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Another gloriously sunny morning up here in the capital and the forecast is for this lovely weather to continue into the weekend and beyond. Well, summer’s over and the kids are back at school so it clearly is time for the rain to stop. I’m sure we’ll all be missing it before too long, though, wishing that July and all those downpours would come round again.

But it’s not a completely cloud-free sky from a #mayogaa point of view because the Irish Examiner – which has made all the hard running on this story – has a piece this morning about the Dublin County Board sitting down and considering appealing against our use of so many subs (temporary and otherwise) last Sunday. The report doesn’t specify where the Dublin lads want the appeal to go – as in, are they looking for a replay – and it’s not even clear if they will go ahead with any appeal.

If they do, it’s hard to see them making any kind of valid case, not least because the GAA itself – in response to enquiries from The Sunday Game and others after the match – have already said that everything we did as regards replacements was okay. Dublin Chairman Andy Kettle does have a point when he says that the rules as they stand are too loose but that’s one to be sorted out by a motion to Congress rather than appealing anything from Sunday’s match. This one remains a non-story, I reckon.

(UPDATE: The Examiner’s John Fogarty is now reporting that Dublin have decided not to appeal so this non-story is now one that’s officially over).

Related to the above (by blood, literally) is, of course, the issue of  the lads who got their fingers, noses and heads busted to get us to an All-Ireland final and the Irish Independent reports this morning that Lee Keegan, Enda Varley and Kevin McLoughlin will all be fit and ready for selection for the final. The same report also mentions the rumour about ‘knocks’ suffered by Donegal’s Karl Lacey and Neil Gallagher at the weekend, which is clearly 100% horseshit. You’ll have to try harder than that, lads, if you think that’ll knock us off our stride for Game 5.

The Indo also has an interview with Andy Moran who, as you’d expect, doesn’t give the great unwashed much to chew on. Busted knee or not, Andy remains a key man in our camp as we count down the days to the 23rd.

(CORRECTION: That interview above is actually with Barry Moran, not Andy. Thanks to Tubberman for pointing this out).

Sean Moran has a lame enough piece in the Irish Times, replete with a rather silly No One Shouted Stop analogy and some quotes from John Maughan. Yada, yada, yada.

There’s nothing lame, though, about this rousing reflection on Sunday’s win from An Spailpín Fánach, with whom it was good to meet up once again in Bowe’s the other night.

The local papers will, of course, be out later on and I think I might just get up on the bike and take a spin into Eason’s to get copies of them. This online crack is all fine and dandy but sometimes you need the full unexpurgated hit that only the papers themselves can deliver. This is one of these occasions, I think.

Finally, via @Kieran_M_Cawley on Twitter, here’s a video uploaded to YouTube by nichealo which might catch your fancy:

8 thoughts on “The day after the day after

  1. That interview in the Indo is with Barry Moran, not Andy. You don’t want to be accused of making the same mistakes as Martin Breheny WJ! 😉

  2. So it is, Tubberman – thanks for pointing that out. Shows how long I spent poring over it. Barry is pretty good at feeding bucketloads of nothing at the media too!

  3. John maugham is interviewed on another newspaper today, with a nice picture of a different man posing as our John!! I

  4. I would just like to point our at this stage that there are very few fields in the Glenamoy area, but we’ll keep that amongst ourselves for now.

  5. “This online crack is all fine and dandy but sometimes you need the full unexpurgated hit that only the papers themselves can deliver.”

    I’m with you there WJ…just was on to home there, I’m expecting a copy of the Western in the mail this week!

  6. agree with you Mister Mayor, nothing beats the “papers themselves” going home to Mayo Friday to read the Connaught and be there Sunday for the Independant. Couldn’t wait to get yesterdays Indo to read the update on what would otherwise be a routine Monday morning commute to work from west London. great job WJ. Look forward to more in the weeks to come. Maigheo Abhu.

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