Team to play Leitrim named

Graphic: @Granuaile4Mayo

Earlier on today we named our starting fifteen for Sunday’s Connacht SFC semi-final against Leitrim. Here’s the team we’ve announced:

Mayo (Connacht SFC semi-final v Leitrim, 11/7/2021): Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels); Enda Hession (Garrymore), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy, captain), Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber); Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

Needless to say, there’s a major question mark over this team announcement. With a Covid scare ongoing within the camp, you’d expect that most, if not all, of the panel will have undergone Covid testing yesterday or today, the outcome of which could rule out of action some of those named to start on Sunday.

Changes from the named team on match-day are nothing new. This time, though, there are no pre-match mind-games involved and I’d say that if all of the named team get a clear test they’ll all start. We’ll obviously have to wait until Sunday for clarity on that so, for now, let’s proceed on the basis of the team that’s been named.

The team named shows four changes from the one that started against Sligo the weekend before last. In come goalkeeper Rory Byrne, as well as Padraig O’Hora, Stephen Coen and Bryan Walsh, while out go Robbie Hennelly, Lee Keegan, Kevin McLoughlin and Jordan Flynn.

For Rory Byrne and Padraig O’Hora – who have both been in or around the Senior panel for a fair while – Sunday’s game sees them making their Championship debuts. Padraig has made a few substitute appearances before now in the Championship – in last year’s All-Ireland semi-final against Tipperary and in the Sligo game the other week – but this will be his first start in a Championship match.

Rory hasn’t any League or Championship action under his belt as yet. He has plenty of club experience, however, having captained Castlebar Mitchels to their three county titles between 2015 and 2017. During that period he also lined out for Mitchels in their All-Ireland final loss to Ballyboden St Enda’s in 2016.

The best of luck to the new lads and, indeed, to all the Senior panel for Sunday’s game.

54 thoughts on “Team to play Leitrim named

  1. You’d imagine it won’t be the last big covid scare for a county over the summer. Question is, how honest will counties be?

  2. I like the team with the exception of not playing Kevin Mc. However if there’s a time to experiment it’s vs Leitrim. Good also to get experience for another goalkeeper. Rob Hennelly has played well this year so little doubt he will get the jersey back but a chance for Rory Byrne to show what he can do.

  3. I am delighted to see Padraig O Hora and Rory Byrne getting their chance, they both need championship experience.
    Also pleased with Oisin at CHB, and Darren McHale filling the FF position.
    He is not Cilliain O Connor as a free taker, but I guarantee you he is quite capable of playing a similar outfield role in his tackling and link play and scoring.
    He scored 1 : 5 in his first championship start and had many assists , also man of the match, OK against Sligo, but this player could be the find of the year in the Oisin Mulligan category.

  4. No point in talking too much about the team as we do not know which players are not available

  5. Oisín Mullen an interesting choice at CHB. Also glad to see OHora and Byrne getting gametime.

  6. Really looking forward to see Darren MacHale play…, looks a solid one along with Conroy and O Donoghue

  7. OMG. Some of those boys are only getting game time because of Covid. Options for Horan was limited.Looks as if rumours were spot on regarding the vacancy in the fullback line.

  8. I’m really looking forward seeing all those lines play. The half back and ff lines have plenty of potential to disrupt bigger teams than leitrim.

  9. It’s unreal how many different stories are going around right now about the covid ‘outbreak’ in the mayo camp. One in particular was a particularly tall tale or so I hope!! Anyways we live in a crazy world now where this is going to happen and we and other teams will need contingency plans. Subs bench will be interesting on Sunday!!!

  10. A FB ine with barely a handful of championship appearances between them who have never played together before infront of a goalie making his debut. Yes its only Leitrim but next its Galway and then potentially Dublin.. hardly the ideal situation…
    One change might be worth considering would be play stephen coen at CHB and move Osion to midfield. It might make things more solid defensively…

  11. Think a great selection and let all the players prove themselves in their new positions, have to move on.

  12. Thank God there’s an actual game to look forward to tomorrow and some of us are lucky enough to have tickets to go see it so we can put Van gate behind us. Someone mentioned the dome in Bekan yesterday I for one am glad it’s there it’s for all Connacht counties to use equally and I imagine when COVID settles down it will be used and be of great benefit to all Connacht counties.

  13. Was Vangate up there with the 92 Car park car pushing session 🙂
    I haven’t heard the details of the story.

  14. Time to focus on the match I think . I’ll be very interesting to see how we get on with Rory between the sticks and how the lads out the field react around him .

  15. Twas in the year of Twenty One…. In early month of July,.. The Delta Varient figures were heading for the Sky… So hide in there with football boots, kitbags and tracksuits, .. Someone got the plan… What possibly could be wrong with hiding in the Van? …. And convenient to forget, it all had been done before, cos some feel more entitled to get in to see the score.. Rules are not Rules, we’ve learned since we were knee high… Just look at they are ignored by persons on high… And if you think I’m joking, well I am in my Arse… someone is responsible for another fecking farce..

  16. Im probably in the minority here, but this van episode is getting too much air time. Its alleged they snook a lad into a game, big deal if they did. Theirs far more important stuff going on in the world,. This blog is an amazing outlet to zone in on the County teams, forget about lifes stress’s and talk football, so its tiresome reading about this fecking van. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion,, but its nicer to read peoples views on selections/positions who’s started over who etc whether you agree with them or not! Anything bar this flipping van!

    The greatest Mayo defender of all time is out with an injury and you’d hardly even know it!. Hope its nothing serious,, Lee was really looked liked he’d got his speed back against sligo! Gliding around the place like its 2016!

  17. For those more interested in on-field action, the women’s championship opener against Cavan throws in at 2pm today and is being streamed live. Link for this provided in the relevant post last night.

  18. @mayodunphy
    Totally agree with you,it was a silly thing to do (especially to get caught twice) but it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.
    Leeroy is out,Oisin finally moved to centre back,a new goalie people have been calling on to get a start for years,our first time allowed at a game since before Covid and a chance to get to play Galway in a massive Connacht Final.
    Let’s not be side tracked with the nonsense and get behind our lads.

  19. Or even “on field” Willie Joe.
    Meanwhile we need to take Joxer off the van driving duties & we’re sorted.
    Speedy recovery to Lee & anyone else who might be under the weather
    Maigheo about.

  20. @MayoDunphy, you are so wrong on so many levels.. From a PR point of view for Brand Mayo this is bad, So what if they sneaked in?. Breaking, Covid restrictions at a time of increasing numbers, what example does that send out? And if more and more decided to break any regulations, what’s the concequences for the public health of the nation?…. This is not robbing an orchard for the craic when you are a kid, at the end of the day, lives are at stake, and non compliance would and could have profound impact on an allowed attendance at a future Connacht Final… It reflects badly on Mayo, even though it’s only one or two or maybe three people… let those people implicated come out and admit what they tried to do, if it’s so harmless and NOT hide behind the the big team behind the Mayo team, 99%+ have nothing to do it.. Responsibility for this latest farce lies with the very few.

  21. Would love to see who is on the subs list. Hope Lee is OK and ready for Connacht final.

  22. Leantimes, I totally agree with you. Mayo football is a laughing stock because of this. Even today’s Irish Times couldn’t resist a dig and a laugh about the bloody van.

  23. @Leantimes, can’t agree with you, I fully respect your opinion and your entitled to not agree with me either. For what its worth, I was at that game, I walked by the “van” which was parked behind the dressing room beside the sky tv truck, their was literally 20 people tops at the terrace I was on opposite the main stand. No one was within 30ft of each other. One extra body in a massive open air venue wasn’t going to make any difference to Public Health. People are trying to make an absolute mountain out of a mole hill.

    Hope to see the subs list leaked soon, it would make my day to see J Doc and Harrison named…fingers crossed.

  24. Very excited to see how Rory Byrne gets on ..A bit of competition in that area is no bad thing.
    Cannot understand tbh why Mayo people are so concerned with how we are viewed by media and outsiders..A laughing stock??Most people couldn’t care less.

  25. Mayodunphy, The Van is innocent, those responsible for the driving and those hiding are responsible for breaching the Public Health restrictions .. One body extra is not going to make any difference, unless everyone decides that their particular one body is not going to make any difference, and if course having already paid scant regards for the rules, do likewise for the other rules unfortunately nessary… It all started 20+ months ago, when one human body got infected…

  26. I agree mayodunphy, this is a complete nonsense story. In England this weekend there is a full house in Wimbledon for the men’s and women’s finals. There will be over 60k at the euros final tomorrow. Yet 1 extra person at the Mayo and Sligo game makes national headlines. Claire Byrne even had colm Keys on the radio talking about it.

    If anyone is a laughing stock, it’s the people who are bothered reporting this rubbish.

  27. Regarding the van fiasco, I really couldn’t care less, it’s not like we were conducting collective training during a lockdown or anything like that.
    On the team selection I feel some people are getting carried away with certain positional changes, I will wait until 2:05pm to see where individuals actually play. Will be surprised if there isn’t a change or two at throw in (which is usually the case) and Mullin, Coen, Loftus play a position back from where they are named

  28. No we weren’t doing any collective training, so I suppose that must entitle one or two to breach a few other rules because others done worse? ..

  29. Spot on @Regina and @Wideball, I couldnt care less what other people say. Theirs 1000’s of supporters in Counties like Roscommon for example, who would give their right arm to get a whiff of the success and consistency we’ve showed for 10 years. Theirs people who have never actually experienced the thrill and pride of seeing their Senior County team parade around a packed Croker on AI final day, we’ve seen it 5 times in 10 years. Those same people will be the first to goade and stick the knife in the minute we lost, but be under no illusion, these people deep down would do anything to have been and be in our position.

  30. Complete nonsense. Let’s talk championship and yes I too will be glued to the subs bench. We need Harrison back rapidly..

  31. I am hoping to bring my young fella (5) to McHale Park tomorrow. Does anyone know if he would be let in with me or is it going to be strict due to Covid.

  32. @joet1480 strictly speaking you are supposed to have a ticket for your son, but i think you should smile nicely at the gateman and you will probably be ok .failing that get your son to hide close behind your back and he will go in with you when you push the turnstile. the best of luck to you . its great to be going to a game again come on mayo.

  33. Joet – you will need to purchase a ticket for your son, seats are sectioned off.

  34. im so glad to read the comments here ,i was starting to think i was the only one who didnt give a toss if one guy was in a kit van that shouldnt of been per rules . Such conformist bs , lawdy daw peeps would wreck your head at times.

  35. These are two contrasting views on my predicament.
    At the end of the day it’s is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. A bit like Kitgate or Vangate or whatever its called.

  36. @Sean Burke, have a read of your own comments yesterday re vangate.. yesterday’s comments are hardly consistent with someone who didn’t give a toss!

  37. I hope plunkett goes well at CB tommorow, i’ve always seen him as more of a defensive minded player as opposed to offensive. He actually would be a great sweeper, reads the game well. Hope it works out for him. If Bryan Walsh starts i hope he stamps his authority on the game and the score board, a confident Bryan Walsh will be very useful against Galway.

  38. I think vangate is a distraction from how covid got into the Mayo camp. I’ve read nothing regarding being Covid in the van. Excellent PRO by Mayo CB.

  39. Expect ye to win well tomorrow but from our perspective its good ye cant name a settled team but thats covid for you. Van stuff is irrelevant but needs to be nipped now. Im feeling hopeful for Connaught final just hope its a fine day. Great win for us in minor final with Dub ref riding us all the way.

  40. Apparently the the Down kit van was done for having red disiel a few years ago. Something about those people responsible for looking after the kits.

  41. What’s the rules about covid, as in the context of naming a match day panel on Thursday , do you have to field a team from that named panel ? And in the event of covid spreading to extended panel , is there any special rule with it been a pandemic that you cann add non squad members in an emergency in order to field a team ?

  42. Sean Burke.Special rules if affected by Covid players can be added after Thursday if any of the named panel is affected with Covid or isolation. Expect a number of the named team not playing or being in the 26 tomorrow.

  43. Was told today, by a man who usually knows his stuff, that 8 or more positive cases in a panel, means you forfeit the game. If he’s right, it’s a stupid rule. Surely you’d think any 15 with negative tests could play. I fully expect the named team to be available.

  44. Mayodunphy Are you sure it was the the the Mayo Kit van you saw beside the Sky truck? Because there was no Sky truck there it was a TVM truck Not sure about your powers of observation.

  45. I’m hearing Willie Joe Padden and TJ Kilgannon are lining out at midfield tomorrow ?

  46. Lol good man yourself Mayojoe. Ehhh yeah i just saw a truck with wires and camera equipment, presumed it was Sky as they were broadcasting the game live. But i’ll take your word for it that it was TVM….

  47. Some amount of rubbish being spread by “banter” groups . People really should know better by now . There will be changes to the team.
    There will be a match though !

  48. Km79. Hope your right. But if we win its going to be difficult to give Galway a game with so many players in quarantine and isolation. An easy Connacht title for them.

  49. Quarantine and isolation for a period of time I imagine, until tests come back negative.. Anyway I expect the Covid situation to take up the greater part of the pre match Sunday Game discussion..

  50. Hi guys let’s see what’s going on with covid and the match for tomrrow ok I don’t know if the match going to be on or not but I hope it will be on tomrrow I think that mayo is going to win over Letrim but I think that Letrim might be scared about the 4 changes for the mayo team with the new teammates

  51. @onemoreyear
    Calm down,any players in isolation will be clear for Connacht final.
    Just calm down in general maybe?

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