The day after

The pain hasn’t started to recede all that much yet but it will, I know, and when it does there’s our bright future to think about. First, though, there’s all the post-match stuff to wade through so here it is. I’ve only skimmed through it myself (I’ve largely avoided what’s been said in the media since the match and I didn’t even have the heart to look at The Sunday Game last night) and you’re probably the same. It’s the difference between winning and losing, I guess.

Colm Gannon, whom I finally got to meet for real at the session in Bowe’s on Saturday night, was once again first from the traps with his match report in the Mayo Advertiser.

The Irish Times has the match report, post-match quotes, quotes from James Horan and quotes from Jack O’Connor and John O’Keeffe’s analysis.

The Irish Independent has its match report, its Jack O’Connor quotes, more Jack O’Connor quotes and analysis from Eugene McGee.

The Irish Examiner has a match report, Jack’s quotes, James’ quotes, a Kerry-centric eulogy and Ray Silke’s analysis.

RTÉ also have a match report and quotes from Jack and James and, of course, all the action is available on the RTÉ Player (no, I can’t face it yet either).

There are plenty of other match reports out there but I’m sure, given the day that’s in it, all of the above links should be enough for you. You should, however, drop by at An Spailpín Fánach’s place for a read of his thoughtful and uplifting take on yesterday’s game and where it leaves us.

2 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Nice to see O’Keeffe and McGee recognize that it’s not all doom and gloom for Mayo this time around…very fair articles. Didn’t like Silke’s piece – if for nothing else than the God-awful style it was written.

  2. I horsed into a load of work around the house last night and today to distract myself. No Sunday Game or anything else for me, the best I could do is read whats in this blog.

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