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A few minutes ago, the hit counter here on the blog tipped over into seven digits for the month of April. This is the first time where page views on the blog have exceeded a million in a single month or, indeed, have ever come close to doing so.

Up until the start of this year, the highest monthly total was the long-standing one of 663k set back in July 2019 (just a shade over last September’s monthly total). February this year finally saw that topped, with a new monthly high of 824k set. That, in turn, was exceeded last month when hits reached 837k for the month. This month traffic has jumped again, this time over the one million mark.

Source: Statcounter

This means too, of course, that the annual hit count is set to smash last year’s high of 3.9m. Already, with just four months of the year not quite over, the annual count stands at 3.3m. I’ve no idea where 2022 will end up but it’ll certainly be over 4m, maybe 5m or even higher.

Last Sunday, by the way, also saw a new daily high reached. I thought for a time that this might burst through the 100,000 mark but it stopped just shy of that, at 98,089.

Sunday was a wild day in many respects and a considerable part of the day for me was devoted not just to what was occurring on-field but also to what was happening online. I tried to paint a picture of that in a piece I wrote for this week’s Mayo Newshere – in which I hope I gave a fair-minded flavour of the debate that took place on the blog in the aftermath of the match at MacHale Park.

And, of course, it’s that debate and that interaction, combined with the return of a proper inter-county season post-Covid, that’s behind this surge in traffic volumes to the blog this year. Without all of you reading what’s posted here, voting in the polls, searching the results archive, listening to the podcasts and engaging in debate, this place would be nothing.

You’ve made it what it is and, for that, thanks a million to all of you.

43 thoughts on “Thanks a million

  1. This blog has no equal in the gaa world. I’m sure it feels a bit thankless sometimes but sure if you were in it for that alone you’d prob have packed it on long ago. well done and thanks a million yourself WJ!

  2. Thank you WJ – can honestly say this blog has made supporting Mayo GAA even more fun than it used to be.

  3. Congratulations Willie Joe. The service this blog continues to provide for not just us Mayo supporters but the wider GAA community is invaluable. It is a remarkable achievement for which we are all grateful. Thanks again.

  4. My goodness, Willie Joe, those are incredible figures. 1 million blog views for the month of April, the highest in a single month yet.
    Well done WJ! You put in a phenomenal amount of work to keep us all in the know, connected and in line (where needed).
    Well done, us blog consulters.
    And well done, MayoGAA – there’s life in this canine yet!

  5. That’s a great achievement WJ – Thank You for all your effort.
    This blog is the real ‘must have’ and ‘go to’ spot for genuine Mayo GAA fans with good honest and open debate (notwithstanding the odd few unsavoury spats).

  6. Great job Willie Joe, you deserve great credit, I’m sure at times you have wondered to yourself is it all worth the hassle, don’t know how many times I have said to the family “did you see the comments on the Blog?” All in good fun. Congratulations, a million hits it has turned into a beast.

  7. Super stuff WJ, credit to you for this great blog…me thinks a channel on youtube is the next

  8. Comhghairdheas leat, a Wille Joe, obair den chéad scoth. Cá bhfaigheann tú do chuid fuinnimh?!?

  9. Crazy numbers.
    As others have said the blog is now an integral part of following the Mayo teams.
    In my own case the blog provided a unique link with home (as it does for so many others) when I was a decade overseas.
    I was a bit worried when the pod went behind the paywall that it might somehow change the dynamic or dilute things when in reality the opposite has happened, it was my first foray into Patreon and now I’m subscribed to a few others too!
    I imagine the moderation is such an unbelievable, thankless and frustrating job,most mods on the likes of only do the job for a couple of years at a time.Its some going to still be at it and more remarkable still that this place has not descended into what you see on social media.I think it would be a great idea to do a biography of the blog from its beginnings to what it is now.Maybe you could even bring out a book of all the comments that never made it to the blog! You might need the legal team on board for that though
    It really is a credit to Willie Joe,not much else to say.

  10. Congrats WJ. It’s not a bit surprising.

    Great thinking BazHam, wouldn’t it be fantastic to see an online mayogaablog channel, ie where Podcasts, post match interviews etc were uploaded.

  11. Congratulations Willie Joe you put a huge amount of work into this blog and it is a great servive for all Mayo people all over the world im sure thats something we all can agree on

  12. I see Brendan Harrison had an operation today. Hope he recovers fast, such sacrifices our players make.

  13. A credit to you WJ. We would be lost without the blog. Diverse views and opinions expertly moderated puts your blog far ahead of any others I visit. Fair play to you and well done

  14. Fair play , like everyone else commenting it’s a little hub for me that I do thoroughly enjoy .

    Anyone think that was a bit harsh that red card in minor game ?

  15. Well WJ…those are incredible figures. Well done to you and thank you for such amazing work. I feel special….one in a million…. like the rest of ye!!
    Come on Mayo…

  16. Well done Willie Joe congrats. Great work. It’s great to see everyone happy with the manager for once.

  17. Fair play to you WJ.
    It must be a great source of pride to know that so many people get such a kick (I’ve got a few this week), but that people get so much joy out of your creation.

    Congratulations on the unbelievable numbers and many more happy years of blogging ahead.

  18. That is brilliant,I am a long time poster on the blog I really treasure it,and felt by just reading it without making any contribution towards the news that we get,but now I contribute towards patron and don’t feel quite so bad,congratulations to you all

  19. Well done Willie Joe, that is quite an extraordinary achievement. It is the go to place for me after every game to air my own opinions and to see those of others. It also helps me to let off steam after the frustration of poor performances. Keep it up.

  20. In all fairness, that’s a pile of horse manure WJ,
    YOU’VE MADE IT WHAT IT IS, not us and it’s us that thank you. This blog is an integral part of Mayo GAA at this stage.
    Amazing numbers, congrats.

  21. Although it’s a Mayo Gaa blog in name etc I would now well imagine that there was a large percentage of Galway folk logging on over the last week. .
    Nothing like a Mayo Galway connacht championship game to get everyone talking.
    Fantastic numbers.

  22. Went through a big nostalgia phase recently and was wondering what certain starting championship teams were around the late 90s/early 00s.. Google was a waste of time for the most part, but then someone pointed me towards the ‘Results Archive’ here.. I thought it would be just that – results – which in itself would be a great service, but to be able to actually find starting teams – from minor teams to FBD league teams – from back in the day is absolutely phenomenal. Really well appreciated from a guy here who’s absolutely obsessed with GAA history.

    Incredible service and that’s not to mention the whole blog facility itself!

  23. I’m just a person who reads blog but never contributes what a service on everything Mayo GAA and beyond Many Many thanks WJ

  24. Congratulations on the success of the blog WJ. I don’t post very often but will still peruse the site a few times every day. An excellent service for Mayo GAA supporters.

  25. Congratulations Willie Joe’!
    Had to have a wry smile revillino at your contribution!
    Fair play.

  26. Congrats Willie Joe.
    You are a man in a million. Keep up the great work keeping the Mayo supporters all around the world in the loop.
    Well done

  27. Congratulations Willie Joe. Those are spectacular figures. You deserve it. Keep her lit. I’m hoping we will All be posting right up and beyond July. Magnificent Achievement. This blog is a must for the genuine Mayo GAA fan. Thank You so much.

  28. Congratulations Willie Joe, this blog is so wonderful. It makes my day to read it. I visit this blog 20 Times a day. Keep up the good work Willie Joe.

  29. Congrats to all concerned and Willie Joe in particular. Just makes me think how those presenting either blogs or tv related forums can make or break them. On here and Patreon we are blessed.
    Sometimes RTE seems tired and laboured but must say that Eamon Fitzmaurice is a breath of fresh air and along with Cora the best they have. Sky though have the edge with Canavan, graphics and in depth analysis coming out on top.
    Without any bs I can honestly say that on here and Patreon we get the best and most honest (warts and all) punditry.
    For instance, you would never get an opposition view on Manutv or ltv.
    Keep it up lads.

  30. Yip, same as that WJ, a great service you’re providing here, many thanks. I couldn’t do without the blog, big part of life now.
    I have to agree with Joe there, Cora is an excellent commentator – very analytical and professional. I like Eamon Fitz too, in fact I wouldn’t mind him taking on the Mayo job sometime.
    Cheers Willie Joe, keep up the good work.

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