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We seem to be in a bit of a becalmed period where, although the time is ticking on rapidly towards Sunday’s League match against Donegal, there’s not a hell of a lot being said about the game. It’s almost like we’re in a moratorium or something of that sort.

News about the teams for Sunday is, of course, of most interest right now. On that topic the County Board announced earlier on this evening that our starting fifteen for Ballybofey will be named tomorrow night. There’s no word as yet, though, about when Donegal plan to reciprocate with details of their pick.

Traffic’s relevant too and those roadworks on the N15 between Donegal town and Ballybofey have already got an airing in the comments. Donegal GAA’s website has a very brief statement on this issue (here), which just says that supporters need to allow extra time for their journeys.

It’s not true, of course, that nothing at all is being said about the game on Sunday. That Irish Times article on Donegal that was also mentioned in the comments earlier on is worth a look if you haven’t yet seen it (it’s here). If you’re on the lookout for other morsels to read then there’s a feature with Martin McHugh by Mike Finnerty in this week’s Mayo News (here) and there’s also Brian McEniff’s take on the match in the Donegal Democrat (here). In addition, RTÉ preview the weekend’s action in Division One (here).

That’ll have to do you for now but tomorrow is team news day so there’ll be plenty to talk about then. There’s something else on tomorrow too, I know, but I’m buggered if I can remember what it is. Old age isn’t fun, I’m telling you.

Separately, it was confirmed today that the ladies county team are also in action this coming Sunday, with their League Division One clash against Armagh taking place at Swinford Amenity Park that day, throw-in 2pm.

I’ve been following with interest the comments here on the site – prompted by that Malachy Clerkin piece in the Irish Times with Sarah Rowe (which is here) – about the lack of profile the ladies get. In this regard, I have to hold my own hand up and acknowledge that the same absence of coverage holds true for this humble parish as it does for elsewhere.

In my defence, the simple problem I have is that I just can’t cover all bases. I’m achingly aware that the small bits I occasionally do on the ladies’ matches amount to little more than a tokenistic nod in that direction and if there’s anything I hate in this life it’s empty gestures of that kind. Mea bleedin’ culpa as us Northsiders put it.

What I have, however, said, and more than once, is that I’d be delighted to host far more content on the site about the ladies’ game if anyone is interested in taking on the task of leading the line in this area. To quote Churchill, there’s nothing on offer but blood, sweat, toil and tears for whomever might assume this role but if anyone feels up to the task then please let me know and we can chat offline about the logistics.

8 thoughts on “Team to be named tomorrow

  1. Is this the sun reclining behind St Patricks peak,
    And light cumuli resting softly on Clew bay,
    Whichever wherever, it is a handsome
    Onwards now and up a northern giant to lay.

  2. The LGFA is a completely separate organisation from the GAA and blaming them for all your ills is disingenuous. The ladies football will get the coverage and resourcing it wants when the demand exists for it. I’ve no doubt upset some people and that was not my intention, but these are the simple facts, it’s a niche sport at the moment.

  3. Jez Liam you talk like a man that has no sight of what girls are doing from u8’s to adult level the length and breadth of the country, niche sport my b%**. Fencing, water polo, abseiling all niche sports but ladies football is certainly not! Fair play to Aldi, it has made a hell of a shrewd decision to back the LGFA when some of the other big dogs wouldn’t even consider them.

  4. The Ladies put in as much effort as the men and should have the proper facilities and be looked after as regards, milage, being fed etc etc.
    Their game will never be on a par in terms of crowd’s attending, interest, sponsorship etc with the men’s game as is the same in many sports and that is just a fact of life.

  5. Hennelly
    A O’Shea
    C O’Shea

  6. Selection as good as can be hoped for given the circumstances. We will be competitive in every line bar the forward line which still looks lightweight. Really need the likes of O’Connor and Kirby back in the latter part of the spring to add some oomph up front. Really wish they would release the subs with these team announcements…

  7. When I returned from the states to live back home I ended up as an umpire at a lot of ladies matches. The rationale in thinking I think was because my wife was playing for the local parish team and they needed anybody atall to take on that responsibility. I had no experience. I was reluctant but the attitude of those who were in control was that it didn’t matter and it was all just a bit of craic anyways. I knew full well the effort those ladies put in. They deserved better and still do.

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