The day before


Right, we’re getting close now. In a bit of 24 hours from now, the lads will be taking the field at Croke Park to face Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final. Everything will be on the line for us once more when the ball is thrown in, this time a place in next month’s final the prize on offer.

I know I’m not alone in being ever so slightly amazed that we’re still standing in this year’s championship. After the loss to Galway back in June I really did think that we’d had it and that this glorious era of our being involved when it really matters in the championship was over.

How wrong can you be? I know we’ve diced with disaster a few times since then but, despite the lack of a safety net (or maybe even because of this?) since Pearse Stadium, the lads have found a solution to every set of questions hurled at them.

We can expect the toughest of examinations of our credentials tomorrow. Well, it is Kerry we’re facing for the right to play in an All-Ireland final so we shouldn’t expect anything less. They’ll come into tomorrow’s match tooled up and ready for battle and we’ll need to turn up in the same frame of mind.

But it’s a measure of how far we’ve come as a force in Gaelic football that we can be confident about the kind of performance we should expect from the lads tomorrow. Croke Park in August is where and when we hit the right notes and should should have every expectation that we’ll be on song once again tomorrow afternoon.

Whether or not we’ll end up singing in the rain – and it appears there’ll be plenty of rain – is something that’ll be decided down on the pitch at HQ tomorrow. As I said the other day, though, our role as supporters is enormously important too.

The hint is in the word – the lads value our support and they need it too. They’ll leave everything out on the pitch, we need to do the same too in the stands.

The day before a big game tends to be a busy one and today is no exception so I won’t delay any longer. Make sure you travel with as much colour as you can muster and take it handy on the road too.

If you’re planning on heading for Bowe’s later on, maybe we’ll chat then. Otherwise we can chant together at Croke Park tomorrow – there’ll be plenty of that to be done for sure.

Back tomorrow with a few final pre-match thoughts. Up Mayo.

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  1. There’s a hurricane forecast to hit croke park tomorrow – hurricane Mayo. Leave it all on the pitch lads and we’ll give our all from the stands.

  2. God forbid that we don’t win tomorrow. I firmly believe that we will. But please let not 1 mayo person leave croker early, want to see these lads going off the field to everyone cheering them and maybe even a rendition of the green and red of mayo. Bringing a 15 and 13 year old with me tomorrow for what they call the annual semi final day out. How times have changed when I was there are I’d been to 2. MAYO BY 2.

  3. Safe travelling to everyone Let’s hope the weather does not have to big an impact on the proceedings and if does turn out as bad as forecast that we get some sensible use of the whistle from Mr. Deegan. Days like this are special and always will be. We are so lucky to be alive in this wonderful era for Mayo football regardless of whether we ever bring home Sam and we need to enjoy these days to the full as we cheer on our great team.

  4. best of luck mayo do you best for 70 minutes and they will win will there be any surprises tommorow with changes i wonder you never know

  5. I have a feeling all week that this match will end in a draw but I hope I’m wrong and we beat them wouldn’t it be something else to be preparing again for another all Ireland final.

  6. This game has gone twenty different ways in my head today alone..Early aerial bombardment from Kerry while we get to grips with the game would be a concern for me but hoping we get a good hold from the start..Have a feeling its going to be bananas in Croker tomorrow…Level of support will probably surpass last years semi..Would love to see a 5 pt for win for us but honestly if we win it will be the slimmest of margins ..

  7. Willie Joe,
    Can you stick this up on the site. I have 3 tickets for sale for the Cusack Stand Lower, section 301, almost front rows, if anybody is looking for them send them to me.

  8. Hope its not decided on bad luck or bad decisions. Lets hope all on and off the field have a great game and this will be enough on the day.

  9. @James Fleming

    If you’re looking for a ticket, I have one Upper Cusack ticket spare, section 703 Row B.

  10. I’m afraid anyone predicting a 5 point win is in dreamland. When have Kerry ever lost by 5 points in the championship.
    I do think we will win but or draw, but not lose.

  11. I see the Kerry spin doctors are out in force. Just read Thomas O Shea’s piece from the indo and by God do I so want Mayo to beat Kerry more than ever after his final statement. . How very very sweet it would be. Since our great win over Roscommon my Kerry colleague has been his arrogant condescending self……sniggering about Mayo behind his smug smile……. God it makes my blood boil. I ‘m sick with nerves already and I know I haven’t a hope in hell of a decent nights sleep tonight. Anyway can’t wait and Hon Mayo

  12. The only way I can see us losing is if Kerry try to rough us up and disrupt our style of play (stopping the runners as T O’Se put it) or if the ref has a total disaster of 2014 proportions. If it’s a relatively clean game, which I doubt very much then I think we will get over the line. I’d like to see Loftus introduced with 20 minutes to go, I reckon he’ll hit the back of the net again tomorrow!

  13. @ForTheLoveOfMayo I hear ya and I hope to god you get your moment when ya meet your Mayo collegue to put him in his box .

  14. Happily stuck in Florence and will have to travel during second half of the match. Can’t believe it but I’m thinking of our men, the whole squad and backroom team. Each man woman and child donning the colours tomorrow, travelling to the match and standing brave and strong for our heroes. Thank you for representing me and for the the pride of Mayo I feel in my heart. Proud to be from Mayo, to have a Mayo daughter (born in Dublin) and to see and hear you in Croke Park. Mayo. Our game. Our time. Our heroes. How lucky we are. Safe travels to one and all. Maigheo go deo

  15. It’s worth noting that in effect we’re being completely written off in the media with only…wait for it…..Joe Brolly tipping us. Any neutral I speak to also thinks Kerry will win. The big question is ‘are they right’s? Do they see something we don’t see.

    As far as I’m concerned the best measurement of both teams is that 75% of both teams are still around since 2014 and we both have had similar tight contests with Dublin………so why are they such hot favourites? Some will say coz of our qualifier form……but wasn’t it the same last year before we picked it up in CO. Truth is it’s coz the ‘Kerry’ name is bigger in the minds of pundits and neutrals……that’s all.

    PD absolutely has to start tomorrow. He’s a top defender with pace (which is lacking in our defence) and will be needed to mark JoD.

    I think the Kerry forwards are overrated. In 2014 the reality was that long/route 1/Jack Charlton style balls to Donaghy was their key attacking strategy with JoD feeding off him (in the replay and a long ball to him in the drawn game saved their ass that day). If Mayo had Donaghy the pundits would say we rely too much on him…….but not when it’s Kerry!

    Billy once said of Kerry that their attack plan was a high ball to Donaghy and plan B was…….an even higher ball to him. Was he far wrong?

    The fact is we rack up as big as scores as Kerry and Dublin (aided by our half back line)…..but don’t get the credit for it. Look at Dublin’s reliance on Rock for frees!

  16. Tomás Ó Sé, albeit in his typically self-serving macho way, points to the fact that Aidan O Shea is critical to our chances. And of course he is and yes they will try to unhinge him in any way they can. He needs to really impose himself physically and this time with a menace that would frighten the shyte out of any would be hitman. Kerry are rightly worried about him and that’s for sure! Isn’t it nice to have a player like that on our side for a change.

  17. This year we have seen the Galway U21s beat the Kerry U21s. The Roscommon U17s beat the Kerry U17s. Westport beat Kenmare. So these Kerry teams can be beaten.

    We have seen our team show great spirit, heart and determination to keep the show on the road. In extra-time against Derry, the second-half against Clare and in the replay against Roscommon, we produced some super flair. A combination of these things will be needed tomorrow.

    In the championship this year we have nearly seen it all. Up by 7 points. Down by 7 points. Late goals scored. Late goals conceded. Early goals conceded. Early goals scored. Extra-time twice. A draw. A loss. Wins. Players sent off. Black cards. A penalty saved. Great play. Poor play. Brilliant defending. Terrible defending. Top class goals scored. Super points scored. Atrocious wides. Bad goals conceded. Great Support. A never say die attitude. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, more drama anyway!

    As supporters all that we can ask for is to see everything left on the pitch, in the stands and in the terraces by all of the Mayo people in Croke Park tomorrow. No regrets. Best of luck to all involved. Roll on the game!

  18. Think all the analysis is done by now..
    Heart says mayo .. head says kerry .. hope head is wrong

    Unfortunately cant make Bowes tonight. Would like to buy WJ a few pints to thank him for the unbelievable work he puts into this blog to make it what it is ..
    The indepth and well thought out articles you put up here are streets ahead of the vast majority of gobshites who work in the mainstream media ..

    Safe travel to all tomorrow ..

  19. I’m sorry now folks but…. I too had a dream last night and in that dream the great Lord … he told me that our people need to get used to the idea of being one of his chosen teams in this country. How long do you need to be reminded says he. He said there is no need to be losing sleep, getting annoyed with referees, wishing this and wishing that and dreaming daft things all the time and that some people have his head annoyed with please God this and please God that and ffs says he, what can I do about the weather…. You need to ask Paw about those things.

  20. Does anyone know if there are any seat’s going on any buses from the general Castlebar area tommorow.?…Read plenty about this match from the Kerry media mafia experts explayers, eg Darragh O Shea managed to describe the Larceny in Limerick without mentioning the referee???..I think they are trying to get the narrative going that anything is fair game cos their Kerry and we’re Mayo.. Mind you did you ever hear such bullshit as what Taige Kennelley said about the assault on Nicholas Murphy that left him concussed before the ball had even came down from the throw in in the 2009 All Ireland final, I swear to God Usain Bolt couldn’t get to the middle of the field from inside the 45″ in such quick time. Let’s make our voices heard tommorow, unlike what the pity full few Galway supporters done a few weeks ago, when Shane Enright committed probably the worst foul of this year.
    Anyways I’m going to Croke Park for the win… I was in Germany last time Mayo beat Kerry in the championship, I want to see it happen again before I Croke… Tommorow is the day…. Should I wear the Black and Red of Mayo or the Green and Red of Mayo, hopefully I will be able to take off the Mayo jacket which is unfortunately predominantly Blue…. It’s gonna be our day tommorow, but bring your battle voices, flags color the works, and just to revved up properly, shout for the Cavan lads in the curtain raiser!

  21. Best of luck to the Mayo players and management tomorrow. It’s been interesting to read of so many ex-Kerry players coming out with the types of statements that they have in recent days, which only confirms that they all view their current team as superior to our own in both footballing terms as well as psychologically. I’m quite happy to let them off with it as this outright arrogance will only seep into the subconscious of everyone associated with their team. The reality is that there is little between both teams apart from the respective full forward lines, yet if Geaney, O’Donoghue and Donaghy are any way off their best tomorrow then they will know all about it come 5pm. Mayo by 2.

  22. Apologies James, a friend of my brother is taking the ticket, he called right after I posted

  23. Excellent summary HSE ! Nice sentiment too. It is incredible what we have already been through together both team and supported .

    It really is up to every one of us tomorrow to shout like maniacs to help these guys over the line in any way we can.

    Incredibly proud to be from Mayo .

  24. Conditions tomorrow will be a factor, Mayo have loads of experience of the wet slippery conditions that make the croker pitch a different pitch. But how many of the Kerry defence in particular and goalie has this experience? Mayo need to go for it tomorrow, put pressure on the Kerry goalie on his kickouts and force mistakes. It’s there for Mayo if they’re brave enough to go for it.

  25. One thing I know is that hacks (whether ex all-ireland winning Kerry ones or other) cannot score a point or make a match saving tackle tomorrow for either side. It’s all hot air and will make no difference. I do feel that the national media is very unbalanced with far too many Kerry commentators employed. They should be stood down from the times or indo when Kerry are playing. I prefer to read the perspective of ex players who are completely neutral like Peter Canavan or real professional journalists like Vincent Hogan. In the end, however, we the support can be of huge help by deafening Croke Park tomorrow and carrying our lads home. Then we can enjoy the niceties in Monday’s papers! Come on Mayo.

  26. MAYO to win by 3 points, it will be a hard match and us supporters need to be loud and proud. We are going to do this have faith

  27. I Have not posted in awhile but I’ve been listening. Mayo now have the chance to set wrongs of Limerick right and then move on. Tomorrow will be tough but I believe that we will prevail in the end. There is a quote from Shakespeare that I use to still my own head and the thoughts that come with that particular vessel, “I will offend to make offence a skill, redeeming time when men think least I will”. This is Mayo’s time for redemption and the stage is perfectly set.

    I won’t be there in person but I know that all of ye will. WJ post on our role as supporters had me nearly ripping doors from hinges and ating them hardware included. I won’t be there but I will be roaring them on alongside my brother who more than likely will not live to see them play again. After the first Roscommon match his only comment was “They are a great bunch of men”. That’s good enough for me.

    Today was well spent with him and before I left the hospital he told me that “through hell or high water I’m getting out of here tomorrow and I will watch Mayo from somewhere other than a hospital bed.

    We’ll go down to my sisters house. She will have the place ready. “You might have to carry me Joe” I’ll carry you my beautiful brother, we’re in this together. We are brothers and we are Mayo.

    Safe travelling to all tomorrow and roar our men on, through hell or high water.

  28. No marks for predicting a “Tadhg Kennelly assault on Nicholas Murphy” type of opening on you know whom by Kerry at the throw-in tomorrow. Followed by a pile in. They are seriously worried about Aiden O’Shea. It’s alright for posters to dismiss those who raise concerns about the referees and officials. But I have genuine concerns in that area and I’m not going to waste time tonight on the eleventh hour catalogueing the number of injustices we have been subjected to in recent years. The dogs on the street know that the script says it will be a Dublin v Kerry final. It’s my hope that tomorrow’s officials are open to other possibilities.
    I expect, given fair play, Mayo to advance.

  29. Safe travelling everyone tomorrow. Will be there shouting on along with my daughter. However if I’m truly honest I don’t enjoy Mayo championship games for the last while , genuinely cannot take the stress.They are so much more than a game…..hope to God I’m heading west tomorrow planning for a final. Love Mayo and all this group have achieved. It’s great to have this site so thanks to you WJ

  30. Alarm set for 4am. Flight at 7am. Can’t sleep. Nervous as a kitten. Wife reminding me I’m not actually togging out.

    Really do love days like this.

  31. Joe Ruane I hope your brother gets to see Mayo win tomorrow and gets to see us lift Sam in September please God he will have a good day tomorrow and enjoy the match

  32. @JoeRuane, best wishes to you and your family… really hope ye have a good day together tomorrow and the boys put on a performance for ye to savour… no doubt they will! Your post reminded me that there are so many personal stories within our ranks that I’m still raging at O’Mahoney’s article the other day when he said Kerry need this more! He obviously has never experienced the deep pain of the Mayo supporter… But this pain has now galvanised us and we will not be broken! As you say we are Mayo and we are in this together..

  33. Best of luck to the Mayo Team tomorrow. I have no doubt that we can do the business ….might not be easy or pretty and there will be a few heart stopping moments, I’m sure, but we can do it ! Safe travels to our magnificent supporters. As always we will do our County proud.

  34. Safe travelling to all. So happy to be able to be there myself tomorrow with all the drama expected. As far as expert pundits go, they really are guessing like everyone else. My guess is Mayo will refuse to get drawn into what Kerry want and Kerry will end up with 13_14 players at some stage. I also believe Mayo are absolutely starving and will go to the necessary lengths to have a lead built up and then go ultra to hold that lead near the end.

    Mayo 3-15
    Kerry 1-16.

    Kerry have no cooper or Sheehan and when I hear Kerry folk talking up a certain forward that usually warms the bench then I realise that maybe theyre not as deeply talented as fhey let on.

  35. Listen lads and ladies, we’ve got this tomorrow.

    Pace, power, precision and undeniable spirit within the 26.

    An All-Ireland final awaits.

    Mayo by 5.

  36. Joe Ruane, that is so poignant! You’ll be in a lot of our thoughts tomorrow.
    There was me feeling a bit sorry for myself that I had managed to made it up to the big smoke for the Sat night, but still couldn’t make it to Bowes. Bad timing, but I’m still going to Croker tomorrow with three children who are choosing to watch their adopted county, rather than cheer home their mother after a half-Ironman! Titles aren’t everything; this team has won some amount of devotees since 2011.
    There was a lot of us wondering, after the Galway game, would WE ever live to see that historic walk up those Hogan stand steps; and are now getting a little giddy at the prospect!
    Here’s hoping that we are all one step closer tomorrow!

  37. Great stuff WJ, I am ready for battle now as a Mayo supporter, I wish I was playing tomorrow (only dreaming) I feel very positive about this Mayo team & they will beat Kerry. Forget about Donaghy, Galway’s full back didn’t get stuck in at all, but then again I think he will play on the 40 for the start of the game. Geaney is the danger man for Kerry. Tom parsons & Sheamus have to step up big time tomorrow, UP MAYO…………

  38. Just thought I’d reassure mayo supporters that we are going to do it tomorrow. I believe in this team i believe in our dream . I believe that we will kick the kingdom . So don’t doubt ! , believe and support this team on what will not be there final game together. ??MAYO 4 SAM??

  39. Thinking of you and your family, Joe Ruane. I hope you and your brother have a nice day and I hope we win for Ye.

  40. Lovely words Joe Ruane. I hope you and your brother enjoy the game. Isn’t it amazing what sport and passion can do for each and everyone of us. Hon Mayo you can do this.

  41. Joe Ruane. Excellent post as always.

    The game itself.

    1. No soft early goal conceded. If one is scored against us, make sure it is not soon followed by another for the double whammy. (2006 and 2012 final).

    2. Keep 15 on the pitch. Aiden, Lee and Cillian will be targeted with the aim of getting at least one of them sent off. No retaliation.

    3. We saw how low Kerry can stoop in Limerick 2014. Expect the same in 2017 and dont get mugged again.

  42. Joe Ruane, in a few well chosen words you admitted us into a world of caring, dignity under pain and turmoil and great humanity. Enjoy the game with your brother.

  43. It looks like it will be a wet day with players slipping and sliding around the place and there are a few points to be won by the team that can settle quickest. Last week I predicted Kerry by 6 and I told ye they dont respect ye and are laughing at ye but people got annoyed by that but I see now ye are coming around to understanding how Kerry think. Its always been “thank god for Mayo” as they expect another handy victory. The gas thing is that many of them dont rate Donaghy either but will look to James O Donoghue and Geaney to do the business tomorrow. There is no gooch and no O Se on their team either but yet they claim its a very strong Kerry team. I still think if Galway had stuck a few goals they would have wobbled. Ye will need 2-3 goals and need to hit a total of 23+ to win but if its really wet maybe if ye can score 20 Kerry could be beaten.
    Good luck to all of ye and I think the Mayo team looks strong on paper so I revise my prediction to a narrow Mayo win if ALL your key players perform at 100%. Safe travels.

  44. Joe Ruane all I can say is that I hope you and your brother find a fitting end. Your story is thought provoking to say the least. Football is a part of life but not the be all and the end all,as I am sure you are more than aware.
    Both you and your brothers love for the green and red should dispel and doubts that linger. Mayo you must, Mayo you have to, Mayo it’s time.

  45. Poignant words Joe. Poignant stuff indeed. Here’s hoping your brother has to hang around for one more game!
    Nothing more to say or think at this stage. The saying goes that there’s 2 certainties in life, death and taxes. We can add a third to that. Mayo never give in! Never.
    For all the talk about Kerry cute whores, Kerry forwards and Kerry media boys, the time for all that shite is over. Thank God. I hope to God our lads remember Limerick. I hope they remember every heartaching second of it. I hope they remember every single thing that went against us from refs to dodgy calls to BJ Keane throwing the boot away. I hope that little toe rag gets buried into the advertising hoarding when he comes on and Boyler drives his boot up his hole! Let him throw it then!
    The dirt will come out of the Kerry boys tomorrow, make no mistake, and I hope when it does that we return fire with interest.
    3 years of pain and frustration must be unleashed tomorrow. They don’t respect us, they laugh at us, in reality, and don’t take us seriously. It’s well past time we put them in their box. Once and for all.

  46. Great to see such unity of purpose and positivity here. I think the Aidan O’Mahony article, although arrogant in tone, has had the effect of infusing an unbelievable passion in supporters, and I’m sure the players too. Be confident and bold – I have no doubt you can, and will prevail in this test. Joe, enjoy the family day…C’mon the green and red of Mayo!

  47. 2 words are all that’s needed once the team are on the pitch tomorrow:

    Hon Mayo!

    many times and very loud & proud.

  48. Joe, your story stirred me to my core. I’m in tears reading it. Cherish tomorrow with your brother. I hope the story ends well. I promise you that I will keep ye all in my thoughts when we are standing for the anthem tomorrow as our lads prepare to represent us with courage and dignity yet again.

    Truly, in this together.

    Up Mayo!!

  49. Joe Ruane… I’m sure all our taught will be with you, your brother and your family…The style match about 12 hrs away now.. Past time for me to go to bed.. I’ve an early start… If I can get a bus from Castlebar.. I’ll take the bus, otherwise I’ll drive alone… I rang around hour’s ago and it seems that the busses from Castlebar are full up…(my own fault for leaving it so late) The rest of the Clan are already in Dublin, at least 14 in all from under 3 to over 50 +vat… Some of the young adults and no so young adults might be in Coppers as I write… I better bring the Disperin for them… Bad heads or not, We all need to hear that Battle Cry.. No excuses. Every confidence in Rochford and his Management skills tommorow, Same with the Mayo seniors and every single player, we know and they know we have their backs in just over 12 hours time… Tommorow will be the collective, most resialliant Fan’s that ever shook Croke Park to its foundations,.. Don’t worry the edifice won’t fall, I worked on the building of it… Kerry won’t know what hot them.

  50. I’ve hardly closed an eye , not due to worry I might add , I just can’t wait to get to Croker , as someone above already said , it’s the unity this mayo team have given us as the 16th man that has me jittery , I love been apart of it I genuinely do ,
    Joe Ruane , your piece must definitely pulled at the heart strings , I will think of you and your family today, heads up , lads and lassies
    shoulders back , mouths open , mayo mayo mayo , I can nearly hear that Chant ringing in my ears now ! The pride one feels pulling that jersey on later today , and I’m just referring to us the fans –
    These players are my heroes , every one of them wear that jersey with such pride , they will give it their all today , so we need to have their back from the very first second , safe travelling to one and all Lets make a right racket in Croker !
    Plenty of chat about hurricane Gert, I hope someone has rang ahead to dublin and forwarned them about the torrenedo moving in from the west , it’s green and red, very noisey, takes no prisoners , and will make light work of any man in its way come 3.30 today ,
    Mayo mayo mayo
    Let’s get this job done

  51. Joe Ruane god be with your family
    .Hopefully we can win it in september for everyone . Im away from ireland for ten years in a land far from home where 99% of the locals never heard of gaelic and no matter how much i explain they still cant understand what it means to us . They really cant . For its the history ,the pride, the excitement,the memories,96 build up, the galway derbies after 98 and 01, mcdonald ,the feeling being in croker for the first time, the hyde, first mayo jersey, dublin semi in 06, coppers after a game, the train up at 7am , the satisfaction after getting a ticket for the final. I watched cleveland cavs and chicago cubs winning last year that was a big deal for their fans and the cubs fans are known to be the most passionate in north america .but i honestly think if mayo win sam it would mean so much more to our people its more genunie and deeper. Its a unqiue thing in the world the Mayo story .

  52. Awake again at 6am – no going back to sleep now.

    Joe – I will be thinking of you, your brother and family today. I know from personal experience as most do that football is not a matter of life and death but when football is so important to us all it’s part of who we are.

    Today is another step in the journey. We will win today.

  53. Thinking of you today Joe Ruane, your brother and your family. Our hearts beat with you and for you. It’s one big Mayo heart. We will carry you to Croke Park wherever we are today and I will think of you with a smile when the final whistle blows today. All is well.
    Maigheo go deo

  54. We’ve a duty as fans today. Keep an eye on Enright, Donaghy and the rest of the Kerry bucks. If there’s any foul play from them kick up an awful racket and put pressure on Deegan. I’m guessing we’ll out number their fans so use it to our advantage. Not a nice part of the game but feck it.

    Buzzing for the game now. Up Mayo!!

  55. Awake since 5am. Tossing and turning. Think I’ll get up now and start this historic day.
    Let’s right all those wrongs.
    Let’s get prepared to make history as a team.
    All of us together.
    Let’s go and roar on Mayo.

  56. I’m just after waking from a nicotine patch driven fairly driven dream – mayo won today by 30!! Running half backs ran riot!

  57. Today could be so beautiful for out great county and this mighty bunch of men. We are the luckiest people to have the gift of being ‘Mayo’….. and win, lose or draw we will be proud. Roar the lads on like never before, shout for those who have chased the dream but have left us without seeing it, let out a battlecry for those who cannot travel, for Joe, for his brother, for those abroad. We are two steps from glory. If we fall we’ll dust ourselves down but I think we will take one of this steps today with resolute tunnel vision ans focus on the prize to be won on 17th September. Time to bring this story full circle

  58. Yew Tree, you are spot on, football is part of us, and the struggle out team has had over the years symbolises many of the struggles we face ourselves in our lives, where our progress may seem limited, but really it isn’t because when we stay fighting the cause, bounce back after setbacks it builds backbone. This team has serious back bone and resilience, an example to us all.
    Joe, I hope ye have a great day, and like others will be thinkImg of ye today and others who have fought the good fight against illness who found inspiration in this team.

  59. Woke up at 2 and 5 this morning and both times I agreed with myself that a new mattress is needed and that Mayo are the better team here.

    We will do this! Put those Kerry lads back on their arse and make a real statement of intent to the other half of the draw!

  60. Nice one Joe Ruane
    All the fans that make Croker don’t show the white feather and if you see Mayo fans not pulling there part in roaring on the boys.think of joe and the people at home and giving them a bulling if they don’t roar to stay out in Quinn’s or Gills
    Safe trip to all going

  61. Great posts from all the non sleepers, definitely getting us all fired up for a really big day in Croker. I will be hopefully yelling at the brother’s ipad in a Spanish airport (technology doing its job?) unable to affect the noise volume in the stadium but definitely disturbing a rake of unsuspecting foreign travellers. Hoping for a great day, great game and Mayo win.

  62. Nice weather in the capital, but according to forecast the heavens will open at half time. If it’s as bad as forecast, this game will be won by goals.

  63. Hi All,
    Firstly I want to wish Joe Ruane and his brother the very best and I think if O Shea is kept in the box area for the high ball Mayo have a great chance. Best of luck today folks.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  64. The Dogs of War.

    Rochford was in the dressing room
    To give the lads their big team talk
    He reached his pocket with his hand
    And he pulled out his chalk

    He said alot of talk from kerry, they say the star has come to town
    He might be 6-5 standing up
    But he’s less than 1 foot lying down

    He spoke of love of crest and fans
    like he’d never spoke before
    And when the team ran for the pitch
    They ripped the hinges from the door

    The roar was unbelievable
    Tens of thousands in the stands
    And though choked up, Andy pumped his fist
    Roared “win this one for the fan’s”

    And often times in years to come
    When we pull match programmes from the drawer
    Through salty tears of years of joy
    We’ll salute the dogs of war

    If you ever go to battle
    And you don’t know what’s in store
    There’s an army dressed in green and red
    There called the dogs of war.

  65. Joe, your brother will be in our thoughts today and the coming days as well. I hope he and your family enjoy the game today. I’m hoping the team can do him proud.

  66. Joe Ruane, Wishing you strength and hope you and your brother have a nice day at your sister’s.
    It’s bright but very overcast here in Dublin 3 and you can feel the heavy rain is coming. Safe traveling everybody who’s on the road and in the air.
    The usual big game day – can’t settle at all. Mind racing. We need to bring it today, comrades – every single one of us in the stadium needs to show our lads that we believe in them with all we have. Roar like fuck. We need our belief to ripple down from the stands onto the pitch and our boys to feel it. Let’s fucking step up. Kerry fans simply don’t bring our intensity to these occasions and we need to get stuck in from the off. Just as we need the lads to peak now, so do we. Up Mayo.

  67. Thank you so much for all your kind words. We are both proud Mayo men and we will be there alongside ye all in spirit. I feel that Mayo roar bubbling up inside. It’s some feeling. I know we will both be there. Thank you so much for that, it means so much. Let the lads stay calm and focussed on their job and we will be there to roar them home every inch of the way.

  68. Fair play Joe. Your description of the effort yourself and the brother are going to make today to see your beloved green and red says it all about mayo football and the supporters. Emotional stuff. Hope ye enjoy the match and we’ll all be celebrating at 5 o clock !!

  69. Best wishes Joe to you and your brother. Will be thinking of you both, we’ve all been there.
    James Fleming,
    If you didn’t get sorted give me a call on 0872759752.
    Hope you don’t mind WJ.

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