Team to play Kerry named

Graphic: Mayo LGFA

We’ve named our team and subs for tomorrow’s LGFA All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry at Semple Stadium (throw-in 5pm). Here’s our match day panel for Thurles:

Mayo (LGFA All-Ireland SFC semi-final v Kerry, 29/7/2023): Laura Brennan (Hollymount); Saoirse Lally (Westport), Clodagh McManamon (Burrishoole), Danielle Caldwell (Castlebar Mitchels); Éilís Ronayne (Davitts), Ciara Needham (Louisburgh), Kathyrn Sullivan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain); Aoife Geraghty (Westport), Fiona McHale (Carnacon); Sinéad Caferky (Kilmovee Shamrocks), Rachel Kearns (MacHale Rovers), Sarah Mulvihil (Knockmore); Tara Needham (Louisburgh), Deirdre Doherty (Charlestown), Sinéad Walsh (MacHale Rovers). Subs: Lisa Reid (Moy Davitts), Tamara O’Connor (Cill Chomain), Alanna Fitzpatrick (Claremorros), Róisín Flynn (Knockmore), Maria Cannon (Burrishoole), Shauna Howley (Knockmore), Lucy Wallace (Burrishoole), Lisa Cafferky (Kilmovee Shamrocks), Maria Reilly (Kiltane), Saoirse Delaney (Aghamore), Hannah Reape (Knockmore), Jenna Mortimer (Hollymount), Ella Brennan (Charlestown), Róisín Durkin (Swinford/Killaser), Michelle Lynch (Cill Chomain).

Kerry have also named their panel for tomorrow’s game, shorn of the services of their team captain Síofra O’Shea who sadly suffered a cruciate injury (her second one in her short career to date) in training during the week. Full details on Kerry’s match day panel are here.

The match is live on TG4 tomorrow but if you plan to go you need to buy your ticket in advance. The link for that is here.

Over on the Mayo Football Podcast we’ve a match preview pod for club members up on Patreon – details here. Rob and I will be in Semple Stadium tomorrow and we’ll have a Final Whistle pod online soon after the match ends.

The best of luck to the team tomorrow and the best of luck too to the Mayo camogie team who take on Wicklow in the final of the Nancy Murray Cup at Birr tomorrow (throw-in 4pm). That match is being streamed live on YouTube and I’ll embed the live stream here on the blog for those who want to follow the action in that one.

Here’s hoping for two wins from two tomorrow. Up Mayo!

56 thoughts on “Team to play Kerry named

  1. Best of luck ladies. Really tough test ahead against the kingdom but no doubt you’ll meet it head on as always.

  2. Best of luck to the Mayo senior ladies. It’s going to be a tough battle, so hopefully they will come out on the right side of the result.

  3. Good luck girls. Kinda going under the radar with all else going on and often the best way to go. Go and do it.

  4. Best of luck to the ladies im sure they will give it everything as always and do us proud

  5. These Kerry forwards are absolutely insane!!

    Some things never change with Kerry football…it’s in the water!

  6. Going after our kickouts as well, ruthless.

    Shame as was a bright enough start.

  7. This lateral mayo style football especially in first half must stop now for the betterment of our football future

  8. Mayo had enough chances in the second half to win the game. Some poor passes inside and some poor shots for points.

  9. Too many unforced error’s, can’t have any complaints with that result. Probably should have made a switch on the Kerry no.15. 10 minute spell in the 1st half killed us.

  10. Hard luck to the ladies they werent too far away. Its Kerry and Dublin’s world the other 30 or 32 counties counting London and NY are just living in it. Who’d have thought in 51 that the yanks would have captured aliens before we’d capture Sam again if we ever do

  11. Pity about the first half, as Kerry were completely rattled in the 2nd half and were absolutely there for the taking.

    The Kerry stereotype of great forwards and Mayo stereotype of playing their best when behind definitely rang true anyway!

    some of their scores were breathtaking and to be honest they were clear worthy winners. Probably the ideal way to win a semi tbh!

  12. After all the giddiness around league final time, talk about a letdown of a year for Connacht GAA teams

    Here’s hoping for better in 2024!

  13. Hard luck to the ladies but as others have said kerry were by far the better team …

    Yeah let’s hope its a better 2024 haha

  14. Ciaran as you know yourself the league is only for trying out new lads and getting game time into lads coming back from injury if it was worth anything Kerry and Dublin would be contesting the league final every year. As for the FBD league good God give me strength

  15. @Glorydays

    This year was first national league final since 2012 not to feature Kerry or Dublin, and guess who won it the two years there were no finals played?

  16. So we still want to talk down our management and team,just imagine how dispiriting it must be for our players to listen to such negative comments,they train hard in all weather to entertain us but all they get its not worth winning,all the young players trialled in the FBD who must have been proud to pull on the jerseys and some of them hopefully will come through to the team next year were not worth looking at,you would think that the van pulled outside the pub to get a few players,would you please give them some respect,I believe that several of the players who played in the FBD will give great service to our county,if following Mayo makes you so miserable perhaps you should try a different hobby,because you are not helping their confidence

  17. Careful Glorydays, your talking too much sense. You can’t be seen to run down the importance of the league on here!!! Or the “Major” FBD trophy…..

  18. Hard luck ladies. Too many silly misplaced passes and no plan for that ginger no15. A good start and held the ball really well early on against the wind and then needlessly kicking a high ball straight to a Kerry player summed up the first half. Left too much to do in the 2nd half but gave it a right go but unfortunately the errors persisted. I do think though that Moyles is getting this team to improve year on year.

  19. Commiserations folks,

    A serious fight back from your ladies in the 2nd half.

    They just left themselves a bit too much to claw back.

    Kerry could pick off few scores in the 2nd and keep it at arms reach.

  20. Bizarre that one player allowed do so much damage and no changes made on her. Bizarre that nobody on the Mayo team tried to kill the game when Kerry blitzed us for ten minutes.
    Management have to set the team up well enough that the half time team talk can actually make a difference!

  21. I for one would certainly vote to abolish the Fbd league next year if it would end this debate about a warm up competition in January.I seriously doubt there will be much debate this winter in Kerry or Dublin about the McGrath cup or the o Byrne cup

  22. Our footballers must be filled with confidence when they are such negative comments,you would think that we were winning all Ireland’s every couple of years

  23. But the thing is the players ambition is to win the all Ireland.i seriously doubt that they would place much importance on the Fbd league.They are basically challenge games giving fringe players a chance some of whom will never play senior again.I am not sure what the fascination with the Fbd league is .The national league has relevance although we clearly didn’t want to be in it last year and weren’t entirely certain this year either with the proximity to the just have to enjoy these competitions for what they are

  24. So you expect that without any competition whatsoever we will win an all Ireland,perhaps you have never heard of stepping stones ,but that r what we have to do to achieve success,you must never heard of the Cavan man ,when the politician visited looking for his vote ,he found him in the yard with a three legged pig,the politician was curious about the three legged pig,and asked the farmer why it had only three legs the farmer said that pig saved my life he did, the politician was still curious and asked how did he save his life with only three legs,the farmer said well you would not expect me to eat a whole lot all at once would you,same with Mayo trying to win an all Ireland without winning some trophies on the way,but just try and enjoy the journey

  25. Jesus I hope we dont have get used of watching A few years of Kerry Dublin All Ireland Finals.Hard watch this.Sick.

  26. I’m afraid the days of a novel all Ireland final pairing in hurling and football are well gone.
    With the current system you need a big panel of players, plenty of money to pay doctors and physios and a team of students and teachers who have no work during the business end of the chamoionship.
    I saw sonewhere that 8 of the Kerry team starting tomorrow are teachers. A huge advantage. The gap between the top teams and the rest is getting wider faster.

  27. When final changes wanted by powers that be I’d imagine the FBD will likely be gone, with Connacht championship being the new FBD, as a stand alone competition.
    League to then determine champions league style round robin groups for championship.
    With gap widening between haves and have nots this is likely best way to have middling competitive structure.

  28. I think it will be a while before its a Kerry v Dublin final again. Kerry are obviously the top dogs, but Dublin will slip even further back into the pack from next year on.

    Their’s a real last dance feel about Dublin this year. Looks like McCarthy, Rock, Cluxton, Fitzimmons are going to retire. Wouldn’t be surprised if McCaffrey and Mannion left again aswell. Rumours are Dessie is gone regardless.

    Dublin will always be in around the last 4, but they don’t have the young lads coming up of the standard of players they will be losing.

  29. Sorry corrick bridge but I didn’t claim without stepping stones but you are claiming that that the Fbd league is a major competition and it simply isn’t.Do you not understand that

  30. So what are you saying,because without winning trophies we are not going to win an all Ireland,we won two of the four trophies available to us,I believe that we won a third of we had an extra week to prepare,winning is a habit ,but to claim that the league or FBD is not worth winning is nonsense,how else are we supposed to prepare,and for the players that represents us it is an honour,to keep knocking it down won’t improve their confidence,we trialled a lot of players so it will benefit is going foward,you only have to look at young players improve by playing in a competitive match against challenge match,I don’t understand your reasoning at all

  31. Corick I believe if my mother had liathroidi she could potentially be my uncle, but the reality is different.

    I believe calling players a day or so before games without them being part of the squad or having trained with the team is not trialing players, it’s fulfilling fixtures as senior team had another game. I’m sure the players were happy all same
    But you can’t have it both ways, it’s either a preseason practice comp to trial lads or a serious competition you can’t have it both ways.
    What was managements stated priority at start of year? Was it Connacht? Did we win it? We had an average to poor year, hopefully next year is better and the tactics deployed live up to latent potential of the squad.

  32. I think it’s a suitable metaphor for our reduced standing in the game’s pecking order right now that here we are, on All-Ireland final day, arguing about the relative importance of the FBD!

  33. I think Kerry will go after Cluxton today. He has been given an armchair ride since he returned. Expect plenty of ball dropped into the Dublin square and Kerry putting a squeeze on Cluxtons kickouts.

  34. Im starting to think Corick bridge is John Prenty – such is his continuos attempts to make the FBD a major trophy!!!!. Has anyone seen Corick and Prenty in the same room….at the same time???!!

    Seriously Corick bridge, you do make relevant points about the league. But saying we won 2 of the 4 trophies available is just an attempt to cover over the cracks of a seiriously disappointing season. As someone stated in a previous post, the team that finished 5th out of 8 and a D2 winner, are playing in the big one today! That sums it all up to be honest.

  35. By the way I did not say the national league isn’t worth winning if you read my posts properly.Now after this I won’t be commenting on this subject again but I think I might go for a pint to watch the game and on the way I will light a bonfire at the end of road to belatedly celebrate that glorious Friday night in the dome in January when all our dreams came through.The neighbours will think I have lost my mind but what the hell

  36. 1985, hahaha, ill bring the matches and some hay.

    Im done commenting it now aswell. On to the big one. The rain might make it closer for the Dubs, but Kerry to win confortably enough, provided no red cards and Clifford staying injury free.

  37. Margie,what did you expect at the start of the season,I would have been over the moon to win two trophies at the start of the season,and certainly would have been delighted to know that we went down to Kerry and had a big win,where they had not been beaten for twenty five years,

  38. I’d have loved a good league campaign with some new players given game time and a clear game plan and system developed (B-), and a good championship showing (D-)

  39. The harsh reality is and always will be , Sam Maguire or go home . That’s the position the county team has put us in since we made the breakthrough in 1989 . Is it unfair on players , yes but that is the reality of Mayo county senior team .

  40. What would you expect from the County Board.Cost us the Ross game, National League Final pencilled in again for week before New York game next season.Ah sure will vote to keep it.

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