Teams announced for Sunday

I know it was reported earlier in the week that the teams for Sunday would be announced today but I doubt I’m the only one caught on the hop. I’ve an uneaten sandwich here in front of me and I need to get out the door to a work meeting shortly so, without further ceremony, here’s the starting team we’ve named:

Mayo (Connacht SFC Quarter-Final v Galway, 13/5/2018): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Eoin O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Conor Loftus (Crossmolina), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen).

Plenty to chew over there, not least how close the team listed above is to the one that actually starts on Sunday. I’d say we’ll see at least one and maybe two or three changes before throw-in.

That caveat aside, and taking the team named at face value, it’s a first championship start for Eoin O’Donoghue (and I think he will start as well), a welcome return to the fray for Keith Higgins and an equally welcome return to action for team captain Cillian O’Connor.

Galway have also named their team for Sunday this afternoon – full details here. The same health warnings surround their team announcement, with their line-up including Alan Kerin but not Eamonn Brannigan.

Now, back to that sandwich.

87 thoughts on “Teams announced for Sunday

  1. Im sure their’ll be 2 changes minimum before throw in. With most other teams id prefer to have our best 15 playing in the last 15-20mins, but with Galway it could be too late by then. Need to get ahead early and stay there. Jason Doherty will surely feature from the start?.

  2. Thanks WJ, I would be surprised if more that 4 of that back 6 actually started on Sunday, Harrison, Barrett, Vaughan, Crowe, Doherty and Gallagher are some great options to have. Expecting Rochie to pull at least one surprise selection on Sunday, possibly in the forwards. Cant wait.

  3. Guessing team based on championship fitness levels and performances in training. I find it hard to believe Jason Doherty would be left out but besides that I would only have concern that Coen isn’t adding enough attacking flair to the HB line. Good honest player who needs work on his shooting but not a player who wins many MOM awards at senior level. Hope I’m proven wrong. People may also have comments on FB but my guess is Caff performing in training as he has that reputation.

  4. The full back named won’t start if he does we will be heading straight through the back door no disrespect to Ger but Comer is a handful for most.

  5. Whatever team starts I’ve faith it’s the best 15. The league is long gone so challenge games and training will influence the selections.

    Best of luck to the lads. We are starting in hope rather than confidence this year. Might be a good thing.

  6. When you see that team and the lads not in it you can only laugh at the likes of Sean Kavanagh writing us off AGAIN
    We will be there or thereabouts again this year

  7. That Mayo side looks more like what will line out than what is listed for us. No Ian Burke, Michael Daly or Peter Cooke. Cannot see us lining out without at least one if not two of them. Have not seen our subs list mind you.

  8. I can’t see any changes to the Mayo team tbh. As KC aludes to, I’d be amazed if galway played as named, with Flynn and Armstrong surely to make way

    I can’t see how Harrison and barrett would be fully match fit. This will be 100 MPH stuff, we need the guys who’ve played throughout the league here

    Lets get behind Cafferkey, he’s soldiered with us for years now and still has bags of experience. With all due respect to Crowe he’s never played a significant game of this magnitude, against top (yes lets give them their due) opposition

  9. Team announcements nowadays are fairly meaningless from what I can see and I wouldn’t spend too much time debating it to be honest. Four o clock Sunday is when we will know who starts and who doesn’t.

  10. Crowe came on against Cork last year and if he hadn’t, we would have lost that game. Does anyone seriously believe Ger will start. When was the last time we didn’t name a dummy team for a championship game. There will be at least two changes and probably more.

  11. Diehard, I agree no point looking to much at named teams as there are always changes. Time the GAA changed the rule. announce your match day 26 the week before a game and the starting 15 one hour before throw in and end this daftness.

  12. IMO Caff and Higgins wont start, Barrett and Vaughan will, Vaughan/Coen on Comer
    COC on bench and DOC to start

  13. I think this is a smart team for this game allowing for injuries and fitness levels . ( I would allow for a change before throw in ) I do think Coen will ultimately settle at Centre Half back , I think he has massive potential there . Plus he is a natural born leader though clearly his foot passing and his final ten minutes composure need work . He just has an array of these intangible characteristics of leadership where others will be inspired by him and follow him . He’s a lot like Tom Brady in my opinion .

    Plus my favorite non footballing moment of last year was seeing him chastising Anthony Maher as he rolled Kerry’s hit man on the ground. That was a statement saying if you think you are pulling another 2014 style melee and getting away with it , Think Again !

    I think Mayo are thinking a lot like Dublin now defensively with fluid positions , fluid roles and working more cooperatively at the back. Our goal is not to keep Comer quiet. It’s to keep the score down while giving us serious counter attacking pace and punch .

    Playing Loftus at the start is I think important for both him and the team as he is going to need this fierce experience later

    The biggest plus of all this is that we now have an expanded panel ( just in time for the super eights ) We can now bring on serious experience at the end of games . And , or , play a series of games while giving players adequate rest . Once again Stephen Rochford looks to have it all sussed out ( and I say that regardless of what happens on Sunday ) This team represents our best chance to beat Galway ( which I believe we will )

  14. Swahili no more than Galway you only have an expanded panel if ye win and everone playes well. Take for instance if Cafferkey starts and he and O Donoghue get roasted after 15 mins and Stephen has to get Barret and Vaughan in. Will he trust Cafferkey again against the Rossies, Granted with the injured expierience lads back you are in far better shape than the league. Same for Galway, Tom Flynn i believe is flying it in training so it looks like he will start however i think one of Sean Kelly, Ian Burke or Michael Daly will start probably instead of Sean Armstrong . Its a defensive set up by Galway with Heaney a natural wing back in the forwards and also three midfielders starting..

  15. I can see Coen settling into centre back alright and holding the middle. That should allow Durcan and Boyle out wide to track the likes of Walsh and turn them the other way by attacking too.

    Taking Harrison, Keegan and Barrett out of any defence is a concern but it also offers a great chance to Eoin O’Donoghue. If the afore mentioned absentees can at least contribute from the bench then I still think we’re well placed.

  16. Jasus I can’t wait for Sunday , I’m out of the country at the moment on a family holiday , I’m currently wishing the time away , just can’t wait to pull my jersey on Sunday and make my way to Mchale ,
    Not sure I buy into the team named , sure as someone mentioned above it’s the norm for us to name a dummy team , who ever takes to the field will have my support 100%
    I reckon we will make a statement of intent Sunday , I know a lot of people say mayo August and all that jazz , but I feel a big match From our warriors is on the cards , lots of chat about comer, and I don’t disagree he is a fine strong footballer, but I have full confidence rochford and the boys will have a plan , we , us the supporters need to do our bit, loud and proud from the warm up and never give up our chant
    Mayo mayo mayo ,
    I’m not leaving mchal till I’m hoarse
    Are ye ready !
    Mayo by two,
    Cmon mayo

  17. As was mentioned already this week we cannot afford to let Galway get an early grip on the game and have to play catch up..With the pace and accuracy of their forwards I would hope that is not our starting backline..

  18. @Swahili, I think that’s a very astute reading of the game,. On the money there!…. @Tuam Star, I agree with you, I too feel very sure that Tom Flynn will start, he has always been good against Mayo, and he’s hugely physical.. Likewise Sean Armstrong, I can’t see Galway restricting Sean to a cameo role, they will need a reliable free taker,.. Séan being as he is a Salthill Knocknacara player will be well used to the wind, while McHale Park is not the ‘wind tunnel’ that Salthill is, the early indications are that wind might just be a factor on Sunday… I am fairly sure too that Stephen Rochford will make a few changes before throw in on Sunday.. Mayo Abu, I can even feel my heart beating that little bit faster as I think about the contest at hand!

  19. Flynn will play wing forward because he has to find a default outlet for their biggest weakness , Lavelle’s kick outs . Cooke will come into the middle . . Push up push up push up . … 3 of Galway’s back 7 are not good enough

  20. I see Rockford is up to his normal routine, picking a few guys that won’t feature, like the All Ireland championship this has gone all too familiar, time for him to change his methods. It is an insult to the guys that we all know won’t feature in this battle.

  21. Hard to judge that team, as there will inevitably be changes.
    Cillian starting is vital, but he’ll need to be on song with his frees (of which I’m expecting plenty of on Sunday).
    The subs bench on Sunday will be interesting. It should definitely favour us, but you’d worry how many of the returning lads can make an immediate impact after missing so much proper game time.
    Hopefully none of the subs will be coming on in a late desperate attempt to save the game. We need to get ahead of Galway and let them come out at us. Then we can use our fast running game mixed with accurate long kick passes into the forwards to pull away.

    If this was August, I’d be very confident of winning. As it is, May-time Mayo tend to be an unpredictable bunch.
    But I still fancy us Sunday.
    I think the Mayo players will be lapping up the attention Galway have been getting and the fact that so many are writing them off.
    We’re never as dangerous as when we’re in this position. I’m trusting the players fight, determination, pure doggedness and refusal to get beaten by this Galway team 3 years in a row to get us over the line.
    But hold on to your pantaloons everybody, it’s going to be yet another white knuckle ride for the whole 70-80 minutes (and maybe more…).

  22. Best of luck to Eoin O’Donoghue making debut in championship. Hope it’s the start of great years ahead for him. Terrific league.
    And to great warrior Andy 167th is it in Mayo jersey. Incredible. Good luck Andy and tks for all the past memories. With that bench too we have to win.

  23. Just wondering where a Mayo v Leitrim Connacht final would be played. Maybe the Hyde?

    Anyway the heartbeat has quickened as the week has gone on. Mchale Park should be rocking on Sunday as we witness a glorious Mayo victory. I wonder how many will be there?

  24. I wouldn’t read an awful lot into that team named. There will be at least 2 changes in my opinion.

    Also no harm to see James Horan call out that clown Cavanagh on his commmets on Mayo last weekend.

  25. Great excitement and banter in Galway about the match. The Galway fans are very positive about getting the win. Most of them cannot see us winning this one.

    Tick tock tick tock.

  26. Definitely think that Mayo team won’t start but I wouldn’t be too put out if it did! Only Roch and his players know exactly how they will set up. If the attitude is right from throw in from everybody then we have nothing to fear. I hope Ger Caff has a good game – he’s due one – he’s a strong lad and if he keeps his concentration he can keep things tight at the back. Those high balls and his positioning has caught him out in the past so I trust he’s been working on that. One note of caution though: Comer is a dangerous forward but there’s more to Galway than him. We have plenty for Galway to worry about too and proven winners as well. If we’ve brought our shooting boots we’ll do it.

  27. Revellino you have to stop talking to them lads.. They havent a clue!! Most good Gaa heads i know find it very hard to call, but most like myself think that after 15 mins we will have a clear indication. If Mayo come racing out of the blocks with severe intensity and get early scores then i believe they will win. On the otherhand if they let Galway settle and get early scores they will find it hard tobreak them down as the game goes on..

  28. So we start our quest all over again, where do we need to improve from last year:

    1. Our substitution policy, we need to make better use of our squad.
    2. Avoid Russian roulette finishes, we avoided the bullet against Derry, Cork and Roscommon (the first day). We received the bullet against Galway and Dublin. We should try to aim for the ideal lead of at least four points+, late in the game and run the clock down then if we have to.
    3. Improve our team play in the final third. Even in the league this year in the games we played well in we missed a number of goal chances for the want of an extra pass to get the ball to the man in the best position. I thought that the first goal we scored in the 2016 U21 All-Ireland final was an ideal example of this.
    4. See new leaders emerge, who will be the man to stand up and take the game by the scruff of the neck to get us over the line in a tight finish.
    5. Improve our discipline, we had a no. of players sent off last year in games, so we need to avoid that this year.

    Best of luck to all involved for the year ahead! Galway are improving but I’d still expect us to win the game. I’d also expect us to have a much better attitude than in the games in the last two years against them. If Tom, Seamie and Aidan get on top early on, I can’t see us losing then. We didn’t have that trio on the field at the start of the games in the last two years, so that should make a big difference to our start this year.

  29. @Tuamstar. I’d say myself it’s a very hard game to call. Galway are flying fit and have a real strong defensive set up. I saw that with my own eyes in Pearse stadium against the Dubs. Mayo on the other hand, well we are all hoping they are flying fit but some of our big stars haven’t had the game time under their belts. Galway managed to hold their defensive set up for almost the entire match against the Dubs so I think an awful lot is going to depend on how Rochford plans to break through the Galway rearguard. There is one thing for sure, it should be an intriguing spectacle. I’m hoping not too many blood subs required. It could turn out to be that type of game.

  30. Good win for the juniors tonight. Sets up a double header against Galway on Sunday.

  31. Have faith,I believe Sean Burke is about right perhaps ten to twelve points in favour of Mayo,up Mayo

  32. “For the loser, it’s a tough battle to get to the All-Ireland quarter-final stage.”
    Someone needs to tell Horan about the Super8s…..

    All square in normal time, Mayo to shade it by a point in a bum-squeaker.

  33. Who’s be a pundit! It wasn’t long ago James said the gap between Mayo and Galway was getting bigger. They’ve beaten us a few times since then ?. So we need a good start Sunday and lets do a job on them similar to the demolition job we did on the Rossies for the replay last summer.

  34. We need Vaughan and Barrett to start if fit, to match Galway physicality. If they are not fit, then I feel it’s the back door for Mayo.

  35. Comfortable win for Juniors in Carrick this evening. Galway now have the advaantage of two opportunities to see Mayo in action whereas with Sligo conceding a walkover Mayo will be more or less blind as to Galway’s setup. However a few changes from the team v Roscommon this evening may leave things a little more ubclear for them. Team tonight was Flanagan; McGrath, O’Dowd, Doran; Boylan, David Lydon, Cian Burke; Brendan Carr & Sean Walsh; Conor Bohan, Ronan Carolan [PKC], Liam Moran, Swinford; Doohan, TJ Byrne, Darragh Keavney, Kilmeena. Ronan Carolan was man of thr match. Score 0 =17 to 0 = 8. Halftime 0 = 10 to 0 = 3.

  36. There is a dissapointing element to the team selection in that it shows that there’s no new talent coming through in midfield and attack. I don’t have an issue with Rochford or the team selection per se but it’s a concern that we’re relying on more or less the same core group.

    It’s a real pity that we’re struggling to find a new midfielder.

    The discussion about Comer here reflects a simple fact… the absence of Lee we’re not really sure who can mark him.

    I think we’ll win on Sunday…..but I’d like to see some fresh midfield and attacking players coming through.

  37. Very low key team announcements mainly because neither side will probably line out as selected so what’s the point you wonder?

  38. Cannot see a win on Sunday for mayo. It will b close but galway will sneak it by two I reckon. We are clueless in McHale Park when it comes to breaking down defences in the final third we depend on frees. Conor loftus and how he plays will have a huge bearing on how this game goes. He needs to get into space cause he will find his man with those pin point passes he can execute And knows where the net is if he think goal is on. I don’t feel galway will consider loftus a threat. I also feel Aido needs to lay down a marker in this game early, cause they will clobbering him from the get go.

  39. Talking about discipline, I see refs are now instructed to crack down on melees, particularly those who rush in when two are already at it. This will be interesting.

  40. If this is the Galway team that starts I am small bit underwhelmed tbh.

    Brannigan missing is a huge loss, he had a big part to play in our good league form. Word is that Tom Flynn has been going well in training, having said that I am surprised to see Cooke not starting. I would put him in the Brian Fenton mould, big and physical but is also very mobile and is a real player for the future. I am also disappointed that Ian Burke is not starting. He is a very efficient scorer, something that we lack sometimes in our forward department and one of the few players that didn’t disgrace himself against Kerry last year.

    Agree with other posters that suggest that Conor Loftus could be the major threat for Mayo. He was very good against Donegal when Mayo needed scores. Ye can’t keep relying on Andy forever. Highly doubt we will see Ger Caff start. I actually think that Damien ‘the Baysht’ Comer will roam out the field a good bit. Armstrong will definitely stay inside.

  41. A quick question, picked up 2 stand tickets yeaterday evening, for myself and my Galway daughter (a great mayo supporter!, even on Sunday), however seat numbers are on tickets and they are not together, I didn’t realize it was assigned seating in mchale Park. Can anybody clarify for me please? Thanks.

  42. It’s the the named panel of 26 for sunday,not the announced team i’d like to know..Anyone who they are?

  43. Inisbofin….its definitely reserved seating, although the last time they tried that it led to chaos… perhaps if the person beside you is on their own, they might swap with your daughter or something…. usually people are pretty accommodating about stuff like that.

  44. Des Cahill just had Tomas o’shea on for the weekend round up. O’shea is going for a Galway win. Of course he.then referred to Galway as the current Connacht champions. A professor of the game, he doesn’t even know who the provincial champions are.

  45. Skyline irl – that’s a cheap shot at a great servant to the cause, a player who deserves more respect than that. I’m not going to allow you to trash-talk him in that manner.

  46. Heard that too, Revellino! Amazing how often they’ve been name-checked as the current Connacht champions. If it bugs us, imagine how the poor Rossies feel when they hear that being said repeatedly.

  47. It’s true WJ. For some reason Roscommon are the forgotten Connacht champions in some people’s minds. Not sure why ?. As for Tomas o’shea, I won’t be picking at him. Swahili will no doubt be covering that bit of pasture soon enough.

  48. Lots of galway folk (that i have been talking to) and pundits (if you would even call them that) feel this galway team are going to put this mayo team to the sword on Sunday while announcing themselves as genuine championship contenders.

    I understand they had a fantastic league campaign and rightly deserve to have a pep in their step but if the past few seasons has thought us anything it’s galway struggle when they are overconfident (Roscommon last year, Tipp in 2016) and you never underestimate this mayo teams capabilitys.

    Mayo by 3.

  49. The brother met Gary Sice last week, without a hint of exaggeration he reckons Galway by 8-10 points. That Tom and SOS don’t like the physicality and will be battered about by Conroy etc.

  50. This kind of talk that most Galway folk feel we will take this game handy is not on the button. Most of my county compatriots do not think like this from my experience. All by and large very wary and equally concerned that we don’t even have our best 15 named. There are probably a few bigging us in front of Mayo folk for banter etc. Sure the Mayo folk in my workplace cannot see ye beaten. It cuts both ways. Question I ask is if our best forward Ian Burke does not line out there is something wrong somewhere. He would make any forward line in the country and for the record I am not from Corofin.

  51. Burke is a excellent player but to say he would make any forward line in the country is verifying the over confidence coming out of galway at present. Im not here to argue with you about who will make what team. Best of luck sunday and hopefully the loser can get to the super 8s and we get a round two later in the year.

    P.S I wouldn’t worry to much about the teams named for Sunday come 4pm both teams will have their best 15 available on the pitch weather its the 15 named or some changes to the original named teams.

  52. Question somebody can answer perhaps…
    If I have a terrace ticket, can I sit in the blue seats in the middle of the pitch opposite the stand, if there early enough to grab a spot?

  53. Best of luck to the minors this evening.
    As far as Sunday’s big game, it will be very interesting to see if Galway were putting on a big show in spring and don’t have the legs to keep it going. They’re not dublin, so it’s a very interesting position for them. Mayo I think will have been paced to be right for this game, done just enough in the league as usual and then had 5 weeks to prepare for Sunday. My money goes on Mayo, by 2.

  54. Galway are the form team coming into this one. A very good league campaign which has put a pep in their step and given them real belief that they can push on this year. We have seen in the last 2 years Mayo’s poor league form continue in the early rounds of the championship. Add to our poor league form 2 losses in challenge games.Are we going to see any different on Sunday? I hope so but I’m not confident. Some people even here talking about a possible wide margin of defeat. That possibility makes me nauseous.
    Hope the juniors win their battle and set the tone for the war.

  55. I might be stretching it a little Johnny but figure he would be in any forward line bar possibly Dublin. Anyway remains to be seen if we have a dummy team no more than your own.

  56. It’s battle of managers for me. Very little to chose between teams but which manager will make best use of bench players. Benches evenly matched too. Rochford has not shown any great skill in introducing subs to date, many substitutions made to late in game, but Sunday is his chance. Some mayo players are no longer 70 minute men. Dubs beat Galway by introducing 4 subs to score 3 points in last quarter of league.
    Like other posters, I’d love to know who our bench players are? Fascinating game in prospect, hope we’re not talking about referee on Monday..

  57. Any Rossies in here? How do ye feel when ye hear or read that its the current Connacht champions coming to Castlebar this Sunday?

  58. It’ll be difficult for us to beat the current Connacht and National League champions in fairness. I reckon they’d walk the all ireland as well if it wasn’t for the pesky fact that you actually have to go to Croke Park and win a few matches before they’ll give you Sam. but sure D Clarke will do his best to keep the ball kicked out to them hopefully.

  59. It could be a battle of the headphones alright Ontheditch. With a bit of luck, all Kevin Walshe will be hearing on his Supermacs sponsored headphones will be Drive Thru orders.

    Can I have 2 5oz burgers and 2 snack boxes with 2 large cokes please ?

  60. East cork exile you are forgetting they are also stacked with multiple all stars and dont forget they have the 2017 footballer of the year Damien Comer. We will be doing well to keep within 10 points of them. The likes of conor loftus,eoin o donague, stephen coen, paddy durcan, diarmuid, cillian and aidan are getting very old aswel they must be near retirement age.

  61. The Darlings of Montrose .

    Professor Yoplait was all over the place (literally and metaphorically)

    Though a renowned deep thinker he simply couldn’t figure it out . He had been studying the results of the 2017 Connacht championship and was sure it was in fact a typo that Roscommon had won the title . “Yeah right “ he thought to himself !

    Someone messed up here he reasoned and he was determined to get to the bottom of it . The methodology was all wrong . There had to be data contamination . He definitely concurred with himself on this .

    He had just been on National TV stating (quite sagely he thought in retrospect )that Galway were Connacht champions but Revellino in his compelling piece on the Mayo GAA blog had corrected him .

    “ Corrected him “ mind !! I don’t think so . Professor Yoplait doesn’t get corrected . By anyone !! Five back pocket medals Yoplait and a professor to boot being corrected ?? No way Jose !

    And definitely not by Mayo’s own Reve Revellino who most people agreed was the new Billy Keane. He was determined to get to the bottom of it . He would trawl through Willie Joe’s archives and emerge triumphant with the truth and lay to rest the fantasy , the farcical idea that Roscommon had actually won the Connacht championship .

    This quest reminded him of the only other unsolved enigma of his life . The fate of Lord Lucan . He had mentioned this on the Sunday Game of all places. In Montrose he was now considered an expert on the topic because he had mentioned the words Lord and Lucan although somewhat lamely and incongruously . Ah well !

    Meanwhile Des Farrell , another darling of Montrose was in a total state .

    Difficult questions were now being openly floated about him . For example how he came to Ireland in the first place ? Where was he actually from ? What was his ethnicity ?

    The indigenous” Brexiteers” ( mostly from Mayo it had to be acknowledged ) wanted more scrutiny of him.

    Some suggested his Spanish good looks made Torremolinas a top possibility ? Or was he Spaniard at all ?

    Some held the view he was more gypsy or Romanian and possibly from Transylvania ( where ironically enough his co host Francis “ Ciaran “Whelanstein’s relatives also came from )

    (Francis “Ciaran “ remembered being in Transylvania and having an eerie feeling of place . That amazed him because it was so different from the indisputable worldly charms of Raheny )

    Dez didn’t like the story being all about him.His hispanic name was Dos (not to be confused with Dose )

    Dos ( meaning two )referred to the fact that most people thought there was a second grown man (or woman ) trapped in his trousers and was trying to escape .

    I don’t mean in the deeper sense some “other inner man” trying to perform a metaphorical escape . Neither do I mean he was at an existential crossroads in his life .

    I mean there was literally a second man hiding in plain sight in his trousers . But “Dez” carried off the feat seemingly without a care in the world .

    This was possibly a case of abduction and false incarceration and was of keen interest to the human trafficking authorities. Under various international treaties and conventions this was a serious offense . The #metoo movement were concerned if it was a woman who had been subjugated. If it was there would be hell to pay .

    Ciaran Francis mischievously ventured that the authorities should take a look at it. Oh he was full of it . Professor Yoplait, in a rare contemplative moment , wasn’t so sure. But he suggested that , if indeed true , he would man up , even on live TV and tackle Dos ( I mean Dez ) and attempt to release the poor captive.

    What if it was in fact Lord Lucan ?
    He imagined himself being the super hero who freed Lord Lucan on live TV. That would be something . Even in Kerry , chins would wag .

    He could just imagine his triumphal scream at the camera “Wow , What do you tink of dat Joe Brolly “ ?? He always wanted to do that.

  62. Well whatever they have or haven’t, they have our number the last two years , they have nine all Irelands and we still only have three , getting to finals means diddly shit in the record books . Yes there has been fantastic memories along this journey but now it’s time to regain the local pride and notch up a connacht title, worry about super8s and all Irelands after , best route is to win connacht .
    And who gives a shit about Galway or Roscommon and how they get on . Sick of listening to soft in the head supporters , Mayo and Mayo fucking only let the rest die of starvation for all I care.

  63. Why are ye all jumping on o sheas interview this morning? He said Galway have made steady progress over the last few years, Div 2 champions , Connacht champions, unbeaten in Div 1., which in a way he is right, he just needed to specify dates which he didnt . Nitpicking at stuff like that is childish..

  64. Unfortunately Sean we cannot argue with your pragmatic observations. But if ever a bunch deserved an all Ireland, these Mayo lads do. Just let’s hope the panel has developed enough and new lads can bring g that extra impetus to see us as contenders in super 8s. The history books do show that when mayo were strong but failed at final hurdle, Galway came along and went all the way.
    Either way it’s enthralling contest on Sunday. Mayo are a tough resilient lot these days, no soft core, Should make for some atmosphere….

  65. Why are yea jumping on what people said about o’sheas interview Tiamstar.
    Nitpicking at stuff like that is childish.

  66. Excellent Swahili. Fresh off the press I see and very witty. Great writing I must say. May your ink well never run dry.

  67. Well said Sean Burke .

    Tuamstar , don’t be such a scold . You’re a guest on here of Willie Joe’s. Treating the comments as “childish “ is both inappropriate and it means you take the Skelpies way too seriously . They are only “ bigging you up “ because it means they are “ dissing Mayo”. They don’t believe what they are saying and they they don’t care.
    BTW if you can’t understand our little farce at their expense on here , you need to go out and get yourself a sense of humor. It’s a farce FFS !

  68. would go very physical for the first 25 and lay down a marker.
    Bring Andy, Doherty, Keith in off the bench







    B Moran

  69. Word from Galway camp is that Burke and Cooke will start in place of Flynn and probably Armstrong. Not too surprising. Walsh is apparently flying in training but one hard tackle would slow him down. Comer is everything to Galway so if his influence can be kept to a minimum who else will stand up?

  70. My very humble ‘Opinion’ is that both managers have an ‘Ace’ or two up their sleeves… Walsh, I think in terms of fully fit and available, ‘Personell’, Regardless of rumours, I expect Brannigan to be playing, for me he’s the most underrated player in the Galway set up, certainly all the talk is about Shane Walsh and the affable Annaghdown man Damien Comer, both very fine footballers, but for Brannigan is at least as good as either.. One or two ‘Red Herring’s’ being allowed to gain traction, plenty of ‘Fake News’.. I also strongly suspect that Tom Flynn and Séan Armstrong to start…Despite, the deliberately manufactured rumours to the contrary, that they won’t start. Flynn done us serious damage in 2016, with a dagger to our Mayo heart’s with his second half goal into the factory end, and Séan Armstrong is up there with the best free takers in Ireland, and a very good player in his own right, all be it that, he may not last the full 70+ minutes… Rochford, too will have an ‘Ace’ or four up his sleeve… To be fair to ‘Stephen Rochford’ and his management team, everyone is kept guessing, including me…. I know information leaked out about the Goalkeeper change prior to the 2016, All Ireland replay, but prior to that, and subsequent to that event, nothing of use to our opponents leaks out,… This certainly was not always the case, under the leadership of James Horan or Holmes and Connelly … Kevin Walsh will run an equally tight ship in terms of information, but I think some ‘misinformation’ is beginning to drip!… I definitely, expect something of the ‘unexpected’ from the Mayo team and management on Sunday.. I sincerely hope that Galway, will not be as prepared for the unexpected as they would need to be!.. No one does drama quite like Mayo, and they certainly like to give their fan’s rolacoaster ride’s for their money… Mayo fan’s don’t go to ‘Alton Towers’ for their thrills, they sit on seat’s in McHale Park, Croke Park and other park that the size 5 is throw in, and their feet never touch the ground, several times every Summer and Autumn… I think it was Ger Loughlane who said something like this in relation to some proposed fixure… ‘If it’s midnight in Marakeis, we’ll be there’… Mayo fan’s are like that too, And we’ll be turning the turn styles from before Midday on Sunday, in the even more exotic than Marakeis, McHale Park, Castlebar..

  71. Padraic Joyce had it in his AIB piece today that he expects Chris Barrett to pick up Comer going by what he heard from Mayos recent challenge games,I would be very happy if this is the case I think he is the perfect marker for Comer as he attacks the ball and is strong in the tackle.
    Joyce also said that James Durcan who joined the panel recently had stood out well.
    I would like to see Donie Vaughan instead of Coen Sunday as he has more pace and aggression than Stephen Coen has.
    3 C.Barrett for Ger Caff
    7.D.Vaughan for Stephen Coen

  72. The ole church bell was ringing
    When the tribe came out swinging
    But the hombres left singing
    On the Plain of the Yews.

  73. There will be plenty snack boxing in this match,far more than sitting in the back row of the movies

  74. Willy joe,
    I said he is not good enough at top level, and I do think if he plays we will be defeated. is that not a fair opinion, I also said he was a good servant and I don’t think what I said is a cheap shot.. I wasn’t good enough at top level , is it a cheap shot if I say that about myself..

  75. Skylineirl – it’s long-standing policy here that dissing a named player as “not good enough” isn’t, well, good enough, even if you caveat it by adding “at top level” or some such rider. If you read the house rules you’ll see that it’s okay to voice criticisms of players but, in doing so, specifics have to be included to back up the argument being made. “Not good enough” is not a specific – it’s a lazy put-down and it is a cheap shot. Your opinion on you own abilities are completely irrelevant to this.

  76. I’m sorry but if you want me to list facts and dates I will, how about league this year? Vs Dublin in past Bernard brogan in particular, donagh? Should I mention more . He’s a good servant and a good lad, but I doubt I’m alone and think it is fair to make the point he is not top level player we need in that position. I thinks it’s actually a bit lazy of yourself also and a bit selective . I still maintain my point was unfortunately harsh but valid.

  77. Skylineirl – yes, I do want you to list facts and dates. In particular specific instances you can point to in order to back up what you’re saying. “League this year” and “in past Bernard Brogan in particular” isn’t in any way specific. Exactly which games? Exactly what plays? I’m sorry but if you’re going to level a charge against a player then either back it up or back off. Calling me a bit lazy and selective doesn’t help advance your argument either, by the way.

  78. Criticism of players who put as much into training as most people put into fulltime jobs is very unfair,I have an idea of the player been criticised,and although I don’t know him i know what he has been through and believe he is entitled to more respect for efforts he has made to reach this level,I believe he has been trusted by our three management teams to do a job they see him at training and by and large have done a good job with this great team,fair play Willie Joe on keeping this site respectful and long may it continue,I am not a fan either of running down other counties supporters,I have been to many different grounds and most supporters are good for banter but then he game is over i can have a drink with them,which is a lot different to going to a football match in England,keep the faith Mayo by at least ten points and will make the pundits change their tune

  79. Roscommon were clearly on weights for a few years at u17. For a county with a smaller pick thet had about 10 of the strongest players we had about 5.
    Swap Shane Cunnane alone in the match to play for us and the result would have tightened up massively.
    Still a few gems in our team.
    Lee Traynor looked a fine player but seemed to get injured.
    Enda Hession can take frees from either side.
    Liam Og Horkan a good centre back.
    A lot of the others were simply outgunned physically. Theyll return as u17s next year some a lot stronger. The u17 final years will close that gap u19 to u20.

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