Team to play Galway named

We named our team and subs for the Galway game a short time ago. Here’s the full match day list:

Mayo (Connacht SFC v Galway, 24/4/2022): Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels); Lee Keegan (Westport), Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); James Carr (Ardagh), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber). Subs: Colm Reape (Knockmore), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Rory Brickenden Westport), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Conor O’Shea (Breaffy), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Aiden Orme (Knockmore), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jack Carney (Kilmeena).

So it’s four changes from the side that lost heavily to Kerry in the National League final three weeks ago. Into the starting fifteen come fit again Oisín Mullin and Eoghan McLaughlin, as well as Kevin McLoughlin and Cillian O’Connor, who makes his first start for the county since he ruptured his Achilles tendon against Clare in a League match played in June last year. Out from Croke Park go Rory Brickenden, Enda Hession, the injured Jordan Flynn and Jack Carney.

David McBrien and Diarmuid O’Connor, who were both battling to recover from injuries make the bench but neither Robbie Hennelly nor Paddy Durcan do. We’ll miss both of them keenly.

Best of luck to James and all the lads named on the match day panel for Sunday.

98 thoughts on “Team to play Galway named

  1. Strong enough side more than capable of winning. All about performing on day which promises to be a pleasant sunny day.

  2. Hard to know if that team will start. I’ve got a few of the injured lads into the squad, but how fit are they?

    I think I can see a few more changes/swaps before the throw-in.

  3. If DOC is any way fit he needs to start. Clearly, Mullin on Walsh, O Hora v Comer.

    Good to see ROD on the wing. Pick up the breaks but overall it’s a strong forward line.

    I went for Galway but I’m a little more confident about Mayo seeing the 26.

  4. I like the look of that team
    ROD at 11 putting pinpoint foot passes into COC &DOC could be the way forward

  5. As good as we could have hoped for with all the injuries . Paddy Durcan is a huge loss as is Diarmuid from the starting 15. Will do very well to win but expect a strong and determined performance.Fair play to JH for team announcement Hope PJ does likewise so we can all be happy (for 48 hours at least)

  6. Still cant read much into this. Wouldnt surprise me to see Paddy Durcan start or be on the bench. I reckon we will know the starting team at 3.59 on Sunday

  7. Cant see Cillian start, last 20 minutes maybe ,better coming on for that than leaving the field before half time. Strong full backline for once, also midfield strong , too close too call at this stage. No soft goals to Walsh or Commer and a win for Mayo.

  8. Many thanks Willie Joe. That’s as strong a team we could have named, all considering, an I like it. I too expect one or two changes come throw in.
    Good luck to team an management.
    Up Mayo!

  9. That’s not a strong team. Loftus and KMcL not going well this year and COC clearly not fit enough- I don’t think he’ll start. Will E McL be match fit?

    Durcan, Hennelly and DoC big losses.

  10. Would be a big loss to start with Diarmuid and Paddy but great to see Cillian, Eoghan, Jason and Oisin starting. Hopefully all fully fit. Stephen Coen would be lucky to start given his form in the league!

  11. Totally agree with Spotlight that this is not a strong team. Kevin Mc? Stephen Coen? Conor Loftus? It’s also a massive test for Rory Byrne’s kickouts.

    It is an experience team though, so maybe that will help see them through.

    Great to see Eoghan Mc back though, he’s huge addition especially on that new pitch (which looks unreal!).

  12. A pessimist would say there are a number of lads playing whose form in the league was not good. They would also be seriously worried about our top goalie missing, possibly the best half back in the country missing, our greatest all time scorer clearly not match fit, Oisín named at 3 ,Aido asked to play midfield v a seriously in form Conroy etc etc.An optimist would say isn’t it brilliant to have Cillian back, great to see Oisin start, Doc recovered from desperate injuries and Diarmuid named on the bench and sure even if we lose we have a good break til the next game and most of the lads should be grand by then. So I expect a great mixture of optimism and pessimism on the blog for the next 40 or so hours. One thing is for certain we all want the same outcome regardless of our positive or negative feelings regarding the team named . Maigh Eo abu

  13. Too many weak links in that team or players just not good enough for county, not a huge competition for players in that squad as it stands.

  14. Don’t think that’s a strong team. Half back line iffy, half forward line decidedly weak on form. No real alternative to starting Aido, but will he last? Ditto Cillian.

    BTW – extra time will be played if level after 70.

  15. Glad to see ROD in pivotal at centre half forward where he can have greatest influence in game.
    I would prefer to see Mullen at chbalk but defence could be about match ups.
    Weve kept the midfield partnership strong and not resorted to the Ruand/Loftus combination. AOS unlikely to last the pace, Carney could have big role at some stage….
    I will not be surprised to see more surprises but its 15 v 15…

  16. I have to say I still think we’ll be strong enough. Galway half forward line not disciplined enough to deal with plunkett and McLaughlin marauding forward. Think they may switch corn with Mullins which would (for me) be will be the winning of the game. Lee can mark Walsh and o hora can take comer. After that we’re stronger all over the park. Hopefully rob won’t be too big a miss. Be interesting to see who is on the frees! My vote is for Ryan.

  17. I kinda liked the team when I first heard it. I still do. I take what others are saying but we are still injury depleted. What I like most is our 8-15. We have two dogs of war in Kevin Mc and Ryan O Donoghue and all three half forwards are pin point passers. The inside line are all strong physically so any kind of direct ball in should stick. More so with good passing. I think our full forward line will do a lot of damage. I think this team selection says we will kick more than usual ( if true I’d be happy about that)What I don’t know a lot about is the Galway forward line so I’ve not got a good handle on how we hold up at back. Comer ,Walsh and Finnerty( less so) are dangerous and fast. If our running backs are caught out of position then it could be a long day. But -allowing for everything- this team gives us a chance.

  18. Hi Willie Joe. Its great to finally have the Team sheet in. But it’s only a sheet. That Team won’t start. I would expect Diarmuid and Fergal Boland tó Start. Cillian and Kevin MC kept in reserve and to be sprung with 20 to go. The Back line is solid. Lee could take Comer. Mullin on Walsh. Midfield is strong. Aidos best position. I hope Mattie improves from his league form and will take Conroy. Beirne is playing well in goal and I’m sure the kickout strategy will have been well rehearsed. The Forwards is where this game will be won by Mayo. Fast ball has to go in to ROD no slwingvdownnthe game. If ROD can get on early fast ball the likes of Carr, Doherty and Boland will cause havoc. Get at the Galway defence as Roscommon did in their Div 2 Final. I’m sure JH was watching. Mayo to win in a tough fast paced hard hitting game. Keep Walsh and Comer marked tightly. Beat Conroy at Midfield and keep kick passing into our forwards. Experience on the bench when needed in the 2nd half.
    Mayo by 4/5 points.
    Safe travelling to All.

  19. Covered it all there in a nutshell to win just once.. nothing to add.. Maigh Eo abu

  20. Mayo minors had a big win. 2.16 – to 0.6. finished strongly. Clarke ,one of the standouts according to Mwr report.

  21. Team named is not a strong team, half back line does not have the pace we usually see from a mayo half back line. E Mac has pace but fitness questionable, wing forwards weak, full forward line players lacking match fitness.
    Maybe it is the best we could do with all the injuries. I would expect some changes when we start.
    Mullin maybe in the half back line if Walshe is out there, i would like to see Carney in because he would be more help in the middle third and I am sure he will be in at some time especially late in the game when AOS will tire. I do not think either Carr or Cillian are ready for a full game and would like to see one of them on the bench to start. Some players who were not in form in the league starting which shows our scarcity of choices. I still expect the team to produce a good performance and Galway backs can be exploited and I like ROD at 11. Hoping James H can continue his outstanding success against Galway.

  22. I have no doubt that this is the best James Horan could do with the hand that’s dealt to him. I’m hopeful that the older heads of Cillian, Jason Doc and Kevin together with Leeroy will show the leadership that was sadly lacking in the league final against Kerry. I’m worried that the psychological scars have not healed in time from that horror show 3 weeks ago. If things start to go pear shaped I just hope our lads have the stomach for the fight. James Horan has a brilliant record in Connacht with only 1 defeat. That has to count for something. Coming down the home stretch I know I’d prefer James Horan rather than Padraig Joyce on our sideline. To that end I think we’ll squeak it.

  23. Let the games commence. Mayo will deliver. Best of luck to our eternal warriors, on field and supporting. I’m quietly confident. Maigheo abú…go deo.
    Míle buíochas WJ and safe travels everyone.

  24. This is a horse for courses selection taking injury impact into account. This team suggests less of a typical horanball approach, less likely that the defence will go forward so less susceptible to the counter attack. 6 attackers on the bench, is that is plan B? This will be tight, dominance in middle third is key.

  25. We will have to start the championship with hope anyway, hope and optimism.

    It’s a bit early to tell whether it’s a strong team or not. We’ll know at six on Sunday whether we had a strong team or not.

    Some people are reacting as if this is likely to be the starting 15 and that these are the positions that the 15 will play.

    I’m not so sure.

    I think Aidan will play but certainly will not spend an entire match at midfield. Maybe one half. He may be there early for a while to ensure there is not a domination by Galway in the early part of the match, but of course he wouldn’t last those midfield miles required for much more than 30 minutes.

    I think there are likely to be maybe 3 different faces in the starting 15 but that’s only guessing. Cillian and Eoin must be doubtful as starters in my mind, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, regardless of who starts we know where the target is. The goal remains the same.

    Let’s hope it’s a great year, and that our football team can write a mighty chapter into the history of our County.

  26. Finnerty, Walsh, Comer named in FF line. Mayo will be under pressure from the start. Both goalies dont have huge experience. Expect Tierney and Conroy to do well in midfield. Sean Kelly named at full back and John Daly recovered from knock. History suggests a 1 point game but im hoping Galway can tighten up enough at the back to make our better forwards count. Mayo subs bench is very light and starting COC is surprising. Im going for a very strong performance from Galway to be enough to get the win. Hopefully neither side suffers any injuries and the loser will have some easy enough games to tune any problems that emerge Sunday.

  27. Strong team in my opinion. Rory Brickenden should come in for Coen for me.
    Kevin McLoughlin starting is strange in my eyes as I don’t think he started any league games or impressed off the bench. DOC in for him (if fit) and Orme in for Loftus.
    A win would be helpful here as while qualifiers wouldn’t be the end of the world with our injury list they would be better to avoid.

  28. Don’t worry about McLaughlin, took a rest after country final, will get the breaking ball and off he goes. How he never got an all star is a mystery

  29. The song goes, Will Galway beat Mayo ?. NO, I didn’t see anything in the Division 2 League Final to suggest that. Unfortunately Mayo are missing a couple of Leaders, Robert Hennelly, Paddy Durkin & Diarmuid O’Connor. Still I would be surprised if Mayo dont win. Great to see the Alltime, highest scorer in the Championship, Cillian O’Connor back on the starting15. I am predicting a Mayo V Dublin All Ireland Final in July.

  30. Eoghan McLaughlin isn’t playing football long enough to deserve an all star yet. Strong and fast he’s still learning. Needs to keep his head up more when he’s in possession to see what his options are.

  31. Galway near a full team. Showing my age now but best goalie I ever saw was Johnny Gerathy of the 3 in a row team.

  32. Big press on Galway kickouts. We then need to win the midfield breaks when they have to boom down the middle. Back to our area strength down the last few years, winning the breaks. Let’s hope we have the legs to do it again on Sunday.

  33. Why no Fergal Boland ??
    Didnt get much game time in league but his performance in Tralee should have rubber stamped his selection considering our problem
    With scoring half forwards
    and injury to Diarmaid o Connor. Horan type player
    Who will chip in 2 pts plus from play .Also went well against Galway b team in Fbd ,might be keeping him fresh for this.

  34. You’d have to say Rob Finnerty, Damian Comer, Shane Walsh and Paul Conroy is more scoring threat than we will have.
    Galway look more settled, physically bigger and more pace, so I think Galway to win.

  35. Season ticket holders- Check can u redeem your ticket Cover email says it must be redeemed by 10am YESTERDAY.

  36. Can’t see where the scores will come from? Big doubts around Doherty, Kevin and Cillian returning from injury. The 3 of them might not be up to the pace on a warm day. Likewise Aidan won’t last, so will his brother come on?
    Can’t see Mayo winning this game.

  37. Go figure this: the poll here on the blog for the League final came out 67:33 in favour of a win for us, while the one currently running on the Galway game stands at 56:44 in our favour. No, I can’t understand the logic there either.

  38. I guess WJ that the KY vote came on the back of a good win vs. Kildare and generally upbeat outlook with expectation that Mullen, Durcan, DOC, would be playing. Plus we only lost to KY in Tralee by one point. GY vote is coming on the back of an embarrassment of a performance in a national final plus we know now there’s no Paddy Durcan, Jordan Flynn, and maybe not DOC too.

  39. I have never saw Shane Walsh to dominate a game, he seems to go missing for large portions in matches.

  40. Thats one that you might have to eat on Sunday evening Mayo88. He destroyed Derry recently.

  41. @Mayo88. That gets thrown around a lot about Shane Walsh, it’s grown a lot of legs. There have been games he has been quiet in spells, I would say less frequent over the last few years.
    I’ll nail my colours to the mast. I don’t think we have a defender to stop Shane Walsh on Sunday.

  42. Galway team also named tonight. Who knows if they will line out as selected.
    Gleeson back in between the sticks – this is a disaster for us. He’s just not good enough to be a county keeper unfortunately.
    Jack Glynn named in the corner also. Mayo should target him – he has been under pressure in every game he’s played this year. Doesn’t appear to be ready for this level of ball – not yet anyway.
    But we have such a shortage of full back line players Pj probably feels he has no alternative but to play him.
    These are the two positions that most have me worried about this game

  43. On forward quality, our forwards have been found wanting- but that’s at the highest level. Galway’s forwards haven’t come close to playing at that level yet.

  44. Seanie CH he must of meant the cork game where walsh was on fire but to be fair it wouldn’t be that hard against the current cork team.

  45. Chesneychet I think this is one both need to win because the losers are not guaranteed easy rounds. In the new contracted format early losers from div 3 and 4 go straight to Tailtean cup. The losers of our game, and others like Donegal/Armagh await in first round qualifiers. Not sure how some folk have k owledge about which players are fully fit and who is in good or bad form because with the lack of info from management we can only look at the backend of the league and another can change in 3 weeks. Mayo for me by a couple.

  46. @mayo exile: If I were Fergal Boland I’d give up the big ball completely and go with hurling (and the hurlers could do with him!), because he has been messed about big time by the current set up. If they don’t pick him for this particular tie, given our injuries in his area of the field and what he can bring in terms of hard work and point scoring from play, it’s hard to see what future he would have under the current regime.

  47. It Means Nothing ,You are right, I would’ve packed it in years ago .To see retirements,injurys , Then New kids on the block geting more game time and moving up the pecking order .That lads got dedication .How can you develop consistency in your play when you seldom ever get start.Give the lad a run in team and he could well be our match winner.

  48. Hard to know what team will start .
    Think O Shea will be given a job to keep Conroy quiet . He is really important cog in the Galway team …
    Think missing Paddy Duncan could be a huge loss …
    Galway generally have more natural scoring forwards than us …
    Tight , Physical game but unfortunately I can’t see Mayo win on Sunday with that squad

  49. Great from a mayo viewpoint to see gleeson back in goals for galway, he is a disaster and has been awful in last few games we played, need to be putting him under pressure from the start as he is huge weak link

  50. Scored three nice points v Kerry with a 7/10 performance, looked totally lost v Tyrone and very light .

  51. Not a very strong team. A fair few weak links in there based on lack of form/match fitness.
    I’m with those bringing up the Fergal Boland issue. He always chips in with a few scores and is very good athletically. Ridiculous that some players clearly less talented get picked ahead of him. He’s a better man than I am because I’d have walked long ago if I was him.

  52. We have the 20 lads to squeeze over the line in a tight tussle. We’re opening a new home pitch and for me Kevin Mc, Jason and Cillian will deliver big performances on this occasion as they have done in the past. On another day in another pitch that collective mileage might be a factor but not tomorrow, horses for courses. Aidan’s days in the midfield are shortening but I think starting there and giving it his all for 50 mins is the way to go, P Conroy is a fine footballer for sure but his physicality is an even bigger threat, especially in the Connaught cship, and has cost us in the past thinking back to Diarmuid’s red card in McHale Park so that aspect will certainly be negated a lot tomorrow.

  53. WJ, not surprised in the least with the poll. In fact I’m surprised that you’re surprised.
    Massive warrented, disgust and disappointment after the AI performance on and off the field last year. It seemed to go on and on here on the blog. The stages of grief came much slower than usual. It took well into the league before we started to see any sort of acceptance and a willingness to move on. This of course coincided with good results and a slightly different style of play and tactics in the first few rounds. Our spirits rose once again despite losing some players to injury because in the main, the results kept coming and we were firmly perched towards the top of the league. We were confident again, even giddy. The Tyrone loss was now not as raw as it had been, we were going places once again.
    Then BANG, humiliation in the theatre of nightmares once again. More disappointment, more disgust with the performance on and off the field. The blog went wild once more. No time for stages of grief this time. The u-20s might lift the mood, but no, for many the wins over galway and leitrim was overshadowed by the style of play. Some disgusted so much even wanted Sligo to win and they got their wish. The flow of comments were more than I’d ever seen for this grade, and many on the edge of the posting rules I’d say. Add to this the lack of any information coming from the Mayo camp and the other mysterious and downright incompetent stuff over the last few weeks surrounding the cb (that I’m sure WJ doesn’t want talked about here but is being discussed all over the county) and it’s probably only natural that the level of negatively within the county it at the level it’s currently at. Hence the poll results.
    Of course poll results mean nothing, it’s tomorrow’s result that counts and its only winning that will alleviate some of the heartache from the embarrassment of the league final.

  54. Horan made some bizarre
    Experiments against Tyrone in the league which left Fergal Boland spending most of the match in half back line he would struggle to score playing hurling from there.

  55. As usual the closer the game gets the less confident i get about it.Robbie for me is our biggest loss for tomorrow as he is just so good at getting us the ball from restarts and moving forward not back facing our own goal.We can replace all others to a decent level or cover in some way.

  56. A few low blow comments coming in for Boland. Nobody can doubt the man’s commitment. Just think for A minute the sacrifices he has made over the years. Think about it. He owes us nothing. I think it’s really disingenuous to call him out after one ordinary performance after a decent one. He’s obviously doing something right to be in the 26 ahead of others. Leave the little digs about the small ball out please. Let’s tackle this game on a united front and leave the sly digs aside.

  57. I am a fan of Fergal Boland but some faces don’t fit whereas others can be tried in a range of positions so they will get a game Conor o Shea to come off bench and win it for us

  58. Boland has impressed me most as an impact sub and with so many players returning from injuries and the good weather forecast, subs will have a vital role to play.

  59. You know all these ‘learnings’ we hear about after another loss, well tomorrow would be a good day to show them…

  60. @Erris Head, noticeable his ordinary performance came when he was being messed about with as a wing back (and on a day he had few options running for ball around him as a whole team struggled for energy from heavy training) rather than as a more aggressive option at wing forward.

    I’d imagine he won’t start much this year as we go for more defensive options early in games but can see him playing a major role coming off the bench. His vision and passing with tired defenders inside can be a very powerful combination.

    Always a joy watching him at club level. Hits some truly outrageous scores and easily one of the most consistent forwards in the county over the last 5 or more years.

  61. In addition to Diarmuid making the bench it’s also good to see Darren McHale in there. He can be relied upon to add some pace and power if any of the starting wing forwards don’t perform.

  62. Well I certainly didn’t Intend for a low blow and think Boland is a fine footballer , just thought himself , orme and towey didn’t show anything v Tyrone and looked to be lacking in physicality. It’s just an opinion is all .

  63. Really Dave. I thought the very same looking at Mayos subs. We can bring in McDaid,Kelly,Gallagher,Culnane. Who can Mayo spring Kevin McLoughlin eh.

  64. Probably the best team we could name in the circumstances, but it’s certainly not a strong team.
    Hennelly and Durcan are absolutely massive losses and we have players named that are either nowhere near 100% fit, or just in poor form.
    Our main advantage is on the sideline, so hopefully Horan can keep up his record against Galway.
    Galway won’t have a better chance of beating us, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can handle that pressure.
    Their goalkeeper is definitely a weak link, we need to pressurise his kick outs.

    Definitely more hopeful than expectant.


    Surely Mayo have over-reached, not under-delivered

    I thought about this article and it reflects a lot of my own thinking about Mayo under James Horan.

    There is no doubt that Mayo have performed better ,by a distance,under Horan than in any other period in our history.Our team is what he always stated he wanted it to be “ consistently competitive” Our set up with regards training /coaching etc is professional. He has “moved up”a generation of players who in prior eras would never have played at Croke Park in front of large crowds.

    Horan is Hope:With James Horan at the helm there is always hope. His particular strength is in bringing on younger generations of players and having them believe in Mayo football. It is striking that in the two years since a generational team largely retired, we have been in two All Ireland finals and a national league final. Think about that. This is peak “Kerry level “consistency. And that is without the forward talents that Kerry possess.

    The finals the finals … I know !!!

    I know we always had flights of fancy in Mayo that “ we are like Brazil “ because of individual talents like Ciaran McDonald. What utter hogwash.The team most like the winners of Brazil have always been Kerry. I say this attitude is still relevant because twelve years later under Horan we still haven’t given in to these flights of fancy(which to outsiders who live in the real world looking in are simply stunningly stupid)

    We are invested in the Mayo team as supporters because of James Horan. Some others on here have a clear agenda against him and it rankles because the truth of the matter is this.James Horan is the reason we get to be considered a top four team year after year.

    To err is Horan: There is also little doubt that Mayo are sometimes seen to be making the same mistakes over and over again and it’s attributed to Horan’s stubbornness. But as someone who was a top class forward himself I feel he knows a thing or two about forwards. Maybe as someone who is privy to the Mayo football psyche he is playing with the best chance of winning ( the record strongly suggests he is right )

    Which is all to say that before we collectively go off the deep end tomorrow(in the event of a poor performance)we would do well to remember where we were in 2010-losing to the Longford’s and Sligo’s of the world. It took six -seven years after he initially took over to create the conditions for our 2017 All Ireland Performance. He gets a lot of credit for that ( and so too does Stephen Rochford).

    It takes time to build winning teams and the great managers do it more than once. It takes the guts of twenty years to have a set up to compete consistently with the Kerry’s ,Tyrone’s ,and Dublins of the world. It takes time to build HoranStream 2( Which I can assure everyone is going ahead)

    We would all look wiser,smarter and more filled with gratitude for the astonishing success of Mayo football (in the face of long odds)were we to be more sanguine in our assessments, realistic in our ranking of where we stand,and more patient until inevitably it all comes together and we can field a full team.

    We have overachieved and then some…but we can still be better. Under Horan I believe it’s just a matter of time.

  66. Looking forward to the game now. Will be great to be back in McHale Park watching the lads go full tilt.

    Throw in can’t come quick enough now. Need to try relax and not think too much about it!!

  67. Agree on the two half lines although I expect Kevin Mc to prove us wrong, was excellent in club championship from midfield and can mop up some breaking ball around midfield.
    I see Walsh as a marquee player despite what some say on him going in and out of games and either Mullen or Keegan needs to be on him with the other on Comer. After that let each back on our team take his chances against some good but no marquee forwards . Comer can be explosive given the opportunity and injury free run and has been in form of late so no complacency against him and have no doubt the team are fully aware of Galway’s dangers. Galway not the strong in the backs maybe full back line has some weakness same as us.
    I expect a great atmosphere with the new pitch and hopefully a great game. Would like to see us go the Tyrone route with a defensive system, something we haven’t done but such an approach always gives any team a better chance because of less leaked goals and dents opposition more when turning them over.
    Not much between the teams but we’ve won more tight games. The 3 lads missing for us makes a difference but we can still win. I think we need to limit 1 of Galway’s 3 players a lot, another somewhat and we probably can live with them having one standout player of those 3.

  68. Great post Food4thought Hope it gives food for thought to those who constantly criticize Horan He has done really well for us Unfortunately the team starting tomorrow is probably one of the weakest championship teams put out in his watch with retirements and especially injuries inhibiting us. Some people talk of learnings. Well you can learn all you want but if you don’t have good enough players on the field you won’t win , If Galway can’t beat our seriously weakened team tomorrow then P Joyce will have presided over 3 poor years notwithstanding gaining promotion this year. The potential of their full forward line is only bettered by Kerry at the moment. If we win tomorrow and I am desperately hoping we do it will be a fantastic achievement Maigh Eo abu

  69. Serious pressure on Joyce who should be winning this given our team selection. Agree with a lot of posters, too many players named out of form, others no where near the match fitness required. No theeat from 45’s or long range free’s, Galway can foul with impunity around the 45 and stop our running game.

    The debate on Boland is tiresome, a nice lad, handy footballer, but too small and no real speed to get him out of a tight spot in the heat of championship. Carney has got a bit exposed as the league went on, so it will be a year or two of s + c before he fulfills potential. All in all we are well able to win this, but key players missing and others not fit or out of form, can’t see how a full strength Galway lose this one.

  70. @Lineball – interested to hear what game’s ya feel carney was exposed in towards the end of the league? Thought he had a fine game against Tyrone came on and scored and then scored 0-3 against Kildare. I agree he needs a year or two S&C but he will still have a big part to play this year.

  71. Tomorrow will see the biggest game of the 2022 Championship.there is huge interest in the game and a crowd of 25000 is expected.Mayo will start slight favourites and even with injury problems.they will have to recover their best form after a heavy defeat at the hands of Kerry in the recent National League Final.
    There won’t be much between the sides but it would be a surprise if Mayo were defeated on their home turf.

  72. It’s hardly as if Galway are at full strength. They’re without Mulkerrin who’s been talked about since he was 16, their goalkeeper and Peter Cooke. I was told one more of their defense that’s been named will also come out with injury. They’re also missing very talented opt outs such as Ian Burke, Michael Daly and Varley. That’s not the fault of injury though. There’s a host of other squad players. My Galway mate is adamant that a list of 15 players not in tomorrows squad would be as good as the 15 that’s been named

    We’ve been operating at a level above the team named in this new iteration of our team since 2019 or so. Our talented injury list aside, we should be beating that Galway team. No excuses

  73. Stephenite if your Galway mate reckons there are the equivalent of Shane Walshes and Comers and Kellys and Conroys and Tierneys etc not willing to play for the county team then they must have really serious issues

  74. I felt in last year’s game between the two of us, I really thought we were a beaten docket at halftime. Many posters said they felt we would turn it around in the second half, I wasn’t one of the believer’s. It was a famous comeback.

    If we were to have as poor an opening half tomorrow as we did last year, I feel we would have little or no chance in pulling off the Houdini act again that we pulled off last year.

    Galway will not have forgotten our comeback from last year and might be better prepared to see out a game if they were to find themselves in the same position again tomorrow.

    I don’t think we need to be brilliant from the throw in tomorrow but we cannot under any circumstances let Galway build an early 5 or 6 point lead, or it will be the sceneic route for us.

  75. Funny thing is I haven’t felt confident going into a game v Mayo in championship in a very very long time and tomorrow is no different.
    I’ve zero faith in our management team ( minus Cian O Neill and Divo) and I just don’t see how he joyce can right the wrongs of his tenure so far…
    This could be a handy win for Mayo..

  76. Have to agree with Kevin mcstay on playing aidan FF. Yes we have tried it before but was a gameplan built around it? Definitely not, it was a haphazard adjunct to our primary game which often resulted in aidan watching on and eventually dropping deep.
    Armagh and kerry perfected gameplans around ronan Clarke and donaghy with Steven McDonald and gooch playing off the target man. I sometimes think aidan doesn’t like the position because he has under pressure to score and is often isolated. All he has to do is bloody catch and let it off or at worst break it which is a definite for the finishers. However we never fully commit to that plan and leave him isolated.
    In fact any long ball that went into him in the all Ireland led to the creation of goal and point opportunities but were squandered because aidan isn’t a finisher and we didn’t have a plan perfected for someone to play off him.
    I understand how he is touted as a brilliant tackler and is valuable playing that sweeper role but you need the legs to get close to the attacker which he is now struggling to do.
    So having said all that we’ll see him play out the middle tomorrow

  77. If ever there was a 50:50 call this is it. Who knows, we could be spending some extra time in the sun in McHale Park tomorrow.
    Best of luck to the lads and they’ll need it. It won’t be a game for shrinking violets of players, that’s for sure. Joyce will not want to lose to us again and it probably will get gritty and lively.
    For what it’s worth and I know my opinion means very little I agree with food4thought and I think Horan has largely been brilliant. I believe he has a strong way about him mentally and this seeps into the players. I would imagine he’s a deep thinker and even though it may not seem it a warm character to his players especially in times of need through injury etc.
    Anyways its only a game at the end of the day but beating the old enemy would be sweet!!

  78. I never place a bet, but always interesting to see odds for who will be man of the match by RTE. PP have Cillian O’Connor favorite to win it, which seems bizarre in his first game for 10+ months. Ryan O’Donoghue is 2nd favorite, Shane Walsh 3rd and Mattie Ruane is probably the best value at 4th.

  79. Nervous excitement the night before a connacht quarter final. Strange times!
    The bridge in Shrule has 6 big Mayo flags(3 on either side) to welcome our dear neighbours as they make their way towards defeat tomorrow:@

  80. @ Stephenite says:
    It’s basically Galway with their strongest available team at the moment .

    Mulkerrin is much like Tommy Conroy out for the year. Peter Cooke is as much off the Galway panel than on it.

    Michael Daly and Varley never established themselves as Galway seniors. Their best players are Sean Kelly, John Daly, Paul Conroy, Matthew Tierney, Shane Walsh and Comer all starters tomorrow and I’m sure your mate from Galway knows that also.

  81. @mayomagic and @towinjustonce, il copy and paste in the team that was sent

    Kerin Fitzgerald Sean Andy
    Wall Kyne Sweeney
    Cooke Flynn
    Varley M.Daly McLaughlin
    Burke Finnerty Brannigan

    Now I don’t know all those names but I do know there’s a number of fabulous footballers there. My Galway mates (college football buddies from gmit days) are fairly adamant that’s as good as there is in the county. In there theres an all star, the two most talented midfielders for a generation, Val Daly’s protogey and a number of the corofin team who destroyed every team in Ireland for nigh on 7 years. It’s an utter stain on joyce that he can’t get anywhere near his best team on the pitch

  82. Power a good club keeper but was he ever going to be a a top county level keeper? I’d say the same when it come to moyloughs Finnerty as a forward.

    Kerin,Sean Andy, Kyne all favouites of Kevin Walsh and whats there now are better IMO but Joyce plays a more open system leaving defenders exposed. Sweeney,Mclaughin ones for the future than present starters.

    Corofin lets not forget didn’t win the last two Galway championship so Kevin Walsh was managing Galway when Corofin was at their peak.

  83. Ciaran Macs comeback,Gardiners point to win it in saltill. Morts Jacko t-shirt. A screamer into the Albany end by Colm Mac. Trevor Mort wonder point. James Carrs goal. Cillian shooting the lights out and frightening the shite out the Galway backs with turnovers in saltill. Today’s memories?????. Bit sketchy on some of the years there but not the moments. Bring it on. Safe travels everyone. HON MAYO.

  84. Top o’ the morning to ya richie+duck.
    Jeez you’ve put the hairs on my neck standing, and the heart racing with those great memories from down the years.
    I’m really looking forward to throw in now, even though i won’t unfortunately be in McHale pk today. I’ll be glued to the box come throw in though, and I can’t wait.
    Weighing everything up, I fancy us. The bookies have us at 4/7 which I think is generous, but I feel it will be tighter than that, low scoring, and us to just sneak it.
    I have to say, I’m a James Horan fan too, even though I’ve scratched my head a few times too, regarding some decisions made during his tenures. But that’s it, he’s the manager, I’m not, and JH is closer to the action than I am or ever will be. There’s always going to be decisions I won’t like or agree with. As some posters have said, since he began with us, JH has brought Mayo football to the top table, and for us to appear in successive all Irl finals during this current ‘tansition’ phase is in itself, a great testament to James Horans coaching ability imo. Yet, like us all, I long for that top prize too, and so, we march on, and whether we win an all Irl this year or not, i believe our day is near, or as that great Mayo stalwart from Aghagower Seosamh O Maolchroin would say, Tiocfaidh ár Lá Mhaigh Eo!
    Good luck to James and all the team, and I hope its a great day for the green and red everywhere. It’s certainly shaping up for a nice sunny day in Castlebar.
    Mayo 1.10
    Galway 1.08

  85. @Stephenite you should go back to that Galway friend today and tell him Kerin,Sean Andy, Kyne aren’t a patch in the terms of quality compared to their current defenders Sean Kelly, Silke, John Daly etc.

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