The day after

It’s the day after our first significant win in the championship for what seems like an age and back up here in the capital (it felt like we’d arrived in the Deep South or something last night when we made it back up here) with the sun shining once more, it feels like the way Mondays should do more often than they do.  And that’s after a few bottles of O’Hara’s finest and a late night and all last night.

Okay, there’s a veritable feast of coverage on yesterday’s match so I best get going and point you in the direction of what’s out there. This morning, I’ve decided to be a bit more organised and group them according to media type so here goes.

Nationals first: Irish Times (match report and post-match quotes), Irish Independent (match report and key stats), Irish Examiner (match report, post-match quotes from Tomás Ó Flatharta and Alan Dillon).

Local papers: Mayo Advertiser.

Broadcasters: RTÉ (includes audio and video), Setanta.

Other online reports:, Club Mayo Dublin, Hogan Stand, Breaking News (match report and post-match quotes), Sports News Ireland (match tracker), Eircom SportsHub.

Audio: As well as my own at times foul-mouthed post-match blabberings, Colm Gannon has post-match audio pieces with James Horan, Tomás Ó Flatharta, Robbie Hennelly and Keith Higgins.

Reports on the minor match: Mayo Advertiser and Irish Independent.  Hard luck, by the way, to the minors whose championship campaign began and ended in the space of an hour yesterday.  It was well into the second half by the time we took our seats in the stand and by then the Rossies had the game in the bag.

An Spailpín Fánach has a wonderful riposte to those who would say that yesterday’s match just showed how poor the state of football in Connacht is.  Dogs of War – I like that, think it could stick.

There’s some lively post-match debate over on

That’s your lot on the game but there was another event yesterday which raised what was probably the biggest cheer of the day at McHale Park – Ray Moylette’s appearance on the turf at half-time.  In case you missed it, here it is:

5 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Looking at the clip of young Moylette (well done lad, being doing it for a while now) I can see that Kenny has put on about two stone since he got to steer the modern equivalent of the Titanic.

  2. Moylette should have laid enda out, solely because of that shameful mobile phone enda always has with him 😉

    Fair play to them both for supporting their team hopefully we’ll see them again in Croke park

  3. i dont know what match Colm Keys of the indo was watching!!! the only outfield players to score less than a 7 were the two o sheas and kevin mcloughlin!!!! alan dillon scored a 7 and i thought he was prob one of our worst on the day with the two o sheas and moran the best

  4. Dillon did not have one of his better days but he still won a lot of ball around the middle. One of our better players so I would have no worries about him improving for the Connacht final.

    I thought Alan Feeney and Seamie O’Shea were very impressive.

  5. Just had a look at that first free Dillon missed from what was 21 yds out just to the left of center. I remember Alan being one of the reasons we beat Tyrone in 2004 with his frees in Croke Park under severe pressure.Why can`t he do it now?Has he lost his mojo i wonder or has he stopped practicing?OK it was a wet day but any inter county footballer should have put that one over with his wellies on!

    This free taking is not a new problem it`s been around for a while.Is it a case that no-one is prepared to take the job on.We have several good kickers Cillian O`Connor was top class as a minor Jason Doc takes the frees for the Uni Kevin Mc is probally the best natural kicker that we have ,I can`t remember him ever kicking a wide for us,Freeman takes the frees for the club games even Mc Garriety can kick some great points from out the field.

    It`s either we get serious about frees and some two lads take responsibility and do the work every day and stick to it even if a few go wide, or we kick everything outside 21 yards back to the goalie and start up the field from there.Brolly and Co. could have a great laugh at us then!

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