The day before

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The days since last Sunday have flown by, already it’s Friday and so here we are, yet again facing into another all-or-nothing championship match tomorrow. What passes for normal life, in other words, for your average Mayo GAA fanatic this summer.

I’d say it’s been an interesting few days in both camps. For us it really has been business as usual. We’ve had a number of short turnarounds between matches this summer – since the Sligo game back in May it’s been three weeks, three weeks, one week, two weeks, one week, one week, two weeks and now one week again – so this latest short interlude won’t exactly have come as a shock to the system.

For Kerry, though, it must represent a bit of a jolt. They played their first game this summer the day we played our second one and since then their leisurely schedule has seen them enjoy gaps of three, four and three weeks between the games they’ve played.

The other factor, of course, is that we’ve been involved in several hard matches – with two qualifier ties going to extra-time and a draw against Roscommon in the All-Ireland quarter-final – and we’ve got back out there again to face another knockout contest just days later. Kerry, by contrast, didn’t face a real contest in this year’s championship until last Sunday.

Maybe it’s no coincidence, then, that the only injury doubt named so far ahead of tomorrow’s replay comes from their camp. The Irish Independent reports today (here) that wing-forward Michael Geaney, who was withdrawn mid-way through the first half the last day, is expected to be ruled out of tomorrow’s replay due to a stomach muscle injury.

In that piece, Colm Keys speculates that Geaney and Anthony Maher will be replaced by Jonathan Lyne and Jack Barry in Kerry’s line-up for tomorrow.  I guess that both counties will name their replay line-ups at some point later on this evening.

It’s been fascinating to watch the narrative on both sides’ tactics develop over the course of the last few days. In particular, it’s been amusing to see how the headlong rush to judgment about our decision to put Aidan on Donaghy has given way to more nuanced analysis of the ploy. Aside from all the Kerry pundits, of course, who are all decrying it, in the hope, I suppose, that we do something different, thus enabling Donaghy to play puck tomorrow.

I think we will see different tactics from us tomorrow but, as I said the other day, I’ll cheerfully admit that I haven’t the foggiest what such plans – and playing personnel – this might entail. It might even – who knows? – involve Aidan in a more advanced role but then again it might not.

While we have a few issues we need to sort arising from our performance the last day, it’s clear that Kerry have plenty of problems of their own to deal with as well. How we might exploit the difficulties they faced last Sunday, allied to how quickly we’re able to unpick the remedial action they’re sure to undertake, could well determine the outcome of the replay.

The consensus appears to be that Kerry will be better, that they’ll have to improve on how they performed the last day. Maybe they will – I’d expect them to – but I also think we’ll put in a better showing tomorrow. Aside from anything else, the more benign weather that’s forecast should guarantee a very different type of contest to the one witnessed last Sunday.

That’s all empty blather, I know, but with the time ticking rapidly down towards throw-in tomorrow, there’s little more to be said. It’s time to see the team-sheets, time to print off the tickets, time to get ready for the fray once again in a bit over 24 hours from now.

Not long to wait. Only the eternity of a full day.

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  1. Thanks WJ …really looking forward to tomorrow … All the talk is about how Kerry can improve but there is lots we can improve on too and to be honest we will need to if we are to win journey to all ..let’s do our job tomorrow and roar the lads on ..Mayo by 2

  2. Ohhh good man Willie Joe.. i nearly forgot to print my blinking ticket.. where would we be without ya at all at all 🙂

  3. Last year after the draw with the Dubs, the narrative was:
    – the Dubs will never play as badly again
    – Mayo will never play as well again
    – the rain suited Mayo and the drier day for the replay will suit the Dubs
    – Dublin has a stronger bench
    – Mayo are a tired team

    Recognise anything familiar in that list?

    All bullshit that was debunked in the replay. Both teams upped the ante in the replay, and I expect that will be the case tomorrow. But with Michael Geaney and (most probably) Walsh out, I think Kerry are under more pressure.
    If Aido goes man-on-man with Donaghy again, he will have come on greatly from last week. Add in the probability that Kerry won’t defend so far up the field, that Lee will be one week fitter, thereby giving us more scope to run at them from deep and I’m suddenly getting very bullish about #BelievinInStheeven for this one.

    Keep the Faith!

  4. I wouldn’t be so sure about the Kerrymen decrying the AOS on Donaghy ploy in the hope ye do something different.
    I’m fairly sure Kerry would be happy for Mayo to do the same again to be honest.
    Can’t see it being repeated personally.
    I think Mayo will win this though.

  5. The weather is expected to be much better for the match tommorow…. (I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but last 5 or 6 weeks it’s been dreadful here in Mayo,)… High balls into Donaghy are almost certainly going to be tried on a dry day, maybe not immediately after throw in, but certainly Kerry will try and catch us unawares with a sucker punch, with a scud missile into the parrallogram, at some stage…. In 2014 with Mayo 5 points up and time running out, Donaghy made his come back,.. Both Barry Moran and Kieran Donaghy were warming up on the sidelines to come on at the same time, James Horan changed his mind and left Barry on the sidelines…. Donaghy went to midfield, and meandered into the full forward line unannounced and unexpected,.. The rest is history, the lesson, was then a favourite and repeated mantra of the man, James Horan, who obviously was not prepared for this precise seneraio. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’… It’s such a shame, because the man James Horan changed his mind about, bringing on at the same time as Kerry were bringing on Donaghy was also the prefect antidote to the Donaghy ariel danger, of course I am referring to Barry Moran…. Some history is going to be repeated tommorow,. (most likely the scud missiles into the danger area) but I am certain, that the various seneraios that might have surprised a more rigid student of Gaelic-football, will not be such a surprise for Stephen Rochford and his management team….. On the contrary, the more serious scratching of the head is likely to be done by his adversary Eamon Fitzmorris tommorow…. Over the past year Mayo have played a number of styles, from the play making role of Fergal Boland in Spring and early Summer, to the hard running against Roscommon in the replay, to some of the most accurate long kick passing into the excellent full forward line of last Sunday… And that’s just how successful and adaptable Mayo can be offensively,…. Cast your collective minds back to both All Ireland finals, last year, to just how innovative (Unforced Mistakes aside) our collective defence was…. Plenty of reasons to Believe!.. What style we play tommorow,?… Will we change during the match?… Will Eamon Fitzmorris have any hair left after all the scratching, he will have to do?….. No one knows – This is Mayo after all!

  6. I have a long list of reasons why I want us to win tomorrow. Just added, keep Keith and Andy on track for All Stars! Both are playing outstanding football.

  7. I’ve added this on twitter but might through it up here as well WJ if that’s ok… in eagerness to get tickets for the match on Monday, both myself and my friend got them so we have 2 extra! Lower Cusack 313 row BB if anyone is looking!

  8. Mile buiochas WJOE as an nuacht faoi foireann Mhuigheo . Ta se ar fheasas ar fad. Go neiri le foireann Mhuigheo amárach I b Pairc A’Crochaigh agus suil agam go mbead an bua ag Mhuigheo.
    Mhuigheo Abu!!

  9. I predict that the same Mayo team that started on Sunday will be announced as starting 15 again…!

  10. Doesnt matter what was wrote after last yeArs draw, our name wasnt wrote on the fookin cup .

    Win and win at all cost ,no morals needed. Be prepared for a different kerry in the intensity stakes .ye are a better team . Never let.up and dont shy away , if we are points up in.the last stretch,.go in harder, when they fall, laugh at their misfortune and tell them they’re not a patch on kerry players of yesteryear. Fook them, this is yer time lads , grab it and put Mayo in an all Ireland final.

  11. Due to global warming a gigantic cliff of ice is about to break off at the antarctic in to the ocean. Environmental scientists have calculated the size of the chunck of ice. They say it is roughly half the size of Donaghys arse.

  12. I think we ll probably be getting a slightly more nuanced game from both teams tomorrow. Ours have been on the rise to the credit of all and now it is very imp to cut way down on the little mistakes that have had such devastating consequences for us in the past.

    Allez Allez Mayo agus to mbeidh bua mor againn amarach!

  13. Haha, good man Sean Burke. I have a vision of aido dumping donaghy on his arse,looking down at him sprawled with the words “You’re no bomber Liston”

  14. What am I expecting tomorrow ? More of what Paul Geaney and Peter Crowley were at after the whistle had blown for half time and full time. In a word DIRT – I just hope Gough is up to this

  15. Well said Sean Burke. The only thing that matters tommorow is the result. We need to raise our intensity even further, no handshakes before the game, tell them where to go like Dillon in Salthill ’13. Get in their face from the off. We’ll have them out numbered in the stand and need to kill them off on the pitch.

  16. Got to watch again a few days after and one thing I noticed was how brilliantly Keith Higgins played. The Kerry lads really couldn’t get a hand on him. Moving him out a bit has definitely improved Mayo.
    Same with Kevin Mc, seemed to be always able to figure his way out of any potential trouble.
    Feeling good. kerry will be dangerous but if we can do better in winning midfield possession than last day I think we’ll win. Of course prediction is futile in such an unpredictable game. The way to reduce chances if the unexpected is to be totally fired up and keeping space tight. Some of our tackling last day was top especially Tom P and Cillian.

  17. Leave O’Shea in there on Donaghy.

    I think if Barry Moran is in any match form or fitness throw him on for the last twenty minutes and move O’shea up the pitch when he comes on. Donaghy will be a bit more tired by then and Moran is tall enough to counter the last twenty of Donaghy’s game. Aido can then push up and run a muck through their tired defence.

    Lastly I’d suggest that if any balls are coming into around and outside square and O’Shea is far up the pitch that the last man back runs onto the line and let Clarke come out and deal with the high ball.

    If they have a simple call system for it it could be a small benifit. It would be up to Clarke as he could see Aidan’s position. He will be facing the ball so if it’s not to far out and the ball is hanging in the air he will have the advantage as he will be running onto the ball and is the same height as Donaghy so should clean up on any ball close to the goal. Then who ever is last man back run onto the line to cover any punched or broken ball. If the high ball is further out there’s not a lot that could be done in that case but just an idea if O’Shea is out of position and there’s a big hanging ball in on the box, of course this won’t work with a fast one to his chest or a nice floater.

    Clarke has height and could be used if the time is right to clean up high balls on Donaghy in around the box but would have to be covered instantly. Only to be used if Aido is out of position but any small advantage would be of help. Not that I think this will used but just a thought of mine.

  18. It’s great that we, as supporters, can put our thoughts on the good the bad and the ugly following Mayos finest on here. Maybe we should spare a thought for the lads on the pitch who don’t have a Willie Joe, a Dr Phil, whatever to return the favour. In fairness they have spoken very highly of us throughout the campaign so let’s not take our eye of the ball, let’s keep the wall of sound going, we have Kerry doing a Jack Charlton era trawl seeking anyone who owns a Kerry greyhound to shout for them tomorrow. Can I just appeal to everyone to stand up when the team hit the pitch particularly Cusack stand side which the lads will be facing for the team photo. It’s a game of inches after all.

  19. My team
    1.D.Clarke- must improve kickouts
    2.C.Barrett on Paul Geaney
    3.D.Vaughan- try him on Donaghy and see how
    he goes for first while
    4.B.Harrison- Paul Geaney
    5.L.Keegan – on Stephen O’Brien more suited to
    his pace than Boyle
    6.P.Durcan – To run at Buckley which he hates
    7.C.Boyle – more suited to Jack Savage than
    8.T.Parsons – mark Jack Barry
    9.A.O’Shea – mark David Moran the key switch
    11.K.Higgins – sweeper

  20. Will do baconfactoryend! Feel like shouting now, the nerves are dangling and still a day to go. What is about facing Kerry that makes it even more nerve wrecking than playing the dubs?
    C’MON MAYO!!

  21. Correction 2.Chris Barrett to continue the great job he is doing on James O’Donoghue

  22. Tommy K, your comment on Vaughan marking Donaghy sums up the problem Rochford has – he can’t afford to ‘see how it goes’! It either goes well or Donaghy catches a high ball, bangs in a goal and Mayo are on the back foot, and what does he do then, move Aidan back or risk another high ball. The stakes are high whatever he does!

  23. For some reason i’m a fair bit more confident going into this replay then the big replays in 2016 ( final ), and the 2 semi finals of 2014 & 2015.
    Usually I can call it on the day, I will have a fair idea after looking at both warm-ups and assessing the players as they march around the pitch after the Artane boys band ( the band may not be there tomorrow for the replay ).
    I will make a post right before throw-in tomorrow.
    Lets hope the ref has a good / fair game and gets plenty of help from the other 6 officials in making BIG DECISIONS.
    Its in the hands of the players and manager now, I hope they have LEARNED WELL DURING THE WEEK.

  24. I believe we will see a much more defensive Kerry tomorrow and we will see them offering protection of some sort to their full back line. They have no choice but to do that. All this talk about Kerrys footballing heritage and tradition being against defensive football and sweepers etc is all bullshit. Seamus Moynihan was the first of the modern day sweepers and that’s why he looked so good because other teams didn’t cop on at that time, that he was sitting deeper than normal and in effect a free man (he was also an outstanding player). Kerry can be as cynical, defensive and under-handed as any of the northern teams and have always been fully qualified in the “dark arts”. So don’t buy into O’Se’s (any of the 3 of them!) media spin and false praise. That’s all smoke and daggers.
    If they win tomorrow, as all pundits and Kerry folk assume they will (because historically they have) Fitzmaurice knows full well that his Kerry back 6 are no where near good enough to be part of an All Ireland winning team. He knows Tyrone and Dublin would rip them to shreds. He also knows that you cannot trial-run a new defensive structure in an All Ireland final. This is his last chance to sort things out at the back and test it properly before they take their rightful place in this years All Ireland Final**
    Kerry will play a sweeper and I believe they will bang more long direct balls in to Donaghy and have Geaney and O’Donohue waiting for scraps underneath. They will look to bury us with goals on the counter attack and will sit deep and prevent us from playing foot-passes in to our full forward line by cutting off the diagonals and the space in front of our forwards. I think they will be happy for us to have possession and carry it up the pitch into their defense where they will then look to turn it over and use O’Briens speed from the half forward line to support their front 3. They tried to beat us in a shoot-out because everyone said that we wouldn’t be able to compete in that type of game. They have now learned that leaving their back 6 in a man-to-man situation against our forwards is not going to work. They will provide cover to their defense and will try to make it a low scoring game.
    We struggle against this type of defense (Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal in this years league adopted similar defensive structures and we were poor against them all). It requires us to be patient in possession and move the ball across the full width of the pitch, recycle the ball, probe and look for someone on the run. Shots are generally from distance and out wide (not our forte) and they have the pace in O’Brien and the target man in Donaghy to play the counter attacking game to perfection.
    For me, I’d put AOS on Donaghy, Lee on O’Brien and Boyle on Murphy. With 25 to go I’d move AOS up the pitch and bring Barry Moran on to mark Donaghy. If Kerry are sitting deeper and we need scores then I’d introduce Kirby and/or Nally who have demonstrated in the league this year that they can hit long range points.

    Who could ask for more from their county team? They have represented themselves and us with outstanding courage, resilience and confidence. So much so that, at this point,it wouldn’t bother me one bit if they never won Sam. We have had more excitement, great days out, exhilarating games, frustrating evenings, debates and rows than any set of supporters could wish for. We’ve had far more wonderful experiences than supporters of actual All Ireland winners have gotten.
    I said to my young lad walking up Clonliffe Road the last day, imagine how boring it must be to be a Dublin supporter! Going to the same stadium every game, to see your team waltz through games and hammer everyone put before them, boring manager with boring monotone players, almost robot like (mind you there is a serious malfunction in Connolly!) and winning All Irelands every year! No Applegreen or Feericks, no thousands and thousands of cars West bound, no support when they are in trouble (Dubs only sing when they are winning), no early mornings or late nights travelling to matches. No extra-time. No replays. No back-doors. No heart-attacks. No FBD. NO KILTOOM!!! You know what? NO FUN, because it must be as boring as hell.

    I’ll take all of the above, and more, to follow this team. All Ireland or no All Ireland. They deserve it to themselves to win tomorrow. No one else. We truly are in this together!


  25. I’m afraid Gough will be a complete disaster tomorrow. I remember looking up at the screen while watching the Galway v Roscommon game thinking “I hope to fuck we don’t get him this year”. I’m not saying he’ll give everything to Kerry or anything, I just think he’ll be a disaster for both sides.

  26. Well Puckout u will never know how it goes till you try something. At least we know Donie will be stickier and a more aggressive man marker than Aido.See how he goes till maybe how the first 2 high balls go in. Some Senior Kerry anaylsts are laughing at us with Aido at full back.The man Aido can stop is David Moran there main man in my opinion.Stop him we win this game.this is the of battle of the 2 best Midfielders in Ireland along with Brian Fenton.Remember the job Aido done on Michael Murphy in the league when he came on and won the match for us.
    Also I think this is the game for Shane Nally to make his name for himself as long as he gets his chance from Rochy and his brought in early.

  27. I’m not getting all this Vaughan man-marker stuff. Donie has never been a renowned man marker by any stretch. His main strengths mainly lie in going forward.

    It seems to me to be a case of inventing qualities for a player, to justify not playing another player

    Not only is Doanghy still likely to win plenty of ball out the field if DV is marking him, but it’s a complete lottery with high ball. Aido is pretty much guaranteed to dominate the aerial battle with KD.

    Seeing how someone “goes for a while” should be restricted to the league and challenge matches, quite frankly

  28. tommy k,you cant take chances like that,what if the so called first while goes wrong where are we,Aiden has to stay on for first 20 at least,some thing tells me Barry will start at fullforward and swap with Aiden when the game develops, would not change Harrison off Geaney.

  29. @James Fleming… can let you have the 2 for €50 if your interested… you can get me on 0868393059

  30. Tommy K,… We don’t what 15 will start for Mayo… And we’re even further away from knowing what 15 Kerry will start with… We cannot match up just yet, because we just don’t know… Who is where?.. No one on one’s are set in stone… We like Donaghy have to be prepared for numerous seneraios…. Mind you, we now have the same preparation time for this Match as Kerry… Fitzmorris and Co had 3 weeks and 2 chances to view live this Mayo team…. We are now back to level pegging in the preparation and planning…. But while we can plan for last week’s game again, it’s Tommorows game that counts and it will be different, very different, just the things I am certain that will be different are the weather and the referee…. Expect the unexpected!

  31. Whatever about the differences we might hold on the tactical front tomorrow, I think we can all agree on one thing – you have a fair way with words Pebblesmeller – starting with your paragraph above “Who could ask for more from their county team?”, that certainly expresses 99% of the way 99% of us all feel – well said.

  32. Lads, if you had the option, how many of their team would you take right now given the choice? Paul Geaney & David Moran are the only certs as far as I’m concerned. A case could be made for Paul Murphy but give me Keegan over Murphy any day of the week. We know they’re going to improve and tighten up and bring more physicality yadda yadda yadda. We’re better than them, not by a huge amount, but better all the same and that’s why we’ll win tomorrow. hon Mayo!!

  33. Pebbles….swooning in the wake of that succinct collection of thoughts…well said every bit…esp the comment to the young fella!

  34. Yeap. It’s boring being a Dub supporter alright. Bore you to tears. With their boring football no enjoyment at all. Cop on I’m watching the Dubs 35 years ( all over the country by the way) most exciting team I’ve ever seen . Yeap we make no noise to support our team . . my son thinks the same. I keep telling him what its like too lose but he doesn’t believe me. All the best sat and we’ll see you in final . I still think the Dubs are only peaking this year and you had your chance 2013 and last year but I would I’m a Dub bored.

  35. Pebbles A great post the best yet. I believe that Fitz will be ultra defensive and point to our negative tactics or some other bullshit. They will look to get more from the long ball and they will pack their defence. Fitz is conservative that’s with a capital C. We need to double team their ball winners. I am enjoying this great journey every bit as much as you. I wouldn’t change a thing right now They have played some of the best football of any Mayo team I have seen in my time. BelivininStheeven

  36. No Kiltoom :-)!!
    Work finished – now to kill the few hours before hitting the road tmw.
    I LOVE the journey to Croker and the feeling of togetherness it brings :-).
    This tomorrow we won’t be too far away from knowing he result.
    Maigheo Go Deo.

  37. Outta the blue, I agree that ye are only peaking now. Elbows MacAuley, Flynn, Brogan and Connolly are only getting introduced now amd that is on top of the newer boys.
    I don’t buy all the hype about Tyrone as we heard it all last year and we beat them in third gear. It might have been close on the scoreboard but in reality, there was a fair margin between us and them.
    I expect an even fairer margin between ye and them on Sunday too.
    As for meeting us in the final? As I know for 30+ years following Mayo, you just never know!

  38. I expect Ky to sit deep tomorrow – draw out our half back line and leave their three full forward line inside. They will then kick FAST ball into FF line. I think it’s more important that Aidan spends first 20-25 mins at full back and leave a sweeper – Zippy- in front of full back line.

  39. In my view Higgins is on course for Player of the Season, if we get through. He’s upped his game to a whole new level this year. His 3 defensive steals the last day were like Muhammed Ali jabs, in terms of the speed and reaction time displayed.

  40. Great post pebblesmeller. The dubs might be winning a lot but honestly they’re becoming hollow trophies. I once heard a dub say that he’d prefer to be a Mayo fan, like a child waiting in bed on Christmas Eve, santa has let us down but we still wait the year after. I’ll wait as long as it takes and enjoy it to the hilt. I wonder if they’ll run out of bronze when they’re making the lifesize statues of the players?
    As far as tomorrow goes, I’ll be there roaring them on and think that rochford will have a few tricks up his sleeve.

    Mayo 3 -14
    Kerry. 2 -15

  41. I think we’ll start with the same fifteen. Would like to see Durkan involved but who do you drop?

    A big focus for me would be to see if we can tweak our defensive system to allow our sweeper or defensive midfielder to drop in front of Donaghy. AOS seems to be a deterrent to the high ball so try get a defender in front and in the eye line of Moran & co.

  42. To be fair, I would take boring and winning for a year or two, and then get back on the Mayo roller coaster again.

    Tomorrow will be a really interesting tactical battle, and if we win, would be a huge confidence booster for a final. Too many variables to be over confident but going to the game with no inferiority complex (which is a significant change from previous years). Hopefully we play on the front foot, adapt quickly to what Kerry do, and let’s see where that takes us.

  43. Trevor,
    I first saw the #BelievinInShteeven hashtag on a Mayo Club 51 tweet back in May this year. I’m surprised that it hasn’t taken off in the interim

  44. Excellent way with words Pebbles I Agree with most of it However Dubs are not boring Good team to watch

  45. Ah the oul Dubs are easy on the eye alright. Just Cooper an McMahon I hate with a passion. McMahon talks alot about his brother and anti drugs in the media (which is grand) but it seems to give him a licence to get away with his behaviour on the pitch, along with the fact he’s from Ballymun. I’ll never forget Pat McEnaney saying after Philly was accused of head butting, “sure they walk like that in Ballymun” he stated…and he was the chief of refferee’s.

    Back to tommorow, think Boyler could miss out for Durcan, its a big call to make..but think its worth going with. Bring him on fresh for any black cards, as Gough is trigger happy.

    Would love to see Barrett smack into P Geaney as early as possible…knock him out of his stride. Think Keegan will have a massive performace tommorow. Put him back in hb line on O’Brien and bomb forward at 100mph.

  46. If Mayo are going to win on Saturday,.They must spring a few surprises on Kerry, by making a few changes in the line out. We need a natural defender to police Donaghy.
    My preference would be either Harrison or Vaughan, and place a sweeper like Higgins in front of Donaghy . Move A. O’Shea to midfield or CHF, to give us more strength in those areas. He was sadly missed in that area last week, especially for the kickouts. With three big men in around the midfield area. There is no reason not to be kicking the ball out to them. We need to drop S. O”Shea: too many mistakes in big games. Keegen should partner Parsons at midfield. If D. O”Connor starts, he should be replaced in the second half,when he gets tired, by Nally or Loftus. Management must bring on subs earlier, and where needed most. We must address the turnover problems, which led to the 2 goals last time out. We have to come out running at them like greyhounds, be relentless, & force them into turnovers. When we score a goal, don;t give it right back to them. we have to learn how to protect a lead, and close out the game in our favor. These are some of the issues we need to tackle if we are to win that elusive All-Ireland. I am a long time fan of this great team. I have to say this is the greatest team to ever represent Mayo. They are a credit to their County, Their Country, & the GAA. I wish the Management & Players the best of luck on Saturday. Up Mayo!

  47. Slow day the day before always is….it’s like Christmas Eve again for a second week in a row. Safe traveling all and Up Mayo !

  48. I have never seen anything like it for people selling tickets, facebook, twitter, etc . Ive been asked to buy premium too , why is there such an online private sale market.for.this one, think some of ye might not sell them tbh

  49. Probley not, I was just gifted 2 premium tickets there. Fact that its a replay should mean that attendance is well on down on the drawn game.

  50. Just a thought but didn’t Coen (good in the air)midfielder do a descent man marking job on connelly last year after Lee’s black card he could be an option to allow aos roam forward at various times during the game.he dosnt need to start but when he comes in we release the beast..

  51. Keith Duggan…..’ Mayo may not not know how good a team they are ‘…… Time to let the hair down and give a presentation to be an example to the whole country. You can do it Mayo.

  52. Outside of Aiden , our only proper full back is Ger Caff .. Huge fan of Donnie but he is not a natural full back ..just saying !!

  53. Kerry team named:

    Brian Kelly
    Killarney Legion
    Shane Enright
    Mark Griffin
    St Michaels-Foilmore
    Killian Young
    Peter Crowley
    Laune Rangers
    Tadhg Morley
    Paul Murphy
    David Moran
    Kerins O’Rahillys
    Anthony Maher
    Stephen O’Brien
    Kenmare Shamrocks
    Johnny Buckley(C)
    Dr Crokes
    Donnchadh Walsh
    Paul Geaney
    Kieran Donaghy
    Austin Stacks
    James O’Donoghue
    Killarney Legion

  54. Most of our players walked off the pitch last Sunday knowing that they had the measure of their immediate opponent or any replacement. That is not going to change and no matter how loudly you whistle past the cemetery last weeks ghost will emerge. In this respect I would estimate that we are ahead by 8 to 5 with 2 even including the goalkeepers.
    In 1951 we confirmed our superiority by winning the replay and went on to beat the raging hot favourites, Meath, in the final. That year was the last time I gazed in admiration at Sam Maguire in Ivan Curran’s window in Claremorris. Please don’t make me wait any longer.

  55. Walsh big addition to Kerry ..does a lot of donkey work and the simple things right .. Underrated by many

  56. Just thinking …. If I were AOS I’d be bullin to get after Legs D tomorrow but unfortunately my little pigeons wouldn’t get me as far as the sideline!

  57. Dry day forecast and I believe 23+ will be required to win. Again Mayo need 2-3 goals, probably 3. Kerry defence a mess and an early setback could derail them. Good luck to ye again.

  58. Great post Pebblesmeller, as they say …’s the journey,not the destination? Sam could be an almighty anticlimax after all this carry on!!!!!

  59. Yes Dave they are hollow trophies …. The Sam is the biggest most Hollow trophies I’ve ever got my hands on. It’s the biggest most hollow most wonderful trophie I’ve ever got my hands on.couple of years ago at a wedding and Sam was there as well as a well known rugby cup….the bride remarked never share your day with Sam …you can’t compete… Dave I know what you’re trying to imply . But as a Dub we went through a 16 year hunger and it hurt , still can’t believe the promised land we have had.sat in Croker in 09 after getting the shit kicked out of us by kerry and wondered why do I bother….. But it came …and now… I don’t fear Kerry after years …But Mayo… Yous are fucking Nuts… We beat your yous come back. Again and again and again… And as you do you’ve slide Down from being everybody’s second team to probably been the most disliked team.. Nothing to do with the team …but the fans . It’s the ref. it’s the media . It’s the Invade the hill its distance we travel it’s the bring the noise it’s the ….We Must Win….. Jesus it’s football .friend of mine in Croker last weeka big Mayo man with his two DUB’S Kids… He was dieing with the language around him .. Everybody stressed to bits when the last time hand on heart you’ve enjoyed a match… I know my Mayo friends gave up enjoying a few years ago.. Now it’s a obsession…what pressure to put on any young men. Believe, hope enjoy… But relax its a fucking sport…. Really hope kerry beat yous because I’d hate to meet yous in the final ..but now I’m really nervous about Tyrone… It never stops… C’mon Mayo up the DUB’S

  60. Outta the blue – right, I’m afraid I’ve no option but to pull you up at this point. That post shows that you really don’t get what this site is about. Your rambling comment displays complete ignorance of the psyche of as well as an utter lack of respect for supporters on our side of the fence. I mean, coming on here telling us to relax and then saying you hope that Kerry beat us – would you get up the bloody yard? I really do think you lost your way on the way to Facebook. Posters from other counties are always welcome here but, I’m afraid, not to spread that kind of muck. And, by the way, I think you must be bored, coming on here to post twice just before your county plays an All-Ireland semi-final against a different county …

  61. WJ – Thanks for another great instalment in this journey.

    Outta the Blue could be right. I’m unlikely to ENJOY this game. But I’m still going!. We have a fantastic team to support. Win, lose or draw, I’ll be hoarse tonight. There’s a lot more to this wonderful experience, than ENJOYMENT!

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