Team named to face Galway

We’ve just named our team to play Galway tomorrow evening at MacHale Park (throw-in 7.15pm). Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Galway, 2/3/2019): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Donal Vaughan (Castlebar Mitchels); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); James Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole).

So it’s six changes from the side that started against Dublin last Saturday evening. In come David Clarke, Chris Barrett, Stephen Coen, Diarmuid O’Connor, James Durcan and Darren Coen while out go Robbie Hennelly, Ger Cafferkey, Paddy Durcan, Ciaran Treacy, Andy Moran and Brian Reape. Ger, Paddy and Ciaran all went off injured at Croke Park.

It’s a first start in ages for Darren Coen, from memory he last featured for us back in 2014, and it’s also a first start this year, and a League debut to boot, for James Durcan. Diarmuid O’Connor, named at wing-forward, captains the team tomorrow night.

The last time we played Galway in a competitive fixture was last May in the first round of the Connacht championship. Eight of Saturday night’s team – David Clarke, Chris Barrett, Keith Higgins, Colm Boyle, Stephen Coen, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor and Jason Doherty – all started for us on that unhappy day. In addition, three more of the team named for this one – Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan and James Durcan – appeared off the bench for us last May.

The team for the LGFA League Division One fixture against Galway tomorrow evening at MacHale Park (throw-in 5.15pm) has also been announced. This is a much snazzier communiqué, as you can see for yourselves from the tweet below from manager Peter Leahy in which team details are revealed.

72 thoughts on “Team named to face Galway

  1. Paddy durcan must be on the bench, Have to wonder how Stephen Coen continues to feature in every game,, you would always hope that everyone on the panel would get the chance to play, Maigheo abú

  2. Apologies I see I say Paddy is I Hurd, would love to see Darren Coen put in a good shift

  3. Interesting team selection, last week was just a blip.

    Onwards we go again.

    I can’t see a high scoring game, Galway will sit and sit and counter when they can.

    We have to stand up to Galway and let the know it’s our home pitch. No inch given.

  4. I would like to see brendan harrison giving a free role to attack he can score

  5. If D Coen and J Duncan are on panel it makes sense to give them a start.
    I can see merit in retaining Doherty as it would be risky starting with too much inexperience.
    Fionn mcdonagh being retained makes sense. He’s not too far from nailing a summer starting spot and on form doesn’t deserve to lose his place.
    Hard to muster too much enthusiasm for this one after last week though.

  6. I love the ladies teamsheet. They all look so young and good looking. Best wishes to them tomorrow night and for the remaining games. I would encourage as many Mayo supporters to come early and support our girls. Their game will be the more entertaining show in McHale Park tomorrow night I believe. Delighted to see Stephen, James, Darren, Mathew, and Fionn involved

  7. Anyone out in Bekan tonight? 3 out of the 4 schools in the Connacht A semi-finals were from Mayo. St Colman’s beat Rice College and St Gerald’s beat St Jarlath’s Tuam. I think Gerald’s are managed by Daniel Forde (coach for the mayo seniors this year).

    We seem to be dominating the Connacht schools championship the last few years. Hopefully it translates to the county teams in future.

  8. Interesting team selection, can’t say Horan isn’t afraid to try things. I like the look of it, a forward unit packed with pace.

    PJMcManus, you might want to have a rethink on that second sentence of your post, something really wrong with it.

  9. Sean Burke … he has featured in 4 games so far … think other lads deserve a game or 2. Would love to FIONA take a few frees off his left. We can’t be missing them on that side. Teams have copped on that we are poor in that department. Bad return from the right hand side . A positive reaction tomorrow evening is what’s really need.

  10. Time to make a statement tomorrow night. We owe this lot a beating and a good one at that. I’m expecting the experienced players to show leadership tomorrow night. Aidan O Shea and Lee Keegan need to show up tomorrow night and for Gods sake no red cards or stupid black cards. Hit them hard but nothing stupid. Show Galway tomorrow night we are the top guns in Connacht and we are ready for anything they throw at us.

  11. No point in having lads on the panel unless they get an opportunity to show what they can do. Looking forward to seeing Darren Coen and James Durkan. I’m not surprised that Brian Reape didn’t make the team. It would be have been hard to start him after his disappointing display last Saturday.
    I would have liked to see Michael Plunket get another go. I thought he showed well so far and I was a bit surprised he didn’t line out against Dublin.

  12. Hello Willie Joe how come we cannot get reader view on all the articles now? This is handy for the fifty somethings who forget their reading glasses!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  13. I believe there to be a shortage of pacy young full backs and this selection backs this up. The big loser is EOD who seems to be out of favour and hard to see him establishing himself now. There’s a tired old look about our FB line I’m afraid!

    Reape needs to start as we need a new ‘go-to’ man in FF line.

  14. @James Fleming, im not sure I’d want a full back given free reign to attack….this is senior county D1 not and U8’s blitz with 7 a side!

  15. Darren Coen and James Durcan are interesting starters. Both deserve an opportunity. Looks a well balanced team, Barrett certainly needs a run after last weekend’s performance. Discipline important, no black or red cards
    Hopefully weather will improve as evening progresses. Don’t forget the waterproofs

  16. “PJMcManus, you might want to have a rethink on that second sentence of your post, something really wrong with it.”

    Sorry but I laughed

  17. Darren Coen,James Durcan given starts from no NFL,FBD minutes of action this year is a bit strange. Rest of the team probably as expected.

  18. It would interesting to see if Coen drops back and deploy Keith further up the field against the blanket. Delighted to see Diarmuid back and one wonders did Horan decide to simply not play him against Dublin and hold him for this game. A win tomorrow night would be nice.. and give us all a lift

  19. Hope Darren Coen puts in a good night , a forward I’ve always rated . Can score some outrageous points

  20. I feel it is essential that Reaps gets some game time. IMO he is good enough but needs a run of games to get used to the extra pace at county level. I’m sure Horan knows what he is doing with Darren Coen. Discipline is essential. Galway have become adept at the dark arts and draws out opposition players esp. Kerin.

  21. Yes we need to be cute , Galway think they know the craic now but did ya ever look back at out last few encounters and think we could draw them out here and see them get a red or two.

  22. Not sure if horan is dummyteam man or not ? Someone said the forward line has great pace and that’s good if that’s the case as Galway need to be stretched and probed in order to create space. I have said before that I think Andy should start as he is probably one of the very few forwards that Mayo have that can shoot both on instinct and in a silver dollar of space.

    Some have suggested that with the depletion of normal starters in the Galway team that it should be a significant advantage to mayo…. that would be a fair and reasonable argument with a conventional team like Kerry, cork, Dublin or Kildare but with the clam like defensive structure that Galway have adopted I dont think their ability to restrict the oppositions scoring ability has taken much of a dent. When you have almost the entire team hiding in their trenches it will be difficult to breach the bunker. I like Galway but I really hope ye get over the line in this one, o Shea could draw frees against Galway depending on the ref and where he is played. If he is used intelligently he could be the difference.

    I’m at a wedding tomorrow but I will seek out the tv for this one, good luck to all traveling from both counties.

  23. I sincerely hope we stand up for ourselves this time on our home patch. Discipline is key; they will do their utmost to provoke and bully as is their modus operandi – I’d like to see them heading off back down the road tomorrow night with their tails between their legs. Happy to see DOC named as captain. That to me is a signal of intent.

    PJ McManus, the men’s team could probably be regarded as young and good-looking as well, but comments here focus on their sporting ability and not their appearance, which is as it should be. It’s not 1950 any more. I do second your call to get in early and support them; they played phenomenally well last weekend against Dublin and deserve to be supported and critiqued equally – on their sporting ability.

  24. Last summer with two Galway backs on yallas from early on and they weren’t tested once with a high ball.
    They coulda been pushed a lot harder than they were.

  25. – Well I must say I have often seen references to youth and young players on this blog but never seen a reference to good looking players.
    – Guess the cavemen are emerging because spring has arrived.
    – The Mayo WOMEN got a standing ovation when they left the pitch last Sat night as they want for Mayo and snide comments will not bother them.
    – Agree with you Mayomad… well said
    – Best of luck to the Mayo men regardless of whether you are young or good looking.!!! I don’t care once you can play football.

  26. How good are the Galway full back line at dealing with high balls into the square. Can’t remember us testing them at any stage in our last 3-4 encounters. Their goalies is small and isn’t convincing. Aido will surely go in there for 10-15 mins at least.

  27. I’d say the Galway full back would love to mark Aidan, that’s his strength. A fast, elusive forward would cause him more trouble.

  28. If there’s a strong breeze long distance shooting could be very important. Keep our nerve, recycle and get the player into the best position for shooting. Galway had a very strong finish against Kerry so it will be important to have a strong bench

  29. So 9 All stars including 6 out of 7 in defence. Young player of the year is captain and a former player of the year on the bench. Not Bad……
    Darren Coen is a prolific scorer normally, Durcan is fast and tricky, McDonagh is a handful and confident. O Connor to get a free role?
    Midfield still an issue as is free taking. Will Coen take them?
    Bench looks like Hennelly, McLoughlin, Moran, Seamus O Shea, Reape, Not Bad……
    Mayo by 4.

  30. At last Darren Corn gets a start who apparently has been going well at training. James Durkan am interesting selection also.

    Mayo Colleges going well…hope to see Colman’s go on and win it. It’s nn mystery why Jarlaths have declined from the powerhouse they borders. They had it long enough.

  31. In fairness the lads aren’t great looking !!.. Don’t think PJ meant anything bad or disrespectful .. Move on .. Good performance tomorrow evening and I’ll be happy .. We’re safe in the league , lots of different faces each game .. Ya we were very poor last week but this year for me is about winning Connaught and maybe more . Since when did we care so much about the league only to stay up .

  32. Jarlath’s phased out boarders so probably only drawing from the locals. In the good old days the best kids in Connacht would board there. Padraig Brogan was probably one of their best ever he may have helped St Joseph’s instead if he made a different choice

  33. A few petty posts above on PJ’s comment harmless stuff, and not a word would be said if it were the Men described as Good looking !! everything is so PC nowadays!!

    Anyways I thought we might see Conor Diskin this weekend, is he injured does anyone know??
    Eoin O’Donoghue seems to have fallen out of favour with management after having such a great year in 2018.

  34. PC world…come on PJ you can’t go around calling girls good looking anymore :/ Anyway good luck to our Ladies and Men’s teams tomorrow.

  35. It’s either a dummy team or else James believes we’ve done enough already to stay in division 1 and wants to give youth a chance blooding lads with more than one eye on the championship. It’s the only way to go to freshen things up. Despite what you are led to believe this is not a must win game for Mayo. This is a must find new players game. Best way to know if they’ll cope is to throw them out there and see. Championship is all that matters.

  36. PJ, if you said young and fit I would be really worried.
    TH, if colm Boyle was called good lucking, there would be hope for us yet. Don’t enough of the ethics classes lately, the world when it losses it’s humour wil be a very boring place.

  37. Thought we’d see Plunkett back. Was disappointed we didn’t see him last week. Not surprised to see some surprises but didn’t see this line-up coming. Still would like Drake to get a little action. Time’s winding down.

  38. This game is most definitely the one game Mayo
    Would have been training for and hopefully they will dismantle Galways defensive system .
    We need to at least break even in Midfield where
    We’ve struggled against Galway the last couple of years .The fear is still there as we’ve selected
    Clarke in goal despite Hennelly having his best game for Mayo .We cannot concede this area to them short kick outs May work in Croke Park but
    It will be hard to work the ball through Galway rigid lines in McHale Park .

  39. They’re all lovely girls Ted. I don’t think PJ meant
    Any harm at least I hope he didn’t but I don’t think he did. The Mayo ladies are a credit to our county anytime I watch them it’s for their footballing ability which they have in spades. I’m a bit baffled as to why Eoin O Domoghue isn’t getting a look in he played very well in defence for us last year and scored some very important points maybe he has an injury concern?

  40. Belmullet backs always very good. Donohue and Harrison are our best two full backs. Barrett not far off it. Very clever. Street wise!. Full back? Don’t know. Half backs are the best in the country. Midfield is a work in progress. Forwards are only good if supported by our half backs. Overall not a bad team but need to stop giving the ball away. Cut out the errors

  41. Pjs comments more to do with the managers extravagant presentation of the Mayo selection than any sexist intention. Maybe men’s game could do with a bit of this also. Nothing wrong with showing a bit more polish in how our games are presented.

  42. I had a laugh at PJ’s comment too! So out of place to his normal posts and do out of place it was funny. Can’t see any harm meant and sure most of us would love to be called good looking 😉 Young would be good as well!! Maybe PJ is ‘young and good looking’ too?!
    We better win tomorrow. Need the buzz back. Can’t predict much improvement in crowd enthusiasm with the lovely weather forecasted. I’m just happy there is no Declan Kyne. Gets away with murder.

  43. Darren Coen I’m pretty sure set a scoring record last year across league and championship with plenty of it from play. He would also solve the left footed frees problem.
    Freetaking crucial against a blanket team.

  44. Can’t understand some peoples comments on stephen coen.
    He has being playing mostly out of position the last few years and just gets on with.
    He marked connolly in an allireland didnt give him an inch.
    He young and has plenty of experience and think he will be a real leader in the years to come.
    Give the lad a break.
    Also has being used by 3 different managements,
    They all can’t be wrong.

  45. Worth noting that Stephen Coen is the only man to have Captained all Ireland winning Minor, Under 21 and Sigerson level teams. That’s an accolade that’s likely to stand for some time. Sure he makes the odd mistake but he is a proven leader.

  46. Glad to see Horan continue with the blooding of new players and it’s strange to see some people questioning this. Wasn’t the biggest criticism of Rochford his not introducing new players. The building of a panel is surely our biggest priority in the short to medium term.
    Sadly it seems poor PJ did not get the memo about modern commentary. Some of those girls may be young and some of them maybe good looking, but you cannot say that, even if it’s true. If Aiden O’Shea decided to identify as female and tog out for the ladies this evening you must applaud his bravery and berate the phobics who question the unfairness of what he’s doing. Now head over to Twitter PJ, attach a hashtag to your name and prepare for public lynching by your forward thinking betters…

  47. Agree with that all41n14all. His biggest fault though is that he ghosts unnoticed into great positions in front of goal and doesn’t finish. A wide from him in the cavan game was actually a point from my vantage point, he disputed it but everyone else because of his past record assumed it was wide and just carried on.
    Team named is a very interesting selection, I’ve been calling for players to get a chance for the past few years so I’m not complaining. Panel needs to be strengthened and this is the way to try and do it.
    Hope the ladies can back up last weeks gutsy performance, were poor against tipp and won, were outstanding v dub and lost.
    No need to be rushing in early this evening pj, I’m sure Olive or Anne Marie will keep you a good seat. Be careful if they offer you anything to eat though.

  48. Jesus, we are all turning into over sensitive creatures, nothing wrong with a bit of praise for players either male or female, could be saying much worse.
    To tonights game, we really need the forwards to score, this will be dependant on conditions, I will be looking to see if the new guys can score from the 50 as Galway will lock down the area inside their 45 metre line.
    We were all looking for new players to be tried and tested, Horan has certainly delivered on this.

  49. Liam
    I generally defend AOS in all cases but if he togs out for the wemon I’m done.

  50. From my reading of it, PJ’s remark was an innocent one – perhaps too innocent – with no malice intended. Maybe it’s best for everyone to leave off on hanging further jokes around it and move on.

  51. @Pj
    We spend the year talking about the age profile of the men’s senior team and everyone wishing for a younger team. 1 comment about the ladies age and there is suddenly a problem with that. I don’t think so.
    Oh, and how dare you say they are good looking. What posessed you to throw that shocking insult at them.
    If our senior mens team was filled with 21 year old hunks we would be selling calenders of them to raise funds.

    I’m glad Sinead37, yes you Sinead, you good looking young thing. I’m glad you jumped in and described Pj’s comment for what it was. A compliment.

    PC gone bananas.
    From now on the following words cannot be used when commenting on either the male or female county teams. Or should that be mens or women’s county teams. Or should that be ladies and gentleman’s county teams.

    Good looking

    If political correctness was butter, some people would be using 11 lb’s of butter for every slice of bread.

  52. Revelino and Sinead, I agree with you both.

    Ah Now, I was standing behind the Albany end goal on the stand side as Coen kicked…it went over. The linesman was wrong and as you rightly noted, Coen disputed it. It was a point. I’ve been both a fan and critic of Coen but his showings in 2019 have been a decent improvement. If he had more pace he’d be nailed on as a starter in our defence. He can work on that. Is very strong and excellent tackler when gets in close. Anyone who was in tuam a few wks back might remember him putting a halt to Michael Daly in impressive fashion.

    On Reape, id defo be giving him time on the pitch. He looks like a guy who has a lot of natural forward qualities but also someone not used to this level, which is understandable. The reality is we have a major shortage of natural finishers. He had a rude awakening in croker last week. He will learn, I hope.

    Echo sentiments re: EOD. And thought we’d see more of Boland.

    Plunkett too has proven he has the quality and footballing intelligence for this level. Looks a useful no.6 perhaps

    Lookimg forward to this eve.

  53. JP – I thought Darren Coen was right footed? Or does he still take frees with the left?

  54. From what I’ve seen of Darren Coen he is probably the most two footed player on the panel. I remember him being comfortable with both.

  55. Come on mayo let that be our battle cry this evening shout and support. Our team mayo

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