The 2010 Irish Blog Awards: I’ve been nominated

irishblogawardslargelogoJust thought you might like to know that, along with a hundred million others (okay, that’s an exaggeration but only a small one – check out the lists for yourself), this humble blog has, once again, been nominated for a gong in the 2010 Irish Blog Awards.  My thanks to whichever kind soul it was who put me on their list.

Twenty-eight of us will be going to post in the Sports and Recreation category dish ear (kindly sponsored by and on this occasion there’s a pretty varied mixture in terms of the sports (and recreation activities) covered.  While that other form of football once again hogs the limelight, other pursuits such as rugger, hockey, cycling, exploring caves, knitting and drinking (not all to be undertaken at the same time, mind) get a look in as well.  It’s a veritable slice of life, in other words.

Obviously, this tsunami of blogs will need to be whittled down fairly drastically (can one whittle down a tsunami, I wonder?) ahead of the awards ceremony, which this year will be held in Galway – in the Radisson Blu hotel – on March 27th (just so as you can get a handle on when that is, it’s the night before we play Monaghan in the NFL at McHale Park) and I assume that, at some point between now and then, a shortlist for each category will be declared.

Needless to say, I’m not counting any chickens on that front: indeed, I should probably take a leaf out of Johnno’s book in terms of downbeat comments.  How about this?  “Nobody is going to remember who was nominated back in February when the awards are handed out at the end of March”.   That’ll do nicely, I think.

15 thoughts on “The 2010 Irish Blog Awards: I’ve been nominated

  1. Blog on Willie Joe. Glad to see your site acknowledged for the great forum that it is. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Hopefully wj you might go one step further than last year and win it, as all things green and red are in winning form at the moment!

  3. Thanks, lads – I’m only one of around 800 at this stage so I think, for now, it’s just confirmation that I’m able to type (after a fashion).

  4. could not imagine a better fanzine blog out there for any sport or leisure pursuit, your commitment and dedication to the mayo cause and your mastery of internet medium could’nt possibly be outdone by anyone anywhere. hope you get the rewards you deserve!! 😉

  5. Deserved indeed !! think it’s appropriate time for one more rendition of the aul ditty ….

    Eggs and rashers for the Mayo slashers,
    Barley and oats for the Galway goats!”

    Way to go Willie Joe !!! Hope it’s turns out to be more than a nomination!

  6. Well done WJ! Well deserved.

    Pity it isn’t done as a public vote. Although personally I’m not sure if I’d vote for you or the knitting one…

  7. WJ, can people vote for you (preferably not at €3.55 per text incl VAT!) for these awards?? well deserved if you ask me!

  8. Thanks, chaps [sez he doing collective bow] – it’s early days yet in the process so let’s see what happens. As in previous years, though, I’m far more concerned with our success on the pitch.

    It’s not a public vote, which is probably just as well. As Dan points out, that knitting site could attract a fair few votes!

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