Thanks a million

We’re only back in the capital a few hours having spent a very enjoyable few days down at the home place in Mayo but just after we got back here and while we were sorting the kids out post-trip and all that, a significant milestone relating to the site was reached: the cumulative hit count topped the million mark.

As you can see from the above graph (double-click on it to see a bigger version) the hit count on the site has increased rapidly over the past while. It was only at the beginning of last year that I was on here heralding the fact that the cumulative total had breached the half-a-million mark, now – barely fifteen months later – I’m back braying about having surpassed the million marker.

In doing so, it’s only right and proper to acknowledge all those many visitors who have made this happen. Without you this place would be nothing, with you I think we’ve created something that’s a little bit special. Thanks a million, y’all.

24 thoughts on “Thanks a million

  1. Good man WJ and congratulations . You might interest Facebook and they might bid for the site.They paid was it a billion for Instagram today! Great site, great achievement and delighted to have this brilliant outlet . Hip hip hip

  2. Delighted for you WJ, may the news, tid-bits and healthy debate continue for years to come as you have provided a hub, a focal point for all those who have an interest in Mayo football to articulate their views.

    There are things wrong with the GAA in Mayo; but this medium that you steward so diligently shows that there is still much to be enthused by.

    Keep the Faith!

  3. Congrats, WJ. Keep up the great work. We will keep on reading, commenting and contributing!

  4. fair play to ya, have given us exiles a great way of staying on the pulse of our county team.thank you…maigheo abu….wj abu.

  5. Well done WJ – it’s a great milestone.

    I notice the angle on the graph is getting sharper -meaning more hits over a shorter period of time.

  6. WJ that’s a serious accomplishment, fair play and fair play to your supporters too. Great to see the hard work paying off. Don’t be selling out now and sticking up ads for Swiss luxury watch brands and vigra!

  7. dead right ed.k for us lads ovberseas this site has become the indispensible location for all mayo Gaa news, congrats WJ , heres to the next milestone

  8. Well done WJ
    Do you have any of that patience left in the bottle for me.

    Just in passing; there appears to be another lefty (citog) making an occassional appearance on the site?
    Just for the records when you are handing out any black marks

  9. Hi Citog – I hadn’t noticed but thanks for pointing it out, I’ll look into it and twiddle with the controls to deal with it. I’m planning a site overhaul in the lull between the league and the championship and, as part of this, I expect to be moving to a more formal registration process for contributors so any concerns about ‘identity theft'(which has happened to at least one other person on here that I’m aware of) should be definitively sorted at that stage.

  10. Well done WJ, great resource for all fans…
    If people are interested I got emailed my ticket for sunday yesterday. Lower cusack row RR, section 306. I have the Gaa season ticket and not the Cairde Mayo one. I know people havent heard anything from Cairde Mayo, also no Jacket or Vouchers as promised.

  11. Congrats WJ. This is a fair achievment and is testament to the effort you put into your blogs and the site.

  12. well don wj great site , is it true that mayo co board did not give out the jacket and vouchers,

  13. Great achievement WJ, well done. Just wondering if you are considering setting up a formal messageboard as part of your site revamp with the registrations and all that – Laois, Kerry (as per your link on the other post), Dublin, Armagh and the Rossies among others all have successful ones and if there there was to be a Mayo one it would make sense to have it here as this is where the majority of online Mayo supporters go for their discussion fix already. Just a thought.

    Either way, keep up the good work!

  14. Declan – thanks for that. We had a bit of a debate on here a short while ago on that very point and the majority view (which, after some thought, I agree with) is that a formal messageboard is not the route this site should take right now. A messageboard is a very different animal and while I can see the need for one (there used to be a one in the past but it petered out) my concern is that it might detract from what is now working well here, where a lively community of regular contributors already exists. also has a number of active, well-informed Mayo contributors and I’d see that as the main messageboard (as well as Hogan Stand I suppose) that people use at the minute. I don’t think launching another one is really necessary and it would, of course, also need moderating and all that goes with it so it’s not on the agenda for now.

  15. Congratulations WJ! I think i can safely say i account for one a day!! The site is brilliant and I think you are right about nit having a message board. Too much gibberish spouted on those things.

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