from the middle area.

  83. Unlucky Tooreen. Some effort. Thought the commentary on Midwest was class . Very enjoyable listening. No pride lost in defeat there.

  84. That was one of the best post match interviews I’ve heard from a manager. Well done him.

    Sickening for Tooreen but they are such a good team. They should be competing at senior level.

  85. Hard luck toreen. Brilliant display but just came up short. As said above a great interview by the winning manager praising toreen and it wasn’t just being polite it was plain to see he really meant it. Great to have the gaa back again

  86. Aww hard luck Torreen I know I am a based mayo girl but really thought ye were the better tram on the day just came up short& ran out of gas in the end as others have said chin up you did Toreen &mayo proud.

  87. That was heartbreaking stuff in Croker. Fergie B and Cathal left everything out in the field. Tooren did themselves and the county proud, chin up

  88. Tooreen fought like lions and gave it everything. Monaleen had that bit extra in the locker but our lads pushed them all the way. They can take enormous pride in that performance.

  89. We now seem to have strength in depth in forwards but not in backs ……who is going to play in the full back
    line ? And who will come in if one of them is injured?
    Brickenden is too slow for intercounty level in my opinion. He was ate alive in Croke Park last year and got turned again a few times tonight

  90. 3.12 is avery big score to conceed, Mayo need to play a nearly full in team in final before league game, them we will have some idea where we are.

  91. Seen Ronan Carolan from Parke in squad tonight he must have been brought into panel only lately.For me he was the best forward in the Intermediate championship last year can kick of either foot .Good to see McStay has panel open ended and is still looking at players , still would like to see Cian Hanley, Sharoize Akram, Luke Jennings,Conor Diskin, Nathan Moran and Kuba Callaghan been looked at.

  92. @The two above comments this was a very young team most the main team had a challenge match against westmeath today which they won. The goaly today did well in the 1st half but obviously lacked pace in 2nd hes young and our 2nd or 3rd choice goaly but fair play to him and I would say not to be to harsh on him or the backs!

    I thought the team seemed full of energy pace& confidence back. Only 2nd game of the year and the young guns give them a break and get behind mcstay &management enough with the negative stuff!!

  93. @TonyH.kuba came on this evening and actually got a point straight away. Agree i would like to see Hanley back again

  94. @Tubberman I also never labeled anyone negative was just saying my opinion thought that was allowed on here..

  95. @clare name our starting defenders and our back up defenders for the championship.
    Then name our starting forwards and back ups
    Which looks stronger ?

    That’s not negativity
    That’s realism

    Also, I have long argued that Clarke was a better keeper than Hennelly . But I always caveated that with the fact we were so lucky to have two great keepers at the same time . Hennelly is getting closer to the end of his time now and I’m worried about what’s coming behind him. From what I’ve seen from Rory Byrne at intercounty level I now see why successive managers didn’t look outside of Clarke and Hennelly even for FBD over the last few years

  96. Word of advice, Clare, seeing as you’re only relatively new here. Please stop picking arguments with other posters – everyone is entitled to their opinions but if you complain about negativity and then direct your complaints to other named contributors then you’ll get a reaction, which is exactly what happened. Also, it might be no harm if you eased up a bit on posting comments on a continual basis – by my count you’ve posted 23 separate comments today alone. That’s more than some people post in a month.

  97. Ok so I am not wanted to post comments on an opinion? Thats a bit ridiculous I am not picking arguments marely stating an opinion thought that was what a blog was a bout? But seing as I am not welcome here willi joe for giving an opinion on a blog!! I wont post again but aupport mayo in my own way unreal.

  98. I have not posted 23 posts today? What? Very strange behaviour ti be honest but dont worry i wont par take in this blog as it seems you cant post an opinion even if not meant in offence..

  99. I didn’t say you weren’t welcome to comment here, Clare, I just pointed out how some of your comments were causing unnecessary issues with others. There are house rules for commenting here and one of them is not to cause annoyance to others. And you’re right, you haven’t posted 23 comments today, it’s now 25.

  100. @willie joe way to embarss me in front of the whole blog I thought you did great blog up until now and where fair&equal with commentors on it but that was harsh and I certanily havent commented 23 times in a day I wasnt acusing anyone of being negative just stating my opinion that it was a young team and not to be harsh but oh no cant say that now. But I womt comment again in my’23’ times a day unreal and pretty upset at that .

  101. Didn’t see it but sounds like a good result. Looks like we have a 15 for next weekend who did well but should feel like they need to do better.

    McStay will probably get some criticism for not bringing subs in earlier, but you know, he will have learned at lot about when the right time to pull those lads out.

    Will be interesting to see if they do two matches again next weekend. Shows good organization from the management

  102. Clare – you really do need to give it a break at this stage. I counted every one of those comments and can confirm that daily total for today, which is now 26 (and counting).

  103. I have not commented 26 times also I can even look back on this blog and count it. But if you think Im some horrible one commenting then I clearly wont again I thought a blog was where you gave opinions etc clearly not a bit ridiculous to be honest and counting as you say everyone welcome here but not me clearly Ive only ever been positive and apolagised if ive annoyed someone but definetly havent commented 26 &counting times I will suppport mayo bar this blog in future sad times when you cant just say give the young lads a break and your accussed of starting arguments.

  104. Clare – right, first let’s deal with the number of comments you’ve posted today. Today you posted comments at 9.01, 11.31, 13.00, 14.42, 14.43, 15.50, 16.54, 17.02, 17.28, 18.14, 18.15, 19.01, 19.04, 19.19, 19.35, 19.39, 19.55, 20.48 (twice), 21.45, 21.47, 21.53, 21.54, 22.26, 22.52, 22.54, 23.04 and 23.23. That’s a total of 28 (so I undercounted by one).

    Second, don’t presume for a minute that you know what I think or don’t think. I’ve no opinion on what kind of person you are and I’ve never given any thought to that. What I have given thought to is how your ceaseless posting of comments is disrupting the flow of discussion here.

    It’s clear you haven’t any idea about what’s expected of people posting comments here so I’d encourage you to read the house rules (here) and reflect on them before posting any further comments. I’ve no problem with your taking part in the debate here, by the way, but I will act where I feel it’s necessary to ensure an orderly and reasonable discussion and I’ll make no apologies for intervening in this way.

  105. K 79. I would be in full agreement with your post. We are very light defensively since mullin and keegan have departed. Ok mcbrien may be the glimmer of light. Plunkett to come back. There’s 2 that horan didn’t have at his disposal last year. Dont know what’s the story on Harrison. And as regards the keepers k79 . You are spot on.

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