Team to face Kildare named

We’ve just named our team to face Kildare. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers Round 3, 30/6/2018): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), James Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen).

So it’s just the one change, another enforced one, from the team that lined out in Thurles against Tipperary last weekend. Out goes the injured Seamus O’Shea and he’s replaced – as he was at Semple Stadium – by Diarmuid O’Connor.

Ten of the above team also lined out when we beat Kildare in the League last March at the same venue. Ger, Boyler, Leeroy, Stephen, Diarmuid, Kevin, Aido, Jason, Cillian and Andy also started for us in that match at St Conleth’s Park.

We last played the Lilywhites in the championship two years ago and tomorrow’s team also features ten of the team that started that Round 3B qualifier match at MacHale Park. David, Keith, Lee, Colm, Paddy, Kevin, Aido, Diarmuid, Andy and Cillian all lined out in that game while Stephen and Jason joined the action off the bench that evening.

Kildare also named their team this evening, full details of which are here.

In separate news, hard luck to the county’s U17s who ended up their Connacht championship campaign this evening with a loss to Galway. They went under at Tuam by 0-15 to 1-9 and so bow out of the championship with two wins and two losses.

65 thoughts on “Team to face Kildare named

  1. You’ll have to wait for the match programme, James! Happily Kildare GAA tweeted earlier on that the printed programmes had arrived so that bit of the operation looks under control.

  2. A bit better from the minors, at least they were competitive against Galway for the first time in years. Hopefully next year they can turn the corner.

  3. How come Mayo u17 team was away to Galway this year as I recall the then equivalent (u18) also played Galway in Tuam last year. When oh when, will a Mayo team, men or women, beat Galway – its embarrassing.

  4. Really strong selection that I don’t feel any fans can disagree with. Diarmuid should do a great job at midfield and abley assisted by Stephen Coen. A confortable win now in my opinion.

  5. V happy with this team. You’d never have imagined we’d be starting a championship game with Coen & D O’C at 8 & 9.

    I still think Tipp are a better team than Kildare.

    Mayo x 4 plus.

  6. Looks from that line-up that Leeroy has returned to the half backs and Stephen Coen partners Diarmuid at mid-field. They need to get the match-ups right from the start

  7. No offence lads but the first two comments are as inevitable as night following day.

  8. @Mayo Exile Mayo minors played Galway in MacHale park last year.

    For once i think a Rochford team will start as selected. I expect Mayo to score 20 points at least and i can’t see Kildare scoring close to 20 points tomorrow night.

  9. if flynn is left isolated on his own like quinlivan was last week kildare may get goals
    keegan should take him while someone sweeps

  10. @Mayo Exile, up until 3 years ago, Aiden O’Shea had never lost to a Galway team. It’s swings and roundabouts between the counties. However, I’ve never witnessed a Mayo team receive a 17 point humiliation in McHale Park.

  11. Very good team named hard to know if that’s the actual team that starts.
    Strong 15 I expect us to win and possibly by a handsome margin.

    Maigh Eo Abú

  12. What about a big rendition of “shamrock & heather” before, during and after the game?

  13. Expect Kildare to park the bus and try and frustrate us.

    Cian O Neill’s swan song before he hits for Munster as strength and conditioning coach.

    I like everyone expects a win but it will be one we will have to grind out.

    Regarding our selection it is a competitive team no doubt, we can only hope to come through without injuries and red cards as we near the white heat that promises to be the super 8’s.

  14. Will be interesting to see who mans the midfield berths and when. Could see Aidan, Diarmuid and Lee moving in and out as the game progresses. Don’t think Stephen Coen will play the full game there and is likely to drift back to CB.

  15. This is a real pressure game – much more so than might ordinarily be the case. Kildare will be revved up to the last and hugely determined to justify themselves. On the other hand we are well used to pressure situations and seem to thrive on it rather than anything else. As well as that we are better footballers and I cannot see anything other than a win for us. I just hope we escape without further injuries or suspensions.
    But this is football and it is a funny old game and anything could happen!

  16. Mayo Exile Between 2008 and 2016 Galway were unable to beat Mayo in any competition of any kind. I did not hear a single Mayo supporter during that period count their one in a row or two in a row that Galway supporters are happy to trash now at every opportunity these days. When ye beat Kerry in 2 weeks time I will be in a better position to listen to that rubbish.

  17. All – just got a mail from someone who has two season tickets to loan for the match. Collect either from Kiltimagh (tonight) or Claremorris (tomorrow morning). Any takers?

  18. Would have thought be an ideal game for Caolan Crowe and think he will be lining out for the anthem. He do a job on Brophy or any of the big lads if they move to FF.

    Cian Hanley too I think will start with his physical presence and ball winning abilities are a major asset for a game like this.

    Looking forward to this game will be a bigger test than the round 4 should we get through
    Hope we are motivated and top of our game as this is a very exciting teAm if we get going forward and players on form.

    Like who else can boast Boyle keegan durkan Kevin Mc Doherty j Durkan and Aos running direct at teams with the assassin s cillian and Andy inside
    We are a far better team than we believe we are.

  19. Liam and Pj Mc Manus of course it is swings and rounabouts with form at underage level but in 2015 Galway minors hammered Mayo by 17 points in Mc Hale park just picking up on your points.. Anyways Best of luck tomorrow evening, could be a tough workout.

  20. I think this team will start. Delighted to see James getting so much Championship time. Top scorer last week from play. I wasn’t expecting him to show so quickly. This experience is priceless for a young man and I hope he can keep it going for another while. I would start that midfield and see where it takes us. It teams 2 guys who know how to play together. They were a driving force on a great team in the past. I know it was at a different level and all that but I feel it is worth a shot. Many thanks WJ for your work and contribution this week in particular. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning and the buzz we get from following a band of warriors from the county Mayo.

  21. Somebody needs to sit on front of the full back for as long as we remain in championship Crowe/Vaughan/BMoran or whoever.

    Playing of Durcan in the full back line is idiotic and needs to stop also.

    Our basic game plan going forward should be concede no goals and counter attack. When Mayo run off the shoulder they do damage

  22. If be surprised if Niall Kelly doesn’t start, got a black card very early last week. They are well conditioned so wont fade but i thought they were wide open at the back at times last week. Longford hit the crossbar twice from point blank range and Kildare only took the lead at the end. I was impressed with Durcan last week, has done an awful lot in a limited amount of game time. Watched Mayo on catch up before anyone wonders how I saw both games!!!

  23. Aidan O Shea will hopefully play alot at midfield tomorrow, he will won most of the high balls that will be contested, bigger tests lie ahead and I fear Mayo will miss the two main midfielders down the line, those guys particularly Seamie brought alot of much needed power to the midfield area, this was most evident during the league.

  24. Good man Outside of the Boot, like the way ur thinking, let’s hope heat and fatigue don’t spoil our running game, maybe a bit of direct route 1 football might be employed.

  25. Pj, as you say tomorrow could be a defining day for this Mayo team. I know injuries have forced SR to put a few lads in at the deep end, and test their leadership qualities. Make no mistake, if these lads, like Diarmuid and Coen and young Durkin, Hanley man up tomorrow, then it adds a new and fresh dynamic to their AI chances – and without which imo they were never going to rattle it. I think lads are getting carried away with u20/u17’s – ok it’s nice to see the results but surely not all defining…

  26. Coen, regardless how much I admire him, ain’t a midfielder. He’s a defender in every shape and form. Great leadership skills by all accounts but for me still has to have anything more than a 6/10 performance in a Mayo senior jersey. I’m hoping he’ll improve and become a key figure in the years ahead.

    Diarmuid on the other hand is a made middle third player. Rolls Royce engine.

    To be honest I have to say I’m a bit disappointed now in mid 2018 that we don’t have more from that u21 2016 team pushing for places. Loftus still hasn’t nailed down a spot and the team is crying out for scorers which says he ain’t doing it in training. He didn’t perform at all in the Galway game. Like Coen, hoping he’ll put up a hand and put in a performance that demands he starts next time.

    EOD has had a very good 1st year. Boland however has really gone off the radar. Where is mattie ruane, seamus cunniffee, akram… Michael plunkett, reape, James Carr?

    James Durcan may have been top scorer the last day but it was by chance. The goal was a fluke. For somone with little or no championship experience he is improving game by game but is he a natural scorer? I’ve not seem evidence yet. Our most natural scorers in that senior squad are Cillian Andy and Jason.

  27. Interesting to see how the two lads get on midfield … Both mobile but don’t see coen as a high fielder and Kildare might target that . Mayo by 5 .

  28. midfield is not as vital anymore…or so all the experts have been telling us, that is until we lost our first choice.

  29. any advice on best route and parking options. apologies if already discussed, havent had time to keep up with blog this week! also somewhere for a nice salad n smoothie……

  30. Ah no mayo Viking it’s a late game 7
    O clog so should be nice temp ideal for us to open up.

    Ya WJ goes to show when you go listing the actual runners on the shoulder quality we have it should be our A game. It’s what we do best.

    A win a good game for all some quick hands scores on the run and halfforward line showin well.
    Scores for Loftus off the bench some game time for Barry vauaghan harri and Conor o se would make us a tight squad whereby we can call on any squad member for a game

  31. I only glance at results like we beat Mayo at under 17 or minors, under 21 or even under 12b. At the end of the day its only Sam and maybe Nestor cups that most of the general public remember. I was only looking through the 2001 final programme the other day and the ads for ringtones etc so long ago now its comical. Jaysus you cant even buy the carbolic soap or learn about the benefits of the portable mangle as set out in the 1951 programme.

  32. Out of curiosity….anyone know did SR pull in 2 more players to replace TP and SOS.. ?
    And if so who were they. ?

  33. Agree with Centrefield, must not concide goals. Bit confused how we operated the sweeper last week, seems the players were also.. When we run at speed no one is going to stop us. Mayo by 6.

  34. Thats a strong starting team, and with a full panel youd have the option of vaughan, loftus, harrison, hanley, b moran and others coming of the bench. Not exactly shabby. Its a real shame about parsons and sos. I think we had the strongest panel this year of all. But onwards and upwards. Mayo by 6

  35. Mayonaze. I agree with you 90%. The 10% is I don’t rate Coen. He cannot catch a ball over his head, and like another member now in the subs panel, all he can do is run. Putting him mid field is going to suit Kildare. I,m very worried for our midfield pairing. Diarmuid will also have to perform. Its not going to be easy.
    It could be a long evening in Newbridge with extra time. That is how I see it.

  36. I think we might play the game with them for 30 or 40 minutes and then hopefully blow them off the pitch for 20 or 25 minutes. We seem to be able to up it by about 3 gears when we have a team feeling that their matching us. There is still something very special about this team. Great talent.
    As regards injuries. The likes of Dublin almost bypass midfield with their kick out game. That’s what made Cluxton their most important player. Picking players out all over the pitch. While its always bad to lose lads to injury, these enforced changes might just turn out to be exactly what this team needs. Even the best high fielders in the game usually don’t fetch more than 4 or 5 kickouts in a game, so this year could still be very exciting for us.
    Mayo to be very impressive tomorrow. I’m expecting a big big display from them and very excited now about this one.

  37. Hi Ballagh man and Alfiee,
    I’m looking for tickets. Need 2 if possible.

  38. Tired of mayo fielding the oldest team possible ,this lineup has proven it can’t beat Dublin so start younger players and bring on Andy and Doherty and Boyle and Higgins and let the all stars finish the games ,after all it should not be worrying about beating Kildare .

  39. Also agree with center field. Mayo vulnerable up middle of defence and Kildare will have done their homework. Glad to see Keegan in half back line for this one

  40. Very solid. Have faith my friends. There was a lot of consternation last week about the line up and it was just wind. I have my flight from the US to Dublin already bought —can’t wait to see Sam raised. I love that we will beat them in their own backyard. I want no one casting any shadow over this championship run. Don’t worry, the “old guys” will get a break in round 4.

  41. A lot of complacency seeping in the past few days. I hope the players are treating this battle more seriously than some supporters. This is not going to be a revisit of last weeks Tipperary game as so many seem to predict. Mayo be warned.

  42. Know it is a longshot at this stage but has anyone got a spare ticket left at this stage?

  43. I still have ticket available. Throw up your number on this and I can try contact anyone that needs one

  44. We have one mission and that is to be in the draw Monday morning. I don’t care how we do it as long as we get there and have no injury’s. To the lucky few who have tickets enjoy the day and safe travelling

  45. Some people asking last night bout the u-17 match.
    It was a poor quality game from both sides in general as can be seen from some of the stats. Galway scored 15pts from 27 attempt, Mayo got 1-9 from 26 attempts.
    Galways 7/8/9 scored 4 points from 8 shots. Our 7/8/9 scored 1 point from 8 shots.
    Our full forward line scored 4 from play (all from Martin Bell) and 3 from frees out of 13 attempts. Galway played mostly with a two man full forward line 14/15 who between them scored 7 from play from 10 shots.
    Our best move of the day was an excellent move that ended with Jack Mahon (who went off injured at ht) crashing the ball to the net.
    To sum up, the difference between the two teams was that galway mixed a running game and a direct in game with great effect notching up 11 points in the first half. Our play was far more laboured with too much lateral passing allowing galway to get back into position. The result of this was galway scored from play more easily ending with 14 from their 15 total from play to our 1-6 from play.
    Got my hands on a ticket for today’s game this morning and am excited and nervous, but most of all looking forward to being part of the Mayo roar the likes of which Newbridge has never seen.

  46. If the Tipperary no. 11 had tacked on that point to go 4 up I fear the outcome. That was a blow to tipp in itself and then the lucky goal and then understandably the tipp collapse.
    So Tipp made it easier for us no doubt. Sport can often play out like that.
    I think most teams we play are aware that we have the capacity to still turn it on so that will always be in their minds. And most of all they know that we don’t go away and will fight and this is a mental advantage to us for sure.
    My worry would be if a better side gets a run on us and goes 7,8 points up can we recover? Time will tell.
    I would like to see a more balanced team set-up today. Not sure what position Rochford wants Coen to play in but it must be number 6 or nothing. He hasnt looked a settled player with the seniors but undoubtedly has the ability. I’d hold Boyler in reserve and have paddy and Lee on the wings. Hardly groundbreaking suggestions but play players in their beat positions and all that.
    Would love to see Crowe at some point and one of Nally or Kirby.
    Looking forward to the match and I think we will come through it.
    We still have enough players playing well which is promising and for sure we haven’t gone away. Let’s see a more balanced and consistent display than the tipp match.

  47. If that’s the mf that starts I’d be very worried.
    Even if AOS starts midfield he is not fit or mobile enough to get round the pitch and that’s without adding the heat. If you look at the last 2 games a number of scores DIRECTLY came from his inability to track back!

    I don’t think Coen is the answer either. He might run all day but that’s it. He doesnt bring enough from open play. Our 3 midfielders in panel (nally, Vaughan and barry) all played with their clubs last week and Barry Moran got 1-2 from play I was told so why aren’t any of them in? Are we going to just concede primary possession in the middle again from the kickouts?

    I’d be worried about our management yet again. All winter we had a chance to address the fb issue but haven’t done so….all the while we’re looking at a sweeper and robbing Peter to pay Paul. They have a bloody good ff line so what is our plan if any? We lose the middle they have a steady flow of ball coming in! Paddy durcan is a half back not a full back yet was left on quinlivan last week and we left leeroy our best man marker up the pitch while the damage was being done.
    If our management made some of their decisions at club levels it would not be accepted so why are we doing it at County level. It’s the players themselves getting us over line and our decisions on sideline continue to baffle many

  48. We are where we are and a bit of positivity on game day morning would make the drive more enjoyable.We have enough on the bus to win this game and im happy with the squad.This is new ground weather wise for everyone and i hope the ref sees sense and gives water breaks.I would hold Andy and Colm until the second half but its high stakes and Roch would look a fool bringing on the player of the year if we were 5 or 6 behind.Leave in time and go safely all.Mayo Mayo Mayo

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