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Around about the time a short while ago that the plane carrying James Horan and his panel of players parted company with terra firma on its way across the Atlantic, details of the starting fifteen for Sunday’s Connacht Championship quarter-final match with New York at Gaelic Park (throw-in 2.15pm local time, 7.15pm Irish time) were announced. Here’s the team we’ve named:

Mayo (Connacht SFC quarter-final v New York, 5/5/2019): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain), Lee Keegan (Westport), James McCormack (Claremorris); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Fergal Boland (Aghamore); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), James Carr (Ardagh).

I guess the first observation is that James has kept faith in large part with the team that started in the League final against Kerry at the end of March. There are just two changes to the starting fifteen from that day, with James McCormack starting in place of Donal Vaughan at wing-back and Evan Regan lining out instead of injured captain Diarmuid O’Connor at wing-forward. In Diarmuid’s absence, Paddy Durcan has the captain’s armband for this match.

While Mattie Ruane and James Carr both started in the League final – the latter making his senior debut that day – Sunday’s match is their senior Championship debut for both of them, as it is for James McCormack. Players such as Ger Cafferkey, Kevin McLoughlin, Donal Vaughan and Aidan O’Shea (all in 2009), as well as Conor O’Shea and Diarmuid O’Connor (in 2014) have made their Championship debuts in this fixture in previous years so the best of luck to the three lads doing so on Sunday.

It’s been over ten long months now since we last played a Championship match. With the significant passage of time and the injection of new blood into the ranks since then it’s no surprise that Sunday’s team is a much changed one from that which lined out for us against Kildare in late June last year.

In fact, just seven from Sunday’s team also started for us on that fateful evening in Newbridge. They are Chris Barrett, Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Paddy Durcan, Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea and Jason Doherty.

But that was then and now is now. Safe travels to all those heading across the Atlantic today or tomorrow for the match and best of luck to James and the team he has named for Sunday’s Championship opener.

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  1. What’s the story with Diarmuid’s injury? First I’ve heard of it.

  2. Injury to his eye socket in training. Probably more of a precaution than anything. I would think he would be fine to face the rossies on the 25th.

  3. @ MayoDunphy, Never count your chickens! Who knows, Leitrim Div 4 finalists and promoted to Div 3 could surprise the recently relagated Rossies?. Remember as well this last two years, New York came to within a point of a huge surprise of upsetting both the Rossies and Leitrim!. So who knows, for sure who is playing who on the 25th just yet?.. but best wishes for a quick recovery to Diarmuid… I’m sure Paddy Durcan will play a Captain’s part in Diarmuid’s absence…Bon Voyage to all those travelling, hope ye all get tickets and a Mayo will….As the song says ‘Its so lonely around the Field’s of Athenry’ well by the looks of it it will be equally as lonely around the Plains of the Yew for this weekend… I can confirm that the reason it’s lonely around Athenry has absolutely nothing to do with Tribesmen or Tribeswomen leaving the County to support Galway who takes on London in Ruislip this weekend…..Ya just can’t beat MAYO supporter’s!

  4. When I heard on the radio only 2 debutants I was a bit disappointed. Then I saw the team and much happier although I think Evan Regan is lucky to get another chance with the way Fionn McDonagh was playing. He’s there also for left footed frees but we can’t afford to carry a free taker later in championship so has to make an impression this year from overall play. Kevin Mc with probably come back to half forward for this one. Delighted Carr and Coen playing and guessing Mccormack must be looking good in training to get ahead of plunkett based on previous number of games. Very good bench altogether with Andy, Cillian, Donie and Boyler. Also McDonagh and EOD.

  5. I love the fact that James has kept the full forward line from the league final as personally I was very impressed with the way Darren Coen played against Monaghan and Kerry.
    While Evan might have gotten a bit of luck with the injuries to Diarmuid O’Connor and Fionn McDonagh he has all the talent necessary to take this chance and if anyone deserved a bit of luck when it comes to injuries I think Evan does after his “accidental” clashes against Kerrymen on two occasions!!!
    Hopefully Michael Plunkett can get a few mins into his legs on Sunday as he could have a massive part to play for us in the championship.

  6. Does anyone have information on McCormack? Did he play much underage for Mayo? Late developer?

  7. Delighted for Darren Coen also. Thought he won alot of ball against Monaghan and Kerry. His radar was a bit off on both days, but hes a strong mobile forward, he could make hay against New York. Regan lucky alright, but James might have a switch or two before throw in?

  8. James McCormack has been a stand out performer for his club for years. He’s won U14 U16 Minor and two U21 club titles. And along with Colin Gill was the main player in the team. He won his 1st county U21 in 2014 and captained his team last year.

  9. Delighted to see James McCormack starting. Very promising performance in league even though we saw very little of him. Out and out Athlete with a great future….

  10. Very happy with that team. Carr impressed me the last day and fully deserved to start. I’m looking forward to my first visit to Gaelic Park Up mayo

  11. Read on the Irish times that New York have struggled with Mayo the most over the years in Connacht, with their average losing margin against Mayo is 19 points. The handicap this weekend also happens to be 19 points. With that in mind i voted that Mayo will hammer New York on Sunday.

  12. I know Evan has being unlucky with injuries but for me he doesn’t score enough and I’m
    Suprised he’s making the team but good luck to him he puts in ferocious effort in training and sacrifices etc so I wish him well. I think Ciaran Tracey And Mikey Murray tho are the future Ballina men in the team

  13. Some media outlet reported that Mayo’s injury worries were easing. Seems the opposite to me. No Cillian yet. No Seamie, Diarmaid out for God knows how long – eye socket is not nice. Fionn McDonagh not ready either.

    Good to give Regan a go I think, and his free taking is pretty good. I was very impressed with James McCormack against Monaghan. To be honest I might have rested Aido and Mattie, and tried Donie and Stevie Coen as a reserve engine room. It’s right that Carr gets more game time. Still amazing to think it’s really his second game for Mayo. Darren Coen has been quietly impressing me; I liked the way he picked up the pieces after Carr’s missed goal chance and slotted over a point with no nonsense.

  14. Good luck to the boys on Sunday, our first step to winning the Connacht final and put Galway back to where they were in James’s last sojourn.

  15. Thanks everyone. So sad to hear of injury to Diarmuid O ‘Connor. It kinda takes the gloss of the team taking to the field in New York. Hope someone has good news on it soon.

  16. I’m not sure what is the best way to describe comments that Evan Regan is “lucky” to be on the Mayo team for Sunday considering his luck with injuries over the past few years, ever since his, I think, debut in NFL v Kerry. Ironic might be one word but I don”t think it fits the bill. Another “i” word might be more appropriate for some as I suspect they are not fully aware of the history. But I think that “i” word might fall foul of WJ’s rules for this site (which I fully agree with and support).
    Anyway good luck to Evan and the rest of the team and hopefully we avoid any more injuries.

  17. I’ve travelled over myself today and rest assured there’s a huge crowd from the county that has made the trip. I really hope everyone gets in on Sunday but that won’t happen…unless they ignore health and safety rules!

    ‘‘Tis great to be in the Big Apple..although it’s a bloody expensive joint!

  18. Andy D what does Evan contribute on the scoreboard? Very little and the facts and scoring records bear this out. Where as you have guys like James Carr Fionn Mc Donagh Ciaran Tracey Darren Coen and even midfielder Matty Ruane that have come in and made an instant impact on the scoreboard and Brian Reape can also swing them over and Fergal Boland has been in good scoring form this season too and on that basis I think Evan is very lucky to be making the team we need guys that can score that’s the bottom line we have to be ruthless and take our chances in every game

  19. For an inside forward Evan is more one footed than most and to get away with that a CF needs blinding pace. Who knows maybe Kevin Mc will be kept inside with Evan on the wing but he’s not a tackler or playmaker. Like everyone here I wish all players well but some new guys have put their hand up and Boland now looks a fine player. A CF needs to score a point or 2 almost every game as minimum and shoot the lights out like 1-4 or 2-4 every so often to nail a place.

  20. As for Coen who I like the cut of, he hasn’t put up big scores in his few chances but he looks a very good footballer with obvious peripheral vision. Radar only looks 1 or 2% off shooting at this level and if I’m correct he’ll be a handful from once he hits a good day on the scoreboard. I think he’s only missed some by trying too hard to get on the team and trying shots that probably work for club, small bit greedy but understandable. He could hit a good few against Ny.

  21. I’d have concerns about Even alright and I’d say he’s had plenty of chances without really shining, but he must be doing something right otherwise he wouldn’t still be there.
    it’s an odd thing all the same – before he got on the panel, people were raving about him and wondering what it was he had to do to get his chance, Horan must have had a problem with him etc etc. Now that he’s there, its a different ball game. I’m not having a dig at any posters here who are questioning his inclusion or otherwise, it’s more of an observation that sometimes folks have blind spots for certain players. Case in point seems to be Donie Vaughan or even Jason Doherty who some commentators seem to think don’t bring enough to the team. Those 2 lads to me are as near to nailed on starters as we have in the county. Donie less so of a nailed on starter perhaps than Jason but what an athlete and utility player to have on the subs bench if he doesn’t start.

    it’s the same story with a lot of good club players, we keep hearing from people (usually with the tinted glasses) as to why such and such isn’t in the panel. They may be good at club level but questionable at County – there are reasons they don’t make the panels, they’re either not up to the intercounty level, or there are better players ahead of them in the pecking order.

  22. FBD, talking some sense there. I have no issue with Evan starting, he is part of the panel and is a viable option especially given the right ball, also a left sided free taker. Also lets be realistic, this is a glorified exhibition game, Mayo will have tougher training matches out there. whatever team Horan puts out should win with plenty to spare. When McDonagh and the OConnors are fit hen the real championship starts on the 25th Evan probably won’t be first choice but no issues with him getting a run

  23. Like that he’s continuing the experiment with McLoughlin in the corner. Had a quiet game in the final but can take his scores and is a goal poacher. Needs game time to nail down that position. Moved there to make room for McDonagh or Boland in the half forwards I think. Carr and Coen in a good place to nail down starting spots. Like the way the forwards are coming together with good options on the bench.

  24. I’ve enjoyed checking out the bits and pieces about the build up to this game.
    Its another one of those times when I envy Mayo supporters, especially those who have the opportunity to travel to NYC this weekend. What a brilliant opportunity that is. And it would seem like there is a pretty decent travelling crowd, that’s from press reports but also anecdotally from a few friends of my own who are there.

    I’d be shocked if there isn’t a convincing win for Mayo on Sunday. I have to say, the noises coming from the camp and the general trajectory since Feb all suggest that you’re in for one of those exciting summers again.

  25. I would urge caution looking at that supposed link to the game. It looks like a scam site to my eyes and may well be some sort of phishing scam. I see people putting it up on twiiter, reading this on the site – So don’t be hesitated just follow our instruction and recommended streaming link . I would follow links from MayoGAA only

  26. Good luck tomorrow to all traveling and playing.
    Mayo just need to focus and do the business early and knock the wind out of their sails. Ye don’t need to allow them any inspiration or to create a condition where they gain confidence and turn this game into a kind of battle of Salamis. It’s a shame that it isn’t available on tv.

  27. Team named in match programme has Fionn McDonagh starting instead of Regan.

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