The build-up to Sunday continues

Mayo Ros 2013

Another day closer to Sunday’s showdown with the Sheepstealers and the build-up to the contest in Hyde Park continues apace. Here’s a selection of what’s out there today.

In the nationals, the Irish Independent has a piece on Robbie Hennelly, while the Irish Examiner has a short piece on Richie Feeney as well as an article on how ourselves and Dublin have pulled away from the pack in our respective provinces. On the latter, I’m not convinced that like is being compared to like, as the Dubs are already on a run of eight out of the last nine Leinsters, whereas our completion of the Connacht three-in-a-row last year was our first such success since the glory days way back when.

The Score also has a similar interview with Robbie Hennelly and so too does Hogan Stand.

There’s audio too, in the form of the Mayo News podcast and that somewhat controversial Second Captains one. I haven’t yet had the chance to listen to either of them, I’m afraid.

The previews have started as well. The one from the Roscommon Herald from earlier in the week is here, while the GAA’s own one, which also contains a video piece with Andy Moran, is here.  The Mayo Advertiser has a match preview by Ray Silke as well as John Casey’s take on the upcoming Connacht semi-final clash.

That’s your lot for now.

9 thoughts on “The build-up to Sunday continues

  1. Fair play to you WJ !! Nowhere else on God’s earth would you see a service like this, that you provided to the followers and contributors to this super blog.
    Your some man for one man! And least we take it for granted, I’m reminded to say many thanks again for all your work in enlightening us and providing such a great platform for great debates.

  2. Yea seriously WJ, serious work. It’s the one stop shop for every article. Like getting breakfast in bed, sure we’re only spoilt.

    Thanks heaps

  3. Sorry WJ. Didn’t read your piece properly. Of course you mentioned Richie above already.

  4. Good piece in today’s indo re Mayo achievements in the last three years . it really puts in into context we we were when James and his team took over , and to where we are now .we should as Mayo supporters appreciate what they as management and this wonderful bunch of lads as players have given us so much happiness ( and a little bit of hurt ) over this last three years . Hopefully this next few months will be equably enjoyable . Starting tomorrow we heading into the lions den but should come away with a win after we have worn the rossies down .

  5. Is there an official meet up for tomorrow prior to the match? i.e. some hotel/pub in Ros town.
    Also I think people should give their season tickets to others who are going and they could pass them one if required. Someone from Mayo will definitely use up the surplus if there is one.

  6. Good point, JPM – I’ve someone looking for an adult and juvenile ticket (to get into the stand) if anyone is looking for someone to scan their season tickets in for them.

  7. Make sure every season ticket holder go’s in the designated “season ticket” style or else their attendance WILL NOT BE RECORDED and Croke Park WILL NOT entertain you next week!! I’ve a funny feeling there will be major agro over it next week!

    Also make sure all Mayo supporters are in for the hurling at 12, and also ensure we take the stand as there is limited seats in it!!

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