The day before

Image: Vinny Coleman, Carracastle (adapted from ‘Men of the West’ by Seán Keating)

After our constant run of games all summer long, this lead-in to the final has seemed an unusually extended one. But we’re nearly there now, just one more sleep until the big day itself.

The day before in part resembles Christmas Eve – plenty of running round to be done, cross-country travel for many while all the time anticipation builds about the day to follow. There’s no need to overwork the metaphor, which I know isn’t a perfect fit, but you get the idea.

I’ve loads to get done myself today and I’m sure you have too. Take it handy if you’re on the roads today (or, indeed, tomorrow) and if you do make it up tonight don’t forget that the gathering in Bowe’s will be starting at nine or a bit after.

By the way, the final pre-match Mayo News football podcast, for which the original plan was that it’d be online last night, will be available shortly. Perfect listening there for those taking to the road ahead of the game.

Nearly there now. Up Mayo.


11 thoughts on “The day before

  1. The phone rang around 11:30 last night, it was a private number. I answered the phone and a hushed voice asked me “Liam, I’m having doubts. Is it all real?” I knew the voice, I get the odd call off him late at night in times of uncertainty and doubt. He called after the Galway game, he called after the Cork game, he called after the drawn Rossie game. I told him what I always tell him “Your Holiness, just keep the faith”.
    Mayo by 3

  2. Left Coffs Harbour yesterday for what’s become almost our annual trip to Sydney to cheer on mayo in the big one. Jackson on George the place to be for all the nsw lads and lassies. Go you good things !!!

  3. The Mayo exodus is surging through the world. We are looking into the promised land and the waters are parting. Time to believe and claim our victory with confidence. This is our time. Carpe Diem. Maigheo go deo.

  4. I’ve stated loftus starting and holding back some big gun runners for last 20 is important.

    I also think targeting Ciaran Killkenny is critical. I used to have my doubts about him but the more I watch him the more he reminds me of Roy Keane if u are to take a comparator form another sport. He does the simple things very well and in doing so is the foundation for everything around him to tick. He is the go to person for all his teamates when in trouble and he is incredibly patient about making the right choices to get attacks going. I believe the Dubs are nearly overly leaning on him in this role and if Mayo can get in his face – nearly double team him it could be very unsettling for the rest.

    Anyway – I’ll post no more. Best of luck and enjoy the day come what may. I certainly plan to!

  5. “Liam” – – – Was he looking for a ticket? Give him one for the Hill – – we can give him a Green Jacket to go with the Red hat!

  6. I love the image at the top of the page. Gunslinger Parsons & O’Connor?
    Spoke to some Dubs last night. All fully convinced of a walkover. 3 in a row etc etc and whatever you’re having yourself. Talk of Con Dermo etc Flynn Brogan from the bench etc. No mention of Boyle Higgins Harrison Parsons O’Shea O’Connor McLoughlin etc. They seem to have heard about Andy Moran all right. I’m full convinced a big shock is on for tomorrow. Come on the Green & Red

  7. Just the small matter of a debs to get through this evening and then we can focus on the real event! Tickets got, jersey washed, xanax ordered…all good to go. I’m trying to ignore the over confident dubs I’ve encountered on and offline who are convinced of a walk over tomorrow. This is our year, I feel it in me waters. Maigheo Abú!!

  8. As others have said – best to leave off the news now until tomorrow – we know all we need to about the lads and how good a chance we have. Maigh Eo Abu!

  9. I truly believe Mayo will win on Sunday, can’t say I have felt the same way for the past 3 years. It’s clear from our victory over Kerry that management has identified – at long last – those aspects of our game that needed to be worked on.
    Going in 5 points up at half time v Kerry, we were all waiting for the inevitable loss of focus, and watch as we were gradually reeled in, but this time we had the mental resolve to stay in control and see out a comfortable win.
    After Tyrone lost the semi final, Mickey Harte said that Dublin’s tackling was one of the biggest factors in their win. Mayo’s tackling improved dramatically under James Horan, we then lost it for a while but I’m glad to say it’s back again and was one of the factors in our win over Kerry.
    Our kicking has also improved, up to last year, Tom Parsons, Seamus O’Shea and Donie Vaughan looked as if they’d never kicked a ball in their lives and had a most awkward kicking action, but they’ve clearly been working on this and there should be much better quality ball going into our forwards tomorrow.
    We got the match ups spot on last year except for one very important area: Dublin’s substitutes and in particular Cormac Costello. In the replay, we didn’t give the Dublin forwards an inch throughout the game but when Costello came on we granted him the freedom of Croke Park and he went on to score 3 of the easiest points you’ll ever see in a final – game over. Legs are beginning to tire midway through the second half so when Dublin bring on their subs, especially a forward, we need to be able to bring on a fast, sticky tackler who can track them everywhere and keep the damage to a minimum.
    If we can keep our composure-no black or red cards, and the referee is fair and unbiased, then our lovely, proud county is going to experience one of the greatest periods ever in our sporting history.
    God Bless the Mayo players and supporters tomorrow and may we get the reward we richly deserve.

    Willie Joe, thanks again for providing Mayo folk with such a great forum.

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