Team to play Tyrone named

Okay, we’ve named our team to play Tyrone. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Tyrone, 18/3/2018): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Caolan Crowe (Garrymore); Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites); Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Lee Keegan (Westport), Michael Hall (Breaffy); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Adam Gallagher (Mayo Gaels). 

So the eagled-eyed among you will have spotted, no doubt, that this is the same line-up we named for the Kildare game. We made two changes ahead of throw-in at Newbridge last Sunday and so that means that the team we’ve named for this one contains those two changes from last Sunday’s starting fifteen. In come Breaffy duo Michael Hall and Seamus O’Shea and out go Tom Parsons and all-time scoring record chaser Cillian O’Connor.  Or not, I guess.

Looking at the team that started for us up in Omagh twelve months ago, when the weather was very different to what we’re likely to have to endure tomorrow in Castlebar, the team we’ve named for this one contains only four survivors. Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan, Kevin McLoughlin and Andy Moran all lined out from the start in Healy Park last year. That said, Stephen Coen, Diarmuid O’Connor, Aidan O’Shea and Jason Doherty all joined the fray from the bench that day.

Earlier on today, Tyrone also named their team for tomorrow  – full details here.

Best of luck to all the lads chosen to line out for us in tomorrow’s match.

37 thoughts on “Team to play Tyrone named

  1. Cillian will start tomorrow, there is little doubt about that, prob Hall off with Coen dropping back, the whole country knows Cillian will start and Mickey Harte knows. At this stage all teams should be named an hour before throw in and start as named, just to stop this nonsense. Every manager is at it and its fooling on one.

  2. Everyone is rugby drunk this eve, to end the league home games on a win will put everyone Im better form for the May clash. ‘Maigheo abu

  3. Best of luck to all in the team tomorrow, it does feel like progress is being made and we have a reasonable amount of developing players, despite the media’s persistent reports that we are not finding any new names but it takes time to get on s team of this standard so well done to Crowe, O’Donoghue, (the potentially brilliant) Coen and indeed Diarmuid O’Connor. Most are not new but all have the potential to be game changers for us and their time is this year,.

    Back down to earth, I hope to see a solid performance from the full back line tomorrow as they were exposed too easily by Kildare at times so hopefully this will close down tomorrow. Perhaps a sweeper is needed again.

    Safe journey to all travelling to the game.

  4. If we lose tomorrow – then the winner of our final game away to Donegal will be safe in div one next year and the loser will be relegated. Tomorrow is a huge game for us – hope the lads will be up for it

  5. Mayo to go with 7 forwards and 5 backs. You don’t need a sweeper when your opponent will, in effect, give you a sweeper by playing a sweeper themselves.
    Sludden is the real danger man who will use his speed to carry the ball through the middle third on the counter attack. Systematic cross running blocks and fouling (a la Dublin) to prevent him building up speed should be the name of the game.
    No excuses from here on. The sharpness, systems of play, both offensively and defensively, should be taking shape now. A tough one, but a winnable one. I don’t expect the named team to start and there will be 2 changes, at least.

  6. I see Cavanagh is back which means we’ll need to be competitive in midfield (Aido?). Also see Morgan not started, I think he’s more important no 1 Goalie for them whereas we have an on and off debate. Morgan good on kickouts and long range frees taker.

  7. Team looks like minimum one possibly two or three changes. Tyrone will be up for this one.

    Corofin sublime today. Galway football is all positives at present , gaining serious momentum.

  8. Presume Robbie being given a chance which I think only fair. Harder for a Goalie with only 1 position to compete for. Actually think Robbie helped team to click the last day. Will need good performance from midfield with Colm Cavanagh a good player with strong leadership skills playing for them. Tyrone have 4-5 really good players Donnelly, Cavanagh, Sludden, Harte and their inside line has talent if given easy ball. A positive for us is McCann not playing. Kinda nullifies some of our missing lads like P Durcan who had been a top performer pre injury. Two key points 1) don’t be naive going into contact (Dublin and Corofin the template) and 2) take more chances than 2 years ago. Was it Tyrone or Donegal game that year we kicked 7 wides in a row. Diarmaid and Keegan important for long range or Shane Nally / Kirby to come on.

  9. Castlebar lost to Corofin in extra time in the Connacht club final ….and they won with ease today. Some people don’t realise how big their playing pick is, spans about 14 national schools in north halway.They have a huge advantage over other clubs.

    Btw, how unfair was it for the all/Ireland clubs finals today to have to compete against the rugby match? Common sense would indicate it should be held on Sunday….but that’s not widespread in the GAA is it?

  10. Spotlight, agree with you…partially But like I anyways do.. I shout for the the Connaught team… Mayo first, then our neighbours no matter what!…

  11. Spotlight,…. I agree with you totally, the Club finals should be held in Sunday, of a Bank holiday weekend, or maybe starting at 5pm under lights in Croker…. How many more thousand people would be there to appreciate the efforts and heroics of four fantastic teams?

  12. Corofin, as far as I’m aware, has the largest area (size wise) to pick from in the country. It’s vast in comparison to other clubs and they are smack bang in the heart of Galway football territory. It’s no coincidence they’ve dominated Galway club football for 20 years. The only galway club who’ll come close and compete with them on a consistent basis over the next decade is salthill.

  13. just two things need to happen tomorrow in order to win. Play with that intensity displayed against Kildare and keep concentrating until the final whistle! Do that and it’s 2 points in the bag. Tyrone and Ulster football at the moment is poor.

    On the Corofin playing pick I have being reliably informed it covers a 30 mile radius stretching to caherlestrane.

    Saturday or Sunday, rugby or not, Corofin didt care with that performance.

  14. Corofin’s team play was really good letting the ball do the work. Scores coming much easier than Nemo despite the latter having probably more star names. 2nd goal any County team would be proud of, the ultimate team goal. Mayo style last day out resembled a bit the Corofin style with quicker offloads to the man facing the posts. More of the same please.

  15. To the minor and senior on same day question I’m going to guess Cillian O’ Connor.
    Guess 2 would be Aidan O’ Shea. Another who played young for Mayo was Keith Higgins though I think he was 19.

  16. On second thoughts agree with Jim.Flag, probably is David Clarke who debuted at 17.

  17. Shuffly Deck Cant recall any of those players playing minor and senior on the same day but double check, The big clue is this, He never went to Jarlets or Colmans The first person to name him will win an All ticket for 2018

  18. I’ve seen football God’s play football
    Brilliant at their best
    The beauty of the game

    I stood behind the hill goal
    Kerry put the ball in our net

    The game beyond us
    Our goalie stood, his hands on hips
    His head hung downwards

    It wasn’t to be our day
    We tried
    We would come again
    Another final loss
    Things would be okay

    That’s when my heart was melted

    That warrior who gave all for Mayo
    He picked the ball from where it had nestled in the net

    He carried it to his goalie
    Whispered him encouragement
    An assuring pat on the back
    And handed him the ball

    This mighty Mayo warrior
    When all was lost
    With the thousands looking on
    Another heartbreak
    He thought about his goalie, put him first

    I tightened my face muscles
    So not to cry

    My heart broke that day
    For Nallen

    Of all the brilliant football I have seen
    That humble act by Nallen
    When all was lost, again
    It’s the greatest thing on a football pitch
    I’ve ever seen.

  19. Holy moly, spotlight what are you on about? 14 national schools? Have you any idea? Yes its a big parish but that takes nothing away, they are some team.. magic.. and they really turned on the style today in Croke park.

  20. Jim Flag David Clarke I think was 21 when he made his debut Wille Joe maybe we should purse this because in my opinion its the main reason why we have never won a All Ireland since 51

  21. 2nd clue regarding playing minor and senior for Mayo on the same day . He never played a senior club championship match with his club in Mayo.

  22. Patrick Kilbane played minor 64/65. On achill gaa site it doesnt say he played senior but on this blogs archive it says he played v Sligo in 65. ? (Has to be the same man surely)

  23. Correct Sean. In 1967 he captained Mayo under 21 team but was injured in the connaught final they went on to capture their 1st titlle at that level.

  24. Woohoo I won . Ive heard them Achill greats been mentioned in many conversations along with Tommy Cafferky probably known as the greatest to come from them parts but emigration destroyed said area in that era.

  25. minor and senior on the same day might have been Mick Connaughton from Claremorris best minor ever but knee injury finished his career

  26. Culmore Mick Connaugton to my knowledge didnt play minor and senior in the same year.but without doubt one of the best minors ever Patrick Kilbane the player in question played his last game for Mayo at the age of 20 a knee injury also finished his career

  27. Culmore,I have to agree about Mick Connaugton ,without doubt a great footballer,it was a tragedy he got injured at twenty one,would certainly have been one of our best ever,hope Mayo do it today

  28. Is the game on toady, no coverage on mid West ?, they are commenting on the Hurling game.

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