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As we prepare for the final of the National Football League on Sunday, the news has broken this morning that Trevor Mortimer – who was the last remaining player from the current panel to appear for us the day we won our most recent league title, against Galway in 2001 – has retired. James Horan confirmed Trevor’s retirement in an interview in today’s Irish Times.

Looking back over the results archive here on the site, from what I can see Trevor made his senior inter-county debut for us in a Division 1B league match against Clare down in Kilmihil in February 2000. He lined out that day – as he often did for the county – at centre half-forward and scored two of our nine points tally in a match where we went under to the Bannermen by four points. Big brother Kenneth was still on the scene then as well, lining out that day in his familiar corner-back spot. Later that year, Trevor made his inter-county championship debut in what proved to be a very short summer campaign for us. In those pre-qualifier times, that championship season began and ended on the one day down in Markievicz Park, as we lost to Sligo by three points, with Trevor scoring three points from his position at top of the left.

Since then, Trevor has – aside from a number of injuries and the odd suspension – been pretty much a permanent fixture on the Mayo senior squad. By my reckoning, he played a total of 95 league and championship games for the county during his inter-county career (starting 81 of them) and scoring a very healthy total of 8-89. Aside from that league decider in 2001, Trevor also appeared in the starting fifteen in the 2004 All-Ireland final and, in a year blighted for him by injury, he also came on as a sub in the 2006 final.

Trevor was appointed Mayo captain in 2009 and lifted the Nestor Cup in July that year when, for the first time in our history, we recorded a Connacht final victory over Galway at Pearse Stadium. He was still team captain when he lined out in the league final against Cork the following year, on what ultimately proved to be an unproductive day for both himself and the county.

Few, including myself, would have seen him as a nailed-on starter for us following our ultimately disastrous 2010 championship campaign. However, it was his introduction from the bench against London in Ruislip last May that helped rescue us from what could have been our most ignominious championship defeat of all time. Reborn as a half-back – where he’d first appeared briefly back in 2007 – Trevor went on to start in all of our subsequent championship matches last year. His final match for the county was last year’s All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry.

Work pressures – and, one assumes, his specific need to work abroad at the moment – have now brought the curtain down on Trevor’s inter-county career at the age of 31. Like his brother Kenneth before him, Trevor is retiring at a relatively young age but this is a reflection, I guess, both of the time and effort required to sustain an inter-county career nowadays and the hard yards he’s put in over the last decade and more, as well, of course, as the very understandable need to pursue work commitments.

In flagging Trevor’s departure from the scene, James Horan put it well by stating that the Shrule-Glencorrib man was “a great servant” to the cause and that his departure “has left some big boots to fill”. Too true – thanks, Trevor, for all the effort expended for the county down the years and all the very best for the future.


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  1. gutted to hear the news this morning … He was such a leader and for me was a true example of how you should play when wearing the green and red jersey with True grit he turned around many bad games for us … A huge loss but wish him the very best of luck …

  2. Sorry to see Trevor go, he owes nothing to the county. His attitude & aggression has hopefully rubbed off on some of the new generation.

  3. Although it will probably be forgotten in time, Trevor really did save us from disaster in Ruislip last year. It’s fair to say we would not have got out of there in one piece without him. Who knows what might have happened had we lost that game, I doubt that the relatively successful last year we’ve had under Horan would have materialised – and anything we go on to achieve from here would have been less likely also.

    His efforts as captain in Salthill in 09 as well as setting up Conor’s goal that day will long be remembered though.

    All the best for the future Trevor.

  4. Trevor was the real deal for Mayo and you could always rely on him to get stuck in when needed. He was full of heart.
    A pity he never got an All Ireland medal.
    Well done Trev – you gave it everything.

  5. Trevor never lacked heart but he never went on to be the sort of forward that I thought he would be. He was not a natural score taker.
    His best days as a forward was Fermanagh in 2004. It’s a pity he was not stationed in the half back line earlier in his career. He was great there for Mayo last year.
    Thanks Trevor

  6. One of my abiding memories of Trevor was in the 2004 All-Ireland semi-final against Fermanagh. Late on in the game, he took things by the balls – going on a typically hard and direct run before fisting the ball over the bar, putting us into the lead.

    In absolute torrid affair – when lads had to stand-up and look for the ball, Trevor never went hiding. All you can ever really demand from players is 100% effort – from what I ever saw from him, that was what you always got. Good luck to him and thanks for everything.

  7. Very sad news this morning, trevor was a great servent to mayo football. I wish him the very best of luck for the future.

  8. Not the most gifted of footballers but put in many a great performance for Mayo.Loved his aggression at a time when Mayo were known as a soft team.Always gave everything for the Red and Green and that is all we can every ask.I thought he had one of his best seasons last year.Thanks Trevor and good luck in the future.

  9. Best wishes to Trevor, hope everything goes well for him in Kenya. Gave everything for the cause. Got a allstar nomination last year, so left at the top of his game. Shame so many young men & women have to leave Ireland for work, I know thats another issue Anyhow wlll done Trevor on a long & sucessfull playing career with Mayo, you wont be forgotten,

  10. Last year was his best season in the red and green for a long time. He was plagued by injuries over the last few years.

    He was a very solid performer for Mayo and never left us wanting in terms of effort. Good luck to the fella.

  11. All the best Trevor, a true warrior for Mayo over the years.
    Delighted that he had such a good year last year, as he was largely written off before then (I was one of those to write him off). As always, he proved everyone wrong.

  12. sorry to see trevor go a true leader who had amazing spirit and agression on the field. best wishes to him for the future.

  13. Immense.
    Major loss to Mayo but he owes nothing either. He had a great 2004 and 2011 in particular.

  14. Robbed of an All Star in 2004. Would have had an impact this year at closing a match out. He owes us nothing .

  15. Thanks for some great memories Trevor. Like your brother Kenneth before you, you were never found wanting on the field of play. No quarters were ever asked. That never say die attitude you had seems to be rubbing off on the current panel.

  16. if you wanted to know what trev was about, watch the second half of the 2004 replay against fermanagh!

    he was immense, pure heart and determination!

    not always the most skillful but a disaster to mark and when he ran at you, you were royally f**ked.

    Thanks for the memories trevor

  17. Somebody has said in one of the comments above that he was not one of the most gifted footballers. Anyone who has followed football over the years will conclude that he WAS a most gifted footballer. He is a player who has given outstanding service to Shrule/Glencorrib and Mayo. When he got the ball there was always a buzz and excitement. Last year was one his best with Mayo. I, similar to many, thank this gifted footballer for the many happy days he gave my friends and I.

  18. a player i admired always for his attitude and pride he showed in representing his county. He got plenty of stick being on the border but he always knew where his heart was…

    I ve seen him play since under 15 and in my mind his best ever day our for the county was the hastings cup final against tyrone (yes the team of O neill, mulligan and cormac mcanallen). we beat them by 21 points to 20 after extra time up in longford and boy was trevor the main man there. Played wing forward but out fielded all the midfielders.. Also a few views on his footballing ability, i would suggest that he was one of the more talented players we ve produced in years. I ve asked a number of ex mayo players who ve played with him and they siad he was exceptionally player. Sad day but i wouldnt put it past him to go into management when he finishs in Africa.. all the best mort.

  19. sorry to make a Kerry comparison but he was our Paul Galvin, when dirty ball had to be one, Trevor was the man who would appear with the ball tight to his chest, he always gave 100% to the cause and for that alone he has to be one of our most consistent performers, I still felt he had a lot to offer in the current campaign especially winning those breaks around midfield but alas it isn’t to be, a great player for the green and red, thanks Trevor and good luck with life outside of the small world of Gaelic football!

  20. He does not know what twitter or Facebook are LOL
    Don’t rule out a return next year but sadly it’s unlikely….deserved an all Ireland medal having lost schools, minor , u21 and senior finals 🙁

  21. Great footballer, played with a great attitude. Tough as nails, honest performer. What every manager would want in a player. Meet him a few times on the beer through a mutual friend, grand lad.

  22. pity tevs gone big loss could have done with him on sunday time mayo county board started to look after its best men every other county does

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