Team to play Roscommon named

We’ve just named our team to play Roscommon tomorrow night. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Roscommon, 2/3/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s six changes from the team that started last weekend in Omagh. Into the starting fifteen come Colm Reape, Donnacha McHugh, Jack Carney, Bob Tuohy, Aidan O’Shea and Ryan O’Donoghue. They replace Rob Hennelly, Michael Plunkett, Diarmuid O’Connor, Diarmuid Duffy, Cillian O’Connor and Conor McStay.

Roscommon were fast out of the traps with their team announcement, which was released yesterday evening. Unlike us, they’ve also provided details of the full 26-player match day panel – that’s here.

In our Here Comes the Weekend pod, which will be online for our Patreon club members a bit later this evening, Mike will be joined on the pod by Colm Boyle to chat through the team news ahead of tomorrow evening’s meeting with the neighbours.

42 thoughts on “Team to play Roscommon named

  1. I do expect mayo to win this. Mcbrien is a massive loss. We really struggled last week without him. As expected near to championship team

  2. Providing none of the dummy team nonsense of other games there is no real surprises with that team the changes from the Tyrone highlights this game is taken more serious.

  3. WJ jaysus U provide some service..
    Did you by any chance get a call from Jarlath too join the elite committee .
    Looking forward to the game . Would be very disappointed if we didn’t atone for our loss in last year’s championship .
    Think Tommy will shine tomorrow night

  4. A very strong team named,I would expect that we should win by at least six,I will enjoy the match,and am sure that we will have a great game

  5. Mayomagic don’t be sure of no dummy teams could be charges yet before throw in that’s the mayo way..fair pay to the Roscommon manager named his 26 yesterday evening and that should be mandatory

  6. A lot of criticism of our forward play both here and in the media this week. I am hoping there will be a reaction (not an over reaction Ryan) and that we really go for it. Credit to Fergal Boland, when he gets the ball he looks up to see if the shots on or who’s open and generally the ball is kept moving forward.
    Ryan too will grit the teeth and go for it. We need a bit more of this. Rossies will be strong around the middle, I’d expect Jordan to help out there if things get physical
    The house needs to be minded tomorrow night. No point in our full backs attacking non stop because we know what will happen.
    Need to win this one.

  7. Yes well time the GAA introduced hefty fines for failing to name panels.
    On paper, it’s a strong team, Coen is tough enough to hold the 6 position and extra game for McHugh will harden him up. Callinan likely to get the job of quietening Daragh Cregg, more valuable experience for him. Glad to see Hession there, he has the pace to go at the Roscommon defence.

  8. I think we will go all out for this one, not showing our hand without McBrien, paddy Durcan and the O’Connor brothers

  9. Who is the captain for tomorrow?
    Even with the changes I’m still not convinced we will beat roscommon, because…
    We have no kickout strategy, inexperienced defence, poor enough midfield, hit and miss forward play and still don’t know where Aidan O Shea’s best position is.
    Add to that our lack of aggression. The dubs showed us last week how important aggression can be and kerry found out that to their cost last weekend!!!

  10. Best of luck guys I expect to us to go full force for this one no messing around it’s a must win big test for mcstay and he knows it.

    We won’t be the same as we were v Tyrone.

    We owe the Rossies one for last year to.
    Mayo by 4 or 5

  11. 3 nailed on championship starters not playing – McBrien, Paddy and Diarmuid. No harm keeping something up our sleeve, whether its injury enforced or not. The big Rossie game this year in the Hyde is the one that matters. I couldnt give a hoot about the league, but I do want Rochford to at least settle on a style of play.

    Big test now for Boland, Tuohy, Carney and McHugh. Rossies are ultra defensive, and the MacHale dimensions will help there painfully slow transition from defence. They look fitter than us as they were flying around the Bubble in January. They’ll win by at least 3 points.

    Time is starting to run out for Carney, he’s around longer than Tuohy and McHugh, and seems to be going backwards. If he can’t at the minimum hold his own against Roscommon, I think its time to give someone else a chance, he’s had plenty.

  12. John+McHale. Tommy Conroy is vice captain so I presume he’s captain tomorrow though reading your post above you may as well add they have no captain either. If the weather doesn’t spoil the game I’d be expecting mayo to be much improved from last week considering stronger team named and the season beginning to heat up. The game will be close but I’d be going for a home win.

  13. Mayo over the years always have one or two players who they keep selecting despite them not delivering on the big day. They are obviously like a bad racehorse catching pigeons on the gallops but not performing on the racetrack. It is what it is so we must just hope we play attractive football and get a performance and play to our strengths. So quick ball in to Tommy and Ryan with their pace and a few high balls into Aido and stop the slow labourious sideways play. I expect Mayo to do it.

  14. I think Carney could see time in the full forward line tomorrow. He’s played there before and he be likely one they put in if Aido has to come out.

  15. To my mind, Tommy is a man who badly needs to prove himself, much more than Carney. Tommy can’t shoot at the posts right now, while playing in the full forward line.

  16. Tommy is 10 times the player that Carney is. The lad is lacking in confidence yes, but he has pace to burn and can kick scores. Its about designing the play that suits his skill set. He looks a bit like those strikers that go a load of games without scoring, once they get one the confidence soars and their off.

  17. @Sean Burke
    Who was the player with the long term injury?
    Paddy,Diarmuid or David Mc?
    We couldn’t afford to be losing any of them. They would probably be the best player we have in their line.

  18. @Sean Burke
    If it was Paddy there was something in the Connaught Telegraph last week that he had a thigh injury and that the Roscommon game may be too soon for him.
    Hopefully it’s not a season ending injury

  19. Carney has it all to prove. Conroy will be selected no matter what because he has blistering pace and when the ground gets hard this will become obvious. Carney is savage slow for intercounty. Lovely fielder and can kick a point but we don’t see that anywhere near enough. Ruane and Diarmuid are still our best 8 and 9. Like others I’d like to see Bob get a game at midfield. He’s well able.

  20. I don’t buy into this carry on that going for the league last year was our undoing.
    After Roscommon beat us we had a rest and played our best football against Kerry.
    How we didn’t keep it up is a mystery.
    I think whoever loses between Donegal and Derry will go furthest in the championship.
    It could be a game neither team wants to win ,2 shewd managers.

  21. Decent team, plenty physicality in the backs , great to see Reape back in goal.
    Jack Carney is getting a bit of tough time on here but I think he’s done fine . I honestly belive we have 4 good lads but in a combination they need work and time to learn their roles .
    For every liam mchale going forward you need a Brady to mind the house , same for every mcgarrity a Brady , forever Michael Moyles a Jimmy Nallen, every Willie Joe a TJ etc .
    So in my mind Coen is the only man to complement any of them .
    I have great faith in Jack, diarmuid is a warrior, flynn maybe the most rounded of them , Tuohy a class act in the making and Matty a fine player but his limitations at shooting .
    So I’d play coen or matty as the more holding midfielder and supplement them with any of the lads but positions from 5 to 12 are of little or no difference.
    Halfforward line is good , would prefer a little cut and thrust but Bob and Jordan are fine players and if they hit form tomorrow night they well capable if hitting 3 points each and maybe a goal.
    Worried about thay full forward line and the chopping and changing, would prefer to see cillian start .

    Anyways come on boys give it to them we owe them and despite all the depression of last summer, remember coen hit the crossbar and if that shot had went in been a different story

  22. Jr – completely agree with that. We were flying fit vs Kerry and put ourselves in a great position afterwards. Winning the league was not the reason for going out of championship early.

    If we are to win the Connacht championship this year it will involve winning games in New York, the Hyde and salthill. There’s a good chance we would be going into the All Ireland groups with a lot of energy (mental and physical) already expended.

  23. Mind the House,
    Mike said on the podcast that Unconfirmed reports say all three will miss the rest of the league. Make of that what you will.

  24. On a side note I just came across a mayo news article detailing that Mayo Gaels LGFA did not receive their donation from JP McManus because they don’t have an adult senior team.Over €11600 for a woman’s team just not given out. And our chairman’s reasoning was “trying to be consistent”. What on earth does that even mean?

    @Willie Joe was there a specification by JP that the money could only be for senior first team clubs? Or is this just pure and utter stupidity to exclude a club because they don’t have a woman’s first team. How on earth are we meant to try and grow the women’s game when we have this type of carry on at administrative level. If there is no better reason then “no senior women’s team” then I think our chairman should be hung out to dry because that’s an absolute disgrace of a call. Paying absolutely no respect to grass routes efforts going in at all.

  25. @Nephin.
    Thanks for that. Lets hope they will OK for the championship.
    Hopefully we see James Carr soon enough. Cillian,Mattie and Enda will be better for last week and Towey still offers plenty even if it is from the bench. He has 3 points from play in 70 minutes of football.
    I expect a reaction from us tomorrow. Coen at 6 is a good pick. He has the experience to plug gaps and organise things for us. Important we place extra emphasis on Minding the House with 2 of our best defenders out.
    I think we’ll sneak it. Conroy to come good with 1-03.

  26. McHale Park is bone dry even now as was plain to see to those who walked on it a few weeks ago.

    No excuses for Tommy or anyone else now.

  27. Think Roscommon forwards will destroy us and I can’t much improvement on our scoring levels.Hope I’m proven wrong.

  28. Mayo have no class forwards, probably 2 good forwards (o’Donoghue& boland), poor mid field, can’t deal with blanket defences, and no plan B when things go wrong.
    It will be a similar year to last, but probably worse.
    Should have a good game of sideways and backwards between the two of them tomorrow night!
    Wouldn’t it be great to just get one class forward like Kerry every 5 or 10 years – we have never had ONE. Gouch, o’Donoghue, star, and now the Clifford’s etc….,

  29. The Roscommoners are fired up after a piece in the Roscommon Herald by a former mayo player about the lack of respect some of the mayo players had for them yet statistics show they are equal to Galway in the number of defeats in recent they will be motivated,

  30. Win or lose I’m afraid this league campaign has been wasted with none of our issues from last year dealt with. The only plus I can see is the admission that Fergal shouldn’t have been one of last season’s issues.

  31. @Williamstown Gerry wouldn’t worry about that ex Rossie players show the same amount of lack of respect as was stated in a previous thread. It’s a two way thing. The rossies are always motivated against anyways sure..

    We have the better team and after the hiding they gave us in championship last year we really owe them one and I expect Aido wants to owe them one to still remember the pic of him on the ground with about 4 rossie players just laughing at him nearly..

    Our guys will certainly be motivated for this one make no mistake about that league or not but this is a big one…

  32. I think if we win, don’t show our hand and get 70 minutes into some of the veterans it’ll be a good night.

  33. It will be fascinating to finally see what this hand is that we are holding when it is eventually revealed

  34. I think what bothers Roscommon more is that they aren’t relevant to us. Outside of the Ballaghaderreen/ Ballyhaunis areas, no one really cares. Lee Keegan said as much. Certainly where im from Galway always were and always will be the top derby/rivalary. Rossies from all corners seem to have an ultimate hatred of all things Mayo GAA. I suppose that can happen when they haven’t won an All Ireland seiries knockout game in nearly 40 years. Their “hatred” is kind of cringy, outside of certain parts of East Mayo, nobody really cares.

    Having said all that, I expect them to have too much for us tonight.

  35. If we don’t hit the Rossies like Tyrone hit us we’ll be shamed ,Donie Smyth needs special attention, it’s important we pick the right man to stay on him all night. Good luck Mayo.

  36. The Mayo / Roscommon rivalry is alive and well in East Mayo. The Rossies love to get one over on Mayo, in any game we play them. Essential we take control of the game. If we give them any sense of hope, they have the forwards to get the scores and always had.

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