The calm before the final

Mayo flag

It’s the day before our All-Ireland U21 football final against Cork but it’s deathly quiet out there. It doesn’t really feel like the day before a big game but maybe maybe that’s because today’s still a weekday and because it’s an underage final – the last underage match at county level that many of the team will get to play – it doesn’t have the same kind of profile as a senior championship clash would have.

In any event, most the feature stuff about the game has already been done in the nationals. The only two pieces of note today are both in the Irish Examiner, which are a feature on manager Mike Solan and a piece with Cork midfielder Seán White.  There’s also a piece in The 42 on six players – three from each side – to watch in tomorrow’s decider.

The locals obviously have loads more in the way of coverage and the Mayo News have now made available for download (here) their excellent 12-page All-Ireland final preview.

The Mayo Advertiser also has plenty of coverage of the big game in their sports section (here) and their preview podcast is also available. So if you’re having a quiet Friday ahead of all the excitement that awaits tomorrow, you could do worse than put the feet up and have a listen to Colm and John.

21 thoughts on “The calm before the final

  1. Really looking forward to the match tomorrow evening. We need to get as many people as possible to Ennis, AND bring the colour please! Cusack Park will be Mayo’s tomorrow! Anyone looking for a lift, I’ll be hitting the road at 2, have 2 spare seats.

  2. Well yes indeed it’s a very calm before the throw in.Even the flag abroad is gone limp for a change….Travelled a bit around yesterday and counted the number of flags on one hand…most of them in Foxford. I suppose that’s the way it is….a pity, because the colours never looked so vivid with the greening up of growth around the place.
    Wishing all the boys the best of luck tomorrow….nerves under control, tackles telling, shots at the ready and the usual strong finish!
    Mayo ! Mayo ! Mayo!!

  3. Should be a cracking match. Hopefully we can mirror the result of 10 years ago. Like a similar post above I have 2 free seats as well. From the big smoke that is and returning after if anyone is stuck. Mayo Abu ???

  4. I was giving the Cork boys I work with a bit of stick today about the game. They’re ultra confident as Cork always are but still tried to throw in the caveat that they’re not that pushed about it. Which is bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

    I reckon Diarmuid O’Connor will get plenty of ‘treatment’ early on so he’ll have to deal with that. We’ll also need the other lads around the middle to put themsves about if he is double marked.

    Cork clearly strong in the forwards but I’d have to question the Monaghan backline too in conceding 2.15 from play. That was a very open game so we have to ensure it’s a bloody scrap to get inside our half backs.

  5. Rock,
    it’s hard to say how good Cork really are but I completely agree with you about the Monaghan defence. A couple of friends of mine from Monaghan were of the same opinion. They were particularly scathing about the fact that their no4 was getting cleaned by the corner forward and left on him for the 60 minutes. The extra man they had back at times seemed lost and ineffective. Monaghan also conceded very few frees ( which many would see as a positive) but in fact in the modern game that is very naive. They should have been pulling and dragging Cork out around the middle and not letting them get going. All the top teams know how, when and where to foul in order to upset the flow of the opposition. It’s just part of the modern game.

  6. all I will say is that if the rest of them follow diarmuid o Connors lead and work like he does, they have a chance to be a champion team. Best of luck to them all, and give it your best shot and don’t regret anything on Sunday.
    Mayo 2-14
    Cork 1-14

  7. Stopped off on the way from work and bought a new flag especially for the occasion lots of flags to be around Belmullet and Erris it will be a great occasion in Ennis tomorrow it’s great to have an all Ireland final to go to so early in the year while we haven’t landed the big one yet these are halcyon days of Mayo football long may it continue I would also call on all supporters to make the trip to Ennis and roar on the lads I’ll be bringing the colour and probably a brolly and a wetsuit as God only knows what the weather will throw up

  8. Good luck to the mayo u21 tomorrow go win it. It will not be easy but this mayo team will not give in or give up that is what will get them over the line mayo by 3 points

  9. Dropped the girlfriend to the train station earlier because she is heading back for the long weeked to spend with her family. She throws me a text from the train to check under the duvet in the bed. She’s only gone and bought me a Mayo Day present! The white jersey, which was next on my shopping list!

    Best. Mayo-Eve. EVER!!!

  10. Does anyone know what the traffic is like getting into Ennis on a match day? Trying to decide if I’ll get the 3:05 or the 4:05 bus from Galway…

  11. MayoDan 3:05 would be cutting it a bit fine. I would aim for the 3:05 if I were you.

  12. Best of luck to the lads to morrow ,,, feckin plagued with weddings this year and one to morrow ,, so tg4 for me ,, safe journey to all

  13. You need to hold on to that girl friend MayoMark ….that was a lovely touch. Let’s hope that Mayo day is indeed Mayos day by end oof match tomorrow evening.Big emphasis on Cork forwards tonight on Tg4….Sometimes the bigger they are the further they….! Sometimes!

  14. The very best to the team and all involved in the decider tomorrow. We have a week old boy here so all the attention goes to him but I’ll still keep my eye on the game. All these big games are important but for momentum and these lads attitude alone I feel a win tomorrow would really bring alot to Mayo GAA. All the best boys!!!!

  15. @Ros Town, there’s a bit of on street parking unless it is coned off for match day. There’s an Aldi beside the pitch but I cant remember if there’s parking time limits. There’s also a Dunnes not too far but again cant remember if there’s time limits on parking.

  16. Not a fan of the way this is so low key , I really hope there is big support down in Ennis today . What’s the atmosphere like in Mayo , what numbers would you estimate will travel ? Anything below a 10k turnout is poor in my opinion .

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