Team to face Limerick named

We’ve named our team to play Limerick at the Gaelic Grounds in Round 1 of the qualifiers tomorrow evening (throw-in 6pm). Here’s the team we’ve announced:

Mayo (All-Ireland Qualifiers Round 1 v Limerick, 9/6/2018): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Cian Hanley (Ballaghaderreen); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen). 

So it’s four changes, two enforced, from the team that started against Galway last month. Out go the injured Tom Parsons and the suspended Diarmuid O’Connor, as well as Jason Doherty and Conor Loftus. That quartet are replaced by Ger Cafferkey, Cian Hanley, Cillian O’Connor and Evan Regan.

Special mentions there to full championship debutant Cian Hanley and to Evan Regan, the latter back after a long-term layoff. Cian makes his full championship bow in a Round 1 qualifier game eleven years after his big brother did the same, while Evan is set to make his first start since picking up that nasty facial injury against Kerry back in February.

Limerick have said they’ll name their team at lunchtime tomorrow. That’s a fluid enough term at the best of times but, in any event, their pick will be in the match programme later on in the day.

It was announced earlier today that both teams will wear changed strips tomorrow. They’ll be sporting some kind of lime green concoction while we’ll be in the nice red and black gear.

The county’s U20 team to face Leitrim at MacHale Park in tomorrow’s Connacht semi-final (throw-in 1.30pm) was also named today. Full details on that are here.

58 thoughts on “Team to face Limerick named

  1. Where is leeroy…! Can’t see that team starting. I do sincerely hope Ger Caff is not dropped again and I fear he will. Also possibility of Doc in for Regan.

  2. I would like to see our two midfielders get their names on the score sheet tomorrow. No better chance for that

    to happen. I can`t remember when either of them last scored.

  3. Great interview with John Maughan on the caseycars face book page about the up coming limerick game a deff watch. He says per for midfield

  4. That team will blow Limerick to pieces, even if some fringe / former players are still being named as starters, Aidan O Shea to overpower Limerick in midfield.

  5. Hard to imagine anything less than 3 changes to what’s named this evening. I guess Leeroy gets a start, also can’t see Stephen Coen starting midfield, and I reckon Doc will start

    Great to see debut for Giggins. Loads of potential 🙂

  6. If he does not start Ger Caff then he is treating him with terrible disrespect

  7. I think that team will start. I expect lee to get some game time. I think if Harrison was fit he’d start instead of Ger. Best of luck to cian and Evan. Big chance for both of them.

  8. Caff will start .
    Hadn’t spotted Doc and Loftus not starting at first glance .
    There will be changes so. Don’t think Regan will start.
    Keegan might.
    It’s limerick for gods sake just name the real team

  9. Good to see regan start will take pressure off mcloughlin wit right sided frees. Would like to see James Durkan start instead of Moran , also I don’t tink caff should start as he’s got roasted to many times this year .

  10. Dissapointed with that team….of course it will win but where is the squad development. Have we not been crying out last 2 all-ireland finals of subs not making impact….like 4 of the 6 starting forwards should be ‘newbies’. Gain experience etc

  11. If our geniuses are naming dummy teams for Limerick then I’m afraid it’s good night Irene

  12. Giggins is the surprise addition to the panel. Rochford has pulled a wonder stroke yet again springing a fresh young pineapple from the Gigginstown Slashers junior B club on the north side Ballyraggert island situated somewhere near the mouth of clew bay. Go young Goggins biyeeee… !!!!!

  13. Looking forward to seeing Hanley and Regan in the forward line tomorrow. Regan has been unlucky with injury’s the past few seasons hopefully he can get a good run of games in the championship. It would also be nice to see James Durcan and Adam Gallagher get a good run out tomorrow. We know well how good our back line is and I feel there is some pacey fringe players chomping at the bit to breakthrough in the forwards. Safe journey to everyone travelling tomorrow, enjoy the day and let the rollercoster begin Up Mayo.

  14. In the interest of staying really upbeat let me say that Stephen Coen has big boots to fill, he seems to be a constant on every team now so here’s hoping. Perhaps Cian will start there, I thought he was a midfielder anyway. Wish the team would be announced together with subs, who are we holding out on?

  15. Go neiri le foireann Mhuigheo amarach i Luimneach. Mile buiochas do WJ le hagadh an blog seo. Go neiri leat agus do clann i gconai. I hope TP is doing well. Safe trip to all who are travelling tomorrow. Bigi curamach ar na boithre.
    Slan agus beannacht
    Mhuigheo abu!

  16. Best of luck to the Mayo team, panel and management tomorrow we will be in the stand roaring them on and our thoughts are with Tom Parsons too who has a long and lonely road to recovery. special Best wishes to my 3 Ballina clubmen on the starting 15

  17. That team will probably start simply because Regan needs game time and they have to run the rule over Coen at midfield. It’s hard to see him being as dynamic as Tom Parsons but I say give him a chance to put his hand up for it and see what he’s got. I don’t think Cian Hanley will start although I’d love to see what he’s got in his locker for a full 70 mins. I really hope we sink the shoe here and play front foot football from the off, do our jobs ‘professionally’ and take the positives into the next round.

  18. If the team named does not start it is stupid if the team named does start it also stupid. This selection will disappoint Mayo supporters planning on traveling to Limerick.

  19. Yeah, not a bad line up, nice bit of pace and firepower there, if they all start,? Maybe for once the will. Plenty of time for changes in the second half, when hopefully we have the result taken care of.

  20. Fair play to EOD Coen Regan and Hanley if they start. Either way I can see some or all of this group get game time. This is what it is all about. That game in May was a mere skirmish hyped up to a point where we nearly fell asleep in the stand. The Championship starts tomorrow. For lads breaking into this team, tomorrow is D day. I wish them the best of luck especially Coen as I believe he has real potential. I will be there, and I will be loud and proud for these great men

  21. The team named looks like a good balance of youth and experience, H’on Mayo!

  22. That side, in reality, should blow Limerick away, but like others have said, i doubt it’s the one that will start. Great to see young Hanley starting, and also to see Cillian and Evan back.
    Best wishes to Stephen and the team.
    Maigh Eo Abu!

  23. I presume you are not one of the supporters travelling to Limerick Mike. Heveran It would be stupid to watch that team start and also stupid to watch that team not start. So it presumably would be stupid to travel I think I will make the journey however nonetheless. Up Mayo.

  24. Holy God……No matter what team starts I’ll be roaring them on !! Sub’s will get their chance . Safe journey to all .

  25. Really looking forward to seeing how Hanley gets on and great to see Regan back. Hopefully Leeroy gets some game time in Midfield.

  26. Chris Kelly – I’m deleting that comment on the basis that it constitutes trash-talking of players, and on the night before a championship game too. You’re also now on moderation watch for the same reason.

  27. Very clever manager. Named a team and we ourselves havn’t a clue whether its the one that will start or not. Some saying yes and more saying there will be a few changes. Good luck Limerick trying to work that out.

  28. I hope that team starts. Firstly, if Ger Cafferky is named to start then he should start and not be subjected to what happened against Galway. Secondly, I’d like to have a look at Cian Hanley and Evan Regan and see what they can do. Finally, it is a great opportunity for Stephen Coen to make a big statement.
    I would prefer to see Aidan O Shea in midfield with Cillian at CHF. Cillian can often get lost inside whereas at CHF he is dictating the attack and he can bring into play his amazing ability to kick a killer pass.
    Looking forward to something fresh and new tomorrow.

  29. It’s great that we don’t know for certain the team. I think there will be another couple of changes but not sure what they will be.
    There was a time when you would be well able to name the team years ago because there wasn’t enough lads good enough to start so we knew pretty much who would be playing.
    Thank God the football is back.
    It’s time now to give everyone else in the qualifiers a good hard kick up the arse and show them why we have been constantly to all ireland finals and semis for the past 7 years.
    Hon Mayo.

  30. The balmy weather is not suiting some people here tonight. Where is Swahili when we need him? Coming near time of night for some genius writing 😉
    Sub needed for me too as I can’t make it to Limerick. Maybe Paddy Joe who is travelling with Leantimes could be given a run?!
    Revelino, you should team up with Derren Brown. Can you imagine? Could take over the world! Add Swahili in and it would be a definite take over. I’m ready to jump off my seat when you start rallying.
    I’m wondering who here from the blog was sitting in row in front of me – in the middle to back of Albany end for Galway game with earphones in and curlyish dark hair mid 30’s-40’s – only other person near me trying to shout/get chant going or letting emotions run away. Sitting in next section to left of MISC with big flag. Had to be a passionate (or mad man) man from here!!
    Sounds like I’m looking for a date! Not!! Just thinking out loud.

  31. Don’t care who starts as long as Cafferkey does. That team has more than enough. That said, I’d like to see Barry Moran, Loftus and James Durcan feature at some stage.

  32. 1 more sleep, and no nerves, Wow it must be a first for a lot of ye guy’s and gal’s over the last few years, as it is for me, It will be interesting to see how the players deal with it, im sure they will be sleeping soundly tonight, and will bring their A game to Limerick tomorrow, shooting the lights out in the process, of a convincing win.

  33. Not sure if the official championship panel was named and if anyone was dropped for the inclusion of Hanley and James Durcan These are the Remaining panel members that I see we have based on the league from which 11 players are picked from match day squad excluding the injured Tom parson and Diarmuid who is suspended


    Vaughan doubtful according to some
    Harrrison doubtful according to some

    Barry Moran

    James Durcan
    Conor o Shea

  34. U20 team is interesting. However there’s a large asterisk beside this competition now, given that senior players cannot play. Kerry will be without their best two u20s in Clifford and Sean o Shea for example. Imagine if they still won it without them – Tomas o se would be insufferable! On the other hand, if we are beaten early in u20 and there’s a standout player or two, why shouldn’t they be brought straight into rochfords squad??

  35. Full back was a 2 player call between Caff and Crowe and I like others sincerely hope Caff isn’t left out again as per last day (and we should start only springing changes by naming injured players) who can spare any blushes by being named and not started as families will know in advance. The lad has given huge service to Mayo. A cheer went up last day even if most was welcoming back the popular Chris Barrett it was still embarrassing to hear.
    Bar 1 position I’m happy with that 15 picked based on 2 experienced players supposedly not fit and if there is to be a surprise it will undoubtedly be Leroy starting.

  36. Hanley starting is good news and I expect he will and hope he grabs the chance to shine.
    Evan starting means we have 2 natural free takers. Loftus can come on for either Cillian or Andy. He can also come on for Hanley as a half forward or with Cillian moving out to a playmaker role on the 40.

  37. Sinead 37,…I’m glad you remembered, Paddy Joe and myself!… We’d never forget you Sinead… But the Royal Pair, Meghan and Harry, who were to be the guests of honour in the Solara (Talbot Solara) were a bit snooty when I broched the subject of the €50 each petrol money… I don’t know whether to bring them or not… I was thinking of bringing them, across the border to Galway,(Not very far at all from Ashford Castle) But from the telephone conversation I had with Meghan earlier tonight, ‘She’d do anything for a Connacht Title’…. The Queen didn’t give her preferred Title’ the Duchess of Connacht ‘…and had to do with the much lesser title of’ Duchess of Sussex ‘ I wonder is she thinking of hooking up with the’ Affable Annaghdown man, Damien Comer ‘?.. In the hope of getting her hands on a Connacht Title…. Ah but Jazus, that’s even too short of a time for even a Royal Marriage…I don’t know how long her first marriage was? , but this what if Kevin McStay master plan works….. Dug in his heels and Hyde Park will host the Connacht Final, will it work out for the Rossies?… I asked Meghan and Harry , if they would not prefer if Mayo were to win the All Ireland Title?….’ All Ireland *********, be ****,, (such language, I wouldn’t repeat) are you serious? ‘both of them bellowed together in incandescent rage… ‘Would that mean that Grandma would have 1.5 million less subject’s… If it was an’ All Ireland’… Surly it would said bold Paddy Joe, in an almost sincere tone, isn’t it time?…. Well at the end of it all, that ended the prospect of a’ Knighthood ‘… For myself and Paddy Joe… You as well, Revellino, no Knighthood for you either, and Sinead 37… I had you pencilled in for at least a’ Baroness ‘… All gone, I’m afraid… And you’d want to hear what they said about our lovely ‘ Talbot Solara’!… Maigh Eo Abu & to Hell with the begrudgers!

  38. With the u20s it would be good to bring in the two best final year u20s.
    Based on club football it’s hard to see how the five final year u20s not featuring are not starting. But it must be injury and maybe not showing hand. They simply couldn’t be passed out by 18 year olds. Simply against all logic, form and levels these lads are playing at.

  39. Ryal Nugent beckoned at Des to sit down.

    Des made crumbs of the 2 yellow snack bars he forgot he had squirreled down his pants back pocket.

    “Fu*k it” said Des.

    “Okay Des. What are we going to do about Cavanagh on the Sunday game”?

    Cahills fat jowls danced like jelly as his head shook to indicate he didn’t quite understand the question.

    “Cavanagh Des.
    The accent.
    Nobody can understand the man”.

    Des knew the snack bars were now melting in his arse pocket. He wasn’t going to look uncomfortable though in front of his boss.

    “Well Des, any thoughts”?

    “You know Ryal, he doesn’t like Mayo”.
    “He fu*ken despises them”.
    “Whenever they come on the Sunday game he tries to smile. A big false smile Ryal. He gets angry Ryal. His voice becomes high pitched Ryal”.

    “He’s bad for business Des. He’s like a squeaky wheelbarrow with the arse gone out of it. Annoying to listen to and completely useless”.

    “O’shea Des.
    Who does his wardrobe ?
    He wears a suit 3 sizes too small for him.
    He has a haircut like a 13 year old would ask for and a face on him like an overloaded asscart full of turf”.

    “I’ll sort everything out Ryal, don’t worry”.

    Nugent watched his Sunday game anchor as he walked timidly toward the office door trying to hide the large brown stain on the seat of his blue suit pants.

    “A shower of friggen nincompoops” Nugent muttered to himself.

  40. Best of luck to all the mayo team today,should be a win by at least 8 points.if Coen starts at midfield which I think he will,this is his chance to shine and make a name for himself.caff prob will start too and I hope he has a blinder,he is well able,no cheering please from supporters If he’s not named to start.seconds out round one!!

  41. I think it would generally be better if the GAA looked for teams to make public their match day 26, 24hrs before the match and leave it at that

  42. No knighthood Leantimes. I’ll have to stick with Squire. Have a great day in Luimneach. Hopefully the thunder stays well away.

  43. Interesting – looks like Conor O’Shea replaces Barry Moran?

  44. Attacking bench with Doherty, Loftus and Boland.

    I’ve liked what I’ve seen of Boland in the Mayo jersey. He looks like a clever footballer who can move the ball inside quickly if there are runners around him.

  45. Mayomaninmeath – are you for real? A few hours out from a championship game and you’re on here posting a comment having a cut at management. Some supporter you are. You’re on moderation watch now for that.

    All – I’ve noticed a marked deterioration on behalf of some contributors over the last number of months, with increasing numbers thinking they can post here the kind of shite they put up on Facebook and Twitter. Outright bans are coming if this kind of stuff keeps up, especially in and around match days.

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