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Joe Ruane AISF v Kerry 2014

Photo: Irish Independent (Sportsfile)

Already it’s the day before the replay and following the hugely welcome news about Lee Keegan’s successful appeal last night, I think we’re all feeling a bit of what Joe Ruane was full of last Sunday.

The team is set to be announced a bit later on but in the meantime there’s plenty in the papers this morning about Lee’s appeal and all that – Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner.  You’ll know by now, of course, that our man got off on a technicality – David Coldrick stated in his report that Lee was sent off for kicking Buckley when what happened was that he’d attempted to do so. The law and order brigade can, with some justification, point out that both offences carry the same penalty but I’d say most people (well, outside Kerry at any rate) would agree that if the ref saw it as an attempted kick he probably wouldn’t have sent him off in the first place.

All’s well that ends well, at least from our perspective, and so we can look forward to taking the field tomorrow evening with a full-strength team. Incidentally, I’m probably not going to be around when the team is announced as I’m off into town for a meeting shortly and won’t be back ’till lunchtime so, as you did last night in relation to the Kerry team announcement and Lee’s appeal, you’ll have to break the news yourselves. Fair play to you.

That Irish Examiner piece is interesting, by the way, as it states that a deputation from our side were down at the Gaelic Grounds on Monday with their tape measures to get details of the exact dimensions of the pitch.  It also says that we’ve looked for access to the Gaelic Grounds this evening for our goalkeepers and freetakers. Kerry, whose players will be more familiar with the place, haven’t made any such request.

Tomás Ó Sé, in his weekly column in today’s Irish Independent, reckons that both teams would be well advised to have a kick-around at the Gaelic Grounds this evening, given the pitch’s different size compared to Croke Park. Tomás has a few words of caution for us in his column, by the way, pointing out that Kerry won all the replays he was involved in. He reckons that this was because they’d done their homework in advance and it’s obviously the case that the team which learns most from the drawn game and uses this learning to plot a plan for the replay is likely to come out on top. Tomás concludes that’ll be Kerry but he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Back to the Irish Examiner where Larry Tompkins comes out with his hands up over the slagging off he gave us last week.  I know you could accuse him of being a bit self-serving in doing so – the man has pints to sell, after all  – but it’s a fulsome enough apology and so should be taken at face value.

Finally, while you’re waiting for the team announcement, why not try your hand at this excellent test posed by The Score?  It’s a visual quiz where you have to name a number of provincial GAA grounds. I did it and it turns out I’m a diehard, having only got one wrong (and I should have got that one right too, as I was suckered by the colours – I’m colour-blind, remember? – of the seats in the stand). See how you fare out with it.

Back later with some discussion on the team announcement.

23 thoughts on “The day before

  1. Hi All,

    I have 3 tickets for sale in the uncovered stand. 2 side by side in section 125. 1 by itself in section 118 which is right on midfield. Mail me at

    Obviously, Kerry supporters(there are a few lurking about here) and non-Mayo supporting neutrals need no apply.

  2. Just a note to all our fans. Shannon RFC have welcomed us to their clubhouse which is located in the Thomond park grounds.

    This is a 10 min stroll to the pitch which makes it a comfortable and convenient location to meet up and have a few drinks and grub before the match.

    So people coming from the South turn left at Ivans and hit for Thomond.

  3. For people coming from the North towards Limerick, to find Thomond Park, turn LEFT at Ivan’s.

    By the way, Ivan’s has closed down but still a good landmark I guess.

  4. Appears that there are a lot of tickets floating about.

    Maybe Kerry fans are going to outnumber us, and this won’t be a sell out.

    Media have hyped up the outrage all week. Next week they can write about how what the perception they created this week did not turn out to be fact.

  5. have put this up here on other articles, on the Club51 site and Twitter but just in case….

    I have 3 adult and 1 juvenile ticket for the Clare End Terrace.
    Am looking to swap for one of the Stands- need 2 Adult and a Juvenile, preferably for the Mackey Stand.

    Would need any 2 of the tickets to be together. Need seating for this game as we’re bringing a 2 year old (yeah, I know, its crazy), hence the request.

    Am happy to pay any price difference.

  6. FDBinashui, the tickets i have available would work for you, however I am not looking to swap. 2 of the tickets are together and the other ticket is on the same side so ye will be able to meet up at half time. Not in the Mackie stand though. Would you have any chance of just selling the terrace tickets yourself?

  7. Car packed,ready to hit the road,thank God we have beds down there for tonight,safe travelling to all whether yet are going today or tomorrow.Bring plenty of flags and roar your fucking head off from start to finish,the lads deserve no less.Leeroy worth €5 for man of the match

  8. Deel Rovers – thanks for the offer – it is attractive but I can’t take the chance of being left with the Terrace tickets. If I took your offer and got stuck with the terrace tickets I’d be after shelling out over 130 euros for 2 and a half seats.
    We’re travelling from Dublin and have hotel booked and all so its already fairly pricey compared to my usual short journey for Semi Finals….

    I know I’m probably being picky too, so if worst comes to the worst I’ll take my chances to swap outside the grounds and then head for the terrace if I can’t get joy.

  9. Hey, I have 2 Adults & 2 Kids tickets for City End Terrace going a begging.

    Can’t use them, as kids would be crushed. Thank you GAA!!!!

    I live in Meath.

  10. I have a spare North Stand ticket (214) if anyone is looking for one.

  11. No bother FDBinashui, it was worth a shot 🙂 I think there will be a lot of dealing done outside the ground alright. Seems to be a lot of floating tickets out there. Hope this doesn’t mean a lack of Mayo fans on the day.

  12. We will equal the Kerry support at least. Id be very disappointed if we were outnumbered. It is a collective effort….so you are stuck in traffic for a half a day, these players have been busting a guy for 4 years to try and win us Sam. They deserve a large, loud Mayo support tomorrow and I am sure they will get it!

  13. yeah, would be disappointing if Kerry fans managed to outnumber us for the first time ever.

  14. The linesman who wanted Lee sent off gets to referee tomorrow. This guy also missed the continual fouling on Aidan and the messing that Buckley and Donnacha Walsh were up to before the Keegan infraction. I think this is what our reps in the media need to highlight.
    I still think we will win but don’t think it will be easy!

  15. Team Named:
    Hennelly, Cunniffe, Cafferky, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, Vaughan, Gibbons, Seamy, McLoughlin, Aodán, Doherty, O’Connor, Freeman, Dillon.

    A bit surprised Gibbons named to start but we have options.

  16. @Mayomad…no, my sources in and around ballina and Swinford tell me its a mixed bag..ppl want to go, but the logistics are challenging, work, kids, cost, gay pride parade, traffic jams etc…all ponting to a much smaller crowd than the drawn game. Hope this is wrong though. I had two stand tix myself, took me two days to give them away…FREE! I guess we’ll find out tomorrow

  17. As mentioned on another thread my rail contacts say there are still a few tickets left for the extra trains to the game on Saturday. Supporters need to book online to avoid disappointment.
    You can go from Galway, Oranmore or Athenry but there is free parking at Oranmore so that’s where we’re headed. Couldn’t face Clarenbridge in a car!!!

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