Team named to play Kerry

We’ve just named our team to play Kerry tomorrow evening. Here’s the starting fifteen we’ve named for Austin Stack Park:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Kerry, 17/2/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale, captain), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s five changes – some expected, others less so – from the team that started against Dublin a fortnight ago. Into the team come Donnacha McHugh, Stephen Coen, Michael Plunkett, Diarmuid O’Connor and Tommy Conroy, who captains the team in the unexpected absence of Paddy Durcan. Along with Paddy, neither of the Sigerson duo, Rory Brickenden and Sam Callinan, start, with Conor Reid (injured?) and Paul Towey also dropping out.

90 thoughts on “Team named to play Kerry

  1. Yes great to see Plunkett back, was flying with Horan in 20/21 but will he play at 4 or even 6. And who plays midfield out of all the candidates

  2. Fair to play plunket he’s been very unlucky with injuries be interesting to see how he goes at 6..

    So looking like mcstay plans on going full tilt at kerry by the looks of it..

    Yes hope paddy durcan only resting and not injured?

  3. Positive to see Plunkett back in.But Cillians patience has to be wearing thin at this stage.I dont see him returning next season if hes not starting come championship.

  4. Brilliant to see Plunkett back, solid at the back, and knows where the posts are when bombing up the field too. Hopefully Carney can put in another solid display in midfield, he’s really becoming a lynchpin of the team.

    Half forward line looks good, can easily see them contributing 5 or 6 points between them. Conroy will benefit from playing a less defensive minded team, he’ll be able to make hay from the space.

    I don’t get dropping Towey and leaving O’Shea in at CF. We’re virtually safe after 2 games, give youth a chance. If anything, let Aidan come on late in the game to throw himself about and cause mayhem in the Kerry full back line.

  5. Great to see Diarmuid and Plunkett back. With Sam and Rory and now, especially Paddy put, the scales are tilted further in Kerry’s favour. McHugh now looks like the most obvious candidate to pick up David C and we do seem a little short of tight defenders. I would be happy to see us remain competitive and in the game until the end and lose by a narrow margin and keep the goal count down. Hope Cillian gets some more game time and would love to see a few more newbies get some minutes.

  6. Is it not time oshea was rested . Give young towey a crack at it . We know shat oshea can and can’t do in the full forward line give youth a chance

  7. Looking forward to the trip to Tralee tomorrow. 5 changes but still a good Mayo team. Paddy is a big loss but I don’t think the other changes weaken the team. Kerry lost the last time out in Tralee so Jack will be looking for a big performance tomorrow night. The Clifford’s are back and there will be a big home crowd driving on the team. There should be a great atmosphere in the ground and a Kerry win will be expected.

    We need to be wide awake all over the pitch or we could end up getting a bit of a trimming. Kerry will target our midfield and kick outs for sure. It’s a big night for Jack Carney and some of the other newer Mayo players – I really hope Jack has a great game and puts in a big shift in midfield. He was very good against Dublin and I see him being one of the main leaders and driving forces of this team for the next few years.

  8. No need to panic about Cillian not named. I’d imagine it’s slowly slowly and then play when the ground hardens

  9. Apart from Paddy Durcan (who must have picked up a knock) that is a stronger starting 15 than what started against Dublin.

  10. Surprisingly strong team named. Definitely looking to go down there and win. It could be argued that Callinan aside that is the likely championship 15.

    It must be said kudos to mcstay on giving Brickenden and callinan the day off and giving some consideration tobplayer burnout,another round trip to kerry would have done them no good so soon.

    Was thinking we would lose all week given the noises about trying out lots of newbies but looking at the team named I reckon it’s a 50/50 game now.

    Won’t make it down unfortunately as club football starts in Dublin this weekend:-/

  11. If thats the the defence that starts then Mayo are in for a long night, could be the weakest back six Mayo have had in a long time.

  12. Kerry team… according to a certain blog.

    1 (GK) Shane Ryan
    2 Graham O’Sullivan
    3 Jason Foley
    4 Dylan Casey
    5 Tom O’Sullivan
    6 Tadhg Morley
    7 Gavin White
    8 Diarmuid O’Connor
    9 Joe O’Connor
    10 Paudie Clifford
    11 Dylan Geaney
    12 Cillian Burke
    13 David Clifford
    14 Seán O’Shea
    15 Dara Moynihan

    As strong as it could be at this stage.

  13. Interesting to see Heinrich, O’Leary and Evans (played Trench Cup Semi-Final on Tuesday [against Bob Tuohy’s Mary I side] and Trench Cup Final on Wednesday for MTU Kerry) all named in the Kerry 26.

  14. Kerrys strongest 15 with the exception of possibly Brian OBeaghlaoich.

    Delighted too see Tom Sullivan at wing back this is were a lot of Kerry supporters would like to see him.

    Interestingly 3 of the players I said to watch our for start tomorrow.

    Joe O Connor
    Cillian Burke
    Dylan Geaney.

    I expect 2cof these 3 to be championship starters come May.

    I won’t lie we took two maulings last year and I would expect a reaction tomorrow evening.

  15. Sure every time we play kerry they say a reaction is coming or we will get a hammering.

    Anyway either way I’m sure our guys will put up a good fight and do their best as always.

    No goals conceded and I’ll be happy either way.

    I think plunket could do well at 6 def a great bonus having Diarmuid O Connor back!

    Hope paddy durcans knock isn’t to bad if he is injured.

    Best of luck guys!

  16. This will be a great test for Mayo, the performance is most important. If we put it up to Kerry then great, if we find that some players are not ready yet, then that is good to know now. If we find that a forward combination works or does not, then we learn and better prepared for our next test. Would really like to see Tommy play better and gain confidence, we know his capabilities, Tralee could be where he starts to show it again.

  17. Fair play West Kerry you’ve called it pretty much spot on. Could be a right good game. Both teams fielding possible championship starting teams more or less.
    I expected at least one new recruit to be given a start, given we a 4 point buffer (may still happen given what a named team means nowadays), so favoured Kerry earlier in week by 4 or 5. But if teams start as named could be a good evenings entertainment.

  18. A strong team as others have said. Great to see DOC and Plunkett back. I hope Plunkett can stay injury free and get a run in team. I think he has potential to be one of our top players, all star material. Tommy Conrroy needs a big year if he he is to fullfil his potential. I would say AOS is in to give us parity in the physical stakes especially with Cillian not starting. Would like to see Towey given a run of games. I can’t see where enough scores will come from for us to win it As I have previously said E Mcloughlin is a weak link in defence concedes scores and frees. He is an impact HF sub for me.
    Kerry will be up for this so it will be a good test for Mayo. You would expect a good home win here..

  19. Good that Paddy’s given a break. Diarmuid and Plunkett getting minutes is also a positive. If Plunkett gets back to full fitness its seirious plus.

    Kerry gone full hog I see, thats there top 15 for this year, easy for them when they cam stroll through Munster and their nearest rivals are bottom of D2.

    That certainly isn’t our championship 15. The likes of Paddy, Ruane, Sam, Jimmy Carr and Hession if fit will be starting. I was hoping for more changes but I suppose we are blooding the likes of McHugh and Tuohy. Carney learning his trade aswell at MF.

    Kerry by at least 5

  20. I’m expecting a huge game,

    Mayos FF line looks so much better with Conroy and ODonoghue in there.

    The right ball in there and they cause trouble to any FB line.

    Mayo enjoy coming to Tralee and the beat Dublin playing below par so that’s a good place to be.

    I do think Kerry are in a different place than last year, The hangover is gone and they look in good shape.

    Seanie at 14 is a revelation but that should always have been his position.

    Most teams have 1 top man marker, Jason Foley, Chrisy McKeague, Michael Fitzsimons, Sean Kelly but they don’t have 2.
    A FF line of Seanie and David and ANO will take some stopping.

    But likewise a FF line with ODonoghue and Conroy.

    As for a contributor who takes umbrage with all things Kerry,

    We had a very similar individual on the Kerry page, same name, same county, same writing style.

    They were eventually removed because it became tiring.

    You’ve some patience on here lads is all I’ll say.

  21. Margie,

    No disrespect but that particular D2 team beat Mayo last summer.

    Not a dig lads as Munster is brutal infairness.

  22. Gotta hand it to West Kerry being straight up with his asessment and prediction, refreshing to see an outside poster, not trying to post pathetic wind up crap, that no one with half a brain pays heed to.

  23. Thanks Margie,

    Not trying to sound patronising but I love football and Mayo loves football and this forum is fantastic.

    No BS just good football talk.

    We’ll go at it for 74 minutes tomorrow but in the end it’s a league game in miserable February.

    We won’t get too excited.

  24. @willie Joe I find @west kerrys comment about a certain poster a bit much if he’s going to say something like that he should point out who it is and this is play by the ball not the poster.

  25. West Kerry,you always are by fair, as art other posters from outside our great county,hopefully it will be a great game and may the best team win,as long as it is Mayo

  26. Could be a bit of a baptism of fire for Donnacha but by the same token we don’t have anyone more suited atm for this particular job, whether he takes DC. or SO’S. He’s the biggest and most robust defender available. Playing Rory would be a mistake just yet. His confidence needs a reboot after midweek.

  27. Best of luck to Mayo tomorrow cant for the life of me see why AOS has to start every game if he was shooting the lights out id understand but….. also good to see West Kerry call it how it is and as he see’s it. At the end of the day I think Sam will be heading to Dublin Derry or Kerry im getting too old to believe in anything else

  28. I’d expect the following match ups by Mayo backs:
    McBrien – David C
    Coen – SOS
    MCHugh – Burke
    Coyne – Paudie
    Plunkett- Moynihan and
    Mcloughlin- Geaney
    Also no word from Gamechanger recently- another great Ky contributor here – hope he/she are keeping well

  29. So for matchups we thinking McBrien on david clifford, mchugh on Sean o shea. Not sure who to go on paddies, hession done v well om him last year but unless it’s coyne following him out the pitch i don’t see a matchup for him

  30. Interesting to hear the Kerry perspective from west Kerry which generally includes actual facts and analysis.This should be a good test for both teams but especially for us and how we set up and cope with Clifford and o Shea in full forward line and we hopefully begin to see a pattern of play developing rather than those that believe tactics are those little white mints you get in the box

  31. Paddy Durcan who is a Rolls Royce footballer is the type of player that could really hurt us as we don’t do well with runners.

    Hopefully he’s just on the bench and not injured as he’s a smashing player and you want to see these lads.

  32. Looking forward to tomorrow night now. I would have liked P Towey and Robbie to start. Keep posting @ West Kerry – always good to get an outside view.

  33. This is a game we thankfully don’t have to win and it’s just as well. The way the Kerry guys overpowered Monaghan the last day would suggest they mean business this year and winning the league will be one to tick off the list.

  34. West Kerry, looking forward to whats always a great night in Tralee.The bed in Benners won’t be seen too early.Don’t worry about the other poster,I always enjoy your straight talking practical posts, which are always measured and never of the ‘blinded by the jersey’ variety.

  35. @West Kerry your posts are always very balanced.
    Remember Kerry were a a bad pass away from winning the final last year.
    It is 30 years so nice Dublin were beaten in a final, you need to be 5 points better than them to win a final against them.

  36. Clare – I’ve had a look back and, as others have said, I’ve no issues with West Kerry’s contributions on here, which enhance the debate. I can’t find anything untoward in what he/she has posted. I’d also appreciate it if you’d refrain from running to teacher when you see a comment you don’t like. I’m well capable of moderating the debate, where necessary, without such promptings.

  37. @willie Joe no problem but plenty of others on here do ‘run to the teacher’ as you say with comments they don’t like. I didn’t have any issues with West kerrys comments only one in particular but fine.

    Always thought this was a good blog but have to say I’m done now very aggressive people on here if I’m honest. I’ll follow mayo in my own way.

  38. JR,

    The truth is we won a semi final we should have lost and possibly lost a final we should have won.

    In truth when I was in the train station in Killarney after our game last year I knew we wouldn’t win Sam and the fact we made it too a final was beyond what I thought possible.

    In truth Mayo losing too Cork gave us that chance. A chance we scarcely deserved.

    Winning anything requires a lot of good fortune but equally you can get a vibe about a team.

    I’d see Kerry the same way I did in 2022 albeit its early days.

  39. Might be best Clare,I don’t see any aggression on the blog-frustration at the odd idiotic post-yes but aggression-no.

  40. Could be a long night for our bucks , thats a potent forward line kerry have to state the obvious , a good test all the same . I cant make it this weekend due to family commitments so i have a ticket if anyone wants it .

  41. If we leave Tralee within 3 or 4 points of Kerry I think I’d be happy enough. Kerry owe us one, plus they look to be taking the league more seriously this year than last, whereas we actually need to lose a game or two somewhere along the line.

  42. If, as stated earlier Kerry have a team holiday /warm weather training break booked for the weekend of the league final,it might suggest they are not taking it overly seriously. Maybe that was fake news,@West Kerry could probably put us right on that one.
    Either way they will target certain games I’m sure.Saturday night will most likely be one of them.

  43. Dont leave the blog Clare ive got (deservedly)told off by Willie Joe a thousand times but im still here because I enjoy the blog and they’re are some very intellegent football people on here. Its obvious you enjoy it too so I hope you continue to post

  44. 2 Hops,

    Yes that’s correct Kerry are off too Portugal the Easter Week.

    Jack did say that this will not be impacted by a league final.

    If Kerry win their remaining home games (3) then they’ll make a final.

    I think most teams should be targeting a final, Munster and Leinster are brutal and Mayo have New York.

    Dublin won’t make it but two of Mayo, Kerry and Derry will be there.

  45. @2 Hops I think the training trip is after the League Final.
    Ulster and Connaught teams don’t have that luxury.
    Just 1 team each in Division 1 for Leinster and Ulster.
    The last time Dublin or Kerry didn’t win their Provence was Meath winning in 2010.

  46. I agree Tubberman. Kerry really should be winning it by 5-8 points. If we can stay anything below 5 points, it will be a decent workout.

    This is a bit like Derry v Kerry in the 1st round. Harte came down to lay the infamous GAA “marker”. It backfired on him imo only scraping it by a point. If Kerry don’t get a big win here, it could be viewed as a plus for our lads knowing the likes of Paddy, Mattie, Sam, Carr and Hession would potentially be starting in a champiobship game, let alone Diarmuid and Plunkett haven’t kicked a ball competitively all year.

  47. Dont know how people can keep making reasons to justify a full forward that cant score.
    Aidan at 14 is as bad a decision as Loftus at 6 last year.Hard to carry an inside forward who cant score when our main scorers from play are not scoring much at the moment.
    People say he sets up scores and goals.I dont think anyone has more assists of goals for Mayo than Cillian O’Connor.

  48. Hello! All Mayo posters. It’s been a very long time since I was on here. Last July in fact. Sadly I have left your great county of Mayo, I miss the People of Sincerity, as I call the Mayo folks so much. I got a new teaching job down in West Limerick, after 20 years of going up and down every weekend since 2003. A long time. I’m finding the readjustment very difficult at 48 years young now!
    I miss Mayo very much, so much so, that on my visits up there again into the future, I purchased the 1951 KCS Mayo white jersey, beautiful one and the favourite, the 1989 jersey with pride when I’ll be visiting my lifelong Mayo folks. Just great natured, really decent, nice people, I’ve experienced in my 20 years anyway. I just want to say that to all of you. I left with a heavy heart.

    Anyway, switching gears and sentimentality out of the way, I think we will win this by 4 points. Why? Kerry will not want to be beaten on two home grounds and Castlebar in 12 months. There is a lot of competition in the forward roles for the young guns to make an impression. Eventhough Mícheál Burns has opted out of the panel with 23 championship appearances, only scoring 1-09 in that time, a poor return for a Running Pocket Cirner Forward. He is a terrific person though. It’s hard, maybe this is an further indicator of the tough training at present for places with higher standards expected by Jack.
    Thirdly, I think Kerry need a good, tough consistent run in the league, as the standard come Munster Championship time is so poor, the poorest now in over 3 decades, 1990 to be exact I think.

    Will Kerry win Sam, no they will not, I’m calling a spade a spade here. We have not really improved since 2019!! That’s 6 years ago. We won 5 in a row Minor and Junior All-Ireland’s by both, that’s 300 approx. Medals. Where have they all gone? Our past success has been appallingly mismanaged. Panel and fringe players not nurtured. It’ll be a Derry v Kerry League Final.

    Mayo will go far, I think we will be beaten in a championship in a semi final least, final at most hope I’m wrong.
    We were lucky against Galway in 2022 in the final. This Kerry team does not hold any psychological advantage over anyone anymore, compared to the 2004 – 2009 team, with the exception of Tyrone, and especially the Golden Year’s team 1975 – 1986.

    Tralee has made a great effort for all you travelling from the Yew Tree County. Mayo flags up outside bars. Mayo flags up on all of the main streets in Tralle.

    We like you Mayo, you see.

    Wishing you all a safe journey to and from. I hope my crowd treat you well.

    Mind yourselves.

  49. Clare, I am sorry your feelings are bruised. We don’t know if West Kerry was referring to you in his post.
    At the same time, in the past, I detected that West Kerry’s feelings were bruised arising from some of your forthright comments in previous posts (last year) in which I think you said Clifford wasn’t all that amazing of a player and perhaps you were very direct in saying you weren’t keen on the Kerry team. (I’m very sorry but I don’t remember your comments exactly.) I think West Kerry took that to heart, and thought it was without foundation, excessive and couldn’t see why you continued expressing those views. We can feel very passionate and protective of our Mayo team, get our bristles up and, lo and behold, Kerry supporters can feel that way about their team – although I see they can be harsh on it too.
    Apologies to both Clare and West Kerry if I am misrepresenting you. I don’t mean harm in what I say.
    Clare, we’d like you to stay on the blog. You are a passionate and clued-in supporter and we benefit from your views. At the same time, I do detect some sensitivity from you that people might be singling you out. Why would they do so, in general? There is no reason to jump to those conclusions (though you are, of course, entitled to your own feelings).
    West Kerry, I don’t think Clare’s views need to matter to you, really. Some posters’ views here press my buttons too – sorry, dear blog friends – but I gradually somehow learn to live alongside those views. It’s not always easy.
    Now, I’m off for a cup of tea.
    As Corick said, may the best team win, as long as it’s Mayo.

  50. Welcome back, Micko-good to see that they have the Mayo flags and bunting up in Tralee,but I’d respectfully suggest that Tralee do that for all visiting teams, as I was down on business last week-end and the place was still bedecked with Derry flags!! ?

  51. We do,
    It’s for all traveling teams and their supporters.
    Absolutely brilliant seeing supporters from other counties in our county.
    Hugely welcome in the Kingdom.

  52. @Achill75: Not sure judging the contribution of any player down to a single number, be that scores, turnovers or anything else, is a great way to go about it. There’s a lot more to it.

    If we look at Cillian in the last year he has made 9 appearances (2 starts and 7 off the bench) for Mayo and yet to score more than a single score from play in any game. That includes the recent FBD start against London. In all that time his Club form for Ballintubber was pretty poor (by a normal County player standard. Exceptionally poor by his).

    Is Cillian a poor player? Of course not. He’s exceptional. The numbers don’t tell a fraction of the true story, explain he was often/usually playing below full fitness (none of us know for sure if he’s 100% yet) and still battling hard to regain the form we know he’s capable of.

    In that same time frame Aidan was close to (mine for sure at Senior. Only Kevin Quinn & Stephen Staunton in intermediate came close) player of the year at club, carried an unfancied Breaffy side to an unlikely County Final as the main threat heavily marked in every game, finished 3rd top scorer in the Club Championship (behind just RO’D and Regan) and had a number of games as POTM for Mayo. Not sure anybody needs to try too hard to make reasons to justify his selection.

    Aidan forces teams to manage his matchup (often resulting in non-optimal personnel for them), forces them to reconsider exactly how/where a sweeper is deployed and with his aerial threat/physical power in 1v1s forces a rethink on pushing up a keeper for the extra attacker leaving a straight 1v1 on him. If he never touched a ball for the game he’s potentially giving the lads around him the potential for +2 or +3 with those ‘problems’ for the opposition to solve before he ever lays off a pass to help the lads around him get their running or kicking games going.

    Obviously massive benefits in us giving the minutes to Cillian so he can recapture his form, something we’d all love and expect to see. I just wouldn’t feel there’s a huge rush on where/when different options are used (the folks watching them at training each week would have a better idea than us – to be fair Cillian looked super eager & great attitude when he came on against Dublin. Just a shame a few kicks he’d normally nail got away from him) as long as we give the lads the chances they need. If we’re here in Round 6 with no starts for Cillian I’ll be screaming for sure… but for now we’ll be gaining whether we let Aidan, Cillian or Darren (& James when he’s back) have minutes at 14 to get the sharpness up and catch some form.

  53. Not until this year, I’d be in Tralee every weekend. I’ve never seen such a special effort put in for any visiting County, such as Mayo, as today. Periodically, we did it for Armagh last year, the Dubs in the past. But kudos to Tralee Business Alliance, they’ve upped it big time this time. Flags across the streets with MTU, Kerry Mayo and Irish flags. Never seen any town around the country in going to great lengths with street colour welcoming decor, and I’ve been going to national league matches as far back as 1985. The old Ford League.

    Anyway, enough on that. I’m looking forward to seeing the razor sharp Ryan O’ Donoghue tomorrow, I’m a big fan of his and the mercurial Jordan Flynn. He was immense in Killarney in May 2023.

    Tralee, the Irish Capital of Lights, Rose of Tralee and now county flags across it’s streets.

  54. The Mercurial Jordan Flynn? Kind of a strange characterisation of him.. A solid work horse maybe a better description.

  55. TsuDhomNim I think most people see that side of Aidan’s game but I don’t think he contributes enough to scores or assists. Last match he didn’t start was against Roscommon in the league. I thought Cillian looked good against Galway when he came on in the 60th minute. He gave great pass to Duffy for the penalty and pass to Jack for his point.

  56. Mercurial for Jordan in attitude and honesty of application in his game I meant, tone and temper setter as opposed to natural flair. Apologies! ?

  57. Micko,

    The flags and and effort put in for league games in Tralee has been happening for a few years now.
    Fair play to the town council who do it it is great for the local economy.

    Safe travels to the folks coming down,.

    Miserable day but hopefully it drys up this evening

  58. A dirty wet miserable day at the moment but predicted dry by throw in tonight. Early start as granddaughter playing with Lgfa U14s against Kerry in Dr Crokes at 12.30. Then up the road to watch the senior ladies before a spin to Tralee for the main course. Feck knows what time we’ll get home tonight. Wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest. Big thank you to the GAA administrators for not only arranging our entertainment but throwing in a sightseeing tour as well, lol.
    As to the game as others have said it’s a massive test for the lads and could make or break one or two. Delighted to see DOC and Plunkett back and hopefully Aidan shows there’s still plenty of life in the old dog.
    Sincerely hope Reape stays back and doesn’t go wandering up and down the pitch. That stuff does my head in and I can’t recall a single occasion of it being beneficial to us. Anyway, good luck to all Mayo teams and safe travelling to everyone.

  59. @Clare. I just after tuning into the blog and I am shocked and disappointed you are leaving the pitch. Please reassess and hopefully you will return. You are a wonderful and insightful contributor to our mayogaablog and it will not be the same without you. Thanks very much for all your contribution to mayo gaa.

  60. Happy with that team, great Callinan and Brickenden rested after Sigerson exploits. McHugh did a decent job on Kilkenny two weeks ago.

    Great to see Plunkett back, be nice for him to get a few league games and see where he is up to. Has a great away record 13 wins out of 16 – courtesy of course to the blog!

    Midfield is very interesting, could see that start come championship with Mattie in half forward line.

    Hopefully Cillian gets 25 minutes or so to keep building if he is able.

    Overall great to see a few of the fringe/26 get game time, nice to build competition. When Carr is back I’d really like to see Tommy in half forward line.

    Looking forward to the match, be a great test against a strong Kerry team.

  61. Very strong Kerry team and bench. No doubt the plan in Kerry is to take the league in building momentum for the championship.
    For Mayo, it’s tough comeback game for Plunkett and DOC and McHugh will know all about playing at highest level by end of game.
    Regardless of who’s playing, we will have the same defensive system, so it will be interesting to see how that holds up.
    Can someone please post our bench. Im hoping Hession is there. Failure to name bench is only a turn off for Mayo supporters. No one else cares and it certainly doesn’t bother Kerry folk

  62. West Kerry.

    No it has not West Kerry, I’ll have to pull rank with you there. It is not to the same extent as Armagh last year and especially Mayo this weekend. Extra decor added. Special effort across the streets. Special thanks to all.

    Safe travels everybody down to us here.

  63. Anyway, we won’t start splitting hairs.

    We move on, West Kerry, youre a brilliant contributor on here i see. Superb.

    Isn’t it just plain wrong by the Kerry County board or the LGFA, I don’t know, whoever it is, that puts the Ladies league match, Kerry v Mayo in Killarney, then a few hours later up the road, the men’s league match in Tralee.
    Very unfair to our Mayo visitors and home supporters too. Paying twice.
    I know this happened a few week’s ago, Mayo v Dublin in Castlebar, the next day in Ballina, Mayo v Dublin in the ladies.
    People are stretched enough as it is.

    Would have made sense to double bill both matches this evening in Tralee.
    That pitch was completely upgraded in March 2016, it’s brilliant since, and can easily accommodate two matches in poor weather.

    The ladies would love to be playing as a curtain raiser in front of a largely decent crowd. Equity etc,
    Common sense, practicaliticality and the GAA though in one sentence!!! don’t mix sadly.

  64. Yeah as stated by another poster, massive test for a couple of players. Boland coming up against a first choice Kerry HB line, I personally feel if Gavin White matches up to him, Bolands stock on here will dwindle a bit.

    I was more impressed with Tuohy’s score from play against the Dubs than Fergal’s. Tuohy fetched it above Con who is renowmed for his leap height (see Roscommon game a few years ago) then Bob turned him and nailed it from a really tight angle.

    Half forward line tonight need to really chip in with points from play. In Bolands case, just receiving the ball in space and safe hand passing backwards wont cut it come the real stuff. He’s renowned for his balls skills and passing, lets see him pump it into Tommy and Ryan, they have the pace to beat their men out front.

  65. I think we need to tempt @Clare to rejoin the panel here 🙂 I’ll start…….Reape is the worst Mayo Goalie i’ve ever seen, i’d be starting Eugene Lavin ahead of him tonight! Hasn’t even made a save in the first 2 games…..

  66. @Clare
    You remind me of the wife. Shes been threatening to leave for years and is still here. Ha!
    Get yourself back asap. Yourself and CorickBridge are our two main cheerleaders. I could imagine the two of you shouting loudest on matchdays.

    We cant be going into the Championship with one of our cheerleaders gone awol. Ha!

    This is a great board by the way. Some great content on here and some great input from supporters of other counties. It is always interesting to hear opinions from outside Mayo. Every single point ever made by anyone is for the common good. We all want a winning Mayo team and we all wish some day to land the big one and we wont rest until we achieve it.

    Maigh eo Abu

  67. Great crack here at the moment.
    I would say for posters not to get too emotionally wound up about things, it is only sport after all.

  68. Looks like a very strong Kerry team probably the best they have with O’Connor looking to nail down a place in Kerry’s problem area of midfield. I’m looking forward to the game it should be a cracker.

  69. It’s a pity for whatever reason Brian Reape not currently involved. For me he was streets ahead of all in goalscoring in Mayo club football when fit. Wasn’t it six goals he had in the Intermediate championship? He’d be far more natural than Aidan in my view. Me personally I’m a believer in pulling out all the stops and being as flexible as possible to have your best panel possible.
    Manys the All Ireland was one with key contributions from players who were not involved from start of ore season or even league. I’m just really averse to us going to the well this year again with pretty much the same forwards who are either too old or never really starred in club, schools u21/20 or 3rd level.

  70. @JP: That Reape and Clarke inside line should cause havoc over the next few years. A team I’d go a long way out of my way to watch later this year (along with Claremorris).

  71. @willie Joe apolagies for over stepping the mark and outing a person’s comment will refrain from doing so. Honestly don’t mean to be offending anyone.

    @Margie haha thanks appreciate it that was funny!

    @mind the house I laughed at that comment your spot on I do that quite a bit haha.

    @Glordydays,Jimbo, swallow hoops also thanks!

    I know I can go a bit overboard at times so apolagies.

  72. No need to apologise, Clare, and welcome back. It’s a broad church here and we’re all on the same side … aside from the Kerry folk this evening but you know what I mean!

  73. @swallow swoops wouldn’t it be great if this is the game Tommy goals come back to near his best! Think we will put up a good fight at least anyway as always!

  74. Good to see late changes in the defence, there is a time to give other players a chancs but this evening isnt it, even with the late changes i still think Kerry won by 4 or 5.

  75. Welcome back Clare! Don’t be wordying about Tommy, when the ground hardens Tommy does his best work. All he needs a solid footing and a couple of yards to build up steam. Im saying it for years he does most of his damage from the half forward line.

  76. @Margie thanks! : ) your 100% right there..

    Tommy C def does make a big impact for us when he comes on his pace is something else…

    Yeah agree with you there he is so good from the half forward line saw a clip of him in a sigserson game his pace coming up from half forward line was immence and he set up a great score and the commentator goes that was the work of mad pace from Tommy C!

  77. Clare, I see where you are coming from on Tommy. I agree – would it be great if we could trouble them up front early and get them feeling a bit shaky? It’d give a different feeling to the game entirely.

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