Team to play Sligo named

We named our team earlier on this evening to play Sligo in the FBD League tomorrow afternoon. This game is being played in Enniscrone where throw-in is 2pm. Here’s the team we’ve named for our final pre-season outing of the year:

Mayo (FBD League v Sligo, 21/1/2018): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Michael Hall (Breaffy), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Ciaran Treacy (Ballina Stephenites).

So it’s a first start this year for Brendan Harrison, Aidan O’Shea and Evan Regan, as our preparations continue ahead of next weekend’s opening League fixture away to Monaghan. No sign of Andy yet – he’ll be bulling, then, to get going in Clones.

As others have noted, the team for tomorrow contains no fewer that four players from Ballina Stephenites. Well, the match is being played just out the road from the town.

Best of luck to all in tomorrow’s fixture.

37 thoughts on “Team to play Sligo named

  1. Very strong team selection, one week out from a tricky away game to Monaghan, we need to get early points in the league.

    Be interesting how we perform today. If hope we’ll be ok.

  2. So FBB not even over and we are back to last years squad. Only two additions are Hall, Gibbons & Treacy. Hall was in before injury so not really new. Gibbons may have been left out last year but still a regular. Treacy might not even start if Cillian or Andy are able to play.

    These players really are brought in to fill a gap and not much else. Feel sorry for them

  3. The damned if you pick them and and damned if you don’t attitude is nonsense. Of that team, the regulars from last season in Harrison, Durcan, Regan, Coen & O’Connor are only young nippers – why the hell not let them tear into a game like this. Cafferkey & Gibbons played sweet little or nothing last season so its a great chance for them to nail the jersey ahead of the opening round of the league and best of luck to them too. As to the other old hands in Aido, Jason and Colm, well there are lots of options presenting themselves now for their jerseys and I think they will relish 45 minutes before the opening round next week and bottom line is that some selection of the older hands have to dust themselves down in advance on that outgoing – next weekend you can bet your boots that despite the volume of silverware in Dublin, they will line out at least 10 and perhaps even more of the all-ireland winning side so the notion that we wrap up all our fellas for action until say March 1st is daft really.

  4. In fairness, the players are brought in and challenged to bump someone else out. They have to be good enough to do that.

    I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for them to do that in the coming weeks. The fact is that we have rarely had a first 17/18 as good in our history, if ever.

    Pre season is for everyone and today is a chance for players to stretch the legs before a big game next week.

  5. Galway/ Roscommon game fixed for Tuam is called off. Will Mr Prenty still insist this fixture be played at some stage?

  6. We have been bringing on Half Backs as half Forwards in All Ireland Finals. Our Half Forward line today is tried and tested. We could do with seeing if Conor Loftus, Conor O Shea, Fionn McDonagh, Adam Gallagher can mix it with some regulars around them. Does anyone care about the league? We need to find bench options for later in the year. Fully expect us to start Andy today. It’s past time our management started planning for the future.

  7. Do you not think he has given lads game time in the first three games and couple of challenge games already?

    Do you not think it’s unreasonable for established lads to get at least a half or two of football under their belts before starting our league campaign?

  8. Think the same about cafferky …..if he’s as off it as he was last year I don’t think he should be in the squad

  9. Kev Mc has played in all three games, could have played Adam Gallagher instead of him. Jason Doc has plenty of game time too, put Diarmuid inside and that frees up a spot. Paddy Durcan also plenty of game time, play Coen in Half Back line where he might play later in year. Put Aido MF. That’s room for three newcomers while giving game time to Senior lads who haven’t played.

  10. Maybe there’s a reason certain players are in certain positions? Maybe it’s a chance to work on something specific before Sunday? Maybe it’s not just a case of being spiteful to new lads? Maybe Roch is looking at long term injuries and thinking that Coen may need to full a gap later in the year should that not free up, and since he has played midfield numerous times for his club?

    All in all, I think criticising team selection in January is pointless. I guarantee you that there are solid reasons why he picked that team there today and that this pre season has been meticulously planned.

  11. My apologies for expressing an opinion, don’t know were I said he was spiteful. I believe Stephen is conservative when introducing new players. That is a personal opinion. I really hope that gap doesn’t need filling.

  12. Main thing is no injuries today. The regulars need to get match ready for the league. I would be very dissapointed if we were to drop.down a division. It does allow an element of lowering your playing level in future seasons. The championship is nearly evertthing but I think we have to stay as one of the.big teams in the national league. Good luck today.

  13. Do people really think Rochford and his management team are basing their 2018 panel on what they see in FBD and challange games? They have been planning and strategizing since the day they landed back on Mayo after the AI final, they know where they need to strengthen and they know the personnel they want to look at. Id be more worried if they WERE planning their championship on FBD. The selection for today is obviously preparing for next week, senior players need training too or does AOS go into a monaghan game cold.

    I wonder if Rochford brought in a host of new players “planning for the future” as many suggest and got dumped out of the championship early, would the Mayo faithful be forgiving saying it needed to be done for the future. The reality is Rochford needs to win the AI, that means sticking with the established players, anything less than a semi final spot means people will be shouting for his head.

    On another issue, the fact that so many games have been postponed including important club championship games surely means the GAA need to open their eyes and cop the fuck on, football games should not be scheduled for Dec/Jan, its a total mess, an avoidable mess, get rid of these daft pre season competitions.

  14. Agree it doesn’t make sense to make absolute shite out of pitches in Jan. Run the league in 7 straight weeks in March April. OK get to see some new lads now and good for their confidence to wear red and green but a fella could be great in the muck and not so good on fast ground. E.g. Kevin Keane always a top performer in winter yet management teams have been reluctant to start him come summer. Big lads like Kirby and Barry will always perform better on soft ground where pace not as important.
    What I’d like to know is do any of the newbies have blistering pace. Akram the only one who springs to mind.

  15. Kerry opted out of the pre season tournament in Munster… That’s doesn’t nessarly make their decision right or wrong… But playing FBD games, on day’s like we experienced with the Leitrim and Galway match, makes very little sense… What can any management learn from playing match’s in cold, wind and rain of Biblical proportions?…(it’s like watching a horse at the ploughing championship and expecting the same winning horse to win the Irish derby,..serious football can’t be played on pitch’s like that or weather like that ) Factor in the risk of injury in such horrendous conditions, where does the player welfare come in? and the unnecessary damage to the pitch…. And one other thing, the possibility of a postponement, or two and or a venue change or two… To those going to the FBD match, I wish you a pleasant evening, and I hope that the rain promised by Met Eireann stays away,… Most of all I hope for no injuries to either Mayo or Sligo player’s.

  16. A lot of players have Sigerson coming up. So I would say why a lot of lads who played in the FBD were rested.
    Being realistic there will be a few that are there today because they haven’t shown enough so far and need to show a bit more.

  17. Other lads training in Castlebar at minute. Squad will presumably be shortened after today. Not much to show here.
    Sligo number 7 impressive.

  18. I seen that Reape Plunkett and Akram didn’t make match day squad but like JP said it may be down to Sigerson. However they other absentees include Conor o Shea Alan Freeman Kevin Keane. Glad however to see we have a few young forwards to come of the bench in Gallagher Treacy Fionn McDonagh and loftus. hopefully we keep them on for the national league where the get a better chance to be tested

  19. Fortuitous goal the difference. Understandably a number of the first choice players way off the pace.

  20. Agree mayomagic more concerns about fringe lads not driving on particularly ones who have been given plenty of opportunities . McLoughlin Harrison and Donohue best in my opinion. Regan tried hard showed well. Over done it sometimes took wrong option on occasion but worth go as least he takes on man. Himself and McLoughlin only ones see who drive ahead. Far to much lateral and backwards passing.

  21. Any standout performances from us? How did Eoin O’Donoghue and Michael Hall do? How was our midfield?

  22. David Clarke – One great save but some poor kick outs

    Brendan Harrisson – Too much pace for Marren. Good game.

    Ger Cafferkey – Better than last week but caught out badly with one high ball

    Eoin O Donoghue – My MOM. Tigerish Display

    Colm Boyle – A little leggy again. Hopefully, League will bring out best of him.

    Michael Hall – Did fine but not outstanding

    Patrick Durcan – One Super Point. Baller

    Jason Gibbons – Best of our midfielders, some sloppy passing.

    Stephen Coen – Not a Midfielder so some latitude on his display

    Kev Mc Loughlin – worked hard as always

    Aidan. O Shea – Needed game time, used his strength at times

    Diarmuid O Connor – One great score, some hard work too.

    Jason Doherty – shaky on frees but got the vital goal

    Evan Regan – Tried really hard, overdone it at times but ok.

    Andy Moran – Just his experience, again only back.

    None of the subs made huge impression Nally better than Coen at MF when he came in

    Ger McDonagh looked physically strong

    Fionn McDonagh & Conor Loftus not really on long enough to judge

    Sharoize looked hesitant needs the hard ground

  23. Thanks REDCOL. Good to hear about O’Donoghue, I think he’s quality. A worrying trend from our FBD games is that we finish poorly in the 2nd half. Maybe just lacking fitness early in the year but hopefully it doesn’t cost us against Monaghan.

  24. Great to see Mayo Senior Player of the year in action today – Ger could play a big part in Championshii this year- physically v strong and a great athlete.

  25. Redcol That’s great stuff well done. Some established players need a lot of game time before next Sunday. Pitch looked good. Could we be back here again for the Kerry, Dublin games I wonder.

  26. Thanks Reccol.
    What is positive is that we have two guys going well in our full backline 21 and 27. We needed to get a few players in not to be caught out as lads naturally fall off a bit at 32-34.

  27. What is the capacity of James Stephens Park? It’s a shame that league games aren’t held there any more.

  28. Redcol caf had a good game he made 1 mistake alright.midfield?eoin od was lads done enough. Others are waiting till next week.
    Evan makings of a markee.

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