Team to play Dublin named

We’ve named our starting fifteen to face All-Ireland champions Dublin in Round 2 of the National League at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park tomorrow evening (throw-in 7.30pm). Here’s the team we’ve named:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Dublin 3/2/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain), David McBrien (Ballaghderreen), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Conor Reid (Bohola Moy Davitts), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Ryan O’Donoghue.

So despite all the positional switches – and there are plenty of those – it’s just one change from the team that started against Galway in Salthill last time out. Into the starting fifteen comes Paul Towey and he replaces Tommy Conroy.

We’ll have reaction to the team announcement on the Mayo Football Podcast later on this evening in our Here Comes the Weekend show, which will be online for Patreon club members in a bit. To access this and all our other great content, join the club here, where annual membership is available for as little as €1 a week (plus VAT).

47 thoughts on “Team to play Dublin named

  1. Can’t fault that starting team . Sam back to try and quiten Con.
    McBrien at 6 will be interesting.
    Bob or Reid to pick up Fenton for their kickouts
    And Towey gets his opportunity to show what he’s got .

  2. Nice experiment sending McBrein to 6. It’s a position we have to nail for the championship so Hats off to management. I think with defence, it will be about match ups.

    Towey is a score and the time you need a scorer is the last quarter. Never the less he’s played himself into the team and I hope he can make impact from the start

    It’s a winning team for sure, nailing Dublin now will stand to us come championship. This is why league is important.

    Get the balance of direct play and deliberate build up, mix it up and send dubs packing to east coast

  3. Big game for Towey. Personally feel he will fair better as an impact sub when games are loose. Think he’ll struggle when space is at a minimum. Hope it works out for him.

  4. Think Sam calinan should have got another go at 6 he did well last weekend.

    @Margie agree with you there. Let’s see how he goes would have started cillian O Connor tbh instead.

    Glad to see Reape starting again though.

    I did say I thought we would win tommorow but I’m actually a bit iffy now after seeing all the positional changes if I’m honest…

  5. good team with lots of experimenting which is good at this stage of league. Would love to see Cillian come off the bench for a bit longer in this one

  6. The positional changes mean absolutely nothing, Clare, so I wouldn’t be stressing too much about them. Sure Mayo GAA have even released two versions of the team, with the website one showing no positional changes at all!

  7. Based on last week performances right team selected . Towey need a run of games to build confident and I think he desires a chance. Tommy Conroy has played a lot of football lately so no harm resting him. Frank Irwin looked good for UL against DCU, like to see him make the bench this week to build in options.

  8. @Willie Joe your right there yes that’s true for sure..!

    It is good to try new things to during the league is the time to do it to..

    Wonder how many dubs will make it to castlebar..

    Great to have the games back though felt soo long there without them!

    Hope fergal Boland can produce another top perfermance I’m sure he will..

    Should be a cracker always is v the dubs!

  9. That doesn’t look too far off a championship starting side from us. Hopefully the lads rise to the occasion, a win would nearly see us safe.

    I watched the Monaghan game last week and the Dubs looked like they could be got at at the back, albeit with the caveat that they were probably just back from their holidays. Whether we can take the chances or not is a different story…

    Good to see Fergie Boland back (could never make sense of why he hasn’t gotten a consistent run under different management teams) and also to see some young players like Reid, Towey and Tuohy being blooded.

  10. No bench named again. Really gets on my nerves. The Dubs know who is on our bench, as our management would know theres (as programmes have to go to print). So why keep it secret? It doesn’t give us any advantage

  11. Only McStay and co. know what team will start and where they will play but when we appear to have a good fullback and a good CHB ,why not give them a few games in these positions instead of moving them around in every game, a settled team that know what their roles are is best .

  12. Possibly calling Dublins bluff on where con o Callaghan lines out.interesting looking selection though.the more options we have for full back and centre back the better

  13. I am expecting Dublin to arrive all guns blazing for this one after a poor defensive display last week in conceding 3 goals. Not overly surprised to see Conroy replaced as didn’t have his best on display against Galway. Fenton will be keen to make up for his error last week which cost them the two points. An opportunity for Tuohy to test himself against the best. I think it will be a real battle as we need to get that ugly result last year out of the memory banks. Think we can shade it by a couple of points.

  14. McBrein well deserving a try at 6 and we need cover in that position anyway. I think it’s clever management, the team is not weakened since last week and we’ll be the wiser after the game.
    A win over the Dubs is huge, just do it lads

  15. We need to get a settled fullback sooner than later that position has cost us over the years ,,with soft goals we need a man there to own the square

  16. Numbers are irrelevant but that’s a good team .
    Respectively questions remain over Rory at 3 but this is chance, a game on costello should suit him best but he’s still a very good player .mcbriens that good , if only we could clone him for 6 and 3 . Sam can play anywhere .
    Worried about full forward line but the middle 4 is so athletic it makes no difference if 9 or 12 are on their backs.still be worried if mccaffrey is 7 tho , who tags him .
    Love to see diarmuid get a run out cillian as impact sub.
    It’s great confidence boost for Towey so over to you Paul.
    Hard to see game suiting Aido I’d actually start donnacha or diarmuid in a deeper role but whi knows only league game 2 so best luck lads

  17. Matt ruane has done nothing for the last two years to suggest he will start in the summer.his inability to win primary possession is a major problem for a midfielder

  18. Form is temporary,class is permanent,don’t worry about a couple of players who are out of form,they will be back

  19. @1985, he will very likely start though. That’s never been his skillset but he’s a very effective attacking midfielder with an eye for a goal. Jack Carney is basically the opposite – good fielder, more natural ball player, but much slower and a lot less of a threat to the scoreboard. Only Flynn is good at both and by top midfield standards Flynn lacks the aerial ability of a Fenton or a Glass.

  20. I agree he was a good attacking midfielder but aside from the Donegal league game last there hasn’t been much from him going forward either and he didn’t exactly stand out in the club championship either.maybe bringing him on when a game has loosened up might have some benefit

  21. Ya it’s going to be very interesting how they manage that one. He had a poor club championship and a poor last 3 games for Mayo last year. If it was Boland he would be shown the door!!! 🙂

  22. @paul , maybe you should contact Mattie and advise the 2021 all star to take a year out
    If I was advising him I would be telling him to walk away and concentrate on living his best life!!

  23. Diarmaid o Connor will definitely start .hugely important player but I think he needs to be left in a definite position.of course I never commented on a couple of players being out of form .just one

  24. Not expecting a classic tomorrow night. I think Dublin will flood their defence with numbers forcing us to try and break them down. When in possesion I fully expect them to hold on to the ball and frustrate us with lateral/backwards football aswell. It is a tactic that they have used very successfully over the years especially in league games in Castlebar. I have always found these games somewhat lifeless and devoid of any real tempo compared to the opposite league fixtures in Croke Park which have been way more open and usually exciting games to attend. Will we allow Dublin to dictate the terms of engagement tomorrow or do we go at them hard and draw first blood in 2024.

  25. DOC will get back into the team. Ruane, not so sure. He hasn’t influenced a game from midfield in a long time and the dysfunction of midfield was a major part of why last year went so poorly.

  26. Can’t understand this labelling of 2 years regarding Ruane. He was immense vs Kerry last year, they had no idea what to do with him. I agree he hasn’t been consistently good enough given previous seasons but competition for midfield is good. He’s some sub to bring on.
    On the team, I thought Ryan OD is involved in Sigerson. If so, he should be left off. Cillian should be in. Otherwise happy with team. I hope Bric proves me wrong at 3. I’d be leaving McBrien there as I don’t think any other player has combined robustness and speed to defend as well as he can at FB. Maybe Callinan but he’s younger and FB is the 2nd most exposed position on the pitch after GK. Ps I thought Reape brought and extra sweeper dimension against Galway.

  27. Boland’s brigade on here could be in for a shock tommorow. Dublin will target him and probably put McCaffrey on him. To those who wonder why he never got a good run under different managers, watch closely tommorow night.

    Brickenden is in for a massive test aswell. Basquel or Costello will give us a good barometer of where he’s at.

  28. Just get the gaa go on your phone. It’s unlikely you’ll be happy with how the option of potentially watching in a pub works out.

  29. Matt ruane played ok against Kerry in a game that Kerry for some reason played as a shoot out.I did reference that he had a good game against Donegal in last year’s league but playing one good game and then be totally anonymous for the next 3 games isn’t going to win you anything.2 games after Killarney last year he was dropped.consistency for a midfielder is fairly important.Not having a go at the lad and possibly he could be utilised elsewhere because if you are playing in the middle of the field you simply have to be able to contest in the air

  30. As for dubs targeting fergal Boland sure the dubs will target all our best guys fergal is well able for the dubs. He will put in another top class performance I’m sure was 100% the right decision to bring him back fair play to him.

    Best of luck guys!! Mayo by 4.

  31. Sry a bit off topic but does any know where I can get a child’s ticket for the match? I went to my local Supervalu and they didn’t have any and Ticket master doesn’t either and has up on their site that under 16’s are free.

  32. You don’t need a ticket for u16s – they just walk in. That was the case in Pearse Stadium last week anyway

  33. @KL: It won’t show if you’re in Ireland, it’s not one of the games available to the Irish audience (or available under the Irish ‘Season Pass’), but if you’re in Germany it should be there to view/purchase (or available through the international ‘Annual Pass’).

    They don’t do a good job of illustrating or explaining the geo-restrictions (or that the Season Pass won’t function as an Annual Pass when abroad).

  34. If the dubs feel they need to put McC on Fergal then it’s a fair indicator he should be a starter!

  35. Annoys me when some people say fergal Boland isn’t up to inter county standard or will flop mcstay brought him back for a reason and he showed why he was brought back v Galway and he we will do the same tonight v the dubs delighted fergal Boland got the 2nd chance he deserves.

  36. @2 hops, I hope Boland scores 1-12 to be honest. My point was people (not just a big cohort on here) are ramping up their expectations of him. Theirs alot of “I told you so” so going on around the County, after 3 points scored against a dire Galway team……in January.

    Im never one to rush to McStays defence (quite the opposite) but Boland has started about 6 championship games in 6 seasons, over different managment teams, their are obvious reasons for that. Championship and League are polar opposites in intensity, pace and over all pressure. Bolands positives are his brilliant technique and skills when shooting and passing. His negatives are lack of physicality, height, and pace.

    A pumped up Dublin team tonight could expose them negatives a few months early. If so, I worry for some supporters who see Fergie as the returning messiah.

  37. I wouldn’t have myself in the category of a cheerleader for Fergal but I think both he and Rory who you also name checked deserve another start on the strength of their performance against Galway. Personally I don’t think he’ll start too many championship games due to his physique but he deserves credit for his performance the last day and is worthy of squad inclusion,in my opinion.

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