Teams named to play Armagh and Waterford

I got caught on the hop a bit there but a short while ago we named our starting fifteen to play Armagh up at the Athletic Grounds on Sunday (throw-in 3.30pm). It’s the same fifteen who started last Saturday night against Galway and, for the record, here is the team:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Armagh 5/2/2023): Colm Reape (Knockmore); David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis); Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Aiden Orme (Knockmore), James Carr (Ardagh), Ryan O’Donogue (Belmullet).

We’re likely to see a few changes to that list, I reckon, before the ball is thrown in on Sunday.

Jack Coyne, for example, played Sigerson for UL during the week, including extra-time, and he’s due to play again on Wednesday evening so there has to be a chance that he might not feature on Sunday. Likewise, Diarmuid O’Connor came off with what looked like a knock last Saturday night so he might not be good to go either. We’ll know on the day shortly before throw-in, I guess.

Earlier on today, meanwhile, we also named our team to play Waterford on Sunday. That LGFA NFL Division One game throws in at Dungarvan at 2pm and here’s the team we’ve named for it:

Mayo (LGFA NFL Division One v Waterford, 5/2/2023): Laura Brennan (Hollymount); Éilís Ronayne (Davitts), Róisín Flynn (Knockmore), Danielle Caldwell (Castlebar Mitchels); Lucy Wallace (Burrishoole), Sarah Tierney (Hollymoiunt), Kathryn Sullivan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain); Clodagh McManamon (Burrishoole), Sinéad Cafferky (Kilmovee Shamrocks); Hannah Reape (Knockmore), Shauna Howley (Knockmore), Maria Cannon (Burrishoole); Lisa Cafferky (Kilmovee Shamrocks), Rachel Kearns (MacHale Rovers), Tara Needham (Louisburgh).

The eagle-eyed among you will already have noticed that this too is an unchanged fifteen. There’s a pattern here somewhere.

Best of luck to both Mayo teams – and the hurlers as well, we’ve no team named for that one yet – in action this weekend.

52 thoughts on “Teams named to play Armagh and Waterford

  1. that team most likely will not start. I do not see the point of it like last week naming 2 players to start who were not even in the 26 and no subs named until the last minute. Some policies from the Horan era have not changed.
    and of course injuries are state guarded secrets, the usual “coming along well”

  2. Great article @willie joe .

    Good luck to the guys they did well enough against Galway and would have got a boost by getying the draw thanks to that amazing last minute point by Ryan O D .

    Armagh are a tough test but we need that to. Say it will be a packed game. Armagh supporters are great craic so hopefully be a good game.

    I am queitly confident that mayo will be a surprise and want to prove themselves mayo by one or two .

    Bob Touhy some exciting young player!

    Does anyone know is Paddy Durcan injured? Maybe on bench who knowsa

  3. Good on Glen, very classy move and come out of this whole mess looking very dignified indeed

    All the best to them in the club championship later this year

    Fair result prevails

  4. Would expect a couple of changes before throw in alright. Feel that Aidan Orme has had enough chances at 13 at this stage. Time to give others a chance to grab the jersey. Paul Towey does need to get an opportunity to start in the corner. While Conall Dempsey & Fionn McDonagh are more natural half forwards, they have a height advantage so would be interesting to see how effectively they could partner with Carr & ROD.

  5. I’d say DOC was subbed due to his performance more than anything Willie Joe. That wouldn’t have happened during James Horan term so was happy McStay made that call as things weren’t going right for him.
    Hoping DOC will have a huge season for us this year.

  6. @Travelling Willbury its good mcstay is going on terms if players form and not just their status ut’s the right thing. DOC great player though to.

  7. Should not be fearing Armagh, fully expect to snatch this one with a couple of points to spare

  8. Aidan O Shea will be needed on Sunday for his physical strength, Aido has been great servant to Mayo and when he decides to call it a day he will have no regrets for his outstanding service to Mayo Football team

  9. Mike Finnerty reported earlier in the week that the Armagh game would come too soon for Paddy Durcan,Robbie Hennelly and Tommy Conroy. The aim for all 3 is the Kerry game.
    Is there any word at all on Michael Plunkett? Haven’t heard him mentioned at all. He is one who definitely makes the 26 in my book.

  10. @Mind the house I still think mayo will produce a surprise on sunday. Hopefully the 3 of them Robbie henelly paddy durcan & Tommy c come back for kerry game. Be great to see Tommy C back what a great reception cillian O Connor got back in that awful league final I think the only great moment for a match we didnt want to be in ha!

    Is paddy durcan injured?
    I would say kerry will bring theur full force team for the game in castlebar after their poor games so far in the league.

    I would say kerry would think if they get a win over us in castlebar they will be back on top but never say never with mayo for that game to haha

    Armagh tough test sunday but hopefully mayo by one !

  11. 45 there are other players on team who have had far more chances than him. Some in several different positions. Orme isn’t an inside forward IMO he’s a half forward, that’s where he does his best work at club level. It was only week or so he put 4 or 5 points on board.

    It’s easy to pick on forwards. But who was marking men that scored the goals? Sure Orme was man in square, but only because he works like a dog. Who should have been marking Tierney, Kelly etc? If freeze the play when that ball enters square the amount of open space in front of our goal is unreal.

    This is bulk of of our championship team while still a good few missing, what I’d like to see at the weekend is some sort of defensive structure. This will be the 6th inter-county game for management so things should be taking shape.

  12. Nice to see the same team get a second chance
    I remember going to New Bridge to see Tom Cunniffe playing after hearing a lot about him from my Castlebar friends.
    He was roasted,but management left him on fot the whole game
    I thought he would never make an inter county footballer, how wrong I was.
    I believe players should make their debut away from as it puts them under less pressure.

  13. Diarmuid wasn’t moving well before being subbed. He was stretching and trying to loosen up the hamstring before gesturing to the side line so I don’t think it was a tactical call but a necessary one. I’d have my doubts he’ll feature this weekend. Luckily we are well stacked around that area at the moment.

  14. Hope Diarmuid O Connor recovers asap hamstring is an awful injury I pulled my own one before pretty painful. DOC is some player we need him back .

  15. Very poor form last Wednesday in COE,with all the money we spend on teams ,coaches s n c. Social media etc and we CAN’T provide 2 linsmen for a a connaught senior semi final. Top class game from both sides. Maybe we have got our priorities wrong

  16. Daveslad, even more important was two neutral umpires. Unusual for one umpire at the near goal to be running behind the goal across to the other side of the goal and putting up his hand for points. Was on the wrong side to judge but there were some very close ones that were adjudged to be points. In a two point game every one is crucial.

  17. Well said JR, Turbo Tom Cunniffe a good example. A lad like McBrien especially needs as much experience against top players as possible. And he may have a few tough days at the office before he excels. Same with Coyne and the likes. Hopefully those days come in the league and they’ll be battle hardened for championship.

    One gripe i have is this nonsense of not naming the panel for the games, and this has been going on for a few years so i dont know who the common denominator behind this is. Squads had to be submitted yesterday before lunchtime, so Armagh know who is in the squad. It’s completely pointless to withhold it in my opinion. I remember McStay on occasions named his championship team almost a week ahead of the game and I thought it was ballsy, but refreshing

  18. Travelling Wilbury – what do you mean that wouldn’t have happened under James Horan?More than any manager, Horan had no problem benching established players in favour of a newcomer.

  19. Travelling Wilbury Dont understand your comment about James Horan .Diarmuid O Connor came off as he had a hamstring problem nothing to do with his performance. There were one or two others who I don’t understand how they remained on the pitch but every player deserves respect

  20. Time to try Carr at wing forward. That’s his position he’s no full forward. ROD is gonna have a tough time Sunday. Armagh will have two marking him.

    I’d take a draw at this stage.

  21. Armagh who don’t seem to be in their flying form from the start of the league last year. Apparently they lost their recent challenges and lost to Cavan by 5 points in the McKenna cup. Last weekend they did beat Monaghan but it was by 2 points in a game they were gifted a goal in and Jack McCarron went off injured after a few minutes.

  22. Brilliant video on by Conan Doherty on Mayo’s new defensive structure. The video is also on YouTube. For some reason I can’t copy the link. Just type in something like “Mayo’s tighter defence” and it should come up. It’s just a 4min vid.

    It’s simple enough what Mayo are doing, but he explains it well. Maybe the Conor Loftus experiment may work after all.

    He also suggests how Paddy Durcan will fit back into the system on his return, the defensive wall created by our big midfielders allowing Paddy to bomb forward, thus removing the restriction on him to defend all the time (and being caught out when he advances).

    Look, it could all fall flat, but I really like the fact that McStay and Co are trying something very different. Essentially we’re shoring things up at the back while also playing to our strengths, ie still having raiders from deep.

    Check it out, it’s well worth a watch.

  23. Not a great fan of giving out about managers because they name a starting team and no subs or because they name a starting team and then make changes or because they sub some guy off or they dont put some guy on or they do nt tell us much about who is or is not injured. Just let them get on with their job to the best of their ability. It is Mcstays second competitive game. He is experimenting and trying things out. Sigerson quarter finals were on in mid week, some went to extra time. Sigerson semi finals are on in a few days so county managers must be mindful of that. Starting 15 may not be known until shortly before throw in. Panels are needed Watched the Sigerson games midweek. Nothing like the named starting 15 played in any game. Managers must manage resources as best they can.

  24. True to win just once, which is why Coyne and McLaughlin unlikely to feature bar off the bench.

    When consider Tommy’s injury last year.

  25. A rule should be introduced that players involved in sigerson should not play with county . It works fine for layers involved in latter stages of club championships. It would be a poor commitment to player welfare if Mayo play sigerson lads this weekend.

  26. Travelling Wilbury-utter tripe re DOC/Horan.We have enough barstool bullshit elsewhere without dragging it on here.

  27. I presume travelling willbury wasn’t at the game. As said by other bloggers, it pretty clear Diarmuid had a hamstring issue.

  28. Without Paddy and O’Hora and presumably Eoghan McLaughlin and Jack Coyne as well we’re a bit light on options at the back. I imagine Sam Callinan will get a deserved outing but we’ll see. Without Diarmuid who was struggling with injury will we drop Flynn or Carney into midfield? Hard to know what way the forwards will line out like with Cillian and AOS both looking very fit and maybe a bit of experience needed in this one. Good to have options and with Sigerson nearing a conclusion players need to be putting down markers with the injured lads also nearing fitness. Hitting the road early enough tomorrow and wishing all fellow travelling fans a safe journey.

  29. I well understand the talk about resting the sigerson lads and it’s my opinion most of the time but then I think these lads would prefer to play a portion of the game than training where they could also get injured. Only a few years ago Aidan kilcoyne got a serious knee injury getting off the bench after the team point is players can get injured without playing though maybe burnout is the issue.

  30. No doubt, it’s cumulative loading and recovery that be the issue I’d imagine.
    This time years county teams would be downing a lot of work. Galway done a session the morning of our game last week apparently.
    It’s different level stuff now.

  31. Personally I don’t have a problem with not naming subs early for league games. While it would be nice to know now and we could discuss different options, the only ones to benefit really would be Armagh .
    A big panel of players to choose from and lads carrying knocks and injuries , some calls on the 26 may be made today .
    Like some of the above I think we could see up to 3 changes on the starting team .

  32. With the league having an impact on championship placings.I think the league and Sigerson should be played at different times.

  33. Lahanman, was it a Sigerson game Tommy did the cruciate n ?……I seem to recall that he was on both Sigerson and County duty that week…

  34. On the sigerson guys.

    Imo there’s a difference between players who are established in the team and those trying to break in.

    Eoghan McLaughlin is established. Jack Coyne isn’t. Both need to be managed so that they’re not being overworked but Jack needs games from the start to see if he’s an option there for the business end of the season.

    What Eoghan needs is better described as polishing. He needs to fine tune aspects of his game, his tackling for example, and in this respect you want be working on these things in training and then giving him targets to hit during matches. This is obviously a little difficult with sigerson in midweek

    Jack on the other hand, needs games at this level. The fine tuning can come later. Right now you need to know that he handle the gameday side of things. This, provided you manage his workload, is possible while he’s playing sigerson.

    This would how I would see things for defenders and middle third players. Forwards are a bit different

    The new season format is quite intense. How you manage players will be vital. Experienced lads can and should be expected to know where they are themselves. Inexperienced guys aren’t at that point, and as most of will know from our own life’s, often you need to go through these things in order to be able to manage them in the future

  35. @Gizmobobs

    As I said: “Forwards are a bit different”

    Defenders keep you in games, so that forwards can win it.

    Tommy Conroy played one game for Mayo last year. The very first competitive one. A game that imo it was very important we didn’t lose.

    Very easy to simply criticize. Management aren’t stupid, there’s a reason for everything they do.

  36. There’s a reason for doing, and then there is common sense/player welfare and common sense.
    3 games with one having extra time in it, in space of 8 days in winter conditions would be, IMO, crazy.

    It hasn’t happened and I doubt it will. Team will likely be different to one named.

  37. It will be interesting to see how Armagh progress this year, they took us to penalties but really thats more Galway being unable to put teams they have u beaten away more than Armagh brilliance. They also have issues with discipline. Mayo looked lively last week but vunerable at the back. Armagh may not give up as much around the middle as Galway so Mayo may need to rely on ROD to bring his shooting boots. Its too early to say but im sure McStay would take a point as there are easier places to go to.

  38. Presume no issues with pitch etc.Frozen solid here on east coast . Thawing alright but just checking.

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