Team to play Tyrone named

We’ve just named our team to play Tyrone tomorrow evening. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Tyrone, 25/2/2023): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Fionn McDonagh (Westport), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), James Carr (Ardagh), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s two changes from the side that started last weekend against Kerry. Into the starting fifteen come Jack Coyne and Bob Tuohy – both of whom came on as subs the last evening – while out go Rory Brickenden, who Mayo GAA have confirmed picked up a knock against Kerry, and Jack Carney.

The best of luck to the lads tomorrow evening.

47 thoughts on “Team to play Tyrone named

  1. a good solid team . Let’s win every game and stop this silly talk of not wanting to be in a League final . We have a great panel of players…the best in years. Lets use as many as we can

  2. Getting very settled now. Wasn’t Tuohy named on the original team last week? That would make it only one real change. Again, subs bench will be focus of interest.

  3. That team is getting a very strong run of games. I like the idea. Some form of experimentation can be carried out when safety is secured. Tyrone will be a big challenge for us, as they’re in a bit of bother if they don’t win. That type of challenge can only do the young lads good. Let’s keep the momentum going!

  4. and as usual expect some changes to the actual starting fifteen
    Subs will be interesting ,injured players need to be getting game time at this stages if they are going to be match fit come championship.

  5. I’m glad he is giving Fionn McDonagh another start. He hadn’t a great game the last day. I think he needs to build his confidence. Fair play to McStay he doesn’t dump someone because of one average performance.

  6. Good team although I would love to see Sam Callinan at some stage. Not allowing him games or training with the u20s just to sit on the mayo bench, is it really worth it? I hope so.

    Real question will be the bench. Will Tommy, O’Hora, Hennelly, be available?

  7. Didn’t expect too many changes and we beginning to see what our starting 15 for the championship will look like. I would expect Paddy to come into the team and maybe Robbie but the team lining out tomorrow night is not far off from what will start against Roscommon. Don’t think there will be too much experimentation either in the final games of the league, as McStay will want this team playing and winning as many competitive games together as possible.

  8. No surprises there really.

    Some lads really nailing down their spot. Proper order too, nobody should feel like they can walk back onto team

  9. I’d like to see Reape get the full league now, at a minimum, he is settling rightly into it now and is a very comfortable baller, we know what hennelly is all about at this stage

  10. Hard luck on Brickenden but I think Jack Coyne is a better match up for Canavan and Enda detailing Mc Curry with Mc Brien on McShane. Should be a good test with Tyrone needing points rapid.

  11. Agree with 2 hops above, defence is about gettinbg match ups right. Good to see Touhy retained. He’s a big player in the future. The bench will be interesting.

  12. Touhy won the second half throw-in v Kerry if I’m not mistaken. Fisted the ball successfully to his Mayo colleague. Small detail but important. He’s a real prospect, doing very little wrong. At such a young age, those moments are key and easily missed. Reads the game extremely well.

  13. James Fleming, the game isn’t, and won’t be, a sell out.
    You can buy tickets in any supervalu, centra or online.

  14. Liberal.
    He’s looking really good alright, amazing to think he didn’t get a start for the U20s last year. Think he came on as a sub in the 3 games, so doubt he was injured.

  15. Strong team think Aido will give another big game. As others have said Bob Touhy is a really exciting player and he is only young!

    Bit nervous for this one as you never know with Tyrone and they are seriously under pressure atm. I still think we will win it though home ground and mayo seem to have a bounce& energy about them atm abd we owe Tyrone one.

    Be really interesting to see who is on the bench.

    Mayo by 3 or 4.

  16. @michaelincork.about this as you put it “silly talk” do you not think we would all love to win the league but the way the leuders at the top set the fixtures makes it a huge ask to win a league final on a Sunday and big championship match the following week. Imagine mayo putting everything into the build up to the final and the game then dealing with the win or loss while roscommon are fully concentrating on only mayo for weeks out. If you were managing leading up to the final at what stage would you turn your attention to the roscommon game

  17. Exactly Nephin, and now featuring in a central way for the seniors. He’ll bulk up in no time. Even if he’s used as a crucial impact sub in championship this year I’d be delighted… He’ll undoubtedly thrive in Croker.

  18. Surely Diarmuid won’t be playing, The lad went off before 1/2 time last week. Carney in or possibly/hopefully Durkan in the 1/2 forward line.

  19. Think Jack coyne was the right call. Hard luck as others have said on Brickenden. Tyrone are a very physical side and we need the match ups right.

    I think mcstay&co know what they are doing.

    Looking forward to the game! We do owe Tyrone one or two so I am sure the guys will be going in with a bounce for this and confidence from last week! But I will never write off Tyrone.

    Heres to a good match and no injuries either team!

  20. What have people on the forum got against Maurice Sheridan.
    When he took a free you could mark it up,also it was not his fault Galway beat us last year in under 20 final,6 pts up with a few minutes to go.
    We would have beaten Tyrone in the final if Cillian was fit.
    It is a big ask for a young player to take a penalty in an AI final.
    I attach no blame to him,why does free taker have to take penalties, experience and a cool head is what is necessary.
    Surely penalty taking is now part of team preparation as a game can go to penalties.
    If we converted that penalty we would have won.

  21. We have lucked very uncomfortable under the high ball in to our full back line. Expect Tyrone to fully test us on that front with McShane. Will be interesting to see if we have a plan to deal with it.

  22. Jr, it was Sligo that beat us in Connacht final last year, not Galway. Management seemed to put all the focus on beating Galway, which they did in fairness, then fell flat.
    I don’t know what the penalty in 2021 final has to do with it.

  23. @JR I totally agree with you. Very hard on a young Ryan O D to take that penalty at the time bit it will stand to him now and he will have learnt from it. Totally agree if we had a fully fit cillian we would have won.

    Maurice sheridan I for one have nothing against him.

    Bring on Tyrone.

  24. It think was posters here have an issue with in the u-20 final was the ”fail to prepare” part played by management. For me, at least it was a very unMayo like way of playing football. It was hard to enjoy and judging by the body language of some of the players they weren’t enjoying it either. But if it got us results,then maybe the end justifies the means,but surely management is responsible for preparing for scenarios where we are 6 points up with 5 minutes to go ,or 6 points down with 5 minutes to go,and a plan in place for each set of circumstances. If you haven’t this covered over and over in team talks and on the training pitch then I don’t think you have your team prepared properly.
    In fairness it’s early days in the ’23 season and from listening to reports we may have taken the ”learnings”from last year and if so Maurice & co.could be in for a great year,and all will be forgiven.

  25. Tubberman I stand corrected. The 2021 final is a different topic .
    Still think we are harsh on Sheridan.
    I now live in Meath and are admired for our lovely football bit need a sprinkling of hard men around the field.
    Nice teams win nothing.
    Pity Keegan did not hit the ball with his tracker, what offence would he have committed, or indeed if you put a man on your shoulders in front of the free taker.
    Is it a free?
    The Dubs would have knocked him down and ball may have been thrown up.
    Perhaps too many bottles of craft beer??

  26. I wonder if Jordan Flynn can be that extra player we’ve been crying out for who could come up with 3 or 4 points on a consistent basis. One thing that impressed me about him against Kerry was the confidence he showed and kicking style when taking his points. I’ve rated him highly from early last year and he’s come on leaps and bounds since then. If we can get Tommy back as well we’ll have a pretty formidable forward unit, really exciting times ahead.

  27. 2 hops – say what you want about Sheridan’s style of football, but I don’t know how he is to blame for losing the connacht final last year. We were 6 points ahead with time almost up.

    If anything, we should have retained possession better and hand passed the ball from side to side. Exactly what Sheridan is criticised for!

  28. @Jr you must have been watching a different Mayo team over the last decade if you think we play lovely football with no hard men. From Colm Boyle splitting Galway men in half with shoulders, to Donie Vaughan throwing Donnacha Walsh into the stand in Limerick, lads like Seamie O’Shea, Aidan, Lee Keegan, Keith Higgins and Cillian O’Connor were always able to mix it with anybody. Listen to any retired Dub off their six in a row and they will always say the toughest physical games they had were against Mayo and we were well able to start a brawl or throw the odd GPS to close out a game when needed. Composure and control along with being clinical in front of the posts were are undoing and Maurice Sheridan’s teams the last two years definitely lacked composure and control when it mattered most in the last two Connacht finals. Me personally I loved Maurice the player but his game plan was copied and pasted from Jim McGuninnes (five years too late) and he failed to maximise the skill set of the players at his disposal with his ultra slow conservative game plan and unlike McGuiness who won an u21 AI and senior AI our u20’s limped out of Connacht back boned by a minor panel that won Connacht playing a more attacking style. I hope he shows more flexibility this year because by all accounts he is a very smart coach.

  29. Mayo play lovely football but lack physicality and cutting edge and unfortunately the football brain to hold on when in winning position
    Would like to see this promising young side go for a league title as a confidence builder
    Won’t be strong enough to win All-Ireland
    Still vulnerable to giving away silly soft goals and were steeped Armagh didn’t score 2 goals at the end
    Happy enough with the promise being shown

  30. You’d imagine Carney, Plunkett or Cillian to start instead of Diarmuid, after him going off last week.

  31. Tyrone will be dishing out the hits this evening I feel as they will be trying to knock us off our game and are a bit desperate for a result.

    If I had to make a couple of changes to the team I would take out Carr as he is a little bit injury prone and I would rest Ryan as we simply cannot do without him later in the year.

    If we come through tonight without picking up injuries, that will be a result in itself.

  32. If we win we will be in the mix for league final. If we lose we are still in danger of relegation. I want neither of those. I dont think it is silly talk to not want to be in league final. We have had some bad experiences of that and the negative championship performances which followed. Starting championship a week after league final is crazy decision by powers that be and is another negative by product of condensed season. The league is a great competition. The team that finishes top should be crowned champions. But the fact is that its the championship which really matters. The championship game v roscommon is what management are looking at. I would be happy with a draw tonight

  33. I wouldn’t be resting anyone for this one … Really big test ahead … People talk about Tyrones physicality but the have excellent footballers all over the pitch …
    A win would be massive us this evening.

  34. Tyrone will be ready to dish out the dark arts – bad injuries are not welcome at this early stage

  35. I hope Tyrone come with their traditional f**k-you style and force our lads to stand toe to toe with them. If we come out on the right side of that type of game it would tell us a lot about this young team and if things go the wrong way it will probably tell us even more. I just think we’ve seen enough to believe they have enough about them to get over the line by a point or two.

  36. What are the best parking options arriving into Castlebar late enough (from Westport side)? Kids at a birthday party and I don’t think I’ve ever not been well early arriving into Castlebar.

    I only ask as the young’uns may not be too happy about a walk 🙁

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