Team to play Galway named

We’ve just named our team for Sunday. Here it is:

Mayo (Connacht SFC final v Galway, 15/11/2020): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Chris Barrett (Clontarf), Lee Keegan (Westport); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughin (Knockmore), Mark Moran (Westport), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy, captain), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber).

So it’s just one change from the side that started last Sunday against Roscommon. In comes Mark Moran for his first Championship start and out goes Ryan O’Donoghue.

The team named for Salthill shows two changes from the one that started in the League game against Galway last month. Gone from that team are David McBrien and Fionn McDonagh and they’re replaced by Chris Barrett and Kevin McLoughlin.

The Mayo hurling team to play Leitrim tomorrow in the Rackard Cup semi-final was also named today. Full details are here.

That game, by the way, is now being streamed on TG4’s YouTube channel, which should mean I’ll be able to embed the live feed on here as well. Lovely hurling, as the saying goes.

94 thoughts on “Team to play Galway named

  1. Would like to see either SOS or Tom P or both added to subs bench. We were very short of back up for midfield last Sunday. Experience and power will be needed next Sunday plus lads who can win breaking ball. Expect to see Boyler make an apperance

  2. I think we could see Flynn start aswell. His physicality will be badly needed around the middle. Is the Galway team announced?

  3. Galway team not announced officially until tonight, expect 7 changes from league game in Tuam..

  4. Flynn is a hot head and opponents know its easy to wind him up. Don’t think James will want to risk a chance that he would get sent off early in the game. Can’t see Mark Moran starting but as I do expect a couple of changes. Dono why the team needs to be named so early.

  5. Mark Moran won’t start back in the day A.N. Other that ever reliable 28 year old Would be named instead of him. Horan usually makes one or two changes to the team named. Best of luck to the Mayo team, management and panel

  6. Isn’t it great to have a choice between two very good footballers like Ryan O Donoghue and Mark Moran not to mention Flynn, McDonagh, Carr or Coen. Add this to the fact that Cillian and Diarmuid O Connor are back in form. Maybe the prospect of losing the jersey to a young lad has helped them improve. And Aidan O Shea is settling in well at FF.
    Our defence is beginning to settle and we are doing ok on kick outs.
    Add this to the fact that we have had two serious games since we played Galway in Tuam suggests that we are more or less ready.
    All that said Galway will be hyper-motivated and will give it everything on Sunday and are well capable of beating us. Hopefully weather conditions and the standard of refereeing will not have a bearing on the outcome.

  7. Galway’s odds drifting a bit 5/4 from 11/10, Mayo still 10/11. Suggest’s more confidence about Mayo I wouldn’t over read it though, I also remember Mayo’s odds halved against Tyrone and see what happened there…

  8. Nervous about Sunday I gotta say. We’ve lost the last 3 Connacht championship games v Galway and they’ve had a month to prepare for this. Can Mayo back up one decent performance (albeit the rossies were woeful) with another?

  9. Would echo some of the reservations about Jordan Flynn’s history of ill-discipline for this fixture. Galway have very successfully goaded some of our players into getting themselves sent off against them in recent years and it has never worked out well for us (arguably that has also cost us at least one All-Ireland title in the past decade).

    Cool heads are a must if we are to prevail on Sunday.

  10. I can see comer in for Galway, might just be bridge to far for us this year, the big plus for us, no crowds, young lads treat as an ordinary game, if you had 20k roaring at them nerves could be frail. Flynn is some fielder of a ball

  11. Galway Team

    1. Bernard Power
    2. Sean Kelly
    3. Seán Ó Maolchiaráin
    4. Johnny Heaney
    5. Liam Silke
    6. Johnny Duane
    7. Cillian McDaid
    8. Céin D’Arcy
    9. Tom Flynn
    10. Paul Kelly
    11. Paul Conroy
    12. Michael Daly
    13. Ian Burke
    14. Shane Walsh – Captain
    15. Dessie Conneely

  12. Nice Intelligent Team Selection. Galway Have Good Skilful Players and in a knockout Connaught Championship match anything Can Happen . Mayo will win , in my view & Aidan Will Have The Sam In December .

  13. Had a feeling we’d see a wildcard or two by Padraic Joyce and he’s delivered

    Paul Kelly and Dessie Conneely both start in the forwards. interesting, both were a revelation in moycullen’s county championship win

    Bring on sunday

  14. Galway have 3 players who are 6’3″ plus around midfield. Hopefully we’re as good on breaking ball this weekend as vs Roscommon. Can’t see Mark Moran starting. He struggled playing into the gale vs Tyrone and will face something similar in Salthill. I’d bring Fionn McDonagh in as he’s a good fielder. Move Kevin Mc to 11.

  15. Great day ahead for the Kelly’s from Moycullen.
    Their dad Padraig “Dandy” Kelly played in the 1987 Connacht Final in McHale Park against Mayo. He died a good few years ago(RIP).
    Also CLG Oileann Arainn being represented for the first time ever I believe in the Connacht Senior Championship, great for a club like that that have to make a huge effort to keep the football going out their.

  16. That team wouldn’t inspire me with confidence.
    Duane at 6 is a disaster. He is miles off this level and has absolutely no pace at all.
    D’arcy at midfield also isn’t up to county standard.
    Up front imo it’s too early for Paul Kelly – he is not yet at the level needed for senior. His day will come for sure but he’s too raw for this.
    Conneely also for me is just too small and light for this level.
    We have only 2 proven scorers in that forward line. Walsh and Conroy.
    Burke hasn’t been scoring even for Corofin. Paul Kelly is not a scorer. Conneely has never played even an NFL game for us so we don’t know about him. Daly generally either ends the game scoreless or with one point to his name. His performances are just extremely erratic.
    I’m biased of course but not optimistic about this team

  17. Can’t see Moran starting. I think fionn will come in for him give us more power around the middle and be an option for Clarke. Lee to take Shane Walshe if he’s in the ff line, barret on Ian Burke. Coen will probably go on Conroy if he’s playing in the half forward line. He has the physicality for him and paddy on michael Daly……or more like Michael Daly on paddy! I think we have the match ups to win the game.

  18. I’d be worried about our wing forwards. Daly is slow. Kelly not renowned for his pace either.
    They could be run up and down the pitch by Durcan and McLoughlin.
    With McCaffrey not playing this year Durcan has to be the best half back in the country.
    I knew the day I saw him on telly playing for the Mayo minors in Croker years ago he would play senior anyway. Took note of his name and wasn’t surprised to see him in with the seniors not long after.

  19. If Galway start with Johnny Duane at 6, I’d be disappointed if we don’t win this game by at least 5+

  20. On paper it looks like a decent Galway team but the main question I’d have is how will PJ set them up for this game? If he goes with the attitude of we’ll take you on in a shootout with no protection given to their defence Mayo will win by a bit to spare.

    Duane is not a like for like replacement for John Daly and Seán Mulkerrin, Darcy are rookies at senior championship level and chosen to play in core defensive positions, those 3 defenders Horan and Co will be looking to exploit.

    Durcan, Barrett, Keegan will be given the task of marking Galways best and most dangerous forwards so probably Walsh, Conroy, Burke.

  21. Weather forecast for Sunday is very poor. Likely to be a very strong wind blowing down the field. Will make a lottery out of the game.
    Was always the danger trying to play championship this time of year.

  22. Different game then the league but hopefully we can get over the line. Horan has a great record vs Galway (hard to believe we lost to them in 16 17 and 18 under rochford) and that will give us some added confidence Sunday. 5 years is a long time without a connacht title so be good to get a win and be back as champions Sunday

  23. I’m sure Galway will push up on our kickouts and the midfield battle will be crucial. Ryan O Donaghue is hungrier coming off the bench and will be a valuable impact sub.
    Like the posters I’d prefer to see Flynn starting as he offers a lot in winning that midfield battle. I dont think he has shown disciplinary issues in recent outings.
    None the less we hold all the aces.
    Other posters have remarked about reading how the game will be refereed. I agree and expect the homework will be done.

  24. Pleased enough with the team but I would like to see the 16-26 for both counties but the Galway subs are not named.
    Looking at the forecast there will be rain but it isnt forecast for a gale, now Salthill as we know ,can buck the trend but a big gale there for me ruins matches and if its blowing its a 50/50 and a slog guaranteed. I really enjoyed the podcast set the game up nicely for me thanks again to the people in charge here. I suppose for me the question is can Galway score goals? We threaten goals in games but dont get them and I believe we will need a goal or two to beat Mayo as I think Mayo will get a goal. Interesting to see Conneelly possibly starting as he did damage against Corofin but disappointing for me Big Barry said earlier that Steed is out and no mention of Tierney.

  25. I’d also like to see Jordan Flynn starting – we got cleaned out early on by the Rossies at centrefield – added to Clarke’s so so kick outs. We need someone to win the kickouts.

  26. Dessie Conneely is major test for any full back line and will have to be marked very very closely.
    Great day for Moycullens Sean and Paul Kelly
    A good start
    High intensity all round
    Goals and what ever it takes to get and stay ahead will win it for Mayo.

  27. Serious power and height around the middle of that Galway team. I think we’re in big bother here. Galway will nick it.

  28. If one team is off the pace/intensity, then will struggle. Alot of newcomers to championship football, if those from Galway step up, then they have a real chance. It can be a risk starting newcomers in central positions but Joyce is shrewd so is taking a calculated gamble. Horan is also making changes this year but has got to road test some over the last 4 weeks.
    Real 50:50 game with many unknowns which makes it difficult to predict. I would expect a physical battle early on, will be interesting to see if it turns into a slog or if we get to use some of our pacier players to exploit potential gaps in the Galway defence. Too many unknowns for me, I will not be betting the house on this one anyway.

  29. What’s the point in playing in Salthill in a gale with an indoor facility in Bekan lying idle? Especially with nobody allowed attend the game. Or is it the case that the Bekan facility cannot be used in high wind?
    I see that the Leitrim website has our hurling game being played in Letterkenny [O’Donnell Park]. Surely that is an error, a copy and paste error probably.
    Do our Ladies not have a crucial match at the weekend? I seem to have seen it as fixed for Parnell Park in the Indo earlier in the week.

  30. If the Galway starts as named I will be very confident for us. Down steede, varley, brannnigan and comer from when they were going well in the league.
    Few obvious weak links too, Duane and D’Arcy have been hanging around for years but never been good enough.

  31. You’re clearly not reading the blog closely enough, Andy! I put a piece up on Tuesday giving all details about the matches involving us. The hurlers are playing in MacHale Park tomorrow (streamed live by TG4 on their YouTube channel so I’ll embed the live stream here) and the ladies match is on at Parnell Park and is being broadcast live on TG4. Hurling game throws in at 1.30pm and the ladies game is on at 3.15pm.

  32. It will be a lottery on Sunday given the weather forecast. Lots of new unfamiliar names in the Galway team so we don’t know much about them. Let’s hope they are not household names at the final whistle! There will be a lot of dirty ball all over the pitch so it will be a mad scramble and a possession based game. AOS could be the game winner if we can get decent ball to him with the wind. Won’t be surprised to see Higgins and Boyler at some point if the pressure comes on. It’s all about the win and how we win it doesn’t matter and I expect us to win.

  33. AndyD, the Dome in Bekan cant be used because it’s an indoor facility, not allowed under covid regulations. Also you cant properly televise a match from the Dome, no place to mount a camera high enough.

  34. at the beginning of the second half against Roscommon they pushed up on our kick outs and got three points on the trot as a result we must improve on this
    David Clarke tends to kick high giving the marker opportunity to close in and steal the kick out

  35. Best wishes to Mickey Harte who after 18 years has stepped down as Tyrone manager…3 All Irelands including making the breakthrough in for Tyrone’s first ever in 2003,. 6 Ulster titles, League titles and underage All Irelands with Tyrone..He certainly has the CV that few if any will ever equal…

  36. Indeed Leantimes, all the best to Mickey Harte. A brilliant legacy for Tyrone football. He irked us in Mayo from time to time with comments post-match but overall he is, no doubt, a good man, and an excellent manager. Definitely has secured legendary status, and rightly so.

  37. One of Galway’s new players Dessie Conneely was very good as minor.. captained them to an AI final. Stood out at that level. Yes a bit small for senior but very good football brain.

  38. Both teams are risking it in midfield but I think we should change it up, we’ve more options there. See Galway gone with different full back not Sean Andy but be better be strong if dealing with Aido, Sean Andy very strong and still couldn’t cope. Hoping Parsons makes the programme. Otherwise we’re relying on Jordan Flynn who definitely has the size to for midfield if not game experience. The discipline thing is probably overblown, definitely not a malicious player. More a case of avoiding accumulating yellows.

  39. Jordan Flynn should play a role , he looked decent under a high ball , he’s big and hardy too . We will have to contest around the middle , ros got a fair bit of win in the centre last week but unfortunately for them didn’t have the bounce of speed to plough on from winning possesion most of the time.

  40. Shuffly Deck, I think the guy they have in at fullback has played all their League games. Only missed our game through injury.
    He actually kept Con O’Callaghan very quiet in their last League game against Dublin, think he only scored a flukey goal that came back off the post deep into injury time

  41. All the pundits/ media Tomas O Shea, Diarmuid Connelly are tipping Mayo to win tomorrow. A step too far back for Galway after the damaging defeat in Tuam. The scars left after that cannot be healed at this stage.

  42. Hey Tuamstar, are O Sé and Connolly playing for Mayo as well. No point Galway playing this one, they should just concede the match today. Anyways as they say, we will just have to play what is in front of us!

  43. Yeah , ye haven’t a hope tuamstar, Mayo are streets ahead , blah blah . Them days are gone , years at the top has also gained supporters experience

    It’s a 50/50 game that will take on a life of its own tomorrow. Funny enough despite the narrative some are putting out there of winter conditions suiting us more I’d be a lot more upbeat about our chances if it were a dry summer’s day .

  44. I prefer flynn coming in from bench. We need power in our subs as well. No point putting all eggs into 1 basket. No way he gonna force out Ruane or loftus on recent performances. There serious mobile players

  45. Just looking at 2019 panel list there. Players not in the equation this year. Moran, Harrison, Reape, Crowe, Treacy, Diskin, Hanley, Drake, O Donohoe, Regan, Doherty, McCormack. Some retired or injured obviously. And some who are still young players who have a future with the county. Some turnover in a season all the same.

  46. I always think the saying ‘a broken clock is right twice a day’ is most apt when it comes to pundits. Their bound to hit on a right prediction every now and then. Half of them haven’t a clue and probably read these blogs to get a feel for the mood within a county. I’m not suprised they are touting for Mayo based on the downbeat message coming out of galway from all quarters. Hard lessons over the years have taught us Mayo foke not to believe a minute of it! This will be a right battle and could fall either way.

  47. Tbh, Pj has selected a nice team – the full forward line looks menacing, so, if the hop of the ball goes our way, could do serious damage.

    Mayo’s strong point is half back line. Paul Kelly is a novice, but nonetheless an athlete (in the Dna). So, his tussle with McLoughlin (ironman), will be fascinating box to box stuff. Conroy v Coen – no great pace there, so should be even steven. Paddy v Daly is where I get palpitations. Paddy a superb all-rounder, who eats up ground. Daly, capable of landing monstrous points, but covering ground not his forte.

    Apart from the league match, Galway are still smarting from the drubbing ye gave us in Limerick. For Galway to win, I feel we’ll need the rub of the green – but with Joe Biden elected it may be in short supply.

    Hard to call, especially given predicted weather conditions, but no point being a “gibber” – I’m going for Galway to edge it at the finishing tape.

  48. The pundits usually go on form and stick with the winning horse. No surprise they all back mayo as they playing well but if this was played on its original date then they would be going for galway as they were red hot back then and we were a bit of a mess. Don’t think Sean Andy playing tomorrow.

  49. I wouldn’t be paying any attention to what any pundit says. They don’t follow either team as closely as we all would. They think about them only when they know they’ll be asked about them – wouldn’t have a clue about players on the fringes, new lads etc.
    From a Galway POV – whilst the talk is about Daly, Steede & Comer in the main being out – for me Adrian Varley is just as big a loss. Not sure if he is on the bench or not – has been carrying a knock.
    He’s been flying this year both at club and county level. He’s been a thousand times better than Ian Burke for example who everyone raves about but hasn’t played well in two years.

  50. The pundits give this match about as much thought as you do about your cereal choice at the moment. Most of it is ghost written and they are just asked to pick a team. I’ve been in the company of 2 on separate occasions after all ireland finals, and both times they rang it in, gave a few high level comments, went back to the pints and there was a grand shiny article in the paper the next day.
    This will be a lottery with the weather, too close to call imho

  51. Agree with the above, too close to call.

    Cold reality is that Galway were home and dry in the league when they played us. There had been no games for months due to cobid, so there was little incentive for them to be ‘at it’ at that time. However, for us, it was a do or die match, so too much analysis on that particular fixture is frivolous.

    How many times have we played atrocious in the league over last 10 years, only to come back storming into early-championship? Too many times to remember.

    We could get well beaten tomorrow. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, and thats my honest opinion. Weather will dictate all, and a break here or there, a sending-off of two, will give one of the teams momentum.

    Prediction: Mayo by 1 point

  52. Nearly man to man the team I would have named. Mark Moran should start tomorrow in my opinion. Strong line-up that won’t be changed much by Horan. On a different note sad to see Mickey Hart leave Tyrone though probably was the time to go. Hon Mayo

  53. Home and dry to me is 1. When you have a chance of winning at home to get to a league final; you take that chance.
    2. when you have a chance of beating your bitter rivals to relegate them; you take that chance.
    Galway did neither and were bet out the gate..
    No comeback this year from that..

  54. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t that bad. Dry at the time of the game, windy but not a Gale. I find it hard to believe that Galway didn’t care about the league game, they were in with a shot of winning the league, what a start that would have been to PJ’s managerial career. Also wether a game matters or not it’s not a good sign when players don’t try! Anyways it will have no bearing on tomorrow. I think mayo will win based on the players that Galway have out, form lines of both teams and the match ups I think will play out. I think the additional few games will also be an advantage to mayo. We cannot concede a goal or lose our discipline. That has cost us in all our previous losses to Galway.

  55. I don’t agree with this “we cannot concede a goal” mentality that a lot of people mention. What happens then if we do? The heads drop and it’s game over.

    Obviously we want our defence secure and strong but If we concede a goal then we need to score a goal or more simple as that.

  56. You must be looking forward to awards season Tuamstar if you don’t win an Oscar you’ll surely win a BAFTA for best supporting actor of a GAA team I might even win one myself for best extra in wild mountain thyme tho my fake Irish accent isn’t that good. We all want to see our own county do well and I don’t buy into this hatred between the fans I certainly don’t hate Galway or their supporters. I went to college in Galway and worked in Galway and always had good craic about football with Galway people never encountered any malice in fairness though there’s always a few eejits in every county. Leave that nonsense to the soccer guys across the water
    I think we all know it’s a 50 50 game and they’re won’t be much in it just a kick of a ball I think Mayo need a Connacht title more than Galway and it would settle this young new look team nicely but we have to make a good start and not give away stupid goals and keep all 15 players on the pitch.

  57. The league games, especially the head to head games have been a good indicator for the latter games in the All Ireland, notably the final. Covid19 has been good to some teams and very bad for others, ie, some have picked up form and others have lost or dropped their form.
    Tyrone the only team to beat the Dubs are gone.
    Monaghan some great results, drew with the Dubs and are now gone
    Kerry likewise.
    Galway has dropped off also, but tomorrow game v Mayo will be a real derby affair.
    Meath are surely on the up and may cause a surprise in Leinster.
    Galway have one or two match winners but I believe, it could be Mayo’s younger guys that will make hay tomorrow.

  58. Its not game over but its a kick in the balls and pending on timing it can kill a game for sure . Diarmuids last week killed roscommon and gave us that cushion

  59. 5 point win or more. Chill out. Confidence. We have this. NEW mayo. We will worry when we have Dublin,not until then.

    Enjoy the game tomorrow, a little walk about. Simply have too many good forwards these days it is that simple. Conroy, O Shea and COC. That mix at FF. Is a terryfing mix of skill, pace and power.

  60. You’re mixing with the elite East Cork Exile.

    Sounds like a good night’s drinking you had in that rarefied company, where your presence was obviously more important to the ‘pundits’ that giving their tuppenceworth for the newspapers.

  61. Best of luck to the ladies and hurlers today, they’re doing our county proud.

    Regarding Mayo’s chances tomorrow, I think the return to form and fitness of Cillian O’Connor is the most important development this season. It’s like finding an exciting new talent because for many years he hasn’t been as influential as he can be. If he continues his good form tomorrow we’re in with a good chance of winning,

    We won’t outfield the Galway lads on long kick outs so we have to break the ball and make sure we have the bodies there to pick up the loose ball , just like we did in the second half against Roscommon.

    Also we need to pack the defence when Galway attack because Walsh and Conroy ,given any bit of space, can slice through any defence in the country.

    If Jordan Flynn plays he’ll be fine, against Galway in the FBD his marker was constantly trying to goad him but he kept his focus, and he was unlucky to get sent off against Dublin. Best of luck to the lads tomorrow.

  62. I can see Donegal beating Dublin in an AI semi final this year to end their reign. They are a big strong athletic team packed with quality finishers

  63. I’m very worried about tomorrow.
    Mayo coming off a good performance, favourites,embarrassed Galway in the league and played them off the pitch in Limerick last year…..It’s all set up for a Galway ambush.
    If the game was played even a year ago youd say the conditions would better suit Mayo but that has flipped on its head now.
    I cant understand any team that play Mayo and don’t push up on our kickouts (ie Leitrim and Roscommon) Forcing the kick out long used to make it a 50/50 but with our lack of physicality around the middle now it handed the advantage to the opposition. It’s an absolute no brainer to push up on Mayo and Galway will do that.
    I dont think Moran will start and id hope to see Fionn or maybe Flynn (prefer Mcdonagh as he has performed at the top level for us and Flynn hasn’t…..but will at some stage)
    To end on a positive note,we have plenty of room for improvement from our last game,our shot selection and execution was poor so we can up that.If we can do that and continue the intensity levels from the last day we should do it….but I’m worried!

  64. Donegal looking mightily impressive here in breffni. Armagh are a decent side but have been destroyed.
    Not the murphy show this year, everyone else stepping up, loads of power and skill and pace and an unreal bench.

    Think they could be ready to take the dubs out.

    A repeat of the 2013 all ireland perhaps? :-p

  65. I think mark Moran will start lads. I completely understand the arguments for both O’Donoghue and Flynn.

    Both O’Donoghue and Flynn have shown that they can perform at this level in championship. Mostly likely through injury, Moran hasn’t had that opportunity yet, but his performance against Galway in the league, imo at least, earned him the opportunity to show what he can bring to championship.

    Obviously in an ideal world that would have been against Leitrim but it didn’t pan out that way. I think if this game was against a Donegal or tyrone, then he mightn’t be getting that opportunity but it’s Galway, and given the damage he did in the league, there’s no harm imo starting him and straight up saying to Galway “what have you learned in the last few weeks”.

    Tough position for Joyce on Sunday. Galway need to come out and match our intensity but they also need to learn lessons from the league game. Striking the balance between firing them up and still have them thinking will be difficult. This is something horan has a fantastic record of getting right, and this is the first real test to see if Joyce can bring that to Galway.

    Match ups will be key. I’d be tempted to start Keegan on Conroy. Yes, there’s a height difference there but Conroy is an emotional player, and there’s no better player in the country than leeroy to get in an opponents head. For me Flynn in midfield is the Galway player I’m most worried about.

    Weather and goals will be key to this game but I’m fairly confident of a Mayo win. I think it’s a big ask for Galway to match our intensity, particularly coming in cold

  66. Donegal sublime today, will give Dublin some rattle in a semifinal. With Kerry gone and only one of the above teams can get to a final. We will never get a better chance to finally win this

  67. Donegal have not got out of Ulster yet. Remember what happened last week ? Ur sure of nothing until u got it

    My worry tomorrow would be that if changes need making in the game early on horan may not move in time. Guilty if it against Tyrone. When all is going well he has no issues but it’s when tide turns he needs to act faster

  68. FW

    Respect your opinion but be serious, some of these lads haven’t even lost an AI before. New blood. Some, who are the older of the younger DOC and loftus have 2 AI’s underage. The rest got pretty close, they are egging for it . We will not have an issue until dublin or maybe Donegal

    Galway will be bet, I live in the county, not chance..

    Enjoy the win, I will repeat it.

    Enjoy watching us win

  69. Look it. It won’t be as easy as the league match. As I tap this thing the Galway hurlers are doing well against Kilkenny. Something special about listening to matches on the radio. Good luck to them. Tomorrow is different. Quietly confidant. Instead of Mayo rolling boulders back up the mountain, this year they will leave the boulder behind.? Walk up the thing instead. Good luck to Mayo tomorrow. Good riddance to Harte.

  70. Mayo, some totally abject performances in the 1st half of the league, new faces in old names gone, defensive strategy or lack thereof, where to play AOS, who’s on frees, goalkeeper debate….etc.

    Despite all of the above, stepping into our 1st Connacht final in 5 years, the game in our hands, let Galway and Pj worrying about us.

  71. I think hennelly will start tomorrow for kick out alone or quicker restart galway will push up on kickouts thats for certain if there’s a strong wind his kickouts with the wind would bypass midfield straight into aido mayo by 5

  72. If Mayo don’t win tommorow, it’s down to them Galway people operating the score board and trying to steal the Match, when the postal votes come in later on in the week , 99% of the postal votes will be for Mayo, and if we haven’t won it on the day on the score board, we will win it by a long way later on in the week…every postal vote from Galway will be worth a point for Galway and every postal vote for Mayo will be worth a goal, it’s only fair our postal have further to go..If by any chance you see on your TV sets a score that has Mayo trailing Galway, it’s down to TG4 a Galway based operation, and hence Fake News…unless Mayo are ahead on the scoreboard, when TG4 are doing a great job altogether..If at any stage Mayo are ahead on the scoreboard, ‘STOP THE COUNT’ unless Mayo score plenty more and of course they can keep counting..otherwise we’re going to the High Court, Woulfe or no Woulfe.. and remember that very shortly President Biden will have the Nuclear Codes as well, So…As ye all can see I have a great knowledge of Gaelic Football and a commitment to fairness and Democracy, and I can’t see anything other than a Mayo win Bigly!

  73. I think we’ve a stronger team but few things of concern 1) Midfield (Tom Flynn is tall and should outfield our named midfielders) 2) weather could make it a lottery. On that point, our intensity was excellent vs Ros. 3) Over cooked or under cooked (Galway could be very fresh, we’re battle hardened but is there a risk of fatigue).. doesn’t look like it but time will tell.
    I think Varley is a big loss for them if true. He seems to get scores every time he plays or comes on. I think we’ll win but would be happier with Aido outfield for this one.

  74. It’ll probably be a tough enough affair tomorrow. Listened to Kevin Walsh on radio yesterday and he sees Galway completely blocking up the middle and forcing Mayo to go down ‘channels 1 and 5’ and to push up very aggressively on D Clarke. Clarke may be forced to go long a lot and it’s a long hanging ball with the wind in Salthill and breaking ball leaves it a complete lottery. Walsh and Conroy will probably alternate the full forward role and maybe both may even stay inside alone there if Durcan and Keegan are marking them and take the two boys out of bombing forward. If they win midfield there will be a lot of bombs going in there all day. Roscommon won a lot of clean ball during the game against us but fucked up on horsing it in…..Galway will for sure not mess up to the same extent. I worry greatly about tomorrow but if we can get ahead of steam and go 4 or 5 up early doors it could be a success. However if we screw up early doors and end up chasing it I fear for the outcome.

  75. Galway Subs for today’s game
    16. C Gleeson
    17. G Bradshaw
    18. K Molloy
    19. G O’Donnell
    20. C Sweeney
    21. R Steede
    22 F Ó Curraoin
    23. R Finnerty
    24. Jason Leonard
    25. G Sice
    26. L Costello

  76. Mayo Subs today vs Galway as per programme

    16. R Hennelly
    17. P O Hora
    18. M Plunkett
    19. R Brickenden
    20. K Higgins
    21. T Parsons
    22. J Flynn
    23. B Walsh
    24. F Mc Donagh
    25. D Coen
    26. R O Donoghue

  77. No Boyle or Carr a big surprise. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Fionn start for Mark Moran.

  78. Delighted to see parsons on the bench but I’d be twice as happy if boyler was in there too, he still has 20-25 full-tilt minutes to give.

    Interesting to see steede named on the bench for Galway, guess he’s not injured after all. No Varley or Comer (he was never gonna play 4 weeks after re-tearing his hamstring but a few members of the jim corr conspiracy club on here seemed adamant he was – takes at least 6-8 weeks to return to play after such an injury)

  79. Young Cathal Sweeney , one of the best prospects in Galway makes the bench.. Has Mayo connections ( John Morley) along with of course Rob Finnerty.

  80. I think that we will be dependent on our starting team to do the heavy lifting, not sure that the bench has the forwards to make a difference if we fall behind and playing catch up. Disappointed that Carr not listed, feeling less confident this morning, but Horan does know how to beat Galway so hope that this continues.

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