Team to play Galway named

We’ve just named our team to play Galway in Sunday’s National League Division One decider at Croke Park (throw-in 4pm). Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One final v Galway, 2/3/2023): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballghaderreen), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor )Ballintubber); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), James Carr (Ardagh), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s a reversion, in full, to the side that started for us against Donegal up in Ballybofey, meaning the ten changes we saw the last day against Monaghan have all been unchanged. As we all kinda figured they would, at least for the team announcement.

The best of luck to the lads at Croke Park on Sunday.

UPDATE: Galway have named their team as well. Here it is:

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  1. We’re going all out..don’t thing we have a choice really. Hope there are no injuries out of it, it’s going to be an intense championship.

  2. Strong and Settled team.

    McStay has found his first choice 15 from the league and i dont think Joyce can say the same.

  3. Hope that will cause confusion all round – media reporting Mayo making sweeping changes for an important final, what are they up to, etc. etc. when in reality it’s an unchanged team. Real vote of confidence in the Ballybofey crew.

    Pondering likely impact subs then: Plunkett, Tuohy, Conroy, Towey. Don’t think O’Hora is at the pace yet.

  4. No major surprises. Best of luck to the lads.
    Can only go full throttle on Sunday.
    Galway favourites… suits us just fine ..
    Prepare for battle

  5. Think that is pretty much the lineup most of us expected. Be nice to bring on some pace when legs are tiring, like Tuohy. Conroy and Eoghan McLaughlin. Hopefully the first of many trips to Croker for the season.

  6. No surprises there. Probably the most in form selection. I suspect both teams are going to go hell for leather, no excuses.

    I just realised today that top 3 in the group stages will survive, which is ludicrous really, makes connaught championship knockout look less and less relevant. We will be in the quarter finals come what may. A national title would be of far more importance right now

  7. Apart from Hession to return i can’t see many changes to that starting team v Roscommon

  8. First time posting.that looks like our strongest line up with possibly James Carr and Tommy conroy alternating as the year goes on .would still be concerned about Loftus .not entirely convinced his role has been a major success

  9. The winners of Division 2 final guaranteed a place in the championship, a great incentive for Derry.
    Other teams guaranteed a place are Mayo, Galway, Roscommon and Westmeath
    Shows the relevance of the Connaught championship.

  10. @catcol heard that to typical media maybe after the monaghan game thought we would and with the Rossies coming up but mcstay won’t want 2 losses on the bounce !

    It will be tough as others have said but we are a better team just need no nerves and confidence and that’s not me being biased!

    Still mayo by 4 or so go mayo !

  11. Dublin and Derry are pretty much guaranteed a place in the championship already and Dublin will win Leinster anyway.

    @Jr relevance for the Connacht championship or indeed any provincial championship is 1st seed in the group and round 1 match at home. If Mayo don’t win Connacht it’s 3rd seeds and away to Kerry,Dublin or the Ulster champions in round 1. The four group winners will have extra week rest/preparation time against their quarter final opponents. That is the real incentive in my view.

  12. Think even the dogs in the street were expecting that line up.
    I’d imagine it will be very close to team that starts with maybe 1 change.

  13. @Mayo magic I can see your point.Connaught champions will have Munster losers as second seeds probably Cork.As third seed you could have Connaught runners up as second seed.
    You are sure to qualify and could use the Extra time for training and avoidance of injuries.
    Having said all that I hope Mayo win all their games but feel some teams will be thinking about the merits of a hard provincial route.

  14. Good looking team. Add in Hession, Brickenden and Cillian… Fair bit of strength still to come.
    I’m looking forward to this game and expect a great tussle. I wouldn’t be surprised if we win.
    Give it your best shot. Maigheo abu.

  15. @Jr: Not sure where you picked up that take on who’s guaranteed a spot. It needs work.

    Top 7 league positions (so the 6 teams surviving Division 1 and then including the Division 2 champions in 7th spot) are all guaranteed places as 3rd or 4th seeds. So given league standings that’s Mayo, Galway, Roscommon and Tyrone guaranteed 3rd seed spots (at worst) with Kerry, Monaghan and the Division 2 champions together with the Tailteann Champions (Westmeath) all guaranteed 4th Seeding at worst.

    Add in that 1 of Mayo, Roscommon and Galway will make a Provincial Final (upgraded to 1st or 2nd seeds so no longer taking up a spot as a 3rd seed) given the Championship draw in Connacht and that means both Dublin and Derry are already guaranteed spots in the Round Robin.

  16. Team as expected, it will be interesting to see who makes the 26. Our big mobile half forward line has been a real plus, helps us control the middle, and will need to be on form against Galway who have several big men around the middle. Tuohy needs to be first choice a sub for that line to maintain that. When McStay comes into that line we lose a good deal as he has in several league games. Still not convinced with Loftus at 6 but he seems to have nailed down that position.

  17. Re the seedings.. what Leinster runners up are going to be realistically better than the loser’s of Mayo/Roscommon?..In theory you could find yourself as a fourth seed and have a far easier time beating your opposition. It’s impossible to know what way it’s going to work out. Same as the championship draw wasn’t exactly kind to either Mayo or Roscommon, there will be big imbalance. Dublin as well as the Croke Park factor are further advantaged by the almost complete shambles the Leinster Championship now has been allowed become. The league is a far better and fairer test, and only Dublin will represent Leinster in Div One next year, they didn’t manage to keep themselves in Div One for this year,and equally only Kerry from Munster.. But the runners up from Munster and Leinster will rated higher in their seedings than some of their the teams competing in Div One in Connacht or Ulster. Doesn’t make sense, only thing for any team to do is to try and win every game as it comes along!

  18. Only 2 of back 7 have much big game experience. That is a big concern. Having said that, it is probably the team I would pick. Hope that does not sound contradictory. Maigh Eo abu

  19. Whoever is on Sean Kelly could be taken for a full tour of the Croke Park pitch on Sunday.Will need someone very mobile on him?

  20. The very best of luck to all the squad and Management ,it would be a great result going forward give te lads confidence for the championship, Hon Mayo,,

  21. Forget about leinster – One Divison 4 team who get to the Connaught final from Sligo / Lietrim /London / New York will at least be a 2nd seed.

  22. What do ye think are the chances of better tickets being released? Is it time to bite the bullet and buy or sit tight for a bit longer?

  23. Pullhard – No problem with Sean Kelly going off up the pitch and one of our middle 8 players tracking him.

    Galway have 2 rookies in their full back line and a keeper who is sceptical under the high ball, let’s see how they handle Aidan when kelly goes wandering up the pitch and gets turned over.

  24. most of backs have no experience of big day in Croke Park, would be worried about this if playing Kerry or other top teams, but against Galway its just a local derby for them and they are well used to Galway from underage game sand have no fear of them, so playing Galway in Croker not a problem.

  25. Peter Canavan, a man I dare say better placed to talk about players and teams, did a section on the Sunday Game about Loftus and what he brings to the team yet so many posters on the blog seem to be writing it off. No more than with McLoughlin in 2017 it isn’t perfect just yet but clearly it has a lot of advantages to have his skill set in that position. Loftus is also playing in front of McBrien and Reape, an entirely new spine for us, of course they will need some time to adjust and understand how McStay and co want us to play.

    Should really be a great game, going to be great experience for the back four. It will be interesting to see where Walsh plays, if he plays full forward I expect McBrien to pick him up and if he drifts out Paddy will be asked to mark him.

    Great to see the competitive nature of Connaught. Both sides of the draw will produce some cracking games after the league.

  26. Have my Rossie mate in my ear going were going to Hammer ye week after in championship I said to him maybe so but I am just looking to Sunday for now haha

    Great to see our strongest side for Galway mcstay &co are not messing around for this one should be a good game either way sage travels to all going sadly I can’t go to this one !

  27. I agree we have a novice back 4 , but now is the time to see what they can do in Crocker.
    Good luck to them, if any of them have a bad game let’s give them a break.
    I remember Tom Cunniffe getting roasted against Kildare in Newbridge but Horan stuck with him and look how well he played later.

  28. Galway have a few newbies in their defence too. Know they played well last week in Salt hill.

  29. McDaid not listed in the matchday panel, they still have a few game changers on the bench.

    Think Conor loftus will be better suited to Croke Park, the more space the better for a player like him. I think Galway playing Heaney at 11 respects this. Still expect Galway to make some changes. Alot of people credit Rochford for loftus new positional placement but I’ve heard McStay in the past admire how much John Daly effects Galways forward play with his deep playing game so I believe the idea was there just to find the right player to pull it off.

  30. @Rober they played well but let’s not forget kerry are well off the pace compared to how they were this time last year I think their mind set is concentrated towards championship as they know they will be in at least quarter finals. Galway are a good team but I would not read to much into their game against kerry last weekend

    We are well able to beat them probably be close but we can do it .

  31. Real contrast in styles here. Second lowest scorers in league, and meanest defence to boot. Vs the highest scorers, together with one of the higher scores conceded. Need to take goal chances that come our way. As Galway would rather a low scoring affair, and if that the case then Galway to win

  32. O’Hora was played woefully out of position last week, plus the fact he’s only returning to fitness. But as a long term measure I’d like to see him played at wing back for summer, and possibly Paddy going to the full back line. As others noted we’ve a very inexperienced FB line which Paddy would augment. But the starters named may thrive on Sunday and that might change my mind. Huge step up for McBrien and Coyne but I believe they have what it takes. I’m praying they do themselves justice.

    Returning to O’Hora, he’s so influential from wing back. We need his aggression and steel going forward, not stuck on the FB line and possibly being stung for pace. Things to think about…

  33. I’d also name Loftus at wing forward, but dropping back to his 6 position, with Fionn losing out.

  34. Live in Galway, and they think Mayo naivety can be exploited. Could really get a answer, why they thought that. But hopefully Sunday, leads to a long secessful summer

  35. See the independent reported saying that Bob touhy was one of our best players against monaghan such a promising young exciting player !

  36. Not surprised with that team. It seems to be McStay’s “strongest” team at the moment. A fully fit Eoghan McLaughlin, Enda Hession and Tommy Conroy would start ahead of Coyne, Coen and McDonagh in my opinion. Coen is not a wing back, he simply doesn’t have the pace for the role. I think we’d be better served with Coen at 6, and Loftus back to his natural position instead of McDonagh.

  37. Imagine how different our approach would be if Hession and Tommy Conroy were available. Two rockets that I don’t think Galway would handle if they were fully fit and ready for action.

    I think we need to at the very least stay neck in neck with them on the scoreboard. If we were to fall 4 or 5 points behind in the first half I think it would be a long afternoon.

    On commentary I’ve noticed Mcstay has always said, when a player gets in on goal and opts for the point, he says ” Really that should have ended up in the back of the net “. I’m expecting our lads to be having a few cracks at goal on Sunday given even half a chance.

  38. Coen is the ideal wing back for this weekend, up against Cooke or Tierney. Pace won’t be an issue vs them.

  39. McStay is going for it for sure and he’s right. Get some silverware on the board and beat Galway in Croke Park in a final (again!). Road test this group of lads and see does the form they’ve been showing throughout the league stand up to scrutiny on a big day. The morale boost could well set us up for a good run in the All-Ireland series. Connacht championship has become like the FA Cup in England – a nice one to win but less important competition now that qualification for the big prize is secured first through league placings. We may have to go with our back up crew against the Rossies and if we lose at least we have a few weeks rest before firing up again for the big one.

  40. Mayointipp, Sit Tight, definitely sit tight, better tickets will appear closer to throw in

  41. Beginning to think that too. Much as I hate losing to the Rossies and I hope we don’t. It might not be the worst thing in the world. We would get a break and time in training to sort out our systems.

  42. My first thoughts on the 2 teams were Galway despite their so called mean defence have lots of experience up front and not as much further back so I expect they will concede more against us that other teams they played but also up their own scoring. I expect about 1-13 or 1-14 apiece. They are slightly overrated defensively and slightly underrated in attack. The 2 teams are almost a mirror of each other. I do think Walsh needs a man marker on him most of the time and not Coyne or Callinan. We saw he’s more of a team player now as well his individual X factor from that kick into Comer vs Kerry.
    On comments around no 6, I think stick with it as small incremental improvements is all we need over the season and impress on the forwards to flood back more.. wouldn’t agree with dropping McDonagh to move Loftus up as he’s left footed and gives good balance in shooting from that side with Tuohy a flyer coming on the same wing. McDonagh’s work rate has been as good as most and has shown he can take nice points on his weaker right foot. A system for passing on tagging Kelly between the lines as he attacks is also needed. A 1 point win will do me.

  43. Two powerful sets of forwards. Makes for a great game. Will someone post our subs pleease.

  44. All I can say is that I was at two League Finals ( I was born in 1962 ) One against Galway and the other against Kerry

    We won both but for me both were an Anticlimax. In reality in National Terms no one really cares about the League ‘

    I hope we have no new injury’s on Sunday and I hope we win but even if we loose I hope we beat Roscommon and Galway in the Connaught Championship

  45. If recent history has taught us anything, beating Galway in Croke Park in league finals or semi finals has not given us any psychological advantage going into the following championship. In fact quite the opposite. In 2001 we beat Galway in the foot and mouth league final, only to lose to the Rossies in the Connaught final a few weeks later. Galway win their 9th all-ireland title that September. In 2007 we beat them in a league semi final above in Croker only for them to annihilate us 5 weeks later in Salthill. My point, I won’t be to upset if we have to listen to the sawdoctors belting out the N17 @ 5.30 on Sunday evening but if I have to watch a couple of thousand Rossies dancing on our newly laid sod in McHale Park the following Sunday, I will fucking lose it.

  46. Phew,. .I suppose the good thing is there is only 20 hours more of April First.. some of ye nearly had me and others convinced that the best way to win is to actually lose. ..

  47. Each game on it’s merits lads…. I’ve never known it being an advantage to lose.
    Mayo by 2 in another tight squeeze.

  48. I was commenting earlier in the league maybe better to avoid the final solely based on the tight turnaround to championship but now as we are in the final there should only be one thing on our minds and that’s go out and win and have no regrets. Never mind what happened in the past because if that is the benchmark then nothing will ever change let the next generation be talking about the 2023 final and how it was the springboard to greater success. Go for it lads.

  49. Anyone here remember `67 ? The Connaught semi-final? Seamus O Dowd and co !

    I`m just wondering if there are many more of my ilk left on this blog !! That`s all.

  50. As regards defensive positions I think the only one nailed on to start in the spot he’s named at is Loftus. The others will have specific players to mark and will adjust according to their targets. I agree with many that subs can play a big part in the outcome but everyone seems to be overlooking Eoghan McLaughlin who showed in the latter stages of the Sigerson that he can be a potent attacking force. With his pace and power he’s not the sort of player you want to be marking when your legs and lungs start feeling under pressure. I also think Fionn McDonagh does so much of the dirty under-appreciated stuff that helps the team a d is so important. As to wanting to win or lose, while the timing is not ideal we’re in it so we might as well win it.
    Finally, I must say that the Connacht GAA are fecking shameless with their overpricing compared to the other provinces.

  51. Take Shane Walsh out of the occasion and it’s ours to lose. Only Johnny Heaney from those starting forwards scored the last time Galway were in Croker. It’s a National Final against our biggest rivals and finals are there to be won so enough of this nonsense saying not important, there are plenty of back doors in this year’s Championship were we to lose against Rossies due to fatigue or a knock or two. Young guns of Mayo to light up Croke Park tomorrow. Mayo by 4.

  52. Evergreenandred, I’m of that vintage – saw the minors with SOD win in ‘66. Saw our league win over Down in 1970. Remember it, and JJ Cribben’s brace, vividly.

  53. Pics emerging of Oisin Mullen arriving at Dublin airport this morning in a Mayo tracksuit .

  54. Evergreenandreed- I posted this last April on the blog!
    Great memories of Mhuigeo v Gaillimh

    Will Galway ‘bate’ Mayo?
    I read with great interest Jim Carney (former RTE) piece in this week’s Mayo News- Down memory lane Entitled ‘A rivalry steeped in history’
    He mentioned the 1966 Connaught final Mhuigeo v Gaillimh at McHale Park.
    I met Paddy Kilbane (Butcher) on the road this morning and he asked me what the prematch atmosphere was like in Achill, considering we had two Achill players starting MJ Ruddy from Clougmore and Pat Kilbane from Polranny/Tornagee. This was huge for the parish of Achill. I wish to point out that we had no Podcasts, no Midwest radio, no MayoGAA blog, no Patreon or Discord-latest fad and an extension of the Blog!! We only had the weekly bible the Mayo News and that is where we found out whether the Achill boys made the team or not! The prematch was also discussed in scoil an Doirin by our ard Mhaistir Padraic Seoighe an avid GAA person who represented the parish (as well as others) with distinction and pride!
    Paddy was wondering what the atmosphere was like as he along with other young men were domiciled in the UK as immigration was rife-no jobs!
    It was the hay season and the turf was home ( no Green party back then) and the majority of our Dad’s were working in England. Consequently, our Mum’s had to ‘carry the can’ (even the can of water from the well in Gob). Coming up to the game my brother and I, Tony, had to impress my late Mum with our work ethic as we wanted to go to the big match in Castlebar! Remember going to Castlebar in these days was a big event! My Mum said that we could go but Johnny Phaddy had to send the cheque (called remittance) in the first instance! We waited with bated breath until Neil a phoist delivered the letter. My Mum opened the letter and the much welcomed cheque went straight into the bank -private and confidential (into her breast) without us seeing the amount! Remember money was tight then and our Mum’s were frugal and every penny was accounted for!
    Off we went to the game in Caislean A’Bharra probably with muintir Gob as we were
    inseparable growing up. The Derreens and Bleanaskill lads were probably with us! I can’t remember who we went with but it was probably Paddy O’Malley who never charged gasuirs/cailini at that time -a generous man Beannacht De lena anamh dilis!
    When we arrived in Castlebar we were amazed at the huge crowd and were more amazed by the hawkers selling ‘apples oranges bananes and chocolates! OMG they were go hann deas ar fad!
    The game itself was intense, hard fought on a blistering hot day and we were absorbed in it especially when the Mayo full forward MJ Ruddy (yes Noirin G. He was from Cloughmore) got the ball rounded the Galway full back Noel Tierney and blasted the ball into the Galway net. The stadium erupted all 30,000!
    Unfortunately, Mayo lost to a great Galway team by a point. The late John Morley was awesome at midfield
    and the whole team were unlucky on the day. Of course we were very proud of our Achill lads MJ Ruddy and Pat Kilbane and both played extremely well on the day! Naturally we were disappointed as there was no back door or Sunday Game in these days!
    Looking back these were glorious, happy days and we had a vibrant community in the Achill parish. Faraoir, it has been in decline since the 1960’s!
    That Connaught final was a long time ago in 1966 and the two counties meet again in McHale Park on Sunday.
    Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo v Gaillimh agus le cunadh De bheidh an bua againn De Domhnaigh !
    Mhuigeo Abu!!

  55. @sean Burke really did not see that? He’s just going to support his mates probably.

  56. Don’t think so clare. Donnie buckley collected him , rushed into a car and a Garda escort down the airport road as far as the bonnington hotel , team must be staying there , exciting times .

  57. @ Clare have a look at your calendar and see what day is it. Come on Mayo, we will bate Galway tomorrow and bring home the silverware.

  58. Sean, is he named in the Subs, for Mayo I mean ?
    Too much of the gargle last night or otherwise stuck in a great dream.

  59. @leantime.. my thoughts exactly.. players do not go out to lose.. I would think with all the changes the last day that Kevin and Co, and especially the strength and conditioning team devised an updated training plan that was covering these weeks.. as in the core 22 for example would be treated differently at the moment.. they would be more focused on stretching, rolling, getting freshness back then hit it hard tomorrow.. then pure recovery for next weekend.. I remember when my own team back in the day went all the way re club senior, we were mainly doing recovery sessions (pool, gym, ball work pitch) in between thick and fast coming fixtures which were a week or 2 weeks apart..
    Mayo have a seriously professional set up.. they will manage the players correctly.
    As for where people should play, I absolutely disagree that Coen should lose out.. he’s the key man on the pitch.. directing traffic, closing out danger, giving confidence to other players who fancy a gallop from deep as they know he will cover them if it breaks down.. from all the matches iv seen in the past 5 years especially, not many players actually mark the one player all game.. its very much a floating shape.. you go where the danger is, and if you see that the danger man is getting a 1v1 on your lad, then get in and help! This is why a few times, sadly, our corner forward was in our square trying to out jump their big wing forward!!! Our forward was tracking and trying to prevent the danger.. and most of the time it works and we don’t pass any heed (or we compliment the forward for working hard tracking) just an odd time it goes all wrong and management and the player gets slated!!!
    When you listen to what managers and former players say, it’s usually a case that yes there are plans, but by and large the players are trusted on the pitch to make decisions.. that is why Coen is crucial.. he’s watching everything and for the most part is ensuring we are making things as difficult as possible for the opposition

  60. I passed a late fitness test meself this morning.
    I’ll probably be asked to help mark Walsh, Finnerty, Heany and Comer when he comes on, if I’m not too busy rattling the back of the Galway net. By jaysus, I’ll mark them alright.

  61. There’s a lot of stuff being passed around today, ie, a Mayo player hold the Sam Maguire etc. It may be the 1st April but why can Mayo not believe the All Ireland can be won.
    I didn’t expect quite the bounce that the new management team have given to the set up as shown during the league.
    Kerry are still favourites and for some strange reason the Dubs are second with Mayo and Galway tied in third place.
    Maybe the Dubs are always very backable, re population etc.

    I mentioned this before here on this blog, I am a firm believer in the smash-and-grab and don’t buy that one must lose one to win one.

  62. Some star studded half forward line for Galway. The team has a very seasoned look about it.
    Big games needed from our guys but we may have an edge on the bench, if we knew the bench. Anyone with a programme please post.

  63. Antony Finnerty, us starting instead of Robert Finnerty, don’t know for which team, and Cora is starting for Mayo!

  64. We can kick it, we can run it and we will have bench options.
    We’ve given the appropriate amount of game time. No more cases of lads going out to face Dublin wuth almost no game time.
    We’ve got size and strength. 6’1″and above, which is a fair size to hit ya we have:
    Davud McBrien, Stephen Coen, Mattie Ruane, Diarmuid O’Connor, Fionn McDonagh, Jack Carney, Jordan Flynn, James Carr and Aidan O’Shea. Then lads like Cillian, Rory Brickendon and Bob Tuohy who can be involved.

  65. @knockingaboat yes I copped on that it was April fools gets me every year haha!

    @ontheditch the subs have not been named yet probably won’t until tomorrow!

    I still think we can beat Galway yes they have a strong forward line mainly due to walsh but we have great talents also. Mayo 4 or so still my prediction.

  66. Is the Mayo subs bench named anywhere yet. It’s a joke that our Management team can’t like every other county
    Name the subs bench at the same time as the starting 15. Isn’t frustrating not knowing who is included on the bench until , the day before the natch.

  67. Have a feeling there is some good news on the bench , maybe cillian , odds for the game have slightly changed with boylesports the last few hrs making Mayo now slight favs . I always have suspected bookies have access to match programme before us mere mortals

  68. Surely the programme is available around CP at the moment with games on at 5 today.

  69. We’ll know tomorrow who’s on the bench-what does it matter,as long as management know!.I won’t be deciding whether or not to travel based on the subs bench.See ya’ll there!

  70. Should still be able to pick up a programme for tomorrow. Mayo supporters deserve better. Its nonsense to think there is any advantage but looks like we are stuck with it in Mayo until GAA bring in a rule. Any positive news from the bench would be good. Interesting swing with the bookies Sean. Why would it be?

  71. Close call. Maybe there will be a flood of money for Mayo when they announce the subs
    @ opt2. Won’t change peoples mind re travelling but it limits the chat/ banter around the team and the likely changes. The apr fools messages are exausted. Silence is descending. But never fear, the floodgates will open tomorrow afternoon.

  72. I don’t really mind not knowing the subs bench till the day sure what does it matter we can’t change it either way maybe they are waiting to see who’s fully fit or not a lot can change in 24 hours in regards to passing a fitness test and maybe that’s the reason they don’t announce the subs bench either way makes no difference we can’t change the team haha

    Safe travels to all heading tomorrow! Good luck guys ye can do it !

  73. I remember 1966 in Castlebar, Cyril Dunne won it at the death with a free from the sideline, my first championship match! great game.

  74. I think tomorrow will be closer than if we meet in championship later in season.. Galway not at full capacity yet so Mayo have strong chance tomorrow..But i think Galway have serious AL credentials this year and full capacity will be ahead of us. But tomorrow could go either way and we might want it a bit more..probably more pressure on us.
    Interesting to see what kind of statement Dublin make tomorrow. I think they will want to put Derry back in their box.

  75. Mattd that game seems to really stick with a certain generation , was it because it was Galway three in a row team or because ye thought we should of beat them that day in Castlebar?

  76. Interesting day ahead, getting ready to head east to see what we learn from a team and management perspective. There is no doubt that Galway are further down the track from a development point of view but this not mean to say that we cannot win on the day. There are a number of questions that we will learn more about today.

    Defensively- 5 of the back 7 are new, can they step up?
    Possession – we have a strong middle 8 but can we dominate this sector?
    Attack – can we improve on what is a Galway area of strength, will Aido perform well in a final in CP?
    Leadership- we struggled in 3 of the close finishes in the league, today if we are to win, then our leaders need to step up when the pressure is on, we will learn more later on.

    How we perform today and more importantly what we learn and then build on will have a big influence on how we perform later in the championship. For me, if we see continued progress in our defensive structure and we build on our scoring threats then that is more important than the actual result today although the importance of laying down a marker against Galway and confidence gained if we win should not be under estimated either, fascinating day ahead.

  77. Safe travels to all enjoy the game,may the best team win as long as it is Mayo

  78. As luck would have it we are away on our family holiday. We never do ‘Irish Pubs’ when away but are making an exception today.

    Safe travels everyone and hopefully a good day for all.

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