Team named to play Dublin

Graphic: @Granuaile4Mayo

We’ve finally named our team to play Dublin at Croke Park in this evening’s All-Ireland semi-final. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC semi-final v Dublin, 14/8/2021): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Lee Keegan (Westport), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Darren McHale (Knockmore); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy, captain), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So, the rumours – and there were plenty of them flying around the last few days – were correct. Oisín Mullin – the 2020 Young Footballer of the Year and a man who has become key for us in such a short space of time – is out, with Eoghan McLaughlin coming into the half-back line. Kevin McLoughlin also starts, with Bryan Walsh dropping out. Aside from that it’s the same team as that which started against Galway, albeit with a few positional switches.

The best of luck to James and the lads this evening.

220 thoughts on “Team named to play Dublin

  1. Best of luck to James and the lads. Losing Cillian and Oisín is a terrible blow but we know Mayo will soldier on.

  2. Bad luck for Oisin. Good to see Brendan Harrison named. Delighted to have got a ticket. Nervous but can’t wait ……go do battle girls & boys….’ Hon Mayo

  3. You sound very downbeat Willie Joe. Keep the faith my man and thanks very much for all your great work this year. You’ll have a very busy 3 weeks ahead of you I’m sure 🙂

  4. Here’s hoping for a miracle. A monsoon miracle or a McHale miracle or a Mathew miracle or McLaughlin and McLoughlin miracle Or Mirabile dictu a Mullin miracle. Strange things happen in sport. It would have to be .

  5. Tks W .J. for all the great work and all great posts too.
    We’ll get over the 1st (semi) Final today and onn to 2nd Final on Sept 4th.? Let’s dance!!!

  6. Heads up.
    Plenty of guys that get goals.
    Rain due to get heavy around 7pm.
    It could be messy conditions if it goes to extra time, given the women’s game also taking place.

  7. Doubt if the team as stated above will be the one that starts , personally i would have loved to have seen McLoughlin introduced into the game as an impact player with 20 minutes to go.

  8. No much point bemoaning the absentees now. All we can do is get behind the lads that take the field.

    Dirty wet day. Make it into a brawl and see where it takes us.

    Up Mayo!!

  9. If Harrison on the bench, expect to see him on pitch fairly early in this game, he might even start. We need to shore up the defence and Harrison will be needed.

  10. Great to see Harrison back, if he is named in 26 then he is obviously good to go

    Miserable day here in Dublin at the minute, hopefully it’s lashing this evening, if it’s a dogfight we can prevail

    Chat yis on the other side.
    Hitting the boars head here shortly for a lunchtime pint of porter to settle the nerves 🙂

  11. Team wise as good as could be expected under the circumstances. Great to see Harrison on the bench.
    Best of luck to both teams and management today.

  12. Best of luck to all the players and management.
    Maybe we’ll have a good day with the shooting boots and we need to I think.
    We’re surely fit enough and we have a young average age profile, so energy should be no issue.
    I hope Robbie launches all his kickouts as far as he can drive them. Clean fetching won’t be easy with the greasy conditions.
    Short kickouts, inviting pressure and possibly turnovers on these leading to easy scores, not the way to go.
    Exceptional performance required.
    Very proud to be contesting another all Ireland semi final and very proud of our team and county.
    I hope we see some magic this evening.
    Spare nothing and leave no survivors.
    Hon yea good things.

  13. If this young Mayo team stops the Dubs today with no Clarke, Vaughan, Higgins, Parsons, O’Shea, Barrett, O’Connor and Mullins we should be heading to Croker on September 4th confident of finally completing the job. I believe we can. Muigheo abú

  14. Best of luck to the both teams today.
    We can only play with the cards in the deck and unfortunately Mullin ain’t one of them.
    Think we could do with a bit more of a physical presence around the middle third so maybe Jordan will start.

  15. Lets look at the Mayo positives Today. Its a Team and Panel Effort, No Team can rely on one Player. Cillian was lost to us after the League, what happened? Other players have stepped up to do the scoring most notably Ryan and Darren. Its unbelievable Hard luck on Oisin and I hope he recovers soon. Yet this Mayo Team never surrender, never gives up . Its in our DNA. This gives another player notably Eoghan a start. What a player to have im sure he is chomping at the bit to have a cut at the Dubs. This is a Panel game with most Teams using for 70 plus minutes plus extra time in some cases All their Subs. Mayo have a strong Bench just look at it. Coen, Carr, O Se and Walsh can All score. Hession, Boyler and Harrisson are powerful defenders and are able to bomb forward. This Mayo Team has what it takes lets just make use of our great footballers. Mix up the play with high bombs into the Dublin Square and really test Comerford. Press high on the Dublin kickouts and squeeze the space. The experience is there and now its mixed with youth, pace and skill. Dublin wont have Caffrey, Cluxton, Mc Mennamon (to a degree). They are there for then taking. Go out Mayo and Believe Play our Running game, stop the soft Goals, test Comerford with the high ball onto Aido and make hay in the Rain!
    The very best of luck to our Ladies Team Today.
    Safe Travelling to All.
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  16. Tommy Goals should capitalize on any confusion or panic in the dubs back line. It will be interesting to see the match ups now Oisin Mullin is out of the picture. I’m still unsure of Lerroy’s man marking abilities personally. I was at the 2019 semi final and Con o callaghan got the better of him that day.
    Up Mayo!

  17. Just don’t know where our scores are going to come from on the bench if we’re in a tight spot with 10 to go. Tommy Conroy needs to have the game of his life – is that likely to happen on a wet day against Cooper, Fitzsimmons etc?

  18. Tyrone have came out with a statement saying that they are not in a position to field a team next weekend. And will not be honouring the fixture. Even bigger game today now I think

  19. I was hoping for an early blitz playing the way we played the 2nd half v Galway, but OM loss is a big hit.. I can see us living with them for 50 as usual. Our bench needs to make the difference today. Dubs bench isn’t as strong as it was so maybe..
    Dubs will be chomping for this. If our FF line clicks, who knows… Safe travelling all and best of luck to both teams.

  20. All – just a quick housekeeping note for later. On past evidence, there’s a possibility that there could be some trolling comments posted during or after the game. If so, then please ignore them and don’t respond in any way. This kind of activity is the online equivalent of faecal matter on your shoe and should be treated as such. If you rise to the bait then I just have more dogshit to clean up so please just ignore it and carry on with the normal discussion. Thanks.

  21. What chance Dublin would have got a two week delay if they were in the same situation , now if Tyrone only had were willing to spend £10.000

  22. Please stop calling him Tommy Goals. Let the young lad develop naturally ..

    Best of luck to Mayo today. I cant see any way they can win without Oisin and Cillian but hope springs eternal.
    Hope they can keep Con quiet ..

  23. The GAA need to move the other semi final. Sure who knows, when it gets close to the final one of the teams could get struck down by covid although in the south when you are vaccinated you don’t need to self isolate. Don’t know if that is in line with what the GAA have or what they have up north

  24. Saw that WJ. Tyrone were looking for another week I think. Any chance they’re bluffing. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  25. I feel sorry for Oisin Mullin and wish him well in his recovery. You’d feel sorry for Tyrone too after winning Ulster not being able to contest the semi final Kerry will be in a final undercooked but fresh and rearing to go. All I ask of Mayo today is to concede no cheap soft goals and a goal or two for Aidan O Shea would be good no more than myself he’s not getting any younger so today is a day for him to roll back the years

  26. Do Dublin want to be beaten by Mayo(subliminally of course )?

    There’s got be a certain fatigue underneath the persistent winning
    ”Oh no,it’s hard hitting Mayo again”

    There’s got to be an acknowledgement that despite being the greatest team to ever play Gaelic football they have been relentlessly hounded by Mayo and forced to come up with difficult answers time and time again. And they have. Every single time.

    And yet Mayo are still here,probing, asking difficult questions, relentless ( if not ruthless)And they seem like they always will be waiting in ambush.

    There’s an energy expenditure in maintaining this unbeaten streak.
    Its invisible and of course it is unacknowledged.Even the unacknowledging bit is a little energy sink of it’s own. You can compartmentalise as an individual for a period of time but as a changing team,over a decade ??

    Reality has a way of reasserting itself. Fantasies don’t go on forever. Systems and seasons of the universe have a way of causing shocks that in retrospect are not shocks at all.

    I mean Cluxton,McCaffrey,Mannion,Michael Daragh,Brogans,Connolly,
    McMenamin,Andrews and other nemeses are no longer here.

    Cillian ,Mullin, Doherty,David Clarke Andy,Tom Parsons,Seamie,Higgins,Barrett and Donie are not there.

    The universe is in a constant state of change. Time waits for nobody.

    And history rhymes.

    Mayo could go down badly in the first half but rise Sphinx like from the ashes in the second half to make the greatest comeback in the history of Gaelic football. Better even than prior comebacks against Dublin.

    I don’t see it happening the other way i.e.Dublin playing badly in the first half and not getting it together in the second half and Mayo holding on. But it could.

    And Kerry await in the final.

    Maybe it won’t be today. But maybe it will ?

  27. Dreamysleepy…. Carr well able to come off the bench and get scores as is D. Coen and Walsh. People worrying too much about the last 10mins, the third quarter is the most important stage in the game and one where we have come unstuck before. we need to come through the third quarter in a good position and not chasing the game. We come into the final 15 mins level or ahead then im confident we now have the athleticism in the team to pull away.

  28. Irrespective of how today goes, we are so bloody lucky to have this fine bunch of men giving us these days out. The future is looking great as well, long may it continue.

    Even before Oisin’s injury I expected Dublin by 5/6 and I think that will be the case. The way the weather is looking who knows?

  29. All Ireland Champions 2021* would go nicely along with National league Champions 2001* stranger things have happened

  30. I never crossed the bridge at Bellecorick without being confident no different today, we will win, up Mayo

  31. Aiden’s team talk before CF  ” to win the All-Ireland this year we will gave to do it the hard way, beat 3 top teams in Galway, Dublin and Kerry. Think of the satisfaction this will bring once achieved”

    Today’s team talk:
    “One down, two to go.
    Make no mistake, Dublin are not on the wane, strong as ever but for the first time we are even on our benches. They have enough all-Irelands, they can now fcuk off.
    We need to hammer in 2 or more goals, only way to win this game. So what if they get one back.

    Cillian and Oisin being out, the climb got steeper. So what, we have talent of a different type. Get over this game and we will have Oisin for the final. C’mon Mayo.”

  32. It’s not likely to happen dreamy…..until it does…has has that ability…if they get the supply he that line can all do it…

  33. Tommy us such a talent……so fast, so dangerous……but hot and cold to date…….Could this be the day he puts in the match of his life ?…….2 goals, a few points…….That’ll do nicely…….

  34. That’s exactly right, Seán Óg. Thank you for this wonderful blog, Willie Joe. Quotes from Mark Twain & Alexander Pope in the comments! Go n-éirí leis an dhá foireann Maigh Eo inniu.

  35. Good man Corick Bridge – win this one and the next and maybe there’s cause for adding the final block?

  36. Best of luck to both Mayo teams today! Hopefully we will have the better edge in terms of the subs brought on, coming down the final stretch. Maigh Eo Abú!

  37. The hour grows near.

    Good luck folks.

    Ironically, I’m watching this from the foothills of Mwealrea. Second best place in the world to be today.

  38. Outrageous that Tyrone were forced to withdraw like that. 20 players with covid in their panel. How on earth could they field a team with 6 days grace?
    Unbelievable ignorance from the GAA not to postpone for another week.
    I can guarantee you one thing, if it was kerry who had the outbreak the GAA would postpone the match till Christmas if they had to in order to protect their potential kerry v Dublin final.
    What a joke.

  39. I dis agree,what happens if Kerry have an outbreak next week,do we wait another week and move all Ireland forward another week,Tyrone had this problem against Monaghan,didn’t fix it obviously didn’t get vaccinated
    Out with them and good luck

  40. Hard luck Mayo ladies let’s hope the
    Lads can up one better it’s a huge ask but
    You never know

  41. Are the ladies rules different to the men’s, is a hold on a Jersey when a player is bearing down on goal not a sending off offence ?

  42. Comiserations to the ladies but they put in a good performance and can look forward to next year. Hopefully the men will put in the performance aswell and do themselves justice. No one can ask for more than that.

  43. The loser today should have to play Kerry if Tyrone are forced out. Really taints any potential Kerry win if they dont play a semi.

  44. The gulf between the 2 teams evident. Too many bought into this notion of the Dubs dwindling form, when it only put fire in their bellies. No point pinning this on the ref or injuries, they were out to prove a point.

  45. The Dubs have had tougher training sessions than this. We’re miles off the pace. Dublin playing the game at their own pace

  46. Mayo can’t deal with Dublin’s intensity, turning the ball over to easily. Couple of stupid wides. Everything went wrong in that half. Can’t get any worse in second half. Dublin doing to us what we did to them so often, in our faces, everywhere. Don’t think they can keep that going for 70 minutes. Second half we need to be near perfect with every chance.

  47. Terrible up front.
    Seems to be no structure whatsoever.
    Defence doing reasonably ok

  48. Mayo very poor, allowing total control by the Dubs. Its not over but terrible wides have crucified Mayo. Will need a huge effort in first 10 mins of 2nd or Mayo face a double digit beating.

  49. 6 pt game that should have been a 5pt game re the mark, we do seem very deep back and will be uphill but let’s hope we win 3rd quarter

  50. Dublin absolutely brilliant. Great game management and technical ability. Hope it doesn’t end up a cricket score but you would expect some reaction from us in the 2nd half.

  51. Lots of comments here similar to half time v Galway Hope it’s the same result

  52. We’re shooting into what is apparently the scoring end in the second half – time to test that theory

  53. Mayo doing their Best But Aidan’s miss and a few more misses are criminal. Reality is Dublin can score and Fenton is a class act at midfield there haven’t won 6 in a row for nothing. Let’s hope we make a game of it second half

  54. I hope Horan insists that they start kicking the ball forward or running forward into space so as to at least creat difficulty for the dublin defensive shield, they are currently doing neither and if they don’t reduce the deficit the dubs will go into control mode and it will be a borefest. Mayo have been shocking in front of the post and the soft turnovers are killing them. I hope they come out now and throw the kitchen sink at them and go down fighting like they always do, come on Mayo

  55. Mayo are so terrified of conceeding a goal we are playing so deep we conceed the same value in points, Kildare did the exact same thing. Dublin controlling all areas of the field and if they continue to dominate possession like the first half then it will be impossible for Mayo to win.

  56. This is worse than the first half against Galway. No semblance of a plan, no attacking mindset, soft turnovers. We don’t even really have any self belief. Little more than a challenge match for Dublin at this stage. Hope we can turn it around but I don’t see how. We don’t have the quality up front. We can barely score.

  57. Just fuckin fight for every ball – very passive so far

    For those calling for Horan to play a sweeper against Dublin- you got your wish and this is what happens so let that be the end of it. We need to go man to man to get back into this and bring manic aggression

  58. I expect some sort of a bounce back in this 2nd half but I don’t expect any big team let alone Dubs to capitulate like Galway did. They’ll keep the scoreboard ticking over while eating up the clock. It’s a huge ask but we’ll need a goal before the water break if we’re to make a contest of this.

  59. Bring Carr and Harrison on
    OShea and Durcan into the middle of the field with Ruane

  60. I don’t see a way back from here but I hope I’m wrong. It would be the stuff of legends.

  61. Slow, slow build up and then get turned over or a sloppy pass. We are just standing off them letting the Dubs pass back and forth. Just go for it lads.

  62. Big changes needed for 2nd half, change of players in positions, O Shea to midfield, one or two subs also.
    Good thing playing into Davin end now.

  63. We all need to rally around Aidan. Having a nightmare but remember he has been one ofvour greatest over last decade.

  64. Finished with elbow into the head. Small gets away again by inept ref. Another year. More of the same. Small will be canonised yet.

  65. What a thuggish thing to do. Should be arrested. Told ye about Lane.

  66. Simply unbelievable comeback.
    Dubs total collapse second half.
    However….. we had them and didn’t put them away. I mean we REALLY had them.

  67. How dublin are not down to 13 or 14 ….same old story…(inept refereeing)Great fightback from our boys though!!

  68. God bless Robbie – let’s hope Lane has a tv set to look at – the hit on eoghan looked savage from where I was

  69. Massive effort Mayo…Lane has lost the plot. Totally out of his depth. A shoulder to the head on Eoin Mac & fuckin Small gets away with it again. Unbelievable.

  70. What a comeback. Cannot believe Dublin still have 15 players on the pitch. Come on Mayo. Finish it

  71. Small Red, Byrne Black, McCarthy I think on Doc at the end Red. Lane Clueless.

    Bunch of young lions in that second half, O’Hora, Hession, Ryan et al and delighted for Hennelly

  72. Can someone tell Lane to cop on for extra time

    Dublin have avoided 2 black cards and a red

  73. We have missed handy scores but what heart they have shown. Hession is awesome. Small connected with the head let’s hope eoghain gonna be ok. O hora is some warrior

  74. A well known pundit from Mayo who is on commentary duty on RTE for this game should just stop embarrassing himself.

  75. Well done everyone, enjoy your evening.

    Don’t be surprised if the Dubs get to play Kerry next week for a place in the final!!!

  76. Well done Mayo. Jaysus I feel less bad about our Connaught final loss now with Mayo powerfully fit and dominant there at the end.The Dubs ran out of road and looked ragged there in extra time. Nothing won of course and Horan will cool off the celebrations quick enough id say. I hope ye can do it this time but Kerry as likely opponents will be a very hard game but if they go in without a semi it will benefit Mayo.

  77. As a dub just want to say well done, better team won by a mile totally deserved. Think you will need to step it up again for the final.

  78. Dublin supporters knew this was coming . Team was not up to it this year and Mayo were coming like a runaway train. To lose to this Mayo team and supporters is no shame . Enjoy ur night but please please take the next step. Win Sam !

  79. Brilliant win.
    Incredible performances out O Hora and Hennelly in particular. Been critical of Hennelly in the past but he delivered in spades today

  80. Well done one and all.. Have to say at half time I didn’t see that coming, Mayo put us to the sword in a superb display.. This Dub will be shouting for you in the final,, enjoy the win and the build up

  81. What a result. Unbelievable, wrote them off at half time. I don’t care if I never see them win an all Ireland. That result will stay with me til the day I die.

  82. Dublin supporters knew this was coming . Team was not up to it this year and Mayo were coming like a runaway train. To lose to this Mayo team and supporters is no shame . Enjoy ur night but please please take the next step. Win Sam !

  83. Clean sheet like in 12 again the last time we won shows the criticality in protecting your goal at this stage of the champ

  84. 6 points down, nothing working, Dubs coasting, a ref who gave us nothing, hope dwindling and yet we pull that out of the bag and ended up thouroughly deserved winners. Horan got the calls on the line spot on. Dubs cavalry off the bench ineffective. Now time to finish the job.

  85. Horan was brilliant…nothing won yet but unreal day…our best ever Hennelley won this for us.He has put in serious work on his kicking

  86. What a brave bunch of warriors. A defensive master class against the greatest attack of modern times. James Horan was brilliant today and throughout the year. Every one of the subs made a difference. Hopefully the three weeks will allow injuries to heal and we go again.

  87. Awh….feck me pink…. green and red…so proud. Some panel…live in hope. Fair play to our two Mayo teams. Hard luck to the women but their day will come.

  88. Congratulations to Mayo, from a Dublin season ticket holder I’m genuinely glad it was you who ended it. Fully deserved on the night and go now and finish the job.

    Best of luck in the final

  89. What a substitution putting in Hession. He was superb. All the subs contributed for once. Such a display, and bye bye Dessie and your hit-men.

  90. Unbelievable performances on and off the field, James Horan has prove in the last two games he not afraid to make the big decisions and he played a blinder today. Hession o Hora Keagan all brilliant now hopefully go on and win it. How long is Oisín Mullin expected to be out for.

  91. I am in a B+B full of German kids here to learn English……they just learned “James McCarthy is a ****”….

  92. The look on O’Hora’s face running out for extra time. It was “I am loving this, now let’s finish it”.

    And the interview at the end. Some man. Some team

  93. I posted this after the Galway game and got no replies so I’m going to post again

    “finally, and this is a genuine observation from a Galway fan and I would appreciate thoughts, I would give Mayo a great chance of winning the all Ireland if they make a tough decision regarding Aidan O’Shea. He was badly exposed out around the middle in the first half and will be targeted by a better sideline. If the full forward thing doesn’t work he may need to be an impact sub.”

  94. What a win. Tough on the ould ticker. What a bunch of young warriors. It will be interesting to see how closely The Sunday Game analyse the Dub’s hits etc if at all. Lane was woeful.

  95. That was unreal, the substitutions, Robbie’s composure, clean sheet, hession, defending like dogs, completely controlling extra time – speechless. Talk about winning the 3rd quarter!

  96. I have been preaching it for years, smaller fast footballers can beat the Dubs.
    Don’t forget what I always said about 2nd half playing into the Canal end.
    The Mayo training must be savage.
    Delighted for James Horan and Hennelly kicking 3 points.

  97. Wow – I would have no idea who to give MoTM to!! Thought all of our subs (except Carr) made a big impact….and I expect big things from him in the Final. For me I thought Hession was immense.

    I said to my wife & Mother in law at half time that we would win this and they thought I was bonkers as usual. I never worry when we’re down at half time, and sure a stopped clock etc…..

  98. It’s not every day i would swop the three red cards Lane missed for a retaken 45 , but i am quite happy to tonight.

  99. I’m so so proud. Against ALL odds. So happy. Job to finish now and we all know that. We will finish it. Not enough.

  100. It was a big call taking aiden off but the right call. He was not good. More pace was needed and we functioned better after that. As I said before and big mike eluded to it he may be better as an impact sub

  101. I. we . Yea. Fuck . What. Jayus maybe. Oh god just hold on. Drive at them lane you flute. WOW

  102. BIG MIKE , you have a fair point but he does have one shocker a championship , hopefully tonight was it.

  103. Big Mike, it would appear James Horan took note.
    Anyway that was a hugely satisfying win and so appropriate that it was Mayo who wielded the ‘axe’
    Heartfelt thanks to the entire panel, James & support colleagues.

  104. Ps hope Eoghan is OK. Just seen the stills of that tackle in JOE. Ie . Have lost all respect for Macstay if he towed the line and said that was a fair tackle when he has footage from all angles available to him. I was in 713 and could see it wasn’t.

  105. That well known pundit from Mayo commentating for RTÉ sounded disappointed that the Dubs lost.
    They spend weeks telling us why Dublin would win it.
    I thought Conor Lane had a very poor game in the Connaught final and was very poor today.
    I hope Eoins injury is not too serious.
    Our Mayo pundit tried to defend that hit also.

    But what a performance by Mayo, you can’t buy speed and athleticism.
    O Hora, with 2 broken ribs, what a footballer.
    I have all the faith in this team and James Horan.
    As I said to the wife today, there is only so many beatings we could take from the Dubs.
    Today it stopped.

  106. Absolutely buzzing, but the GAA really need to look at the referee and linesman for the McLaughlin incident. Regardless of red card or not, where was the player welfare? As soon as he was hit you could see he was out, play should have been stopped immediately.

  107. Does Mc Stay need the RTÉ money so much that he can say the hit on Mc Laughlin was legal? I would love if he had the balls to retract his comments when he sees the replay but I doubt it, he will always be an RTÉ yes man. Keep sitting on the fence Kevin, hopefully some day the bard wire will get you in the ho** !

  108. Oh my goodness, I am so happy, and I hardly know what I have just seen (I hardly remember what happened during that match).
    Robbie Hennelly is the new Cillian O’Connor (re the point in last seconds to equalise).
    This is a great day.
    Happy for you all too.

  109. Hession came of age today. Totally no fear. Just give me the ball.and off he tore. Rob was majestic in the 2nd half. How could OHora recover from 2 broken ribs? And turn in a man of the match display. I see a legend in the making.
    To turn this around was JH’s finest hour. And more to come. I’ve been critical of our defense and conceding soft goals. Not a sniff of a goal today. JH got all the calls right in the 2bd half.

  110. Oh my god! What a win. I had lost all faith at half time and hoped we didn’t ship a hammering. These boys are so resilient – they never lie down. What a feeling to finally beat dublin.

    Any word on Oisín Mullins injury? Could he make final?

    Thanks to all the dubs who were so gracious above.

  111. OK

    Like i said, Kerry are laughing

    Kerry are laughing. They did a job on Mayo last time we played in Killarney in 2019. I’ve never experienced the venom from a crowd that day and I learned that, despite being West of Ireland,that Kerry had an oomph. Not just that that,but they disliked us immensely. For me and I would hope with everyone in MAYO Gaa it was
    lesson learned.

    No medals or cups for semi finals. Kildare shudda beaten the dubs.

    Kerry are favourites.Class forwards.

  112. Fenton has lost a championship match at last. Farrells hitmen thought they were home.and hosed at half time. They were not ready for the power intensity and pace that was to come. Horan made a big call, and the right one, in my view, taking off AOS. If he had left him on we would have lost the game. Roll on the final.

  113. Big bonus….no conor Lane I presume for final and oisin should be back…….fuckin warriors….what else can you say

  114. Sorry to any Mayo supporters around me in the Upper Hogan, the bull comes out in me in football.
    Combat till the end, never give up.

  115. Mayonaze, if they beat Tyrone they won’t be playing in Killarney. Yerras will be out in force of course but their full back line shipped 5 goals in of all places Killarney in the league. We will have the support in spades.

  116. What a courageous,. dogged, die-hard, leave-it-all-on-the-field display by our lads in the second half…..As it went on in the final quarter, I had no fear that we wouldn’t turn over any Dublin ball that went down our end. They all stood up and played as a unit…..Tommy C’s magnificent direct running, when it eventually came, was a sight to behold. The 3-4 long range points by D Coen and others were majestic. But above all, those die-for-the-County runs and finger tip spoils and blocks on Dubs on the sideline in the final stages were game winners.

    Then, the icing on the cake, Padraig O’Hora’s emotional speech in accepting the man of the match award…………Like Turnip Head, I need a lie down !

  117. Delighted too for Rob hennelly, been through hard times with mayo and he showd brilliant bottle to kick that 45.

  118. Brilliant second half + extra time performance from a great hearted Mayo team, manager was fantastic, made very good substitutions, great panel of players, looking forward to All Ireland.

  119. That was an incredible win. My God I thought we would be years finding warriors like Higgins, Parsons, Andy etc. But these lads have heart in abundance. So proud of these lads. Take a bow.

    Now as they say, there’s nothing won yet. But if we can bring that intensity to the final, we just might finally have our day in the sun.

    Well done to Horan too. He made some tough calls, but he got them 100% right!

  120. We must need to calm the fu j down
    Yeah we beat the dubs. But we should have beaten them on a number of of occasions
    Did MAYO play well today. Certainly not for the first 40 mins. WAY more to do be champs.

    Remember. Nothing for today. Beating Dublin = NOTHING other than access to a final
    A final where we will be told up up by Jerry media but dont be fooled like we wre in 2014.


  121. My God what brave brave incredible lads we have representing our wonderful county and people.
    God bless them all and thank you to the late great Fr PJ whom I’m convinced was with them all the way this evening. Rest happy in Heaven and enjoy meeting all your Mayo people gone from us too.
    So so proud and an emotional historic day for us all.

  122. MOTM poll up, have at it.

    I have a match report to write (quickly), the beers are cooling and we’re going to watch the whole mad game all over again.

  123. What a day to be from Mayo could not be prouder of our lads and well done to all the team.

  124. What a beautifully unreal game !!
    The look of joy on the Mayo supporters faces at the end was Magical.
    Can’t even think of the Final at this Stage.
    Padraig o Hora Man of the Match
    A Special mention for Conor lane for his performance for the losing side.

  125. Mayonaze , will you shut the hell up!!….your as bad as Kevin McStay…enjoy the win like every1 else days like this don’t come too often

  126. James Horan with a masterstroke taking AOS off. But that didn’t change the game on its own. Enda Hession came on and made hay with his relentless speed. Tommy goals? Or Tommy points? Some inspirational scores from Tommy C in ET. Lee Keegan class act. Hennelly brilliant.

    Loved watching the Dubs squirm and sh*t themselves when their sleepy go possession football backfired spectacularly.

    Oisin surely back for the final? We go again.

  127. Just keep the players especially A O shea away from the media till after the final, leave all that to James horan, he wont say much or give anything away

  128. Ah you would need a lie down after that…..unbelievable performance. I think Hennelly deserves a special mention. He was brilliant this evening and has got such shit down through the years. Hold your head up high and shoulders back buddy…you were excellent!!! Where’s Km79? He knew this result was coming from way out

  129. I was very worried at half time and said here that if we were to come back it would be the stuff of legends. Turns out that it was and we now have the distinction of bringing down the greatest team ever. That is fitting as we were the only ones who kept them honest during their pomp.
    All this will count for nothing to Horan and the team though if they don’t finish the job now.

  130. The world is a better place this evening.
    We are nearly there – and we have a gem that is never beaten, is full of self belief and raw talent. And that’s where we won it – teams can’t cope when we drove at them. Kerry will be in the final and will be a tougher prospect.
    Fair dues to JH.
    And Delighted with Keegan today.
    Extra spuds all round for the players at tomorrow’s dinner tables!

  131. Well done everyone. Great TV viewing. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing for the past few hours. So proud that people see me here in Cork as a Mayoman. I will never defend Conor Lane again. Can’t understand why Small didn’t get a card. Get well quickly Eoghan..and Oisin. Up Mayo

  132. This was JAMES HORAN FINEST HOUR IN MANAGEMENT. James took off our captain aidan o shea who was having a poor game and it turned the game in mayo’s favour. mayo started their running game in earnest after that and dublin had no answer. I have no doubt but aidan o shea will have a wonderful all-ireland final and will lead the team to victory in the final. The wait is almost over. UP MAYO

  133. Will the final still be going ahead on the 4th of September with Tyrone pulling out of the semi final does anyone know?

  134. Great credit to Paddy Durkan esp in that 1st half,
    He stopped a lot of bad things happening to us on the score board. Great work Paddy.

  135. willie Joe…is there a way to pick all the players for MOM lol, they were all immense every1 of them

  136. Willie Joe, I know you have the poll up for MOM and I know it would be unusual but any chance you could include James Horan on the list. I have no doubt we wouldn’t have won the match today without his performance !

  137. Brillant to get the win warriors every one of them. Have to say the Dublin supporters around us were very gracious in defeat. Hopefully we can finally win Sam now

  138. That was something else. Mother of God. Mentality monsters. These boys went to places deep within their souls today they never knew existed. That will give them huge belief. I couldn’t give a monkeys what happens with Kerry and Tyrone – we’ll take them this time. So delighted for James and the boys – so proud to be from this wonderful county. We just never give up.

  139. Probably the best football day of all of our lives. O Hora nailed the feeling of so many Mayo people. Written into the history books as the team to topple the mighty Dubs.
    Momentum is a funny thing. When you get off the bike its hard to get up again. Dubs left paddling as mighty mayo steamrolled to victory.
    Hugh credit to Horan and backroom staff. McDonald having a big influence in our forward play.
    Diarmuid O Connors save to fly kick ball back to McLoughlin who couldnt be denied his point even by hawk eye was an incredible moment… I could watch it for ever and not get bored.
    Lets make more history

  140. I must say I’ve lost all respect for McStay after today ,not calling out Small’s dangerous/reckless challenge on Eoin Mc was unforgivable. I’m sure he saw it on his monitor as all viewers did. After some great mayo scores he spent his time cooing about Comerfords kickouts.
    A bit like Lane ,late on he did switch horses a bit,when the writing was on the wall,but my God he still harbors resentment towards his native county.
    So tonight to Mc Stay,Joe Brol..lox and the rest of the doubters give a bit of credit where it’s due.
    On to the final. Gwan Mayo

  141. Voice gone and I can’t express in type how proud I am of this team! Swany summed it up better than I ever could!

  142. @mayonaze. Sweet Jesus will you just enjoy today. Yes we were poor at times, yes Kerry will probably be favourites but it’s been 9 years, 6 defeats and 2 draws. Unbelievable performances that came short but today finally we beat them. Kerry couldn’t beat them over the year. Let just enjoy it.
    Let Kerry worry about themselves.
    As alway our boys showed so much courage.

  143. Great to read all the comments. Fair play to our regular and occasional Dub supporters. Your good wishes say a lot about you!!
    Yes, it was good to win.
    Ya, good to beat the Dubs and see them rattled.
    Ref was very poor…imho.
    Great to see Harrison running on to the pitch.
    Amazing to win without Cillian or Jason or Oisín and a 6 pt half time deficit.
    It’ll give a lot of confidence to the whole squad.
    O’ Hora spoke from the heart and I’m looking forward to seeing the Mayo heart once again, whoever we meet in the final.
    I’m off to bed now with a happy heart. Thank you Mayo. Proud and patient. Let’s enjoy tonight and prepare for the next game.

  144. The mental fortitude of this team is something to behold. At half time I was guilty of a degree of fatalism. That second half and extra time performance was something to behold. Take a bow lee keegan, robbie hennelly and tommy Conroy and all the rest of the mayo warriors. Despite all the Dubs knackerism we prevailed.
    What a great evening to be a mayo supporter

  145. Haven’t posted for a while- Just want to congratulate everyone. Heroes one , hero all. Just to mention Tommy Conroy – such a player.

  146. What a day.
    *Thought Hession was immense when he came on and changed the game with his more direct running.
    *Big call – and the correct one – to hook Aido but better call to get him back for the last few minutes, even confidence wise on being back on the pitch.
    *O’Hora is a machine.
    *May have slipped under the radar, but Darren Coen’s point put us 2 up and set the stage for seeing it out. I’ve always said that if he nails his first he’ll continue in that vein. Didn’t get a chance after that but his cameo was perfect before making room for Aidan.
    *Hennelly to put that over will do him the world of good. Can’t imagine the pressure.
    *Could go on, but James Horan deserves a serious amount of praise over that. Great job.

    No idea in hell how I’m going to sleep tonight. Let ye all enjoy and safe drive home everyone.

  147. A monumental comeback.

    I could see no way out of the hole we were in at half-time, after a first half performance that was even worse than the one against Galway.

    Boy, am I happy to be proved wrong.

    Men came of age tonight. O’Hara. Hesson. Conroy. And above all, Horan. The hooking of Aidan turned the game.

    And now? Now we’re back where we were in 2006 and 2012. Tonight was a magnificent win against the greatest of champions, but it’s still just a semi-final. It’s long past time to finish the job.

  148. Congrats to James and all Mayo Panel. I can’t believe they turned it around again after half time. They never say die. A lot of dirty hits by Dublin did not deter our heroes. This team have an All Ireland in them as they will not stop until they are over that line.

  149. Watched from Western Canada 6200km from home. Literally in tears at the end . What a panel of players, management and fans. Gees I thought we blew it with the wides. Square shoulder ? Should have been two dublin red cards high challenges and black card for jersey pull. Hope the lads are ok . Oisin injued before the game . This was fairytale stuff. Hennelly O Hora leeroy Conroy, pure class. So proud to be from Mayo. Wish I could be at the final, but there’s thousands of other’s who can’t either. Up Mayo wherever you go!

  150. The last resort of the cowardly bully is to imploy the dark Arts off the ball and in front of a useless ref who bottled. It. 2 broken ribs a few weeks ago, bring it on. Knock out one of us in front of the same useless ref , bring it on
    Humble players me hole. . To see McCarthy sent off was deeply satisfying. We scared the shit out of them . The young uns came of age tonight in the 2nd half. The less said about McStays defence of the tackle on Eoghan and his toeing the party line throughout the broadcast the better. He should be ashamed.

  151. Exceptional performances all around. All the herioc efforts of the teaml have been mentioned but for off the ball work i thought diarmuid worked like a dog and played the sweeper well in the first half where he was well positioned to prevent con oc going through 1 on 1 goal after the ball was popped over o’hara head.

    Off the bench jordan flynn had a good impact and scored a vital point. Bryan Walsh also carried the ball well. Hession unreal.

    Tommy exploded into action and thrives when there’s more space as the game opens up. Ryan O D pure class and savage tackler. Mchale will have a better day.

    Delighted d coen got his point, came on in last years AI final and kicked one short and another wide so his confidence will be sky high.

    Special mention to the coolness and skill of conot loftus who slipped away from 3 or 4 dublin men and maintained vital possession of the ball in the closing minutes.

    Delighted for hennelly ice cold on those free kicks. Huge pressure but showed some nerve.

    Keegan, rolls royce. And posters have already summed up well the performances of o hora durcan ruane.

    Speedy recovery to McLaughlin. We would be very sore had basquill netted after that red card challenge.

  152. Well, I honestly thought that the game was over at half-time and that Dublin would win by ten points or more. Boy was I wrong!

    Just Trojan heart, commitment and will to win dragged us over the line, even if the football left something to be desired at times.

    As for Conor Lane…no more championship games please, he’s simply not up to the standard required. Bottled the black card for the shoulder to McLaughlin’s head and bottled the free-in/black card right at the end of normal time following Hennelly’s equalizer.

    I agree that Kerry will be a tougher proposition in the final (and that by their standards, they are going through a famine at the moment too). They are dangerous opposition but dissecting their strengths and weaknesses can wait for another day.

    I watched the game surrounded by Dubs supporters in an Irish bar in Vienna. Must say that though the game itself was tense, they were all very gracious at the finish and wished Mayo well in the final. They are a great side and I’m sure the likes of Cluxton and Mannion were probably watching at home, thinking that losing to Mayo wasn’t the way to bow out. We shall see.

    I have also been a bit critical of Horan at times, but the one thing you can’t question is the man’s courage. Taking off AOS was a ballsy move and the right call.

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