Team to be named later on today

According to this report by Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News, the team to face Kerry on Sunday was due to have been decided on last night and will be made public at some point later on today. Mike quotes James Horan as saying that the chances of both Trevor Mortimer and Peadar Gardiner being fit for selection are now becoming “tight”, with Lee Keegan on standby should Trevor fail to make it. Mike reckons that the only other possible change for the Cork match would see Jason Doherty starting instead of Enda Varley.

This morning’s Irish Times echoes the same concerns about Trevor, saying that the “expectation” is now that Lee will be named in the starting fifteen, with Trevor held in reserve.  In the same paper, Darragh Ó Sé reckons that Kerry will be well ready for whatever we throw at them and will seek to target us where we’re strongest. So now we know.

As Darragh would put it, I’m off with a bunch of fellas to horse into the Reek shortly so I don’t think that I’ll be first with the team news when it comes out today, though I will post details at some point later on. The Mayo GAA Twitter site is, in any event, usually first on the draw with this kind of news, with full details posted shortly afterwards on the official Mayo GAA site so it’s probably worthwhile keeping an eye on both of those during the day.

Finally, if you haven’t yet listened to it, the excellent Mayo News podcast, where the lads do an in-depth preview on the semi-final, is well worth thirty minutes or so of your time.

29 thoughts on “Team to be named later on today

  1. The podcast has been going since at least last year. A lot more depressing though last year for obvious reasons 🙂

  2. Really enjoy Spailpins stuff, excellent analysis on a wide range of gaa and current affairs. For the record the needy or pedantic part of me must inform readers that the column written by Darragh O Se with which Spailpin refers, contains a false statement. He knew Tyrone were going no where as they faltered against Roscommon and Kerry hammered Roscommon in a challenge match the week before – in a high scoring game Ros were beaten by 5 points – hardly a hammering.
    So good luck and safe driving to all the Mayo’s, hope you guys can strike a significant blow for Connacht football. Galway u21, Mayo senior and Rossies minor has a nice ring to it.

  3. Butterflys is right. I’m finding it hard to stop think about it..christ i’ve been like this before and regretted it afterwards.

    Had a dream Kerry had Donaghy injured and another player sent off in the first half, where we kept them scoreless, then the wife woke me.

    Huuup Mayyoo

  4. Just read that the Mayo team won’t be announced until Friday.
    I also heard O’Leary will start instead of Galvin but will swap with Darran. Only changes in the Kerry camp apparently.

  5. that may be the team that is named but I would not be so sure that T Mortimer will line out. hope I’m wrong though

  6. What’s wrong with galvin injured himself putting on his skinny jeans… Or just doesn’t like the blue jersey….

  7. Galvin a big loss to Kerry as the most important battle will be the fight for the dirty ball around midfield. Win that battle and the supply to the Kerry fowards is twarted.

    Golden rules for Sunday are….

    1. Win the breaking ball at mid
    2. Smother Donaghy when he comes down. Its impossible to win ball in the air against him but he is less of a scoring threat than Donie Shine who Ger Caff did ok against.
    3. Dont lose the runner. Slow minds will be punished.

    With Galvin out things are beginning to look a bit brighter for Sunday. If we are still in the game after 25 mins we have a great chance…

  8. Yes Thedirtyball it maybe a slight advantage but they are bringing the speedy Darran O’Sullivan out to his place.
    I think bringing Donaghy out the field will work in our favour. I think the sooner he comes out the better. There will not be as much threat then around the goal.

  9. Yes Sam51, Darren is speedy but not as big a physical threat around the middle for the breaks. Also I fancy Dillon to cause big trouble for Brosnan …..if they match up

  10. if trevor don’t make it (it will be the first time since 93 we played a game in croker without 1 of the morts), i hope the monsignor drops mc loughlin back and brings in ronan mac. i would worry if keegan was picked his would be a gamble.

  11. Enjoyed the mayo news podcast . Also checked out off the ball podcast Darragh o se and Liam Hayes praising mayo until the end when he tips Kerry.

    Keep up the good work, your website very informative and interesting up Mayo

  12. Oh enjoyed the piece on not revealing your identify in the Mayo News podcast! Think we need to start a name the stig campaign, your not Michael Schumacher by any chance??

  13. Just back in the capital myself inside the last hour. Re some of the comments:

    – Remember 51: go ahead and post whatever details you want on ticket swaps.

    – Mayo Dub: no, I didn’t do the Reek climb in my bare feet. I saw a few lunatics who were doing this but I thought it was hard enough with a good pair of hiking shoes on.

    – Hungrystarvedsince51: yes, this is the first semi-final we’ve been in since the site started, back in February 2007. Since then, we’ve had league finals (x2), minor All-Ireland finals (x2 plus a replay) and an All-Ireland quarter-final but never a semi. Or, indeed, a final …

    – Damo: Yeah, Ed came close enough to outing me there! And, no, I’m not Michael Schumacher – my driving isn’t anything like as careful as his.

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