Team news for U20s tomorrow and women’s League match on Sunday

There were two Mayo team announcements made earlier today and here they are.

First up is the team named for tomorrow’s Connacht U20 Championship quarter-final against Galway at MacHale Park (throw-in 2pm). The starting fifteen for this all-or-nothing provincial Championship knockout tie is as follows:

Mayo (Connacht U20 Championship quarter-final v Galway, 8/2/2020): Jamie McNicoholas (Kiltimagh); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis, captain), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Luke Tunney (Westport); Aaron McDonnell (Ballinrobe), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Ciaran Gavin (Ballintubber), Frank Irwin (Ballina Stephenites), Paddy Goldrick (Charlestown); James Jennings (Mayo Gaels), Mark Moran (Westport), Paul Towey (Charlestown).

Close on half the team named for this tie – seven in total – also took part in last year’s U20 Connacht final against the same opposition. Jamie McNicholas, Jack Coyne, Aaron McDonnell, Rory Brickenden, Oisín Mullin, Paddy Goldrick and Paul Towey all lined out for us that evening in Tuam.

Galway have also named their team for tomorrow – that’s here.

It’s worth pointing out – as others have already done in the comments – that extremely adverse weather is forecast for the west tomorrow. In advance of the arrival of Storm Ciara, a Status Orange wind warning has been issued for Mayo and Donegal with effect from noon until 4pm tomorrow. In addition, a Status Yellow rainfall warning is in place for the whole country on Saturday, with the highest volumes of rain expected to land in the west.

Met Eireann describes an Orange wind warning as an event that produces “wind speeds with the capacity to produce dangerous, stormy conditions which may constitute a risk to life and property.” I’ll leave it up to yourselves to draw your own conclusions on the advisability of going ahead with an U20 Championship match in the kind of wild and wet conditions that are expected to hit tomorrow.

The wind should have eased a bit by Sunday afternoon, the storm having passed through by then but there’s still expected to be plenty of rain pelting down at that stage. So, if the women’s LGFA League Division One match against Waterford goes ahead as scheduled at Swinford Amenity Park that day (throw-in 2.30pm), that’s the kind of weather it’s likely to be played in.

The Mayo team for this match was named today and it shows five changes from the side that lined out against Dublin under the lights at MacHale Park last Saturday evening. Here it is:

Mayo (LGFA NFL Division One v Waterford, 9/2/2020): Aisling Tarpey (Foxrock/Cabinteely); Nicola O’Malley (Westport), Dayna Finn (Kiltimagh), Danielle Caldwell (Castlebar Mitchels); Kathryn Sullivan (Castlebar Mitchels), Ciara McManamon (Burrishoole), Ciara Whyte (Kilmoremoy); Clodagh McManamon (Burrishoole), Sinead Cafferkey (Kilmovee Shamrocks); Fiona Doherty (Bohola Moy Davitts), Maria Reilly (Kiltane), Lisa Cafferkey (Kilmovee Shamrocks); Jennifer Cawley (Burrishoole), Rachel Kearns (CL MacHale Rovers), Amy Halligan (The Neale).

Sunday’s team shows five changes from the side that started against Dublin last weekend. Into the first fifteen come Aisling Tarpey in goals, as well as Ciara McManamon, Maria Reilly, Jennifer Cawley and Amy Halligan. Out go Laura Brennan, Saoirse Lally, Roisin Durkin, Allanah Duffy and Natasha Gaughan.

The best of luck to all three Mayo teams in action this weekend. Hopefully the weather won’t be as rough as the forecast is currently predicting.

60 thoughts on “Team news for U20s tomorrow and women’s League match on Sunday

  1. You know …. if it not the kind of day you would put the dog out why plough on
    with a ball game in dangerous conditions. I think it should be deferred,and that
    sooner rather than later.

  2. The trouble is that the GAA have tied themselves up in knots trying to run off competitions in double quick time. Starting an All Ireland competition now with the semifinals seemingly set in stone for St Patrick’s Day gives little time for postponements due to things like adverse weather. But there are two free weekends after the proposed Connacht Final [ 22nd Feb?] so there is room for a postponement on Saturday.

  3. That Galway starting 15 is mostly 18 and 19 year olds and Mayo have more experienced and conditioned players which should mean a Mayo win and think the poor weather should suit Mayo better also

  4. I can understand them not making a decision to postpone a match until the last possible moment. However, the weather forecast is very clear – we are going to have very strong winds and heavy rain tomorrow at match time. Cancellation seems the obvious decision for the u20s.
    The weather for Sunday is due to be even worse but I guess they are hoping it won’t be as bad in Navan as round here.

  5. Having looked at that invaluable resource for all things Mayo GAA, WJ’s archive I see 16 of those who played U17 in 2017 v Sligo and Galway are involved in this years U20 panel. They are Jamie McNicholas, Jack Coyne, Aaron McHale, Rory Brickenden, Aaron McDonnell, Paddy Goldrick, John Gallagher, Pat Lambert, Liam Burke, James Jennings, Paul Towey, Kuba Callaghan, Liam Tunney, Dimitri Trench, Ciaran Gavin and Mark Moran. I don’t have the programme for the final with Louth a few weeks back so maybe there are one or two more. But considering the difficulty in combining study – and the vast majority of those lads are studying – and football for a young Mayoman it is, I think, a reasonable return from a minor panel.

  6. Andyd
    Good list, Another couple of names Leo Howard Belmullet started against Galway Ronan Reilly Parke came on as sub. Also Oisin Mullin Kilmaine and Mickie Conroy Kiltane were on the minor panel “U18” that year and were still U17. Mullin was injured for the u17s. On a separate note others like Dylan Prendergast louisburgh was on the minor panel that year and didn’t play for the U17s.Cillian Golding and Basil McLeod were also county minors that year both played for the U17. On paper that team should have done much better than they did.

  7. 5 players of that Galway team played for Galway in the CF of 2017 in Salthill. They are listed today down the spine. Galway always line out thus. Younger players on the wings. So it’s 10 younger Galway players and 8 younger players from Mayo. Nothing like building up your opponents before you pull the rug from under them.

  8. Galway’s continuous production line of quality footballers through the minor ranks over the past number of years will see them in good stead today. This Mayo team will have to produce one hell of a performance to get the better of them. Too many young footballers in Mayo get talked up at this grade which is usually to their detriment. Hopefully thst won’t end up being the case today. Safe travelling to all who make the journey to MacHale park.

  9. Most of that team comes from the last 2 Galway U17s 2018 and 2019, Not many u20s up that spine. Only 4 starters from the team that played Mayo in 2017, totally new midfield. There is several more on the bench however like Oisin McDonagh who’s full forward place is taken by last years U17 Tomo Culhane who will be a handful

    From Galwaybay

    The team features one survivor from the team who beat Mayo in the Connacht Final last year with Oughterard’s Matthew Tierney the only player left from last July’s win. Four of the starting fifteen played for Galway in the All-Ireland Minor Final last year in Jonathan McGrath, james McLaughlin, Nathan Granger and Tomo Culhane.

    The Galway team is…

    1 Conor Flaherty

    2 Jonathan McGrath U18

    3 Seán Fitzgerald

    4 Jack Glynn

    5 Cian Monahan

    6 Tony Gill U19

    7 Cathal Sweeney U19

    8 Conor Raftery U19

    9 James McLaughlin U18

    10 Alan Greene

    11 Matthew Tierney

    12 Paul Kelly U19

    13 Nathan Grainger U18

    14 Tomo Culhane U18

    15 Matthew Cooley U19

  10. Should have deferred U20s match till after 4pm today Sat as the high wind warning lapses at 4pm today.

  11. Jeez I’d say this wind has something to do with it , I’d be seriously concerned we didn’t put up enough scores to win.

  12. Galway has a strong wind in the second half will be a big test for the lads, only 6 points ahead but Mayo are working hard. Towey a standout. Mayo has a strong bench will be needed

  13. Exciting game of football, 10-10, Extra time will be tough in these conditions. Star performers on both teams.

  14. That goal a sucker punch but only 2 points behind with the strong wind advantage. Game still there to be won for Mayo.

  15. Level 0-14 to 1-11, penalty kicks needed. Sad way to finish this brilliant game. Surprised that John Gallagher didn’t see the field especially with so many tired bodies.

  16. I’ll say this before they are taken. Penalties are no way to find the winner of a championship game

  17. Absolutely Willie Joe, I say that as a Galway man, the Connacht Council needs a serious shake up as what transpired today has happened to other counties in Connacht regularly over the last 20 years including clubs

  18. Hard to take that result seriously given it’s come through penalties. It’s a disgraceful way to decide how a team advances in the championship. It’s February for fucks sake.

    I have to say some of the things the GAA are doing at the moment are nigh on moronic.

  19. What a load of nonsense. Mayo penalties were fairly woeful did they even train for them? No championship game should be decided in that manner. Replay midweek would be more fair.

  20. Would it be such a big deal to ask both counties at the end of extra time if they would prefer to go at it wed evening in a replay ? No disrespect to Leitrim but winners today would be around 1/7 to win the game next sat , rest wouldn’t of been as a major factor is what I’m trying to say. Sick to my stomach about this . Well done Galway though very decent side . Paul Towey looks a great prospect.

  21. 45
    I won’t go putting these players down after that performance today, the Goal was a sucker punch but Mayo found a way back. Penalty kicks are a lot of bollocks, the people who should lower their heads aren’t the lads on the field today. There is future Mayo players on the field today, Paul Towey 0-9 points 6 from play, will be on the senior panel sooner rather than later.

  22. 45, I think your analysis is a bit on the sharp side. “Mayo team chokes ” . “Galway lording it over us”. “Average footballers.” The game was a draw both at full time and after extra time. Mayo were pressing till the end, showed great heart to score 3 points to cancel the goal. So you are happy to twist the knife on a talented and courageous team that lost on a penalty shootout.

  23. Can understand 45’s point though. There has been far…far too much ‘talking up’ of underage players on this blog, particularly over the past 2 years and we’ve fallen short each time and you’re correct, it’s very quiet here in Galway. The Galway papers had much less coverage of the game whereas the Mayo papers had a lot more. Yes, there’s more interest in football in Mayo but our press definitely doesn’t help the hype.

    A mention to Paul Towey. A performance he can be proud of and he should be gunning now to break into the senior panel.

    Finally, and people may not agree, fair enough, but I would like to see a new manager at this level. Change things up.

  24. Just to say though, it’s harsh to say we ‘choked’ today. I wouldn’t agree with that.

  25. My heart goes out to these lads , it’s a bloody harsh way to lose a knockout championship game , just doesn’t sit right with me , it’s not part of our game and I don’t see why it should be . I’d say that win or lose . Also think about lads in their last year underage , most will never see a county jersey again , what an absolute fuck up to look back on your last game as a penalty shoot out in feb first round which if you won you might of made Croke Park . There’s fine lines and then there’s just pure stupidity , whoever came up with that rule is stupid

  26. 45 both teams were dropping it short from the D. Conditions were brutal. They are very even teams. Yes players are over hyped on here but you can scroll past that mayo for Sam stuff. A few prospects there today which is good. Galway have an edge on us at under age and will have at senior for the next while. They have better forwards that’s reality. Very tough on those lads to be out now. Important to develop Towey as a free taking option as we don’t have one.

  27. Have 3 tickets for the game tomorrow which unfortunately cannot attend if anyone looking for tickets

  28. Where is the support play gone in mayo football ?lads running down blind alleys passing backwards,taking on silly shots.
    The pitch is in utter shite after that game.
    Mayo played better but still lost.
    Same old story.

  29. Awful way to go out, but both teams knew the rules before they togged out. If we had won 3-2, I doubt too many on this blog would be complaining. Thought our lads would win this handy, very young Galway team, thought our older bigger lads would pull through, especially in the bad conditions. Best of luck to the Galway lads in the rest of the competition.

  30. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought all rule changes had to be made at Congress, or was this a prenty rule, a ridiculous way to decide such an important game, shame on you connaught council.

  31. Why dont county boards, management, delegates complain when the draws are made for these competitions? We knew this had the possibility of going all the way to pens..
    I agree it’s a terrible way to decide a game, but complaining now is fruitless.
    Some great talent on view today..

  32. How many who are twisting the knife into our players and management were actually at the game??

  33. Mayo man in Meath -This is no way to decide a championship game. These young players from Mayo and Galway have put three solid months of preparation into this along with the majority doing exams as well in January.Not good enough and then have to play in a storm. If this treatment continues our players will be lost to the GAA.

  34. I reckon we lost the game in the first half when we should have put more scores on the board. I cannot for the life of me understand why we hadn’t at least two forwards standing on the end line running onto the long ball played in front of them. We kicked three long balls in a row into nobody in the ff line and they skidded out wide!
    That’s management and I wouldn’t be hard on the players. The game plan / style of play was designed for normal conditions. We failed to adapt to today’s conditions.
    That said it is grossly unfair to lads to expect them to play in such conditions and then decide the game on penalties.

  35. You’d want to cop yourself on, 45, if you want to keep commenting here. That’s a disgraceful, cheap, low shot at an UNDERAGE Mayo team. Shame on you.

  36. Credit to both teams to put on such a good game of football in a day you wouldn’t put a dog out in. Extremely harsh to decide it by penalties when I’m sure both teams would have been happy with a replay in Tuam. Once they condensed the U-20 competition so much this year they left no space for any replays which is a real shame.

    Missed opportunity for Mayo with most of that Galway side still U-20 eligible next year while I think most of our lads are moving on now.

  37. Mcnicholas looked assured on kickouts.Coyne,Tunney ,Hession and Towey were best for me.Some on here would make a man throw up.I have a ticket for Navan but a couple travelling without if you want yours scanned justoutsideballagh.

  38. I thought we were the better team, but it wouldn’t be the first time that was the case and we went on to lose. We took too long to settle in the first half and in truth it was lost in the first half imo. Some great prospects on show in the likes of Towey, Hession, Coyne. Apart from Towey though I thought the forwards lacked composure, the conditions were awful though.

  39. There seemed to be 15minutes gone before we realised how strong the wind was in the first half.I would agree we looked the better team but didn’t put them away.Justoutsideballagh that crew bought tickets today in Svalue.

  40. It’s just really disappointing. The lads must be gutted but they are the future so the message has to be to learn from this and to strive to upskill. If you’re serious about becoming a Mayo senior then you need to get better in every capacity, that’s the reality. If I was in that dressing room Id be asking every one of them, what can you do to improve your game? The challenge is there for them now.

    Its unfortunate that the game plan in the first half didn’t suit the conditions, it’s a shame as this definitely goes down as a missed opportunity.

  41. Monaghan absolutely destroying the Dubs at half time . If they do win and we lose tomorrow I can’t see a pathway to staying up this year.

  42. Back home after one of those frustrating days in MacHale Park. Mayo had the winning of this but managed once again to lose it. It was a disgrace that extra time was played in those conditions never mind penalties. Player welfare how are ye?? More a case of convenience for the fixture makers.
    Paul Towey was our outstanding player yet managed to botch a number of good chances of scores. He can’t however be accused of being greedy having turned down two easy point chances, one from a mark, to place other players who failed to convert. Then in the second half he over carried the ball to lose in a tackle when a point was on. And then there was the mark called in error near the end in extra time. Our full forward line was too light to handle the conditions and the ball being served to them in the first half. They were also too far from goal when playing with the wind. A forward has no chance with a ball played in over his head in that wind. I could not understand why Callaghan was not started in those conditions. I would however have Towey called into the senior squad immediately. Finally penalties – again. In my opinion there is only one way to take a penalty, i.e. a daisy cutter into the corner. They may not look as spectacular as some others but there is far less room for error. Too many are made easy for the goalkeeper as they are taken now. Even if the goalkeeper guesses right he will not get down to a shot hit low to the corner if it is hit with any sort of reasonable power.

  43. The notion of settling a championship game on penalties is a joke in February and I would have said the same thing had Mayo won. These young lads put a huge effort in only to be eliminated by the lottery that is penalties. Most may never get the opportunity to play for the county again. Is there really such a need to shoe horn the U20 championship through so quickly. It’s only February. Some provinces haven’t started theirs yet. If there is so little respect for this competition why play it at all. The GAA got rid of U21 and now they’re treating the U20 with contempt. What’s wrong with a replay or at worst another period of extra time.

  44. Jasus if that game is called off Colm ORourke will definitely be getting uncomfortable and recalling the golden years when men were men and all that….
    Anyways Monaghan threw it away tonight but the draw a good result for Mayo’s division 1 status

  45. Dubs won’t be beaten this year, came back from 10 points down in terrible weather conditions with approx 60 % a full team, no change in 2020.

  46. I’d agree Mayo88, they smell blood and go for it everytime. It’s in their overall DNA now. At least 8 in a row I’d imagine will be their lot

  47. Good to read your comments AndyD – I was going to ask that very question – Would Towey be a possible bolter for the Senior team?
    Let’s face it, we are not over-stacked with corner fowards so I really think this lad should get a chance in the latter rounds of the league. We need someone with that scoring instinct and if he can score on a day like today, then he should thrive on a hard pitch in the summer.
    As young Mullen as shown this year and Cillian and others have shown in the past, ‘if you are good enough you are old enough’

  48. Andyd i can’t disagree.
    We should have won
    Thanks to the Connacht council for another shit show.
    Only 10 euro.

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