Team named to play Monaghan

We’ve named our team to play Monaghan on Sunday. here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Monaghan, 24/4/2024): Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels); Aaron McDonnell (Ballinrobe), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Darren McHale (Knockmore), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Frank Irwin (Ballina Stephenites); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields).

So it’s eight changes from the team that started against Derry last time out. Into the team come Rory Byrne, Paddy Durcan, David McBrien, Michael Plunkett, Darren McHale, Frank Irwin, Cillian O’Connor and Paul Towey, while out go Colm Reape, Donnacha McHugh, Stephen Coen, Enda Hession, Jack Carney, Bob Tuohy, Fergal Boland and Jordan Flynn.

Aidan O’Shea is set to equal Andy Moran‘s record of 185 League and Championship appearances when he lines out for us at St Tiernach’s Park. What a warrior.

The best of luck to the lads on Sunday.

54 thoughts on “Team named to play Monaghan

  1. Great to see paddy durcan & David mcbrien back.

    Pretty much a challenge game. Good to see the changes made and mcstay giving players a chance.

    Best of luck guys.

  2. Interesting looking team and definitely great to see paddy durcan and mcbrien .those two are vital to our chances long term .would have given Aidan a day off though but of course as usual we have no idea if that team will start

  3. If Dublin and kerry loose and we win by cricket score we will be in league final…go for it..!

  4. Very interesting to see Ryan at 11. Last week he provided the assist from deep for Toweys goal and very nearly another for Conroy.
    I think back to the Dublin game in Castlebar where Ryan provided a lovely kick pass into Tuohy for a point and the ball to Boland for the winner.
    I would back Ryan to come up with as many from play from CF but with a load more assists. Some of his best work this year has come from deep.

    Great to see Paddy and David Mcbrien return. No doubt that Mcbrien will be very good at 6 but I think our greater need will be for him to play at 3.

  5. Hard to believe that team will start, but great if it did.
    On another note, it was so sad to hear of the passing of Ger Brady yesterday even though it was inevitable. Far too young and the world will be a lesser place without him. RIP Ger.

  6. Eight changes too many to make if the aim was to win this away match. It’s a dead rubber game which is rightly used to give those back from injury minutes on the pitch. Monaghan at home and looking to finish on a high after suffering relegation is a real possibility here.

  7. Interesting team. Delighted to see Paddy and McBrien back and Ryan at 11. Would have liked to see McBrien at 3 and Sam at 6. Don’t think Rory covered himself in glory last week. Could be a final chance for some lads for this year. Hopefully Cillian gets the full game.

  8. Glad to see Byrne getting a run . It will be interesting to see how he goes. We need to put pressure on Colm and Rob for positions on the 26 at least.Also great to see Paddy Durcan and McBrien back. Cillian also needs this game time. Ryan at CF might be a good move also. Mc Donnell
    Deserves this start after a good debut last weekend. Hopefully we put this team out. It is fairly strong on paper anyway.

  9. Should have said. Sorry to hear of Ger’s passing. Sad to hear of someone so young and with young children going way too soon. RIP.

  10. Despite all the changes it’s a strongish team possibly not much weaker than last week on paper. Looking forward to seeing how irwin and McHale get on and Plunkett also.

  11. So and So shouldn’t start and too many changes comments are grand but its impossible please all .
    I’ve no problem if that team starts .
    Strong enough on paper for what Is really a challenge match for both teams

  12. No doubt.
    Your correct. The 3 lads you have mentioned there , all deserve a start. Probably a start before round 7 if they were fit for any of the earlier rounds. Irwin, McHale and Plunkett , have been very good Club Players in the last few years. Hope it goes well for them on Sunday. They would definitely add to the potential of the squad if they remain fit.

  13. Very interesting team if that’s how they line out. 6 out and out forwards named too which is a novel idea!

  14. Yep. That’s a fun lineup. Very attacking lineup too so should be putting up a big score.

    We might have stumbled on a gamechanger with ROD at center forward last week, his long kickpasses inside from there were the only bit of creativity we have seen in years in that line

    Good to see the returnees like durcan, mcbrien etc back. Will nip the rumour mill in the bud and they should be flying in roscommon in 4 weeks

  15. That’s the kind of team i like to see, exciting players in every line with a good mix of youth, old guard and players need minutes.

  16. It’s a great opportunity to make all those changes, and delighted to see Durcan and McBrien back ,any news on Mcloughlins injuries? I hope he will return soon, good luck to all the squad, Hon Mayo

  17. Is Carr out long term. Does anyone know for sure what is the position with him. He would certainly be a huge option to have.

  18. Glad to see McBrein at 6. Capable of giving us the inspirational leadership we need from this position. If Irwin can make a go of it at 12 and be as influential as Jordan then we have a formidable team.
    Brickenden still to assert himself at three, otherwise the obvious move back off McBrein back to 3
    The team is a worthwhile experiment imo

  19. The news on injury’s is generally good from the snippets I’ve seen in formal circuits. All should be available or at least in training for the NY game – that’s not a bad place to be in !!

  20. Ryan is our most natural 11 imo,and Tommy will be an equally big winner from this move. Ryan will supply him with the type of ball he thrives on. They need to play on separate lines to get the best out of each other. Also a big chance for Frank to stake a claim for inclusion come champo

  21. Very interesting team selection. Great to see our injured players back, Paddy, David Mc, Plunkett and Cillian, Aaron getting another deserved chance, along with Darren, and Paul. Delighted to see Irwin in also. Rory in goal would make you wonder if that spot is still up for grabs. Also two interesting positional changes-Rory at CF, as a few have suggested and Aido at MF-he spends most of his time around that area anyway and we could do with his physicality there_does that spell the end of the him at FF experiment, I wonder. A chance for fellas to put their hands up.

  22. It is almost as if the selectors read this blog and the following weeks make changes according to the posts. I read back over last weeks posts and quite a few suggestions have been acted upon.

  23. Aiden won’t be midfield come championship.
    His lack of Mobility out there has long been exposed.
    I would like him contesting a few kickouts at times tho .
    I’m going to the match tomorrow , a challenge match but I like the team named ,

  24. Aidan’s mobility only gets exposed when we have a naive defensive formation putting him in a long footrace with ex cross country youth James Mccarthy and that type of atyjrte. James Mccarthy and similar would also burn almost all division one midfielders out there.
    If Aidan can sit at 6.5 position and just maintain his sector and we are defending centrally not following out wide to the wings unnecessarily then he’s much less likely to get exposed.

  25. Possibly the strongest team we have fielded all year. Hopefully it plays as selected and we pick up no injuries. League has served its purpose. Management has given lots of players the chance to stake a claim. He has also used lads in different positions to see how they get on so can’t see what more could have been done as we head into championship

  26. Great to see a few lads back. I would have given Aidan, Ryan and Tommy the weekend off but one never knows who will line out. I’m sure there are a few more on the panel who would love a run out. I would also like to see McDonnell at CB for a try. Does anyone know did he ever play there?

  27. Will there deferred coverage of the match on any channel? I thought I read earlier in the year tgat this would be the case.

  28. @ S Cawley: Not by the looks of it: TG4’s live coverage is split between hurling and the Kerry v. Galway fixture, with deferred coverage of Clare v. Down in Division Two football.

    So your best bet for the Mayo game is either live radio coverage on Midwest or the tv highlights via RTÉ League Sunday or TG4’s GAA 2024 on Monday evening.

  29. If Aiden is used like David Moran and Neil Gallagher were in the past at midfield he will have a great year there. McBrien should be full back full stop its a problem position for many years. CHF is the position for Ryan , would like to see Tommy C in half forward line as well and NO MORE SIDE OR BACK PASSING ALL FORWARD PLAY AT SPEED.

  30. Game has moved on since then Culmore .
    Clever keepers would avoid Aiden or dink one for their midfielder to run onto .

  31. McBrien was the man we were looking for for a few years to fill the problem full back position – so why in the hell don’t we leave him there. He started wing back v Kerry and chb tomorrow. Brickeden might do a job at corner back – but from what we’re seen he will struggle at full back at the top level

  32. So we shouldn’t play Aidan midfield because opposition keepers will avoid him? That sounds like an argument for playing him there tbh

  33. Happy enough with management after that selection. I was hoping Plunkett, McHale, Cillian, McDonnell and others get a start. Delighted to see Durcan and McBrien, couldnt give a hoot about the result once no injuries picked up.

    McBrien is far and away our best FB, Brickenden just doesn’t have the pace and dynamism required. If your consistently getting burned by players in the league, I dread what will happen on Summer ground.

    Ryan to CHF suggest Bolands starting chances are very slim for Roscommon. Fergal renowned for passing ability, but Ryan done more damage in 10 mins on the 40 than Fergal has done all league.

    Having said that, its still risky playing Ryan. But as others have said its one of the better team selections all league. Delighted Rory Byrne gets a chance. That no.1 jersey is up for grabs I think.

  34. Brendan O’Hora – I’ve deleted that comment of yours. My remarks the other day asking people to stop posting unconfirmed injury news about named players refers. This trend is really starting to annoy me now.

  35. Culmore. You just put it all in a nutshell. Mcbrien is a full back. We conceded 3 against Derry. I don’t see brickenden at 3.

  36. Woud rather see McBrien at 3
    We are still at the end of the league experimenting at 6 and 11’. If ROD plays eleven where does Boland play or does he go to the bench? Good to see Irwin picked, he has not shown he is up to it yet but he has all the tools for the 10 we need, tall athletic and able to shoot. Hope he shows Sunday

  37. Mcbrien is definitely the most promising full back we have had since Kevin Cahill.I really don’t get this movement to get him to centre back .it’s getting to the stage of settling players into their positions at this stage

  38. @No Doubt, if Reape and Flynn end up starting you won’t be saying im hacked 😉

    @Mayo67, the fact they are not even resting Ryan and willing to start him at CHF, tells me Boland hasn’t convinced them he deserves a championship start – and I agree. As the league wore on and teams upped the intensity, Fergal became less effective and actually was slowing down our play big time. A half forward line of Doc Ryan anc Flynn looks very good ro me tbh.

    Agree with 1985. McBrien the best we have at FB. Just because they keep naming Brickenden at FB doesn’t mean he is the best option there.

  39. I disagree Margie regarding Fergal Boland he has been an outstanding in his scoring capabilities

  40. Couldn’t agree anymore Mayoman with regards Fergal Boland. 12 points from play and at least 5/6 assists from the half forward line. Was quite enough against a serious defensive Derry and with our side to side attacking plan hardly helps.

    Lets also not forget that two of our Full forward line, who I have a lot of respect for Tommy and Aidan have scored 3 points from play between them.

    We are also nowhere near the teams of 2014-2017 which makes our task even harder.

  41. Disagree with your logic there Margie, Mayo can play Ryan at 11 and Fergal and 10, with Jordan at 12. Diarmuid will be in midfield come championship because he will play defensive midfield to cover for Paddy and Eoghan in the half back line.

    Fergal had an excellent league campaign. I don’t think anyone scored more than him from play and he kicked well in a number of games too. Ryan had two good passes in game that was played wide open. You’re over stating his play at 11 versus Boland, who played in more games that were much tighter affairs.

    Agree on Brickenden, he’s not quick or aggressive enough for the full back line at inter county level. Hopefully everyone is fit for Roscommon and we go for

    Hession McBrien Callinan

    McLaughlin Durcan Coen

  42. Fergal Boland does deserve a championship start he had one bad game v Derry but so did half the mayo team also have a bad day v derry.

    Boland has stood up for most of the league when a lot doubted him and didn’t give him a chance to begin with.

    Also good to see Byrne getting a chance at goals but can’t see him getting near a championship start. Let’s see how he goes v monaghan and good luck to him to.

    Feel there’s not much of an atmosphere for this match building up as it’s a challenge match can’t wait for the New York game though!

  43. Have to say I can see @margie point regarding Boland slowing down the game i noticed in the last couple of games alot of his passes were back even when there were forward options available and yes maybe teams have figured him out. Having said that I think he has enough in the bank from earlier league games and his scores to warrant a starting place come championship but he will need to be on his game to keep his place. Regarding mcbrien it’s full back for me all day long,can’t see the logic in moving him to 6 while 3 is not secure. It’s like years looking for a wife and when she appears she’s handed divorce papers. As for brickenden I seem to have a bit more faith in him than most on here.

  44. Hope Durcan and McBrien come through tomorrow without picking up any new injuries. Clare, like yourself I am glad to see Byrne getting a run tomorrow. Competition for places is vital to the team going forward. Hopefully all goes well for all the lads that start tomorrow. It will then give The management team food for thought. On Mayo.??

  45. McBrein most likely leader we have and fair play to management for giving him every chance to occupy that pivotal position imo. It is a BT disappointing that Brickenden hast made the 3 position his and it will weaken our defence if we have to move McBrein to 3. Brickenden definitely doesn’t lack pace, I think it’s a confidence thing with him, but he is progressing. We just haven’t found a 12 that matches Flynn at 10 so why wouldn’t we continue to experiment. I’d love to see irwin putting in a big shift tomorrow. Touhy a little overawed by the promotion to starting 15 but he is a future star. Towey well deserving of his start. Strong team imo.

  46. Could Boland play at corner forward, with licence to move out field around half forward….he has a great shot on him n is good shooter from distance….leaving a 2 man ffl of Tommy and cillian or 1 other…Ryan is made for chf with Jordan and one other half forward such as irwin/mcloughlin/hession…

  47. I completely agree that McBrien should be our number 3.It is a vital central position, which has been a weak spot for us down thro’ the years and has cost us many times. We spent decades trying to unearth a good one and now we have found one, so leave him there and concentrate on finding a long term CH. As for Rory-he is a big lad and a lovely footballer. I don’t feel, as some do that he lacks pace, what he lacks is physical aggression, which is necessary for FB. I would like to see him tried at CHB, as I think his attributes are more suited to that position.

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