Team to play Kildare named

There I was saying that seeing as we hadn’t named our team there were a few other things to be talking about. But now we have named our team to play Kildare tomorrow and here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Kildare, 11/3/2018): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Caolan Crowe (Garrymore), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Lee Keegan (Westport), Michael Hall (Breaffy); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Adam Gallagher (Mayo Gaels). 

So, on paper at least, it’s just the one change from the side that started against Dublin two weeks ago. In comes Seamus O’Shea for his first start of the year and out goes David Drake. I doubt, though, that that’s the end of the ins and outs but we’ll have to wait until we get to Newbridge tomorrow to find out more on that.

The team we’ve named, by the way, contains seven survivors from the side we started the last time we played Kildare, in Round 3B of the qualifiers back in 2016. Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Seamus O’Shea, Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor and Andy Moran all started that July evening two years ago, while Stephen Coen and Jason Doherty – both of whom are in the team named for tomorrow – appeared for us off the bench in that one.

Best of luck to the lads named to start for us in this crunch fixture.

45 thoughts on “Team to play Kildare named

  1. That is unlikely to be the starting team. Also, Keith Higgins is not named on the starting 15 on the hurling team. Might we see Zippy in Newbridge tomorrow?

  2. So who is taking the frees then? Who? Yeah right.

    Also who is going to save the penalty kick? Really?

    Me thinks someone is having a right laugh here. Keeping the owl cards close to the chest and all that.

  3. Actually would not be surprised if Cillian does not start . Expect Tom might start at expense of Coen/ Hall . Have to give Hennelly game time in case Clarke gets injured come championship .

  4. Where’s Clarke? Someone asked. It’s not knee deep in a tight game in August that we ask Robbie if he brought his boots with him cause Clarke is hurt, is it? Hennelly needs the gametime and do t forget that he is a top class keeper too, just like Clarke. I think Mayo will win this one by a few scores, and it would be nice to see hennelly driving a few frees over off the ground.
    Best of luck to them all and hope anyone traveling has a safe trip and enjoys the match.

    Mayo 2-15
    Kildare 2-11

  5. No point commenting on this team No way will that be the starting line up. I really don’t know who managers are trying to fool with these dummy teams it certainly is not the opposition who rightly will just ignore it and wait to see who actually starts.

  6. The team named will be close to the one starting, only change I can see happening is Cillian starting, he badly needs the games before Galway and was sorely missed v Dublin.

    Rochford starting Robbie two games in a row indicates that he has plans for him going forward. Funny how Dublin dont feel the need to give their replacement keeper a game.

  7. I think the same regarding hennelly mayomad, rochford has plans for him

    What did Clarke do wrong , a two time all star in a row ?

  8. Mayomad
    That’s a problem point for dublin, the next to cluxton is a long way off him in skill and experience. If cluxton got hurt in a game against top level opposition there would be trouble for the dubs. Hennelly has the ability like cluxton to hit frees from distance off the ground. That alone is a reason to play him in at least some pressure games like tomorrow.

  9. A bit pointless publishing a team Saturday night that clearly won’t start Sunday afternoon. Kildare are poor defensively and i would expect Mayo to score more freely against them than against Dublin,Monaghan and Galway. Mayo to win by 4 or 5 points i reckon with C O Connor back on form with his free taking.

  10. No Castlebar player starting even though there are six on the extended panel. GMcDonagh, PDurcan, BMoran, DVaughan, NDouglas and DKirby. Also four from Breaffy starting. An unusual spread.

  11. EOD was given a run in the FBD and he is still standing. No matter what adjustments are made tomorrow before throw in, EOD will be starting. His performances has got the full trust of the selectors. He is making it harder to over look him. Next time you hear some poster going “Where is Joe Bloggs, why are they not picking him” maybe they should be asking Joe Bloggs. Best wishes to all the Mayo team and management tomorrow.

  12. High King . Did ya have to mention Vaughan from Castlebar !! Opening a can of worms again ….

  13. The only way to stop managers naming dummy teams is to count any changes as part of the 6 subs. For example if Mayo make two changes to that team before kickoff – then that is two of their subs used up. I agree that Hennelly needs game time. If Cluxton gets injured Dublin are in trouble. Very poor judgement by Gavin not to be giving sub goalie game time.

  14. South mayo exile , do you think it’s a case of giving hennelly game time or that they prefer him over Clarke ?

  15. There were 2 things the hombres made sure of. Protect your land and protect your reputation.

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    Yep. The hombres had decided to ride on to the lilywhites patch. They rode through the night and reached the edge of town just before Sun up.

    Town was eerily quite save for a manged dog that scampered back under the half rotted steps of the saloon.

    Down a side street the hombres had tied up their mounts to a wooden rail that ran along the barber shop.

    They walked slowly out on to the main street. They could see clear down to the other end of town.

    Keegan stood in the middle of the street, a look of cold intent on his face. There must have been a dozen of his riding party to his left and to his right.

    They stood and waited.

    Barrett, who was part Navajo, heard the approaching horses first. He spat a gob of tobacco on to the dusty street. A sign to the others that the time had come.

    Moran lay on the roof of the old town bank, his chin resting comfortably against the barrel of his rifle which was trained on the other end of town.

    Keegan bent down and knotted the leather holster laces around each thigh. He straightened himself, feet splayed shoulder width apart. He was ready.

    “Die tryin or eat shit and may the Lord have mercy on your souls” Seamie uttered to himself as the approaching outlaws came in to view.

    Moran lined up his first shot and slowly began to ease back on the trigger.

    The lilywhites had planned to damage the hombres reputation. A big mistake. The time for retribution had arrived.

  16. Would be very worried about that team starting have to laugh with some people wanted to start inexperience players you can do that when you have maybe 12 of your first team starting tomorrow is all about getting your best team on the field and getting a result safe traveling to everyone tomorrow.

  17. Stop giving Gavin the heads up on goalie rotation.the last thing we need to do is help them. I think hennelly is in because his re starts are better

  18. Revellino……Looking forward to the sequel in 18 hours or so….the lilywhites are in for an ambush…..hopefully!

  19. Robbie Hennelly seems a decent guy but he should no longer by on the panel as he makes big mistakes or is at fault for goals regularly, most recently Niall Scully who isn’t the biggest got to a high ball first for Dublin’s goal 2 weeks ago. It’s time to blood a new keeper, they won’t make as many errors as Robbie so there’s not alot to lose.

  20. Bob ….. Hennelly could do nothing about scully goal v dublin. Have a look at it. The Dublin player had all the advantages in that instance.

  21. If Clarke isn’t injured he has to start tomorrow, I don’t buy that Robbie needs game time. He played the last day and that’s enough for the sub keeper. I think Robbie’s kickouts are overrated. He has a nicer kicking style but they are no more accurate than Clarke’s.

  22. Bad result for us tonight with Tyrone beating donegal. Really need a win now tomorrow

  23. Clarke is not injured. I can’t believe that they put hennelly in over a two time all star

  24. @RiseAgain – he should have stayed on his line if he wasn’t going to win the ball. I don’t believe that goal goes in if Clarke is there. Don’t mean to be too hard on Robbie, he’s a good keeper but just not at Clarke’s standard.

  25. Wide ball- if it’s a case that he is not at the standard why is he again tomorrow ?

    Personally I think with him he could do excellent things then you have stupid things that are a sucker punch and cost us games

  26. Unless he is injured Clarke must start. I expected Donegal to win tonight and surprised to see them so comprehensively beaten In any event our fate is still in our own hands starting tomorrow.

  27. In response to Mayoman – I am sure management still have Clarke as number 1. Look at all the important saves he made in so Many crucial stages of games last year. He kept us in the championship. His kicks out can be dodgy. With the new rules for kick outs- I would like to see him drive more kick outs to Aidan at centre forward.

  28. I’m not sure if mayo management see in that way , why would they start hennelly the last two games ??

  29. I’d say be bit more like
    1 Was in Ireland’s take me out
    2 Higgins
    3 caff
    4 Eoin the baker
    5 boulder
    6 coen
    7 sir Leroy
    8 Seamie
    9 parsons
    10 Kevin
    11 aido
    12 diarmuid
    13 Cillian
    14 Andy
    15 Adam Gallagher

  30. Westport 2018…. What is obvious, is that it’s not all that easy for the opposition to read us….!…. The right question to ask is… Is your opinion is purely speculation?


  31. Westport2018 – it’s never a good idea to post comments in the small hours. How can you possibly know what Rochy does or doesn’t think?

  32. Young buck is playing ball today so I have a spare ticket if anyone hasn’t any got yet. Give it away for free rather than chuck it.

    Think its a good idea to play hennelly tbh . People saying how come dublin always play their number one , as shrewd as gavin is , dont think it makes sense to persist with cluxton in what is nearly dead rubber games for them now. Clarke has got injured in the past too. Love to see both loftus and gallagher get their game today.

    Good luck Mayo, just make sure to cover the obvious dangers ie Flynn.

  33. Anyone know where the best place to park in Newbridge is? I was there at a match a 2 or 3 years ago when Jason Gibbons scored a screamer of a goal but that’s about all I remember about the place

  34. Backdoorsam, people are saying Whitewater Shopping Centre and then 5/10 min walk from there. I’m just worried the whole of Mayo and Kildare and Mother’s Day crowd will be parked there. I don’t know other than that.

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