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I can’t make it to Hollymount for this evening’s challenge match with the Dubs and, as I’m heading into town shortly to ingest some alcohol, I won’t be of much use to you as regards in-match updates either.  I can, however, bring you details of the teams that will line out later on this evening and, without further ado, here they are.

Our lads first:

Mayo (SF v Dublin 21/5/2010): David Clarke; Trevor Howley, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Donal Vaughan, Tom Cunniffe, Kevin McLoughlin; Tom Parsons, Ronan McGarrity; Andy Moran, Billy Joe Padden, Trevor Mortimer; Conor Mortimer, Barry Moran, Alan Freeman.  Subs: Kenneth O’Malley, Liam O’Malley, Peadar Gardiner, Kieran Conroy, Shane Nally, Seamus O’Shea, Aidan O’Shea, Chris Barrett, Enda Varley, Alan Dillon, Neil Douglas, Mark Ronaldson, Pat Harte, Aidan Kilcoyne.

And their lot:

Dublin (SF v Mayo 21/5/2010): Stephen Cluxton; Paul Conlon, Rory O’Carroll, Philly McMahon; Cian O’Sullivan, Ger Brennan, Barry Cahill; Ross McConnell, Eamonn Fennell; Paul Flynn, David Henry, Niall Corkery; Alan Hubbard, Bernard Brogan, Kevin McMenamon.  Subs: Michael Savage, Michael Fitzsimons, James McCarthy, Michael McAuley, Denis Bastick, Diarmuid Connolly, Pat Burke, Conal Keaney, Alan Brogan.

15 thoughts on “Teams for tonight’s game

  1. Pretty strong line up, the only changes I’d expect for Sligo would be the two O’Shea’s and Dillon.

    How come Kilcoyne is named as sub though? Was this before the severity of his injury was known, or is it not as bad as first feared?

  2. Would have liked us to have gone full strength as possible, possibly harte,dillon, two o sheas and great to see peader is closing in on his spot again

  3. Full Time.
    Mayo 1-18 Dublin 0-14.
    Backs and midfield did very well especially McGarrity. Keith Higgins excellent.
    Cafferkey had a good game on Broga.Andy Moran was very good.
    Barry Moran did quite well.
    This is info from the brother.
    A good performance by all accounts.
    That will more than likely be the starting back line for the Sligo game.

  4. I would agree with what the brother said there facetheball and would like to add that Alan Freeman had a cracking first half.He scored two of the sweetest points I`ve seen for a while from tight on the right wing he scored at least one more with the fist.He also gave Trevor the perfect pass for him to punch to the net.His handling is excellent and his awareness is really good all he now needs is a bit of confidence that will come with a couple of good showings in the white heat of the championship.
    Anyone know what`s the story on Vaughen?He was named on the programe but didn`t play. He got a slap in the mouth in some game that needed stitches so I suppose there was no point in risking him opening it up again.Surely he`d be ahead of Peader now for the Sligo game…maybe not he`d be good cover to have on the bench.Liam O`Malley did good in the second and I think Seamus O`Shea will have to start at midfield along with Ronan.It was a lovely balmey evening for a game not a puff of a breeze we had only one wide in the first half we had 5 or 6 in the 2nd half good return from the forewards.Center foreward will have to be Dillon hopefully he`ll be fit he`s been unluckey with injuries the last while
    The thing is that if we play as good as this on a regular basis we could beat anyone.Keep the concentration and don`t be giving the ball away we have the players we just have to toughen up a bit when we`re under presure.If other teams expect to beat us in Croke Park ,as seems to be the case,they wouldn`t be expecting us to come out like demons at this stage we have nothing to loose.
    Do like the Kerry boys if in doubt just play football and it will right itself !

  5. thanks for the reports lads, sounds like a good evening’s work, can’t wait for the c’ship opener!

  6. what do ye think? not easy to settle on a starting 15 for the sligo match. Anyway, here’s my offering as it stands now:
    Howley Cafferky Higgins
    Vaughan Cunniffe McLoughlin
    SOS McGarrity
    Trev Dillon Moran
    Conoreen AoS Varley

    really strong cases for gardiner for Vaughan; Harte for andy or trev; parsons , if in the mood, in mf with mcgarrity; big barry in ff line at expense of conor or enda, lom for howley! and a few more options as well !!!

    Food for thought!! serious options!

  7. Lads seen kevin keane today in a club game, the guy is serious footballer, reads the game very well, built like a tank, strong in the air, good passer, it cannot be long before he is seriously challenging

  8. Agree with facetheball on all 3. Kevin Keane is a savage prospect indeed JJ. Very unmayolike in his ways…..agressive is an understatement. Think he was involved for the fbd but probably be a bit young just yet but having said that hes no younger than AOS or Kevin Mcg

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