Team named to play Derry

We’ve just named our team to play Derry on Sunday. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Derry, 17/3/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Aaron McDonnell (Ballinrobe), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Staphenites); Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s three changes from the side that started the last day against Roscommon. In come Aaron McDonnell, with the Ballinrobe player making his National League debut, Matthew Ruane and Tommy Conroy, while out go Jack Coyne, Eoghan McLaughlin and Paul Towey.

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  1. Best of luck guys! And to Aaron mcdonnell making his debut he’s a promising young player!

    Great to see hession starting.
    Still going with a mayo win!

    Be interesting to see derry team..!

  2. Good team, only Durcan and McBrien really missing, hopefully Carr and O Hora are in subs, if Derry field near full team also should be a great game.

  3. I think it’s time we got an indication of when McBren and. Durcan will be back. Bit like the Horan era they say ‘close’ when asked….but what does that mean?

  4. Spotlight, as long as they’re right for championship, that’s all that matters.
    On the team for Sunday, I’d be surprised if there’s not another couple of changes – in the forwards in particular. Surely Cillian needs a start, and probably Towey too to give him another chance to show if he does or doesn’t have enough.

  5. Disappointed in that team selection. Obviously I don’t know the fitness status of the panel. Surely McHale deserves a run instead of Boland or Flynn? Flynn and ROD were probably out two best forwards last year, they’ve played alot of minutes already this year, Flynn to me looks la break would do him good. If that team starts, then theirs no doubt that McStay wants another league title on his CV!!!! Hope Carr comes in for Ryan, and Flynn gets a rest. We’ll wait and see……

  6. Agree Margie; Jordan uses up a huge amount of energy, and it’s important that he is allowed pace himself.

  7. Excited to see how McDonnell goes.
    He’s been the guy making the bench in that position week after week. A little surprising he hasn’t gotten minutes already.
    Presumably Coyne has a knock of sort. Hopefully not serious.

    This is a really good test for us, and I’d imagine we’ll embrace that. I think Derry will see this as an opportunity to reinforce their credentials. You don’t win All Irelands anymore without beating Mayo on route. Remember Tralee two years ago and how big a victory that was for Jack O’Connor.

    And if that is their attitude then we need to respond by laying down a marker of our own: You do not come to our house and make statements.

    All going well Sunday evening will be the kind of game you’d hope a league final to be. This is an opportunity to get a real thorough examination before championship.

    And I think we’ll win. But most important imo is we maintain the Roscommon performance levels. That’s what we’ll need to do come championship. Perform to high level every two weeks.

  8. If we got hammered by a full force Derry team with a trial team like the one v Tyrone I’d imagine the comments that would come out after it I think it’s def the right team for this one.

    I still don’t think we will get to a league final even if we beat Derry. It’ll be a Dubs v Derry final.

    This is a great chance to see where our near championship team are at against derry who are flying and the top team of the league weather they can keep it up till summer is another question..

  9. Hopefully Aido might gesture to the crowd more than once this weekend lets see him get 2 scores from play or a few marks at least.No Cillian or Towey again no faith in them forwards or McStays starting 15 to land Sam.

  10. Very few are expecting Mayo to win Sam this year Achill75. Are there a set of forwards in Mayo that you would have faith in?

  11. Interesting selection No seemed to be forced due to injury, rarely start as selected under this management and this match will probably be no different .

  12. No guarantee thats the team that will start. They wouldn’t name McDonnell and then of start him, would they? After the substitution of Towey two minutes into the second half, I hope some lesson was learned.
    I’d be resting Conroy and starting Towey. Coen doing OK at 6 but hopefully McBrein will be back for one more shot at CHB before we fine tune our staring 15.

  13. @cullmore Ruane surely can’t be a first team starter given his form since 2021, impact sub at best.

  14. I’m fine with the backs selected, those might be the fittest available at the minute. Also happy to see Ruane get game time in midfield. For Carney and the forwards, any or all could be rested to give others a chance. The counter argument to mine is change it too much and things can break down badly .. also don’t know who’s fit there so let’s see what happens. I’d hope there will be up to 6 changes or at the very least early subs coming on for 2nd half. Easier to change things before throw in than mid game when ye might be taking of lads doing very well.

  15. @Moose79 . Your spot on , IF Ros and Mon beaten before our game starts you could see more changes.
    I think we will see more changes before throw in regardless so not going to stress over a team that may or may not start for a game we don’t have to win

  16. Can’t see how we couldn’t be in the league final if we beat Derry and Monaghan. Would have the head to head on Derry and Dublin.

  17. The sub bench will be very interesting and will tell us something about some injuries
    Expect changes before throw in

  18. The very best of luck on Sunday, hope our injures aren’t too serious, but time will soon tell ,hopefully it will be a good game it would be great to get the two points at home, Hon Mayo

  19. I think everyone is happy enough with the backline, its starting Flynn and ROD that I have an issue with. Fact is, by the looks of that team McStay is getting giddy again after beating the rossies, I genuinely think he can’t himself when theirs a chance of playing in a league final and the media spot light it brings (for all of 5 minutes).

    What if Derry beat us comfortably with us putting out our strongest available team? How would that look? Not great i think, and its a strong possibility.

    What if ROD or Flynn got injured? and I’d genuinely worry for @Clare’s well being if poor Colm Reape got injured!!. A smart manager or a manager willing to sacrifice his reputation for a few weeks, would keep a few nailed on championship starters (ryan,Jordan, Reape, Sam) up his sleeve, and try to build as deep a panel as possible. Minutes shoud be given to lads like Cillian, Hennelly, McHale, Plunkett and Irwin.

    If this team starts, it reeks of a manager who is insecure and lacks the foresight to see the bigger picture. We’re already safe, no need to be risking our now most lethal forward. We are at nothing without Ryan, McStay is taking a massive risk on a meaningless game.

  20. You really have an axe to grind with McStay.

    David Clifford is starting for Kerry this weekend, McGuigan will be starting for Derry.

    Flynn and ROD are both 25, in peak physical condition and just had two weeks off. Let them play and keep up their match sharpness.

  21. At this stage – a key question is do we or do we not want to play in League final?

    The answer to that and as a result to further down the line come League Final and Championship determines who is selected and in what games and for how long on the day.

    It is a fine line I guess but that is where you seperate an intelligent manangement team from an average one.

  22. If we are fine-tuning a team and bench for the championship, then there is only so much experimenting you can do. Otherwise it’s pointless and you are learning nothing.
    Derry are a great yardstick to where we are at. We can’t waste the opportunity by putting out anything less than our probable championship team less injured players.

  23. The chances of that team starting is slim given we nearly always make changes to the “named” starting 15.

    If it does we are clearly trying to win the league and that’s fair enough. Not an issue like last year with way fixtures fall after.
    The big concern for me is that it essentially means we are going after Sam with same team as last year + Fergal, the squad hasn’t been really developed any further when look at game time additional players have received.

  24. Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

    Make a raft of changes and people would complain that it’s hard for players to shine. Don’t make enough and you aren’t finding players or giving people a chance.

    McStay has already said that 12 or so of his championship team is known, subject to injury. These matches are finalising the other three spots and continuing to coach a style of play.

  25. Wow, two feet in with studs showing there Margie. I wouldn’t be making any assumptions about the named team v the team that starts tomorrow just yet. As you say yourself let’s judge this team and management on championship performances and results in the next few weeks. The sooner this shambles/farce/non event of a league is over the better.

  26. @MayoMayo1 agree with you!

    Don’t want to be in a league final either but if we are so be it.. Our downfall last year wasn’t because we won the league it was our loss to Cork that got rid of whatever confidence we had we were doomed ever since we lost that match.

    Kerry have named a strong team including Clifford as others have said I’m sure the dubs will name a strong team today to no harm in naming a strong team v Derry need to see where we are at also we’ve had a 2 week break so they will be eager to play let them at it.

  27. I hope McDonnell starts and gets the next match too to see what he’s like. Hope Monaghan aren’t mathematically gone this weekend so they have something to play for.

    Id rest Flynn (agree he’s well able to play but tactically/strategically I’d not even have him tog). I would start Carney though cos he’s not shown the level that Flynn has yet. Id throw Bob in the middle with Jack and it’d be a real test for them against a tough mature midfield. It’d be a lesson with useful learnings. I don’t think Bob’s S&C is where it needs to be yet. Would hope to see him with a lot more tough meat on him next February!

    These next two games are all about trying out players and tactics. Avoid injury, but only so much control you have over that.

  28. If the panel is fit and well I have no issue playing a league final as this year is different to last year and there is no point looking back and doing the ifs/buts and whataboutery. I do however would like to see game time for several players who could and probably will play a part in championship. Play the extended panel and if that brings us to a league final so be it. As a few have pointed out no other teams appear to be making wholesale changes over a few games (bar the odd instance). So for us Mayo have been competitive against the teams you want them to be competeitive against (Galway, Ros, Dublin, Kerry) – I think Derry will be on that list to as they seen as contenders.

  29. @The Maroon River…..ah now it was only my left foot that had studs showing!!.

    But your right, I always judge a managment team on championship performance. Comparing us to Dublin and Kerry players starting in league is chalk and cheese. Both of them literally waltz through they’re provincials. Meeting no D1 teams, we potentially have two D1 teams to play, starting next month. Its incomparable to what the other two face.

    Ryan has played alot of football this winter when you include the Sigerson. Jordan has featured in every league game so far. These are probably our most consistent forwards, why would they be risked in a meaningless game so close to Roscommon.

    What “learnings” will be taken from them starting? Jordan looks like he needs a break. Once the NY game is over it will be full tilt for Roscommon. I agree with Tommy and Ruane starting, they need minutes and confidence.

    I just think its a wasted oppurtunity to test a couple more squad players against top opposition, and rest a couple of our best players, before the real stuff starts against Roscommon.

    We’ll only truly learn where we’re at when the final whistle is blown in the hyde.

  30. now it might not go down too well, but my thoughts are we should let this one go. If Derry go full tilt which I think they will chances are we will pick up injuries. If we also beat derry chances are we will get to the final and if you get to a league final, do you want to win it ofcourse.which in my view would lead to more injuries and jaded players. Bye-bye to a decent championship. I would like a fully fit fresh team going into the championship.

  31. Valentino – surely Derry could pick up injuries too if they go full tilt.. Why would we be more prone to them than others?

    Paddy Durcan injured himself in training (during a break week), Diarmuid O’Connor injured himself 5 minutes into the Tyrone game.

    Injuries can and will happen unfortunately. Wrapping lads in cotton wool and then throwing them into a championship game when they’re lacking match fitness is probably more likely to lead to an injury.

    We seem to be far more worried about lads getting tired/injured than other counties for some reason? Think I read a few weeks ago that Brian Fenton has started every league game under Dessie Farrell (5 seasons)

  32. @Margie: Not sure I understand asking ‘what learnings can be taken’ when Jordan is playing a fairly different role (despite being in the same position) when we’re attacking into a set defence.

    Our wing forwards are hugging wide to the touchline, giving us much more width than we’ve played with in the past, as others load forward giving us more depth to help stretch defences (at least in theory). In our current position where the new system clearly still needs some tweaking and improvements (hard to know from the outside if that’s mostly tactical tweaks by management, better execution by players [certainly a major factor in a few of the games] or a combination of the two. Likely a combination) plenty of significant benefits having likely first teamers like Jordan getting time to work on it.

    The setup looked to work well in the one game we got our intensity right (Roscommon, and a second half against Kerry after a nightmare first half) so you’d hope there’s potential there. Really hard to judge on a single game though and tough to measure the success of tactical tweaks like that when basics like enough energy/intensity/tackles were missing in some of the earlier games (even in the win against Dublin we didn’t get near where we’d hope to be) so plenty of reason they’d want (and gain from) keeping our wing forwards relatively settled.

  33. Derry there might be an exception this year because of who is the manager and they may very well pay a big price for it later on in the season. winner’s last year Dublin cruised through and rested Lots of players playing in division two. Kerry last year especially rested a lot of key players early and on the other hand mayo went for it, and fair play to them, won a league title, but tiredness got them in the end as they became very flat.

  34. Slightly off topic but im not buying all this Derry are going to win the all ireland talk by a lot of commentators amd journos . They are a very decent side but have it all to prove as of yet . Just cause youre closest to Dubs and Kerry doesnt mean youre actually capable of beating both of them . If Galway get their injured players back , id have them ahead of Derry . We are still probably ahead of Galway in a one off game but not in rankings is the conclusion ive come to anyway .

    Has the derry team been announced yet ?

  35. Derry are a very solid team set up well tactically, with a good strong midfield and an excellent forward with some good supporting cast.
    But depth for them is an issue, their teams not named yet but will be soon I’d imagine. They could go full hog like we are doing with pretty much our championship team named (that’s available), or try and use the opportunity to develop squad depth. Which would be my preference if I was Derry man.

    Carr will likely get time tomorrow to see how goes, it looks like our forwards have been more or less determined for championship and their sub replacements.

  36. Doesn’t make sense, but I’m going for Galway to beat Dubs. They need points desperately, because Monaghan could beat Tyrone, and beat Mayo unless Mayo are really up for it.

  37. Im with ya Catcol, I Just don’t see Dublin being as up for this one. Galway will nick it.

  38. @Thedarkyfinn: They’ve done very well to stay within 4 points at half-time given the breeze against them in the first. They’d be relatively delighted with the scoreline. They’ve been opened up a few too many times to be happy with the performance mind.

    Some very uncharacteristic misses (multiple balls dropped short to the keeper, tap over free hitting the post and another wide) & some really sloppy handling in the latter part of the half from Dublin keeping them in it, I guess. Hard to see them coming back in the second alright, despite being in touching distance on the scoreboard.

  39. It’s early days. Are Dublin playing the football that mayo were playing this time last year and we all know how that ended up. Its all about championship now and preparation for it.

  40. That’s one way of looking at it, but it’s looking depressingly like they’ll be putting together another 3 or 4 in a row. Hope we avoid a league final at all costs, another trimming off Dublin wouldn’t be the best preperation for the championship.

  41. They looked to be playing in cruise control today, new players being blooded with meaningful game time and some old heads to come back if needed.
    I see your point Craggy, but they can afford to do so and recoup if needed during provincial rounds as Leinster so poor.

  42. Giz. Absolutely. They and kerry can come out of their provinces with practicality a B team.

  43. Talk of Dublin, Kerry and Derry being the big 3 nationally seems quite disrespectful to Dublin IMO.

  44. Mayo are up there,I am more than confident that we will beat Derry and keep the critics silent for another few weeks,Mayo by six

  45. Looks like Derry have full team for tomorrow, Mayo must also field strongest team and treat it like a knockout game, great way to know where we are at.

  46. Whilst Dublin are indeed top class, one can’t ignore that the majority of the first 21 players for championship are 28 or older.
    If Dublin u27 played Dublin over 27, the over 27s would win pulling up. That’s not the same in most of the other top counties.

  47. Right, that’s Monaghan down. Only one place left on the trapdoor now. If the Rossies fail to beat Kerry in the early match tomorrow we’re safe with two matches to play.

  48. @jp that’s what makes it even more depressing if I’m being honest, and lays clear the current quality of the opposition out there. Dublin streets ahead of everyone, with a team made up of crucial players heading for 30 or the wrong side of 30.

  49. I thought Monaghan were going to do another rabbit from the hat job and made a good effort at it on a terrible night played on the swamp.
    There are other teams I’d prefer to see going south.

  50. If we win our last 2 games and hope kerry drop a point or have very narrow wins then we are into league final against Dubs….that’s what we should be aiming for….

  51. @lahanman a trimming from the Dubs one week before championship in a league no one cares less about?

  52. Brian. I would be expecting us to go out and have a real shot at beating Dubs in final. The championship doesn’t start in reality until June. Anyway the Newyork trip is just a junket and we won’t be caught by Roscommon again this year.

  53. TG4 League table shows Galway on 3 points. Am I raving or did they not beat Tyrone, Monaghan and draw with the Rossies. Giving them 5.

  54. Galway are shite lads. Even with all the injuries they are a poor outfit. Derry, with a full team, are at least 6 or 7 points better than us. Dubs for sam. Unfortunately.

  55. Glad to see we aren’t the only team getting a roasting off Darragh Canavan. He is sublime, a joy to watch

  56. Division 1 will be very tough next year, with armagh and donegal going up it will be imo the best 8 teams in the country in it next year

  57. Worry about next year when the time comes. I don’t believe in throwing games but would like to give absolutely loads of fringe players a go. I think League Final is only 1 week after the League Final game which is tricky with recovery and travel. It’s not the same Banana skin as Ros last year but not ideal in the overall scheme. The GAA had made a complete mess of the fixtures 2 years running. Good performances are desirable. Hopefully Boland and Flynn rested. We know they’re in anyway come championship. Aido, we know what he brings too, give Cillian a chance. Carr for minutes if fit.

  58. Monaghan gone , rossie s gone by time we throw in so get gametime into legs .
    1. Reape
    2. Mcdonnell
    3. Brick
    4. O hora
    5. Coen
    6. Sam
    7. Hess
    8. Donnacha mchugh , manmark glass
    9. Jack
    10 . Loftus
    11. Boland
    12. Flynn
    15 . ROD

    Tommy C to get full game v monaghan and new York but in deeper role.
    Tomorrow not a day for aido, mchale maybe better option than cillian but now that we safe and option of final get minutes into our main man.
    Loftus can be game changer if given time and he’s mad keen to prove himself so I’d give him start at 10 .
    It’s all good were staying up and have free pop at a final with nothing to loose with a trip to New York which only is a PR exercise why not go play a league final if its there for taking .

  59. Not sure you’ll see O’Hora outside the boot. The likes of Hunt, Plunkett, O’Donoghue and Coyne more likely to get game time.

    I’d have went with McHale or Irwin at 10/11 today. Towey, Carr and Quinn also need time.

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