Team to play Tyrone named

We’ve just named our team to play Tyrone tomorrow evening. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Tyrone, 24/2/2024): Rob Hennelly (Raheny); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Diarmuid Duffy (Ballinrobe), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale, captain), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet).

So it’s four changes from the team that started against Kerry last time out. Into the starting fifteen come Rob Hennelly, Stephen Coen, Enda Hession and, getting his start in a National League match for the first time, Diarmuid Duffy. Out go Colm Reape, David McBrien, Eoghan McLaughlin and Bob Tuohy.

In our Here Comes the Weekend pod, which will be online for club members on Patreon later this evening, Mike will be looking ahead to the game, including the team selections for it, in the company of Colm Boyle and special guest Peter Canavan. The pod will be available on Patreon here.

85 thoughts on “Team to play Tyrone named

  1. I’d be giving our first choice keeper continued game time. Not going to suffer exhaustion like outfield players. You don’t see Tyrone resting Niall Morgan.

  2. No issue with giving Robbie a run. We need a no. 1 and 2 and game time is useful for both. Very similar attributes both except I think Reape has been squeezed by the press a few times but he’s been good in the air.
    Duffy is an attack minded player vs Tuohy who covers ground but can also score especially off his left. It’s more about blooding Duffy but he shouldn’t finish the game. Brickenden got exposed more by Clifford than any other marker last day out but management giving him another chance and 1 v 1 Clifford usually wins his duels anyway. Enda Hession has a chance to unseat Eoghan Mac, he should grab it.
    I’m going for a win based on Tyrone vs Galway if we harass Morgan and mark Dara Canavan. If we finish with McBrien on the pitch and Tuohy and either Cillian or Towey (or both) our chances improve greatly.

  3. Four players yet to feature – Padraig O’Hora,
    Matthew Ruane, Conor Loftus, and James Carr.
    Will we see any of this quartet in tve subs this weekend.
    David Mc Brien is one that should be playing in my view against Tyrone. He‘s a key man now in our defence and should experience tough games against Northern teams at every opportunity.
    And if Cillian is going to be a starter later on, he should have been named starting in this game instead of Aido.

  4. I am slightly confused. The 1 line that isn’t preforming seems to be unchangeable. Not like we are blessed with options in said line. Surely trying a different combination inside is merited . OShea may be needed in the middle tomorrow to break up the physicality of their midfield but time will tell.

  5. dont think that named team is strong enough to beat Tyrone in Omagh, goalkeeper ok, while that might be full back line in a few years its not strong enough to hold present Tyrone forwards. Cant understand why he hasnt tried a difffernt full forward line, that line has had a few games together now and scores are not coming from play from them. Most scores has to come from full forward line.

  6. Glad to see Rob Hennelly getting back in . I think Colm Reape has done nothing wrong. But is inclined to panicking when pressure comes on . He really has not been tested this year yet. That’s a big compliment to the lads in front of him . I thought that Aidan O Shea, could have been given a rest. Can’t believe he is being started in front of Paul Towey, who is capable of getting a few scores. I attended quite a few Championship games in Mayo Club Championship last year of a lot of different teams. I thought that Bob Tuohy was a great man to go up and clean catch the ball. , even under pressure. So I would like to see him out in the middle at some stage or another. He is young and needs to bulk up a bit. Potentially he a good player.

  7. Hearing Reape is actually sick and not in the squad at all for tommorow we shall see.

    Good luck to hennelly though he does need game time let’s see how he goes.

    Hession deserves a starting spot for sure when hession is at the top of his game he’s one of our best guys and he’s hard stopping we missed him a lot last year when he was injured!

  8. Well we can’t be sure that is the fifteen that will actually start. I wouldn’t be taking Tyrone for granted or judging them too much v Galway. They need the points.
    I don’t understand why Towey is thrown into ff line. AOS does a lot of good work early on, it would be high risk to start without him imo.

  9. First jaunt Morgan goes on tomorrow, I’d love to see Aido (or AN Other) trott in to his goal and stay there… your move lads…

  10. The management is absolutely terrified to drop Aidan o Shea it seems.. How’s Towey not starting.. Beyond belief.. And who tells o shea to keep coming out the field every game.. He spent 10 mins v kerry as a sweeper.. Does he take it upon himself or what?

  11. Great ball – sure O’Shea is managing the team didn’t you hear? He demanded to be substituted then in the 2nd half and got his way!

  12. He obviously didn’t want to be substituted, did you not see the sour face on him when he was taken off? Went off in a huff then

  13. Is it any wonder Aidan Orme left .Wouldnt blame Paul Towey if he did now with the lack of scores from our FF line and no change.

  14. Great to see Hession start and Duffy get his chance . Management definitely prioritising championship this season and try to strengthen the panel .
    Reape is our no.1 keeper at the moment but what happens if he gets injured? Hennelly needs game time too ..
    I’d settle for a draw as worried about mid field

  15. Clare . I don’t know if that’s true about Reape. I had heard that Rob was starting tomorrow night anyway.

  16. Disappointed with that lineup, will always support the lads, but two weeks in a row on tv and getting it handed to us isn’t the way forward .
    Will be tough night in omagh, too light of a team and too flat in full forward line, missed opportunity not freshen it up with Mchale getting a deserved start.
    Hope for the best but hard to see it

  17. I think some people here are overconfident.
    The Tyrone game against Galway was one of the hardest league games I have seen.
    Hope our lads are up to it.
    It should sort the men from the boys.

  18. @outside the boot I agree thought Darren mchale deserved a starting spot as well towey.

    Tyrone and omagh are always a tough task. I still think we will win but we may have a few hairy moments….

    Diarmuid Duffy is a young talent I think though might not last the full game just yet.

    Mayo by 2 or so.

  19. I agree with most of the posts tonight. The full forward line is depending on Ryan to get the scores. Towey and McHale are scoring forwards. We need to freshen it up a bit. I would bring Aidan on in last 15 min. At that stage he would be the last man the backs would want to see coming on with their legs nearly gone.

  20. I didn’t hear that wide ball no… But it makes a fair bit of sense when you see the way he plays. I hear he gets feedback off Buckley one v one every game..i think it was you who was saying he does a lot of work with the mangers like seminars and stuff wasn’t it wide ball? He’ll surely go onto manage another side after his stint as player/manager is over… Don’t you think wide ball?

  21. Let’s see if that team starts or not, ultimately if a line continues to malfunction then I have no doubt that they will not start in the championship. I think that Tyrone are not as sharp as they have been but have a strong mf and in Canavan brothers, two very clever forwards. They will be a good test for some of our newer players. Big match for some of our forwards, looking forward to the match.

  22. We definitely need to give Hennelly some game time and get him up to speed in case Reape gets injured.

  23. Clare. If Reape is ill. Is there another keeper in the squad for cover, in case Robbie gets injured.

  24. Ya look its all subjective and predictions are just thay clare but just don’t feel it and I’m generally positive . Took positives from last week ans was happy to loose by closest of margins but this one won’t be simple and would have been an opportunity to try something different while fighting fire with fire .
    As good as Duffy maybe some place to make your debut, would have thought it a great learner for Tuohy or reintro of carr, ruane or loftus agree re towey, that even if we don’t see too much of ball up top, need to make most of it and he’s a sharp shooter.
    Not enough physical support around middle to try handle big con and Co, but p harte, canavans and daly will be hard stopped to and unless there’s changes we look a little flat footed in the spine and certain areas of halfbacks

  25. Clare. If Reape is ill. Is there another keeper in the squad for cover, in case Robbie gets injured.

  26. I’ve watched all of Tyrone’s three league games. They were lucky to get any points and lacking in quality with the players they have lost to injury or opted out. Mayo have beaten Dubiin,Galway by a bit to spare and lost with the last play of the game v Kerry. Mayo to win by at least 3 to 4 points.

  27. @outside the boot totally agree. I still remember back in 21 even though it only feels like yesterday some my Dublin mates were like I’d never write off Tyrone and fear for ye and what happend..

    I still think Tyrone are no where near there 21 side but they are a tough test. We should still get the job done but it won’t be an easy task.

    @chick79 as at @mayo45 Rory Byrne is the 3rd choice keeper.

  28. O ye , Clare he played 5 or 6 times , for Mayo . He’s not a bad replacement to have either.He has a good left foot on him. He scored a good few points from the dead balls in the Mayo Club Championship last year.

  29. @chick79 agree with you he’s not a bad replacement to have at all..before hennelly came back he would definetly have been the 2nd choice keeper!

  30. Hennelly is every bit as good a keeper as Reape- there’s no great difference between them. In fact, Hennelly’s kick-outs are better under pressure.

  31. Chick79- it’s very good yes. For what it’s worth the other 2 options are the Copper Tap and the Blind Cobbler.

  32. Spotlight, we’ll see tomorrow I suppose, he doesn’t have the midfield he used to be kicking to either.
    Not as strong on ball for the sweeper role we trying to play also. So not much in it.

  33. Have nothing against the guy but is it not time that we tried something else in our forward line besides Aidan O’Shea? I thought the league was about blooding new players and trying new things. We’ve known for years what Aidan brings and how valuable he can be. I therefore can’t understand why he’s started every league game and he’s down to start again tomorrow evening. It’s not as if he was that effective against Kerry or indeed at home v Dublin.

  34. Spotlight – Hennelly unrivalled as a shot stopper as well. His weakness is on the high ball. Great to Hession back his speed is unreal. Back to how we perform against a blanket defence tomorrow. Will we have a plan or lateral passing and high balls into Aido marked by 3 men?

  35. @spotlight hennelly has had some bad kickouts to I remember last year he actually kicked one right out of touch. He’s also had some mad moments when it matters most…

    But we shall see tommorow as others have said.

  36. Is Ruane injured. He has not featured on the 26 so far this year. Agree about Robbie Hennelly, he’s a great shot stopper. Like Colm he is a bit suspect under the high ball. Byrne is good under the high ball. If we could put the 3 of them together we would have a super Keeper. But it’s not a problem at the minute. My only concern is our Full forward lines lack of scorers . And we having score getters on the line baffles me that they are not being tried out. These are the places to give them a chance.

  37. Clare. To be fair to Robbie. He has played a lot more games than Colm has for Mayo. But it’s easy to remember his bad moments, that’s the thing about being a keeper. Everyone will remember your mistakes. You can make 10 brilliant saves, and let in one soft one and your good saves are forgotten about.Who ever would be a goalie.???

  38. Makes no sense to start AOS. Give a young lad a chance and who might get a score. Is it the case that the management are not strong enough to omit him.

  39. Unless Reape is injured I don’t understand the change , mc stay had other changes he could have made to freshen up team , we all well aware of what Hennelly is capable of .

  40. Presumably that team won’t start. After a motm performance at centre back last week it surely makes sense to start Sam Callinan there again and bed him into the role.

  41. I am expecting a tough game against Tyrone as we never get anything easy against them. They are at home and wll be in relegation danger if they don’t get anything out of this game. It will be a battle of the blankets again as all teams have now bedded in the system. Surprised Cillian isn’t getting a start but not allowed on the pitch at the same time as AOS. No harm to see Hennely getting a start. A bit livelier on the restart than Reape who takes ages. Throw in time is very awkward given Ireland are playing Wales and it’s a 3 hour drive. Also the game is televised so a lot of supporters opting to stay home by the fire and watch the rugby. Hopefully we will get the 2 points and safety tomorrow.

  42. You’d think so Joe, if it was for rest purposes last weekend two days after the Sigerson was day for it you’d imagine.

  43. @chick 79 course hennelly has played a lot more games then reape… Reape only made his debut for mayo last year sure..

    It’s an opinion hennelly has been a great servant course he has but I’m just saying I’ve never seen a goalie made some of the saves that reape has last year especially as he did in league final v Galway I doubt hennelly would have made all the saves reape did that day.

    But I’ll ask you this was hennelly as good back in his day as reape is now?

    Anyway last I will say on the hennelly /reape debate haha.

    Best of luck to our guys tommorow!

  44. Try towey by all means but if it ends up like the last time up in omagh will the same people then admit physicallity is an issue . Boland has been a decent addition in the league games so far but we have to remember as i know ye are all aware (but we do need reminding )of the notches intensity keep going up as the year moves into championship . The game is so physical nowadays , to win your own ball in a game in croke park in june /july is a different world .

  45. Can we afford to keep starting non scoring forwards. Maybe in the league but definitely not when we are going all out for the holy grail. Towy must be wondering when.

  46. Clare. I was in Croke Park that day v Galway , Colm was very good that day made some terrific saves. . But if my memory service me correctly the year before , when Mayo were beaten
    By Kerry in the League Final, that Byrne chap was Mayo’s man of the match. He played very well . Colm has a good accurate boot on him . But bottom line is , we don’t have a problem at the back, no goals conceded.All back 7 are doing well. We need to address the problems up front particularly the full forward line. We do have options on the line, men that can kick scores. But for some unknown reason they are not getting the chance. If Colm Reape was not give the chance he got last year, he could still be 3 rd choice. Behind
    Hennelly and Byrne. Management need to give the young forwards that are on the line a chance. If they don’t get a chance we will never know if they are up to the job or not.

  47. Is there a reason to why Frank Irwin cant make team or the 3 previous match day panels when he was the best player for UL in Sigerson games and cleaned Matty Ruane in the club final.
    Has there been any confirmation given to media of Aidan Orme, Fionn McDonagh , Bryan Walsh and James McCormack been released from Mayo panel?
    Diarmuid Duffy at 19 must be showing some form in training to be ahead of all 4 of them players and even club forwards like Oisin McLaughlin, Ethan Gibbons and Paddy Heneghan.

  48. Liam on the run made the comment about O’shea performance against Kerry and Dublin, who thinks he would get a starting place on either of those two teams,and if so at whose expense ?

  49. Last Saturday evening was an opportunity lost to try out a defensive system that might curb Clifford’s influence in a big game in Croke Park. We are hardly going to leave him one to one in Croke Park and 30 yards of space each side of him. He kicked 5 points and if had his shooting boots would have kicked 1-10. I am not as convinced as some people are that our defence has improved that much from last year.

  50. Last two management’s haven’t picked towey on a regular basis .the concern seems to be that in a tight marking situation that he is unable to win his own ball .general consensus seems to be that named team won’t start tomorrow.Tyrone will bring this into a dogfight.last year’s meeting in McHale park completely turned on Aidan o sheas deflected goal

  51. Achill75, it seems for all fairly decent judges of football and especially what ya hear in mayo gaa circles, whether it be speculation or not that the manager is not really making the calls as regards tactics and personnel.. So you can draw your own conclusions I guess. As for the players you mentioned who were released.. They are no where near good enough.. Bar the odd flash from mcdonagh.. But that’s the story with mayo… As I said.. Way too dependent on Rod for scores… Aos, o Connor past it.. Tommy c not playing well and not scoring.. So where is the scores coming from?

  52. If there is no starting spot for Towey and they arent sure of him then he definitely warrants a place on the bench. A scoring option late in games when legs are tired. He has 3 points from play in 70 minutes game time so far.
    There are plenty of players over the years that were more effective off the bench than starting.
    Towey is one we shouldnt be giving up on.

  53. I agree Margie, it’s that two yards of space we are giving that will hurt us. Hopefully we’ll see a tightening up….

  54. But then again Achill.. An average club player who’s fit and strong regardless of his skill level and does as he’s told will make a county panel, and probably team.. So who knows anymore, the way the game is gone unfortunately.. Wait till you see the packed defensive stuff again come champo time when the stakes are higher

  55. The Guinness in Sallys is excellent, + in most of the pubs in Omagh.

    Tír Eoighan just out of heavy training + will be much improved. Certainly far too good for the likes of MaighO, & will win by at least 8 points.

  56. Decent team. Would say there may be an injury concern with McBrien-wonder is he in the subs?. Delighted to see Hession and Duffy getting starts. Interesting to see how DOC and Carney get on at midfield and Hennelly with the kick-outs. Can’t believe some people are dismissing Tyrone-they need the points and this will be a tough game. Just as well the team Is’nt picked by posters on here or it would never be agreed. Seems to me that the less you play, the better you are. We need points and it is no time foe major experimenting. Many putting forward Towey but I am not convinced that he has what is required. He is undoubtedly a lovely footballer and will score if given time and space, but you don’t got those at the business end of the champiionship. You need either pace or physicality and I’m not sure he has either. You have to be able to win your own ball in the FF line. Probably a sub. late on when defenders begin to tire.. A win tomorrow Wil allow us to experiment, so here’s hoping.

  57. Can’t believe Towey is not starting .Best forward in the country according to some . Can’t believe Aido is even travelling to Omagh. Worst player in the country according to some. McStay often doesn’t name the team that will actually play. Maybe Towey will replace Aido. All joking aside best of luck to team and management tomorrow. It’s a tough game. A draw would be good, a win excellent. Will support all players who are lucky enough and good enough to wear the red and green and represent our county. Maigh Eo Abu.

  58. McBrien out is a big loss.Think Kirkpatrick and Kennedy will bully our lads at midfield Still hopeful of win but I think it will be tight.

  59. @Achill 75
    Don’t know about any of the other panel members, but Fionn McDonagh let the management know before the start of the current campaign that he was not available for the coming season. as he was planning on travelling towards the end of February.

  60. The business end of the league is upon us now. There’ll be a bit more of a bite to these games.

  61. To me Towey is similar to the likes of Edna Varley or Mickey C of about a decade ago.
    On their day could be sublime when everything went over….then there were the other days.
    I’d love to see him come in when game is broken up. I think he can do more damage then.
    Mind you I had hoped that would be Aiden’s role today. Cillian needs more than a 10 min cameo today but I think we’ll shade it.

  62. @2 hops, Towey is way more talented than those two players. Mikey Conroy had a great burst of pace and that’s where he got on the panel. Neither player came close to Towey’s natural kicking ability. You wouldn’t see Varley swinging points over the bar off his weak foot or kicking frees off the deck. But agreed that the sub role may be best suited due to his size.

    A better comparison would be Dessie Connelly from Moycullen.

  63. Safe travels to all supporters,hopefully we will get the win we need,some more passages of play like the second half against Kerry would be good

  64. Talk about size. O shea has lots of it. But he is not a forward. Towey like most others is smaller than o shea. But he is a forward and he is faster. Your guaranteed to get a slightly better return. I have said it a thousand times. O shea always done his best work facing the goal not with his back to it. His best spot was defensive midfielder. He is great tackler. He would have been great plus 1 at the back but his position seemed to be here there and every where. Id leave him deeper on the pitch and let him break up play and dig out possession. I must state once again no criticism is aimed toward anyone. Just observation!!!

  65. That might very well be true@GBX1, but the point I’m making is there are days I’ve seen him at club level when he has had little enough influence. I’ll be delighted if he can make the step up.
    Will be good to see how Diamuid Duffy goes…not dissimilar to our other more established Diamuid in the way he plays the game.

  66. Diarmuid Duffy I think is a long term investment as they know he’s a top 1% athlete. He’s a competitive javelin thrower, so, ya he’s pretty well conditioned from years of doing that.
    They’re probably figuring about him for next year with a few more lbs of “good weight put on” as our Mothers would say.
    What we lack is a good proper midfielder with a physique and stature that can man a pub door. Waiting game, haven’t seen one yet.

  67. Just for context in case their are some Tyrone gaels looking in here. One particular poster who predicts we will win easily tonight, also refers to the FBD league as a “Major Trophy”……..

    Most supporters see this as seiriously tricky game. Tyrone were nowhere near as bad against Galway as some people making out. Galway flood their defence in a systemstic way they have mastered for 2-3 years. We on the other hand have this infuriating tendency to give opposition star players all the space in the world to operate…Junior B stuff.

    Glad Hennelly is getting minutes and Hession aswell. Something tells me Ruane will start for Diarmuid tonight. Either way, too close a game to call, home advantage will tip the balance. Trone by 2 points.

  68. Did McStay not say he was hoping Ruane would be back week 5? I hope he’s back tonight. Sooner the better IMO as we need height and scores from outside.
    Tyrone are a funny league team, but we know they can turn it on when they want so rebuilding or not I’d be very wary of them aswell. I’d love a win tonight. Pressure off. Iv no interest in a league final. Champ against Rossies is our next must win game once div 1 is secured. I don’t buy in to this winning is a habit thing. Win on the day.

  69. “Way more talented ” ahh now come on this is getting ridiculous , mickey conroy and enda varley have played and scored in big championship games ffs in croke park . Perhaps towey will be a big player for Mayo but surely he has to do it first , sounds like ive a set on him , i dont and hope he goes on to shoot the lights out for Mayo but dont agree with that statement at all .

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